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Rusangu University students reject hiked tuition fees


Students from Rusangu University in Monze are planning to stage a class boycott on Monday to press management at the SDA run university not to effect new tuition fees.

The students who met Sunday afternoon say the new fees are beyond the reach of the majority student population.

Rusangu University has increased fees from K4, 000 to K 6,000 per block session of six months.

The university currently has over 2,000 students in block study programme.

The students are demanding to be addressed by Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Minyengwe at 08 Hours Monday morning or they will resort to unspecified action.

Efforts to reach Rusangu University Public Relations Officer Fitzgerald Muchindu proved futile by news time.


  1. A UNIVERSITY CALLED rusangu? Please spare the education system in zambia, how come when i google search , their is no such a name?? Also tuition fees are too low for a degree programme, K6,000 PER BLOCK , ah thus too cheap.

    • Bwana which engine search did you use because i have just googled and the University profile is in black and white. I hope you are using a genuine computer product not one from Matero school of Technology

    • @anyoko
      You must be a youngster, probably under 15. Rusangu Mission of the SDA church has been in existence for a very long time. In the education sector, the mission has under it Rusangu Secondary School which is govt grant aided and has been in existence since the mid-1900s. Rusangu University has also been around for a while now, and started of as Adventist University before the name was changed. K6,000 per semester cheap? Then u must commend the university because the fees are not prohibitive and people can easily access higher education affordably. That is the essence of christian schools!

    • You are just fooolish, that is a very good name and besides google your mother’s full name and see what you will get! Ulichyanga maningi sha! The are some universities offering free education and actually they are among the best in the world. How expensive the education does not make it better after all!

  2. You students of Rusangu University,,,,the fees you re paying are actually too low for a degree programme. Those fees are charges per course in some universities…cum on don’t compromise the standards of learning by unreasonably demanding payment of lower fees. The lower the fees you pay the cheaper the qualification you get!!!!

    • Iwe stop misleading people, there are universities that offer free education and their quality is among the best. Take a look at Finland and Norway where the education is entirely free. The quality of education has got nothing to do how much or less you are paying.

  3. the 6,000 is for block students (ie distance students) which they will be paying three times per year amounting to 18,000.whereas,full time will be paying 10,250 per semester,meaning 20,500 per year

  4. Ka HH if you are really genuine can you cover the fees for these poor blokes instead of covering Nurses and Unza students legal fees . At least you are assured of 2000 votes..

  5. The 6000 is for one month not six month and in a year its 3 times which mean 18000 per year. Imagine the majority of block release students are teachers how much does a zambian teacher get, its 3500 mind you they have families and other resposibilities. Folks when commenting base on these facts. UNZA and Nkuruma fees are really affordable for the distance learng. “”Let’s support them for there demands.

  6. One of the most disappointing things about Zambian universities are their websites. They are so poor, bordering on being useless. They take too long to load and they have old announcements. At first glance, Rusangu’s looks good. Unfortunately, the gallery takes 15 minutes to load!

    • Yes Rusangu started as a secondary School, then College. In the 1960s the school and college were run by American Missionaries and this school sent a lot of Students to Oxford and Cambridge than DK, Munali and Hillcrest all put together.
      Zambian websites are still developing – you can still find horrible websites in developed countries. Zambian websites are built on HTML tool hence style sheets are not easy to change. Using Dreamweaver to develop a website would give it better features and navigation, but having said this, a better and fast broadband it required.

  7. you guys the best is for you to consult and compare the fees that you are paying to that of other colleges and universities.even some small colleges are paying twice the amount you guys pay.just reason with your management and help them improve your conditions at the campus.more over,that is church run university and they are not funded by anyone.
    i think the hike wasn’t that much.

  8. Correct me if am wrong Rusangu University is now among the top most leading universities to be paying that much then u come ati that’s cheap meanwhile u are just a street boy commenting on a Chinese phone wanya let me hear u tok abt Rusangu negatively

    • if you do not know something, do not open your mouth, coz when you keep quet even if you are an *****, you may be considered wise

  9. Like Mulungushi University, Rusangu is an alright name. Read more on the Tongabezi Trust School in Livingstone. They have sent students to USA to study medicine in the short time of their existence.
    Google it and see

    • with o viz comments, remember not to forget and forget not to remember that Christ Jesus is coming back again to take His own.

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