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Miles Sampa withdraws from fighting Zambian Watchdog

Headlines Miles Sampa withdraws from fighting Zambian Watchdog

Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa
Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa

Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa has withdrawn his threats of taking legal action against the online publication, Zambian Watchdog.
The Zambian Watchdog had published an article suggesting Sampa, who is President Sata’s nephew had carried stashes of cash to Kasama to bribe party officials into calling for the expulsion of GBM from the ruling PF. A day before Sampa was due to travel to Kasama, the Watchdog revealed that he would be flown to Kasama to go and distribute cash to try and raise ‘an army’ against GBM.

Mr.Sampa described the article as slanderous and threatened to take legal action.Mr.Sampa denied carrying cash to Kasama accusing the Zambian Watchdog of publishing lies warning that he would smoke them out of their hiding place and sue for defamation. He further offered US $2000 (about K10, 000) for anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of Zambian Watchdog writers and editors.

In retaliation the Zambian watchdog published pictures and names of women it alleged Sampa was having illicit affairs with. The Zambian Watchdog, who also offered an IPAD or Kindle, for more information on Mr.Sampa’s extra marital affairs.

Mr.Sampa’s statement

In response and out of respect for my numerous supporters and advice received from individuals on Facebook, email, texts, phone and other forms of communication; I have decided to abandon my earlier stance to pursue anyone for the defamatory posts over the past few days.

This should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness but a choice to respect the people who put me in the position I am in today; their Member of Parliament. In this very moment I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who have been hurt and disappointed in the process. Other individuals have been attacked in the past, today it is me, tomorrow it will be someone else.

My attempt to reprimand the cyber attacks was not just about me, but everyone else who was, is and can potentially be hurt by such acts in future if not addressed. However, I realize I am not and will not be in control of what people do or write. With that said, I ask all those affected by this and other such acts to stay strong, keep our heads up, forge ahead and leave it to the public to judge.

On a more important and positive note; my allegiance is to Matero constituency. During my time off, I have taken time to read all your posts regarding development issues in our constituency.

I am in receipt of your questions and concerns regarding Vubwi road, Lilanda and other areas and/or matters which have been brought to our attention. Let me again take this opportunity to thank you for all the feedback provided. My team is in the process of preparing ways to address the issues brought to our attention. We will be providing feedback in the near future.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to provide additional feedback. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated and noted as they come in.

2014 is another opportunity for us to work together as a community to better the lives of every individual in and outside of Matero constituency.

Again, I would like to thank all my supporters and well wishers; I am enthused about all the upcoming projects we have this year. The best is yet to come…..lets make it a phenomenal year!!

God bless you all.
MS 1.2.14.

The Zambian Watchdog’s response


Miles Sampa, deputy minister of Commerce, We know your wife left you today in disgust and that your various concubines are on your throat.

So we shall give you space to breathe. Just in case you think we do not have more; we were still going to talk about Annette Silito in the photo (aged 18 ), Bertha Tembo Sondoyi and your son Bwalya. Yes Bertha, the one whose engagement you tore apart.

And your teenage daughter in USA. But we have stopped for now. Blame yourself for whatever has happened. When we hinted that you are womaniser you should have realised that we knew what we were talking about. You have no right to threaten us. We are not Kachepa whom you managed to intimidate.

We are Zambian Watchdog.

But, even if we have stopped posting new ones, we shall not remove the ones already running. We leave them for you to use in court.

We shall consider removing them at our own time. But of you want to fight, we can continue..

Oops Sorry, we almost forgot to mention that we also know about Carmelita Jansen, based in South Africa. She comes to Zambia once every month to visit you. In fact you are the one paying for her education in Rands and we here she among your favourite.

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    • Damage limitation Kilometer Sampa, your name is already in shambles- I use to think highly of this moron, not until I saw the women he has wired left, right, and centre. He would have just resigned on moral grounds because there is no smoke without fire. But knowing who he is and the political party he belongs too, that should be the last thing to do- morality doesnt exist in Patriotc Fo0ls.

    • Wimpy Sampa. Dude is always whining and threatening. He needs some hormone shots, looks like he is having problems with menopause

    • In another thread I argued that the ZWD had achieved one thing: exposed Miles Sampa’s hypocrisy. The usual “empty tins” condemned my support for ZWD and rallied behind Sampa claiming he was in the ring with cowards hiding behind the vile of the Internet. As usual they were blind to the key issue here that Sampa was potentially using their money (public funds) to woe and damage peoples lives including his wife and the concubines too. Zambians should learn what is important to Zambia and what to expect from their elected representatives. We can change things for the better if we do it that way. ZWD usually have sound basis for stories they run but often run them with a vengeful twist which spoils the broath..but you can’t blame them considering what Govt has done to them.

    • ZWD are crap.Tabloids in America that know what they have is credible information never hides.The fact that they are hiding speaks volumes.By the way how can you surely trust pictures sent in by anonymous sources under a promise of being rewarded with an iPad ?Not all that glitters is gold.The game is not balanced you can’t just attack a man who can’t defend himself.

    • Imagine Miles preaching to your about HIV/AIDS.

      With all those Hules and Bastards, I can bet Miles Sampa has AIDS.

    • Good move miles. You did well to listen to my advice I gave you via the watch dog. Besides you will need ZWD to fight your political battles one day.

      For now just calm down and take breath.

    • The Zambian translation should sound like this,”People who live In grass thatched houses should stop threatening to burn other peoples grass thatched houses”. Mwalaocho mushi.

    • That’s blackmail only fools read watch dog.Why are you hiding you tambembwa come in the open?
      Who has no skeleton? Your sponsor can be undressed too,trust me he had corruption tags on his body ask former Zanaco chiefs.

    • <!–

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    • But ba Watch Dog ba kali. I can personally confirm some of the names mentioned as MS’s girlfriends. I personally used to spend time with them as friends the time a number of them went out with him. Some r still going out with him. Mamamamama ba Watch dog te ba kwangasha ba mamambala.

    • I can’t wait to see how opposition parliamenterians will lough off miles Sample when he walks into parliament. Sample should blame no one but himself for all this heat he has taken.

  1. Good boy Miles Sampa ! You can`t fight shadows because those guys are internet based without any physical address.Whoever advised you to take that line of threatening to sue them messed up.You just have seen what the big man KK and King cobra did by just ignoring them.Welcome to cyber bullying !!!

  2. you can fight with us zambians but the greatest mistake u can ever make is to fight with watch dog>…. hehehehheh, ukose mudala

  3. Is it true he has hired HIT-MEN to kill you guys? OH better be careful than sorry. Meanwhile PLEASE MORE PICTURES!
    ZWD forever!

  4. Zambian’s should be asking where he gets the money to pay for all this? These guys are paid by the public and we have the right to know how they have amassed such wealth in a short space of time? ZWD please investigate and publish. Our nurses have lost their jobs for salaries to make ends meet and here you have someone offering a bounty equivalent to the salaries of 4 nurses or 6 teachers? Publish the salaries of all ministers and deputies so we can start questioning the ones who appear to be showing off with stolen money.

    • Spot on…how on earth can he still be in the job the man morally bankrupt…we only want to be called a Christian Nation when it suits us…this can never be allowed in European or all the US for a public official.

  5. Sata did not ignore ZWD,it gave him sleepless nights that’s why he ordered they be banned in Zambia to no avail,so stop lying! miles Sampa is just a childish guy that’s all…

  6. I just don’t read people who watch imbwa in Zambia full stop the same way I never used to read The Post when they used to be one man’s slanted opinion and had poor journalism ethics then. They are much better now but not dogi watchers who are …

    • @Iye
      I don’t know what planet you live on or the kind of thing you are smoking to come out with such nonsense that the PF choirmasters and their St Michael worshiping “are much better now”. That in itself explains why you don’t think much of ZWD.

  7. You cant fight the Zambian Watcdog because it is everywhere and it is everyone. Every person is a potential ZWD reporter including your wife, daughters and sons. Actually fighting ZWD is as good as fighting everyone around you. Can you win?

    • @ Ba Bwalya,
      Please dont call that interlligence! We dont leave in a jungle but in a civillised world governed by Laws and regulations, besides our moral consciousness to a diginifield life goes beyond fighting that which we presume bad! ZWD should stand for building and not destroying, look beyond Miles Sampa, yes am not saying he is upright in all his actions, but how dare you try to correct a wrong with a wrond deed?
      What about those women whos fotos are splashed everywhere, does any of you consider the long term effects on their lives?What about their familys? brothers and sisters, parents? how is this going to affect their day to day living? Grow up and applaude for that which is right, not this behaviour as if people have no Brains, Suing ZWD isnt acually a bad idea by the…

    • @cindy
      The truth is that if you kill with a sword, you will also die with a sword. When you decide to go out with a man you are fully aware that he is married, then you are readying yourself for whatever will befall you.

      Watchdog has taught young women a lesson – avoid married men and a lesson to married men- stick to your wives!

    • Ba Cindy, have you considered Mrs. sampa in all this? You are defending these whole, not her who is also suffering because of these girls who don’t care to go out with a married man. She is the one who will get infected with HIV for nothing, maybe die and leave her young children to suffer behind, while Miles continues with his life. We have seen these things happening in our families where innocent wives get infected and die because of their husbands’ infidelities and the children remain behind suffering. Maybe this exposure by ZWD will help Sampa to change and save his wife and children, if it’s not yet too late. As a woman you should be the first one to condemn his behavior and that of those girls. If not married wait you get married and your husband cheats on you, see if you will…

  8. Miles Sampa is very childsh, now you look like a fool. where is your honourable? eve if you have money you don’t behave like that, styopet!!!

  9. Umm now he is taking a moral high ground after issuing unwarranted cheap threats. Too late his reputation is beyond repair now. If he was really a man of integrity and virtue he would have resigned on moral ground but we know this is Zambia where scoundrels take public service.

    Sampa threw a kitchen sink to the ZWD and they threw the entire kitchen back at him with interest. Ouch that must hurt! I just hope others of your kind will learn a lesson from your behavior… that you are supposed to uphold certain standards when you take a public service job and that you are expected to uphold certain rights such as freedom of speech; also never pick up unnecessary fights and start acting your age.

  10. Rather foolish action considering the damage has already been done! Free advice: don’t start something you can’t finish. Just shows you up as somebody else’s tool. Have you thought about the needless hurt you have caused your innocent wife and children?

  11. Rather f**lish action considering the damage has already been done! Free advice: don’t start something you can’t finish. Just shows you up as somebody else’s tool. Have you thought about the needless hurt you have caused your innocent wife and children?

  12. ZWD and Lusaka-times dig dipper and expose PS Seyuba who pretends to be a holy man fighting all those he perceives to be potential leaders in NWP.The man is almost succeeding to kill PF in NWP.He is a faulty finder and no wonder he is failing to spearhead development in the province.ACC,DEC and other wings of government are now being misused to meet his selfish ends.President Sata needs to investigate and know the damage this man is causing.

  13. zwd……….
    Is that even for real?!! Freedom of speech has arrived in the Toilet!
    As for Miles, good that you came out mature out of the two parties, just look at their response….. am beyond shocked! Dont worry such is life you will be fine, too bad for your wife and Children, I wonder if ZDW took into consideration the innocent victims involved before behaving the way they have just to get a point! Indeed they are real Retards!

    • And that’s Cindy with her unbiased and balanced opinion.I just like how you see things beyond politics.Glad too how your fondness for HH doesn’t take away your intellectualism. Keep it up mama !

    • @cindy
      I hope you are not a woman because if you were, you would have imagined just for a second how those who were womanised, probably unknowingly , feel. such scoundrels like sampa are batter off being exposed than to let them go on wanton womanising, spreading AIDS (the fact that he even has children with concubines indicates he wears no protection). besides, the element of tax payers money being used is very high. well…..fili eko tuleya

    • I sure hope you are not a woman Cindy, how can you even contemplate siding with such a dog? Can you imagine how much pain he has put his wife through who by the way is a very nice person. Don’t you think it is better for the wife and other concubines to know about he’s adulterous ways before its too late and people get sick? I hope you are not with a man like Miles who cheats on you with so many women. Aids is real my friend and it doesn’t discreminate whether you are a minister or not. His wife is better off being informed so that she can get out of it for the sake of her kid. Maybe you are one of the concubines that he frequently roots.

    • Ba cindy naimwe, Miles Sampa cannot be defended.
      If you have childred and a wife you claim to love, why leap from one woman to another leaving litter all over the world.

      Ask yourself do you think this world is right in calling a child born out of wedlock a bastard? if it is, then why should you choose that one of your children should carry such an ‘infirmity’ and blame the world for it.

    • @ Saulosi,
      Thankx dear, ine shocked like crazy! As for Matipa and Debo, am all woman with a rational view on lifes ups and downs regardless how hard am hit! While you scrable through what is obvious and known to all of us, I do not agree with the manner in which this affair has been handled regardless who was right or wrong and that doesnt mean am giving congratulatory messages to Miles, besides I have no idea what is real or not!
      I could give a detailed accessment of my opnion but hey, I think it would be of no substance seeing how a pinch of it has been branded! Maybe lets sort out all our issues the Mumbwas way and see how far it will repair our world, hé Matipa and Debo?!

    • @ Singuluwa,
      With all due respect, two wrongs can never make a right! Thats my point in my above posts.
      Responding to your other point, we can never control what makes someone seek comfort in another womans or mans arms leaving their own Wife or Husband. The same reason why we succumb to the desire of being with another is the reason I can never answer why a normal human being will see it fit calling an innocent child born out of Two people “who are not supposed to be together” a Bastard! One thing am pretty sure of is that, Life grants us choices and those choices determine our tomorrows. Zed Mumbwa has however decided to be the “Judge” of Miles Samplas life, that alone is not right and fair. If Miles has gone outside his house, Fate will catch up with him, again too bad for his…

    • Ba Cindy, I always agree with most of your contributions on this blog, but not this one. You might not like ZWD, which I understand, but on exposing Sampa I totally agree with them. Maybe one or two girls will be saved from sampa’s advancements and from possible infections after this exposure. Aids is real my dear and has no size or class.

    • @Mann, you’ve hit the nail on head with a big as$ hammer. If exposing Sampa can save even one young girl from his advances than ZWD has done a brilliant job. People like Cindy would rather everyone kept quite and Sampa continued with his adulterous ways, trust me I know the guy and there are plenty more women that the watchdog has not exposed. Imagine if this happened to a public official in another country, he will be asked to resign. Sampa is not only a public servant but a role model to many young people in Zambia and must be seen to be exceptional when it comes to ethics and morals. Thank God there is at least one Zambian media outlet that will expose these morally corrupt public figures.

    • So strange how people can fail to get something simple, just your misinterpretation of my views say alot about you peoples rational understanding of issues, well I rest my case!

    • @ maikalange,
      This is not about who started what, it’s about a civilised way of handling issues no matter who is right or wrong, it’s about damage control, more over I dont agree that ZWD brought up this issue in the interest of serving Mrs Sampa, If they really cared that much for her, they wouldnt have gone crazy blowing the ashes as hard as they have done.
      To start with, the poor woman has been emotionally bombarsted both by her husband if at all the stories are true and by watch dog. You tell me, is what this language by ZWD any sign of Compassion or care? I dont know about you people but none of you care about her, all you care about is fixing Miles!
      These issues are not even supposed to be tabled in the media, we all have no right to even speak one word of their marital…

    • Am dumb founded at how hypocritical and stone aged mentality people are at a goal of punishing someone. Which woman wants to hear the song of her husbands infidelity from the loud speakers by every Jim and Jack? Miles and his wife need to sort out their issues privately not for his sake but for hers. Have you read the comments on ZWD, people are even disrespecting the woman asking for her number so they can help her, is this a joke? And some of you bring about issues of HIV, who in this day and age doesnt know what that is, how it is spread? Am so disappointed at how shallow minded people are because of hatred! I dont speak for miles but for a fair and right manner of dealing with issues which is why I havent even concertrated on Mrs Sampa, otherwise, God know what she’s going through!

  14. Would Miles have been a Deputy Minister, had it not been for the fact that he was Zondwa’s nephew.

    Imagine Miles preaching to your about HIV/AIDS.With all those Hules and Bastards, I can bet Miles Sampa has AIDS. Shame on you Miles. Your behaviour is much worse than that of a Dog.

    Even a Dog seems to know where to end.

  15. Serves Miles Sampa right for being a hypocritical immoral wimp who thinks he can bully others to call him Saint Miles. Well, Tumfweko tried without any success. I don’t think even The Post can succeed to launder you. Just mend your ways and start afresh. Waona manje wayamba kulila!

  16. What innocent victims naimwe achipuba? If they are innocent why are they mute on the accusations? Miles should have been the first one to defend them. Why didn’t he clarify that he knows nothing of the girls. And why have all the girls (except Esnart) removed their facebook profiles?


  18. @mbiji, the saying goes- Those who live in glass house shall not change with light on.
    Sampa brought searchlight on himself and the result is for everybody to see. Learn lesson Mr. Sampa from your womanising boss at Finance Bank Mahtani who had concubines in Lusaka(Indians at office, widow in Zamsure Garden), Ndola (ugly secretary and short Indian lady), Masseuses at Michelangelo Hotel Sandton. But he survived as he downplayed and did not come out like you. Z.W.d might not even know the full list of your concubines, but some of us who worked at Finance Bank know all about you.

  19. And for Miles Sampa, you messed with my girlfriend and you know me, no excuse for you to not sue me. Go ahead and let us meet in the free domain of the USA. Do not forget to bring your auntie chi besakunda to fight your case.

  20. for as long as Zondwa the Dictator is in power, it is only wise that the ZWD editors remain anonymous otherwise he can pounce on them with his dictatorial tendencies. all those I.DI.OTS critising the watchdog are just wasting their time….

    • who says they are hiding?? They have been banned in Zed!!
      Problem with “short-memoried” zambians, already forgotten that the Panga Family banned them!!

  21. Miles Sampa has not come out and deny is connections with the women in th pictures.
    It seems there is some element of truth. It would have being better if miles sampa had a press conference with his wife besides him and deny have sexual relationships with those young girls.

  22. Zambian politician are responsible for the mushrooming of sites such as ZWD. They like to attack and shutdown radio stations and publications that seek to expose them. If we had free and incorruptible police and judiciary, there would be no need to hide. Every British politician knows better than to threaten to sue a newspaper, especially if the newspaper story is accurate. They would do exactly what ZWD have done here to Sampa. They would finish you off. Unfortunately, in Zambia a politician would turn up at the newspaper with his cadres and storm the print room. Kabimba did this at the Daily Mail when they started criticizing him. Politicians need to learn humility. They are there to serve, NOT to enrich and enjoy themselves!

  23. Our leaders should be accountable for their action considering the fact they lead a nation in which 80% of the people live in poverty. Where is Miles getting money to support such a large string of girlfriends ? ACC should come in and investigate the chap but we know they won’t because they too are corrupt and an instrument used by government to only deal with its opponents or those who challenge their authority.

  24. Apparently there is a new “hot dog” on the State House menu that is getting people intoxicated with an effect like marijuana. The “hot dog” is called “cork burger”. The cork burger is disgusting to eat, as you can tell, there is little left to the imagination regarding the ingredients but the only plus side on why it has become popular with one individual is that it prolongs life for prostate cancer patients!

  25. I would like the great Watch Dog to dig real deep up the illegal CJ’s stinky backside and find out what manner of rot is resident up there. By the way, did you guys see Chibesakunda’s legs recently or Nkandu Luo, her niece’s arms? There seems to be amazing kilos of flesh hanging on Chibesakunda’s legs while amazing pounds of flesh are hanging loosely from Nkandu’s arms especially above the elbows. These Muchigese, they are so ugly!

  26. Cindy, I am surprised that you can waffle around over such an issue. Is this something you can strive to be objective and empathetic about? When in high office and married, there ARE certain standards and expectations on your conduct and demeanour. The fact Mr Sampa has decided to withdraw into his cracked shell tells it all. You of all people should be at the forefront of condemning behaviour that not only shows our leaders are not working, but also debases and takes advantage of the female gender. Using power and money to lure young women to pander to their insatiable pervasions. What about the wife and children? Be robust and clearly say where you sit. Are you alluding that this behaviour is acceptable because it is notorious? Are you part of the ‘shipikisha’ club?

  27. Can we have all 11:25:56 PM ladies that have a thing with this man Miles to speak out their side of their dark sides they have not tod us so that we may juicy up the forum. Can’t wait to hear… Come on gals ! Don’t hide your heads in the sand we can’t see u afterall by posting whatever that u have held so dearly to your chest

  28. @11.2, peace in the midst of injustice is not peace at all. If we must destroy to bring, this we must all history will judge us harshly. VIVA ZWD!!

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