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Lusaka subscriber writes to LAZ about ZICTA Director’s alleged professional misconduct


ZICTA managing director Margaret Mudenda
ZICTA managing director Margaret Mudenda

A Lusaka subscriber Kasebamashila Kaseba has written to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to complain of professional misconduct of ZICTA Director General Margaret Chalwe-Mudenda with regard to interpretation and implementation of SI 65 of 2011 on ZICTA SIM registration and deactivation.

“In a follow up to my letter to ZICTA Director General dated 15th November, 2013 copied to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and in accordance with the Chapter 31 LAZ Act on professional ethics of lawyers, I write to file a complaint of professional misconduct against the ZICTA Director General (Ms) Margaret Chalwe-Mudenda with regard to ZICTA interpretation and implementation of SI 65 of 2011 on SIM card registration and deactivation.

“In view of the above, I write for your attention to the fact that Director General Chalwe-Mudenda, a lawyer by profession, thus answerable to LAZ, despite my letter on professional and legal issues, neglected, failed and refused to cite, publish or accordingly communicate SI 65 of 2011 on SIM registration that threatened extreme punishment of deactivation. Instead, ZICTA emphasised misinformation, miscommunication of its countdown and deadline while spending public resources on issues outside the law.

“Instead, ZICTA emphasised misinformation, miscommunication while spending public resources on its countdown and deadline which are outside the law,” read the letter of 30th December 2013.

“For example, ZICTA over-emphasized SIM registration countdown to the deadline of 31st December 2013 above the length of an irregular period of 4 months 1 week from 22nd August, 2013 in a calculated SIM card deactivation scare campaign.”

“I would be most grateful for your swift reply much better LAZ action on Madam Chalwe-Mudenda before the ZICTA deadline of 31st December 2013 thus stop ZICTA lawlessness. I am available to clarify and for additional information.”


    • i will not register my sim cards, they are mine. if u want deactivate them (dictatorship!), i will not buy new ones. i would rather have no phone than risk my details in the hands of an imperialist government.

  1. Margaret Chalwe-Mudenda, bemba girl married to a tonga bull..hahahahah..sivintu!!… well done tonga bul, can please help Zambia cure tribalism… produce 10 children please!!!

  2. Surely there are better things to do than waste time on ventures that have very minimal returns. We had one chap in Mufulira called Mpundu Mulundu who was fond of writing complaint letters like this one and he could copy the same to the Queen in England, the British Embassy, President upto to his chief in Luapula province!

    • Unlike you who sits on his hands Mr. Mulundu was aware of his consumer rights…I would rather have a million Mulundus in Lusaka writing letters of complaints than you…I tell you that filth would disappear overnight. Have you heard of the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword?
      Wake up! !

  3. Comments above just go to show how shallow most of the LT bloggers are. How can you not understand a straight forward complaint like the one that our learned colleague has submitted. And all this, to assist you FOOLS, that can not understand that ZICTA’s approach was not professional. They should have explained what LAW gave them the powers to deactivate YOUR sim card. PLEASE, PLEASE, go back to school and stop writing rubbish when you do not understand anything.

  4. Zambians wake up nobody I say nobody is going to have their SIM card deactivated…no way can can they switch off a millions SIM cards. What are they giing to eat? LOL. as consumers don’t really know what power you have..wake up.
    Wake up and don’t register your phones its utterly pointless! !

  5. This looks like a personal vendetta as the sim reg issue is a gvt drive rather than ZICTA and whether you like it or not, as long as SATAn remains in power it will happen, law or no law. This was meant to silence individuals such as Watchdog but its has lost sting because ZWD is still going strong.People now read ZWD than the post

  6. Examples, ChibesaKunda is still there, Nchito still there, these are more legal issues than the poor colleague youre pursuing.Just yesterday NGOs are to pay tax, no legal support, so please help us as a country without personal vendettas

  7. I realize the first readers only read the picture to comment on the beauty of a married woman. What are the issues? Maybe allergic to issues. Hahaha. Of course, in Zambia we admire the corrupt and crooks. Ni Africa twasebana!

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