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Government says JCTR assertions are unfounded.


Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya
Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya

Government has described assertions by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) that it has underperformed in the year 2013 as unfounded lies.

Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya says government is on course in implementing all the developmental programmes as it has embarked on outlining the Patriotic Front (PF) party manifesto.

Mr. Kapeya who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister said government has already demonstrated this through the massive job creation in the key sectors of the country’s economy such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, energy, among other sectors.

The minister said the job creation and employment rate in the informal sector rose by over 58,000 in the year 2013 excluding thousands of other jobs created in the other sectors of the country’s economy.

Mr. Kapeya said this in a statement issued to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today.
Mr Kapeya said it was surprising that a well placed organisation like the JCTR could underplay the fore going land mark achievements that government has made in the year 2013.

And Mr. Kapeya explained that the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel was done in the right faith to enable government direct resources to other developmental programmes meant to benefit all the people of Zambia.

He also said government’s awarding salary increment to civil servants in the year 2013 was also another unprecedented achievement it has scored in the year 2013.

The minister also said that the link Zambia 8,000 road project has created over 24,000 jobs with 16,000 being the youths.

Mr Kapeya said government wonders what criteria the JCTR used to arrive at assertions that the year 2013 has been the most painful period for most Zambians.



  1. Some of the responses from Honourable Chief government Spokesperson ……boss, this is serious business and not ilyashi lyabukaya. This misplaced use of the word ‘unprecedented’ is confusing you. Take stock of 2013 and see how many things have gone wrong. The nurses have been fired….because they complained of your so called unprecedented increase in salaries. The fact that other civil servants are not protesting does not mean they are happy. The only ones that benefited are the cleaners, orderlies etc. The actual operational workforce received peanuts. Perhaps you can talk about the unprecedented levels of violence perpetuated by PF thugs?????

    • Our country is at risk with such quality of retards in Government. What kind of material is this primate called Kapeya made of with all his ignorance and baseless arrogance protruding over his head without shame? Does understand even basic economics not mentioning econometrics for him to question professional reports of the Jesuits?

      Since is Golden instead of spewing marubbish needlessly as it has become of PF misrule.

    • I mean: Silence is Golden

      Even if its a given contingency of retaining a ministerial job, a moralist would not be defending the indefensible like this. The chap cannot even afford to put up an intelligent damage control work.

      PF cannot see that Zambia has suddenly aggravated into a combustible state. It will take just a small spark-plug then these retards will be hallucinating aimlessly. Careful with what you are inviting. God’s people cannot be exploited beyond acceptable limits.

    • Of course you have achieved alot in 2013. You have increased your salaries and allowances. Under your watch mealie meal prices have inceased.You have increased the external debt. Revoked independent radio operators licences. Managed to register a record by-elections in a year. Failed again to deliver the Consitution. Financial mismanagement galore. Unprecidented achievement indeed! Look yourselves in the mirror.

    • sick and tired of this chi kaponya mwansa. is there no better job for him apart from looking and responding to newspaper gossips?????????

  2. Please blockers don’t blame the so called pf spokesman for he has vacuum in his head hence he can’t think and talk sense. We need to ask for brain donation to pf leadership so that they can start thinking

    • Even brain donation is a share waste of time. Its time we took them off either by the ballot or the bullet. Kapeya is responding for the sake of it & coz Sata told them to be responding but dip in his mind he knows that his party is worst in the Zambian history. shameless pipo

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