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Ponga-I am honoured to join Power Dynamos


Football consultant Ponga Liwewe says he is honoured with his appointed into the new Power Dynamos executive committee.

Ponga is part of the new Power Executive Committee led by Chairman Benny Simukoko.

Liwewe said he was looking forward to making a contribution towards the success of the club.

He said Power was one of the biggest clubs not only in Zambian football but Africa.

“I am honoured to be appointed to the PDFC executive and I am looking forward to making a contributed to the success of what is one of the biggest clubs, not only in Zambian football but in Africa,” Liwewe told Radio Icengelo Sports.

Other members of the new Power Executive Committee are Secretary Ricky Mafunda, Eugene Mpolokoso who bounced back as Treasurer.

Committee members include Andrew Kamanga, Precious Chisenga, Morton Mgemezulu, Edward Ngosa and Fred Chalenga.


  1. Never heard of him, another nonentity, that has little football knowledge and credentials and wants too milk the situation

    Ponga no one knows you here at LT

    Merry Christmas.


  2. Iwe mwaiche Mushota…..what about you. Who knows you apart from being a John solyebwali character mu komboni. Learn to respect people ulefya Mushota!

  3. This is the end of Ponga liwewe now, to be an executive member of a subsaharan club, i thot maybe in CAF. Anyway the great bag of maize GBM has resigned, maybe its time to enter politics and join his party soon to be announced

  4. Ponga Liwewe is a son of Denis Lewewe. if you remember he used to make commentries on both radio and tv, along with his father. Ponga Liwewe is a well known person in Zambian football. He was a co -director at Kitwe united for a number of years. You will remember that Nshimbi and ponga liwewe sponsored (actually managed) Kitwe United. REMEMBER KENNEDY MWEENE? –

  5. I wonder why even acclaimed LT bloggers like NINE CHALE even bother to respond to MUSHOTA. Guys you have been on this blog for over 5 years and you know that this MAN Mushota is just an attention seeker.

  6. Panga Family (PF) has one GBM resigned maybe we will have less fights within the party, now that one faction’s leader is no longer in cabinet. Just talking lol!

  7. We used to hear Ponga when he would be in a commentary box with his dad. Denis Liwewe: And away we go! Kalusha kicks the ball, passes to Derby, he dribbles his way through, commotion in the D zone, it a g- parried away. Ponga (small boy’s voice) Yeah what a match.
    Ponga Liwewe is a well known person in football admin.

  8. Ponga is well known.You may recall in the commetary box Ponga with Dennis his father do it kike this-)
    DENNIS:There we go with Kalu on the lift wing,the turns round 360degrees, passes the ball to Derby, he does a beauty, the Nigerians take it away…geee, Ponga can you analyis.
    PONGA:Well Dennis.(Dennis interupts)
    DENNIS: Ponga am not Dennis, am your Father!

  9. Conny for sure I remember Dennis interrupting Ponga saying ‘Don’t call me Dennis, I ‘m your father’. Those were the days of entertaining Zambian football and thanks for the nice memories. Ponga is a nice young man who has lived Zambian football and deserves to be a committee member of Power Dynamos, my club! I still recall the earthquake that was caused when Alex Chola crossed from Mufulira Blackpool to join Power Dynamos and partnered with Peter Kaumba in 1979. In center we had ‘Biz’ for Bizwell Phiri while on the right wing we had Lucky Msiska.

  10. Mushota loves the attention what else is new I am not surprised at all from the comments about Ponga. Delighted to see the fans knows Ponda the son of comrade Dennis Liwewe…

  11. Can you spot three (3) grammatical errors in the following sentence: “Football consultant Ponga Liwewe says he is honoured to be named in the new Power Dynamos Committee Member.”?

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