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KK launches UCZ golden jubilee

General News KK launches UCZ golden jubilee

First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda addresses United Church of Zambia (UCZ) congregants at St Paul’s congregation at the start of UCZ golden jubilee celebrations for the UCZ church in Lusaka
First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda addresses United Church
of Zambia (UCZ) congregants at St Paul’s congregation at the start of
UCZ golden jubilee celebrations for the UCZ church in Lusaka

First Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, has commended the United Church in Zambia (UCZ) for its selfless service to the needy and the most vulnerable people in society.

Dr Kaunda observes that the UCZ has demonstrated God’s mission by touching people’s lives through preaching the Gospel and imparting them with various knowledge and skills.

ZANIS Reports that Dr Kaunda was speaking when he officiated at the launch of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the UCZ at St Paul’s Church in Lusaka today.

The United Church of Zambia, which was born on January 16, 1965, will commemorate its 50 years of existence in Zambia on January 16, next year.

The former Head of State has since urged the UCZ members to look forward with renewed hope and determination as they continue to serve God’s purpose in various communities they are found.

Dr Kaunda further urged the Church members to reflect, pray and carry out activities which will lead to the successful golden jubilee celebrations next year.

The golden jubilee launch was attended by Sports Deputy Minister, Christopher Mulenga, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mkhondo Lungu, Permanent Secretaries, several Members of Parliament and senior government officials.

Also in attendance were major opposition political leaders, among them MMD’s Nevers Mumba, FDD’s Edith Nawaki, Peoples Party president, Mike Mulongoti, Heritage Party’s Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, Forum for Democratic Alternatives, Ludwig Sondashi, National Revolution Party president, Cosmo Mumba and Zambia for Empowerment and Development, leader Fred Mutesa.

Freedom fighters, Mama Chibesa Kankasa, Grey Zulu, General Malimba Masheke, Alex Mushibwe and many others were also in attendance.



  1. What jubilee? UCZ is a Kaunda church formed to take away the Rights of the Barotse. We had our own Church called the Church of Barotseland (Keleke ya Bulozi) . This Nyasalander with his morbid hatred of the Barotse used the State of Emergency to force the Barotse into this rubbish called UCZ. What crime did Lozis ever commit against this moron? Zambia should be built on unity in diversity not on deliberately wiping off another peoples institutions and culture!

    • You have hit the nail on its head. The dictator KK of 27 years is back as a PF cadre.
      This Munyasaland want to unite people he doesn’t know , as he mascarades to Bemba.
      Worry not, Barotseland is gone, full on self determination.
      Thanks and Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.
      You can take a Lozi away from Barotseland but you CAN NOT take Barotseland away from a Lozi.
      This KK dictator will always be a dictator, I pity his proudness’ where is Kapwepwe, Nkumbula, Kaluwe, the Lumpa massacre of the leshina people’s Church and many more?
      The PF cadlish dictator KK can explain the Barotse issue, but too naive and scared of his on fears of deceit. He’s too late for now. Wondering, as his mates have produced memoirs, he’s still busy confusing the poor masses.

  2. Mwenda Nyangula and others. I don’t think you belong to the Church of God, I mean the gathering of believers in Christ Jesus. Which peoples institution? UCZ? No no no! that is no people’s institution, that is God’s own “Church”. Don’t blasphemy, you will go to hell. I wonder if you are a Christian. If you are, let me remind you of the bible teaching that says “respect your Mother and Father FOR YOUR DAYS TO BE PROLONGED ON EARTH”. It means who ever is older than you and no matter his or her origins and beliefs should be respected. To go an elderly person “moron” is sinful indeed.

    Concerned UCZ member

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