Government denies receiving the final draft constitution

Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda
Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda

Acting Chief government Spokesperson Fackson Shamenda says government has not yet received the final draft constitution from the Technical Committee.

In December last year, the Technical Committee announced that the final draft constitution will only be handed over to the government and not simultaneously to the public as was early indicated.

In a telephone interview with Qfm, Mr. Shamenda, who is also acting Information Minister has attributed the delay in handing over the final draft constitution to government to some technicalities which the Technical Committee ought to clear before releasing the document to government.

Asked how long it will take for Cabinet to go through the final draft constitution before it could be released to the public, Mr. Shamenda could not state how long it will take for government to go through the document.

Mr. Shamenda explained that this is because there are a number of procedures that ought to be followed.

He has further stated that not until the final draft constitution has been handed over to government will the roadmap form its adoption be known.


  1. certainly this is stupid for anyone to deny receiving the document yet it is all over the internet. to make maters worse chumbu munshololwa today at his swearing in ceremonies says Zambia already has a constitution implying that we do not need the new one. nonsense

    • Folks
      This is proof that Sata and PF wanted to change a few clauses in the constitution to suit their dodgy agenda. Why deny receiving the document now after ZWD has published a copy?.

      I think now that a copy is in the public domain,Sata will find it difficult to temper with it easily and this denial means they are planning to take it back to the TC and demand that a few clauses be changed so that when its published the blame should be put on the TC not Sata and PF. Right now he is planning to appoint another group comprising of a few men and women to work under the TC to change the document.

      He says there is no need for a new constitution because he is afraid of the 50+1 and minimum qualifications for a presidential candidate.

      For now this is the constitution we need in Zambia.

    • “He has further stated that NOT until the final draft constitution has been handed over to government will the roadmap form its adoption be known”

      What do you expect from CNP??

      They have known that process has been going on for YEARS, but they cannot make a simple PLAN for what happens next!

      How about a PLAN for Zambia? Have you Pathetic Fools made one of those yet?

      Or will we just have more and more BUFI until 2016???????????????

    • chumbu munshololwa is the biggest idyot. ati we already have a constitution. the same constitution this biggest liar used to call a colonial constitution when he was in opposition. i fail to believe it. what did we do in 2011. ooooo this country.

  2. So all this time CSO’s have been toyi-toying the govt did not have the draft constitution? Someone if not all of them must be very sick in the head. Is he saying the govt hasn’t got the 10 copies they requested from the TC?

  3. Sir when are you receiving it then? Tell us so we know. But remember the Technical Committee announcing that it had handed the draft to GRZ. Was it a different one? Waiting for an answer sir.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  4. What is this scruffy chap talking about? Sata already has the draft constitution and he thought he could hide but thanx to ZWD we also have it. Shamenda thinks we are that dull

  5. Politicians or is it polititians, in Zambia can make you think you were dreaming; as if you have just resurrected from a long sleep, and don’t know whether what you are hearing has passed in reality or it was just in your dreams! Like now, I am confused – whether I read that this thing was handed over or what, even made more lost by the wor(k)ds of the mandevu, in the context of what we have been reading in the recent past. Please don’t confuse us – I know that Ministry has now become one of confusing citizens with denials, rebuttals, ect. And who told you that you should comment on everything before Fyabukaya comes back?

  6. Don’t feed my over active imagination. I now have you leaking a draft yourselves so you can ‘clamp down’ by playing the righteous self indignation card…

    Instead of picking fights on new fronts how about simply releasing it officially yourselves and moving on. You have a nation to run and your sympathisers and non sympathisisers along with the apathetic, unknowing and unmoved will still be there tomorrow. Grow thicker skins and remember you work for the Zambian people who are not your enemies, minions or punching bags.

  7. And to think that some brave Barotse are in prison for tearing up this! Zambia is a failed state with a President who rose above his station ( Victoria station sweeper)! Ukwa go get your prize in South Africa. And lets hope JaYZoo keeps you at his Nkandla palace for the rest of your life!

  8. Can the minister state the procedures so that he doesn’t just say there are a number of procedures to be followed. This is an open society, don’t keep things secretive kwati nikung’anga.

  9. If people in this country could deliberate things based on facts we would not even be debating this, because would all know that indeed this draft constitution has not been handed over to government. People need to follow news and current affairs accurately, then you would know for sure that this document has not been handed over. Someone in the technical committee or administrators helping must have leaked this document to the ZWD. Let us learn to get our facts correct before we comment or condemn/criticize/insult others. Lets not just argue because we hate PF. Let us be factual, that’s when the debate can be productive.

  10. I can’t believe what am hearing the TC on drafting final constitution had said that they had handed the draft copy to the government. Now who is telling a lie here ? Who is fooling who ?

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