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Confusion mars PF Lusaka elections as Mulenga Sata goes through unchallenged


Mulenga Sata making his acceptance speech
Mulenga Sata making his acceptance speech

Widespread confusion reigned at the PF Lusaka District Conference on Saturday which was held at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre to usher in a new executive in the district.

The conference which started two hours late was nearly cancelled after Provincial Chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe stormed out of the meeting in protest against the behavior of some delegates.

Mr Chuumbwe’s action caused further confusion with rival groups manhandling each other right in front of armed police officers.

Punches were thrown but no major injuries were reported.

It took several interventions by Returning Officer Ngosa Simbyakula for the calm to be restored.

“I do not want to be associated with this kind of behaviour. As Provincial Chairman, I don’t recognise these elections, they are a sham,” Mr Chuumbwe said as he stormed out of the meeting.

At this stage it became apparent that Goodson Banda who was to challenge Mulenga Sata’s candidature had grown cold feet and was not turning up for the conference.

Mr Sata’s supporters went into a frenzy and sang anti Banda songs, accusing him of chickening out of the race.

After an hour of closed door meetings, Mr Simbyakula emerged and announced that the elections will proceed after Mr Banda entered the conference main hall.

All the candidates were given five minutes to address the delegates and Mr Banda used the occasion to announce that he was withdrawing from the race.

“I believe in democracy and this is no democracy here. Some delegates from Mandevu and Chawama are not here, they have been barred and so I have come to a conclusion that I cannot participate in these elections and am therefore withdrawing,” Mr Banda said amid hecklings.

Mr Simbyakula however informed the delegates that elections for the District Chairman will proceed despite Mr Banda’s withdrawal because his name was still appearing on the ballot box.

After the votes were counted, Mr Banda polled a paltry 2 votes against Mr Sata’s 207.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Sata said the journey to get to the Chairmanship of the party in the district was not easy.

“It was a tough journey to get here. I wish to thank everyone that campaigned for me during this difficult period. To my fellow leaders, please let us not forget the people who get us elected. The leaders should never disconnect from the people,” Mr Sata said.

“For us as Lusaka District, I wish to announce that we have now officially launched our campaigns for 2016,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Mr Chuumbwe said he had forgiven those that insulted him during the course of the proceedings.

“We are all brothers and sisters. In politics, they say there are no permanent friends or enemies. Let us work together as a team, if I have wronged you, please find it in your heart to forgive me.”

In other results, Matildah Mutale scooped the position of District Women’s Treasurer while Chibwe Musonda is the new District Women’s Secretary.

The position of District Information and Publicity Secretary went to Mwenya Matafwali with Captain Davison Mulenga being elected District Secretary.

Goodson Banda announces his withdrawal
Goodson Banda announces his withdrawal
Chawama MP Edgar Lungu, Incoming Lusaka District Chairman Mulenga Sata and Provincial Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba
Chawama MP Edgar Lungu, Incoming Lusaka District Chairman Mulenga Sata and Provincial Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba


  1. Only Bembas went thru. Where were the Zulus and Bandas! It was innevitable for Mr Banda to withdraw the situation was bad. Ka Chasaya pali Kabusha kaletuka fye abantu lelo. Ba Muchinga mafias and panga boys.

    • A strong rumour has it that Banda was threatened and told to with draw in order to allow Sata’s son to stand.

      So you can judge for your selves that in PF there is no free and fair elections. Even Sata was not elected but merely endorsed by his supporters after threatening his opponents and banning the supporters of the opposing candidates. The same method used to put Sata president of PF is the same method his son will use to become president of PF in 2016.

      Like I said many times here that Sata is grooming his son to take over PF. Now it has become clear that the 2016 presidential elections will be between Mulenga Sata and HH.

      PF is a party for Bembas only. So come 2016 the presidential race will be between Bembas and non Bembas unless the PF address this tribal issue.


    • If you look at UPND, HH was elected by a majority vote . Non of his opponents withdrew or were threatened. The records are there for all to see.

      When Mmembe’s tribal mate lost to HH thats when Mmembes’ past paper started slandering HH and lying about UPND.

      Lets assume HH lost the presidency, what would have become of UPND today? The answer is ; UPND would have disbanded with many members joining the PF due to lack of money to fund party activities.

      HH is only person who will slash his salary by 25% and freeze political pay for considerable period until the economy bounces back to pre 2011 levels. He will embark on constructing at least 250 cheap homes per year for the poor in major cities to lower the rentals so that their disposable income is increased.

      UPND and HH! I…

    • If Zambians want our lost democracy to be restored to Mwanawasa days then they better vote for UPND and HH. Only UPND and HH will restore Zambia’s economy and democracy. HH has all the qualities of a good leader. He is focussed and has a clear plan of where he wants Zambia to be . He has the capacity to create sustainable manufacturing industries to produce at least 50% of what is imported like machines and electronic equipment.

      We shouldn’t let these PF behaving like monkeys in maize field continue to plunder and destroy our democracy for too long. So come 2016 lets unite and stop this PF madness by voting UPND and HH en mass.The PF have completely destroyed all what we fought for in the 80s and 90s. Those in doubt , need to just look at how Sata and his son got elected.


    • Try to talk of other productive topics, do not tell the nation and the world that someone who enriched himself on the expense of Zambians through privatization would do anything better if if if !!!!!!! he becomes president.

      HH would bring Zambia to the 90’s, (you were young you can’t remember) as he fights for his own greedy

      I would propose Chipimo for you and not that Kabwalala

    • Where are the Zulus in UPND, if not for a figurative Banda. Stand from a distance and make an Objective judgement although there is no objectivity in the world of humanity.

    • Wow the voters were all bunch all thugs. Was there any school teachers, nurses, Indian-business men among voters?

    • Too bad that someone can ascend to any position without being challenged, I wouldnt be proud to say “I won”! As for Mr Banda, I see fear and I call that cowardice! If you believe in democracy, what you have just done is far from it! Democracy will fight against that which is opposite and will forge on no matter how thick and thorny the path gets,I can say what you have done is to deny democracy a chance to prove itself, cos aint seen none in your actions sir!
      As for Lufungo heard Mulenga… hope you will carry out your new job democratically or else big brother is watching and he will judge you one day. Remember you are stll young enough years to answer big brothers questions!

    • Interesting indeed; only bembas went through!! Somehow sounds hollow when he says “…To my fellow leaders, please let us not forget the people who get us elected. The leaders should never disconnect from the people,” seeing as his father has do e exactly that!

    • @Juvohabe

      Between you and me, I am most knowledgeable person regarding the political history of Zambia. What Sata and PF are doing now is what used be the order of the day in UNIP days.

      Don’t lie because you are just showing us that all PF supporters are liars. HH won the UPND presidency by a majority vote. Sakwiba never withdrew and his supporters were all allowed to attend the election unlike in Sata and his son cases.

      The one who imposed him self on the throne was Sata. He intimidated all his opponents and barred them from attending the convention.

      We know all of you PF supporters are a bunch of liars. No matter how much your Mmembe’s past paper will try lie on your behalf you will not manage to shake off the lying tag.

      Eaterners are being treated like door mats in PF.

    • Exactly my observation my brother, how come only bebmba *****s where voted for. This party is for the kolwestans only, they only good thing is that they have lost popularity in Northern province their bedroom. We are waiting for GBM to relinquish his MP position so that we teach these political imbeciles some manners. Shame to Sata Nazi party! Them fools are dead scared of chasing him, after realizing that the people have sided with him.

    • The most criticized institution on earth is politics more so the ruling group.

      The second most criticized institution is Sport more so Manchester United.

      The only problem we have in Zambia is that Bembas are too numerous like chisense and are very out going. They go anywhere. Even where duty does not call, they go. There was even a time when the KK 11 was 90% Bemba. Even majority ba Kabwalala are Bembas assisted by Easterners.

      Some of you want someone to tell you that you have quality for you to come out strongly. in fact you want it on a silver plate.

      So fellow Zambians stop being divisive over a Cheap issue like Politics. Politics are for loafers and those that want to expand their business…who already have something to fall back on.

  2. Bembas only, and watch this sata he will be president if not careful, next ati appointed mp and the presidential candidate!

    • What is wrong with Mulanga Sata becoming president?is he not Zambian? why can’t you contest to challenge him.

      Was HH not appointed UPND Tonga president after well meaning Mazoka (MHSRIP)?. Let HH start with local councils leadership for him to learn leadership skills and not book lifting theories and thinks presidency is theoretical.

    • @Juvohabe

      If HH mistreated Sakwiba like you are insinuating, then why is Sakwiba Sikota HH and UPND ‘s prominent lawyer? Try to get facts right before you the nation your id.iocy.

      Don’t lie because you are just showing us that all PF supporters are liars. HH won the UPND presidency by a majority vote. Sakwiba never withdrew and his supporters were all allowed to attend the election unlike in Sata and his son cases.

      The one who imposed him self on the throne was Sata. He intimidated all his opponents and barred them from attending the convention.

      We know all of you PF supporters are a bunch of liars. No matter how much your Mmembe’s past paper will try lie on your behalf you will not manage to shake off the lying tag.

      Eaterners are being treated like door mats in PF…

    • @Juvohabe

      No one is saying Mulenga does not deserve to be president. All what all of us are saying is that he should have played it fair not intimidating his opponents so that they withdraw.

      Don’t lie because you are just showing us that all PF supporters are liars. HH won the UPND presidency by a majority vote. Sakwiba never withdrew and his supporters were all allowed to attend the election unlike in Sata and his son cases.

      The one who imposed him self on the throne was Sata. He intimidated all his opponents and barred them from attending the convention.

      We know all of you PF supporters are a bunch of liars. No matter how much your Mmembe’s past paper will try lie on your behalf you will not manage to shake off the lying tag.

      Eaterners are being treated like door mats in…

  3. fear of the unkwon, why did someone come out strong saying they were ready to challenge Sata’s son only to chicken out, very cowardly, there is nothing to
    congratulate dude had it easy went in unopposed.

  4. we need civil war in zambia like it was in rwanda.this must be between bembas and non-bembas.we cant just have one tribe messing up our ethinic cleansing.

    • civil war for u have even a family to start think of such useless things.just work hard and u will enjoy life.
      stop thinking of tribal matters zed is bigger than any tribe

    • @Ganja farmer: the kikuyus in kenya have been at the helm for 50yrs (politically and economically) so what you see in zed is nothing.

    • Ganja farmer! You are a tired f.a.r.t! If you cannot find enough new ways to advance your petty tribal agenda just dig a grave deep enough to break your neck when you fall into it!

    • @ganja farmer, you are very misguided. Civil war has never solved any problems anywhere. Rise above the pettiness of tribal differences and start to realise that we have the same blood, flesh, bones and soul. We can only resolve our conflicts if we stand together as one – One Zambia, One Nation. ?

    • What kind of a patriot are you who wishes death among your people? do know the cost of civil war? do not vomit everything that comes into your mouth, try to be reasonable.

    • You’re right I see this happening in the near future and I have said it before. I do not want what happened in Rwanda to happen in my beloved country. Let us shame the people who say Tongas are tribalists. We know it’s a few politicians who when a civil war breaks out they will leave the country and it will be poor people suffering.

  5. Zambia is well on its way to having its own imperial family like the Assads in Syria and Kim Jongs in North Korea. Lord help us.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if Banda “bamuchekelako” to withdraw pa 11th hour to make way for Mulenga Sata’s easy victory. Just thinking aloud!

    • Dim Wit you are right. These chaps in the first picture can even rap and kill. Look cruel. ‘Show me your friends and I will know what kind of a person you are’.

  7. You can fool those thugs surrounding you and the illiterate but you won’t fools the elite & educated. What a sham u call these elections

  8. That picture with the bunga is not a good look for Mulenga……. just saying. But seriously, if anyone expected a different outcome from this process then I am quite surprised. However they decide to run their internal politics is up to them, the focus should be to ensure that this circus act does not continue beyond 2016. #sufferingfromPFfatiguesyndrome

    • @Olympia chick

      I am 120% with you on this one and I have decided up to support UPND and HH to bring back the sanity in our lovely country.

  9. In america, George Bush SNR was the president, later on George Bush Jr became the president.

    Don’t forget that just like america we have a black president and white vice president.

    Similarly Sata snr is a president, sata jr will have to be a president…….this is a simulation using america as model for zambia.

    What’s your take?

    • Sata has spoiled the chances for the Bembas.

      2016 presidential elections will be between Bembas and Non Bembas. We shall see who will carry the day.

      PF should shake off this tribal tag. No matter how much propaganda Mmembe and his past paper will say about UPND and HH, the people already know that PF is a tribal party.

    • You have easily forgotten or decided to pretend you do not know how HH-UPND Tonga treated Sakwiba Sikota in 2005, i can remind you because i was there Sack was treated like an outcast by HH and His Tonga UPND despite being a good patriot.

      It was at Mulungushi where the Tonga Tag in UPND was born and HH has failed to cleanse himself because he has Tonga Tags in him. Compare the distribution of MP by party across the country and judge for yourself.

    • @Juvohabe

      Don’t lie because you are just showing us that all PF supporters are liars. HH won the UPND presidency by a majority vote. Sakwiba never withdrew and his supporters were all allowed to attend the election unlike in Sata and his son cases.

      The one who imposed him self on the throne was Sata. He intimidated all his opponents and barred them from attending the convention.

      We know all of you PF supporters are a bunch of liars. No matter how much your Mmembe’s past paper will try lie on your behalf you will not manage to shake off the lying tag.

      Eaterners are being treated like door mats in PF.

    • @ Wanzelu & @ Juvohabe: Wanzelu for you to call Juvohabe “a liar” is a little going out of your way. In this day and age, it shouldn’t make any difference whether TRIBALISM puts on a dress or a skirt. We should be able to identify it and call it by its right name.

      The fact that Saki did not withdraw from the race is not a convincing reason that tribalism was not involved in the succession of HH to the UPND throne. The man who said that “a Tonga must take over from Mazoka” was an honest man and one who deserves his dignity and respect. Those of you who have been denying and continue to deny that reality of tribalism in UPND are a bunch of hypocrites.

      It must be our endeavor to eradicate tribalism in all its forms, not just the form we hate.

  10. The only presidents who were genuinely voted are KK as first president but not in the 70s and 80s; Chiluba on elections for the two terms, Mwanawasa was hand picked for the first term (We all know Mazoka won) and the 2nd term was a deal with RB, Sata 2011 won the elections because we had had enough of MMD and wanted change.

    • KK was not genuinely voted for, Hola you do not read history, KK stole from his friends he was not the one who was supposed to rule Zambia first. UNIP played cards if you don’t know.

  11. @Wanzelu,yo madness keeps on progressing.Whoever were supposed to stand against M Sata but chickened are stu pid cowards.Could it be that challenging Mulenga u do so to Mcs?lf others voted for Mulenga on that basis are unprincipled & hypocrites.

    • @Osmore

      Most of us have known Sata and his political schemes longer than some of you blind followers who support Sata and PF because your belly dictates so.

      Banda was intimidated to step aside and let Mulenga get the post, just like his father Sata did at the convention by banning some opposing candidates and their supporters from attending the convention in the first place. Most of Banda’s supporters were banned from attending the convention.

      Osmore learn to read and understand more than your eyes can see. Your inability to decipher cryptic messages the “donchi kubeba” schemes continue to unleash day by day shows that your thinking is warped and borders on the edge of insanity.

      You guys are investing for the now moment forgetting that posterity will be very harsh to you.

  12. @Wanzelu ( Bo Nawa )

    You are entitled to campaign for HH. And every voter is also entitled to analyse things very differently. You are really sounding very desperate with your campaign.

    • @O2
      Your merely stating the obvious that some people have their own perspectives on which party they should support but not all the people are well informed about the treachery being unleashed by the PF’s “donchi kubeba” cryptic schemes. This where people like me chip in to try and decipher the hidden agendas of Sata and his family forest so that people can have well informed perspective on which leader and party to trust in 2016 to stop this PF madness.

      @O2 every one is entitled his or her opinion on the Zambian political discourse. If you have anything to share please bring it on so that Zambia can get rid of Sata and his evil political schemes.

      The Mulenga Sata’s election saga will now intrinsically alienate the Easterners.

      PF is now perceived as a Bemba party…

  13. i have read all the comments and i have no comment…………but dont start a war you will fail to quench i know all you zambians are cowards such that you even run towards where theres sound of gun fire ask that rwandese priest who was once deported , at least it will give you an insight of what you should expect. am just talking.

  14. Anyway congrates to Mulenga for winning.Those that feel threatened about Mulenga’s political life are undemocratic and cowards of the worst kind.He has the right to be what he wants to become.Bravo Mulenga!Do let anyone stand in yo way please!

  15. HH Tonga’s should change his names to an Eastern Province name, by doing so, Bemba’s will vote for him. Bemba’s do find it easy to vote for people from Eastern Province ( because of cousin-ship) or Chimbuya

    After 2016, the HH can revert back to his Tonga name.

  16. @Wanzelu,actually what u have alluded to is the real u.U have a sick mind unfortunetely u don’t know it.That makes u hallucinate day in day out.Furthermore u turn yo hallucination in2 facts and argue yo lungs out based on that.More cries in 2016.

  17. @Wanzelu,l find yo altitude to be the same as yo leader.U potray yourselves wiser than others.U want us to believe u based on wat comes from wat from yo hallucination.4 instance u say we are paid 2 say wat u say.Are u sure?U’r Just speculating.

    • @Mfumu

      Thanx my bro for coming my rescue. These PF fyumbu fishololwas are behaving like mad hyenas who chew white stones thinking its bones. They all need craniectomy to correct the way they think.


  18. U say we are paid to say wat we say.Are sure@Wanzelu?Yo desire to have Sata removed from power is based on yo evil heart.Yo hate will keep on’bluterizing u.2016,l see u cry even the more.No normal person can vote 4 hh based on yo ranting.U DEMON !

  19. I support ganja farmer- we need civil war in zambia in order to respect each other. Yes kenya went to civil war and parliament is almost balanced now. Soon it will be inevitable watch.

    • @ Chavuma,
      You have no clue what you are asking for! Indeed Human beings are so stupid I had no idea? Do you know what that is? Wait till you get what you are asking for then you will know what I mean when I say the most ignorant, stupid Animal is infact the self proclaimed clever human! I hope and wish when your request is granted, it finds you and yours in the middle of it, no way in no way out!
      Dull syndrome at it’s highest level!

  20. Peoples minds are slowly degenerating into anarchy mode. It will only take one killing soon and civil war will breakout. Groups are already enlightening partners like Angola, Congo and tanzania who will be read to help since they have their brothers and sisters in zambia.

  21. @5.5 Nine Chale,
    I agree with you 100% on your point that civil war has never solved problems anywhere but please your talk about ‘same blood, flesh, bones and soul’ is simply cheap rhetoric. You also call it petty tribalism when other tribes respond and defend themselves against your tribe’s tribalism that has even split your province.

    You are free to continue wearing that irrelevant and meaningless ‘one Zambia one nation’ mask, you are the same people who proudly declare that ‘a Lozi or Tonga will never rule Zambia and planning to make bemba Zambia’s official language. Is that what you mean by your slogan?

  22. @Wanzelu,yo thoughts are excellent. The former colonial Informer, now president, has achieved greatly in dividing the zambian pipo. Now all Non Bembas whether one likes it or not will only vote for non bembas, this is the division sata has created. Non bembas bared frm entering Mulungushi Conference, only Bembas elected, what a sham election! *****s are celebrating.

  23. Shame, what a shame this dictator called president Sata has brought to the nation! Just look at Imimbulu (wild dogs) surrouding Mulenga as he makes the acceptance speech,it just tells you one big story that the country has fallen in the hands of thungs!! At the rate things are going, this Sata may bring ethinic war in this country.

  24. @Wanzelu, excellent analysis of the PF confusion. The former colonialist Informer has greatly achieved in dividing the zambian pipo into two political sets. Now non bembas will vote for nonbembas only.

  25. A well meaning and wise person can not enter into the Boat of confusion. This is a sign of tribalism mushrooming into PF party. I pity bena Kabimba, Lubinda, Edgar Lungus, Kapata, the Munkombwe, at the moment because they have eyes and can not see.

    I was with my friend Mwansa who told me that PF has demonstrated hatred and I can not be part of this group mwana.

    My prophecy is that I have seen the beginning of the end of PF and 2016 15000 members and 1560 leaders of PF country wide will defect from PF. It rose with power and its down fall will be a splash of beatings within the party. Mark my words.

  26. They look like a bunch of thugs, these are the people we voted in! Sata might be an ass but the vote gave him the right to be an ass, Zambian’s use your vote wisely in 2016 coz we have the power and the voice! Any man/woman that steals from his own country is not worthy of a human being, let’s change it before its too late and these thieves have stolen everything. Time is now my people, God bless Zambia

  27. Those people standing on stage with Mr Sata in the first pic they look really tough, thuggish and mad. Are they his friends or bodyguards?

    ‘Wanzelu’, chill you sound a bit desperate. It’s this kind of hero-worshipping that is destroying Zambia today. In case you forgotten HH was equally voted on tribal and regional grounds by the likes of Sejani. Saki was the rightful successor to the late Mazoka. The truth is we don’t know what would have become of UPND. Maybe the party would have been in power by now – they had a formidable team then that disintegrated after those elections.

    You keep supporting HH but you fail to name a single policy of his that would make him do things differently. Lift your game and relax.

    • @Maverick

      The word policy has no clear cut meaning. If you think all the suggestions HH and me make do not amount to policy frame work then you better consult you books again to understand fully what the word policy means. HH has talked about all forms of policies including monetary and fiscal policies. If he was a man without good policies there is no way international multinational companies would have engaged him to provide business advice.

      Just last week he was out attending a board meeting overseas for which he is the chair.

      What HH does right now is provide policy frame work by pointing out exactly where Sata and his PF are making mistakes. If you really want to know HH’s policies go and read his manifesto in full and then point out which policy is not credible for ZED.

  28. The colonialist Informer now president has no love for zambian pipo he encourges fights, a gud leader abhores fights and confusions we see in PF that district election is total sham!

  29. I am not sure why some people are so worked especially @Wanzelu at an internal party election.The moment Mulenga announced his intension to stand, it was a done deal and the outcome shouldn’t surprise. For those who pretend PF is a national party, think again.It is an economic machinery to churn financial wealth for Sata and his family before he passes on, everyone else around is a facilitator to that end.You may be fooled with a personal-to-holder car and few allowances but you add no value to long-term standing of the country. In fact we ‘re back from where we began pre-1991. Put that right by electing back MMD to finish off the job they began from FTJ to RB.Taking risks of ushering in new political parties at each presidential election is recipe for nasty surprise as we see with PF.

  30. I support UPND and am not a tonga by tribe so those Tongas with no brains calling for civil war like Hamoonga my advice to you is try to practice with your cows if you win then come and do civil war with our beloved nations you are a batch of dead foools without brains.

    • Don’t waste breath on people who do not know the full repercussion of a civil war.

      Such people just talk out of frustration. Civil wars are not planned they just happen due adamancy and arrogance of rulers who do not want to listen to the demands of the people who elected them.

      I can predict that the down fall of PF will be a harsh one if they don’t change course now.

    • Don’t insult, just debate. When people stop thinking they start insulting and eventually they start to fight physically and you then say you are afraid of war when you start it by stopping thinking and starting to insult.

  31. I have no qualms with Mulenga taking over PF’s Presidency from his father, after all it is his father’s party, but have great concerns of him becoming the President of Zambia and the characters surrounding him in photos above to be part of his Cabinet Ministers. How low can we get?

    Opposition parties need to work together seriously from now on to sway Country back on course, otherwise it will be catastrophe.

  32. Those of you incitig hatred for Bembas are not thinking straight. Sata is not Bemba and Bemba is not Sata. There are a lot of well meaning Bembas who detest Sata and if you have been following the media you will have come accross many of them. Yes, there are those Bembas who are being used by Sata because of hunger (politics of the belly). I, for one, hate Sata for dividing my tribe and for fuelling so much Bemba resentment (which has been latent for years). I proud to be Bemba but I am ashamed that Sata is Bemba ( or called so).

    • I rarely participate in tribal discussions, being a descendant of a mix of tribes and also married to another tribe.

      When a President takes oath after winning a General Election he is mandated to bind and hold the nation together across all tribes, it is evidently clear that he is instead using his powers to divide the nation and as you have rightly pointed out favours a certain click/tribe among all the 73 God given tribes of Zambia. It is a dangerous path, do not condemn those that are expressing concerns on escalation of tribalism rather condemn the causer. Otherwise Zambians across all walks of life need to make a united stand on this.

  33. UPND is being de-campaigned by blind followers like Wanzelu who exposes his ignorance and confusion between Sata, a personal detested by all and Bemba-speaking regions in the North, Luapula and everyone in-between. To insinuate that 2016 elections will be between Bemba and non-Bemba shows how shallow his reasoning is may be its UPND stand.Clouding one’s thoughts with tribal trivialities is a sign of desperation for someone seeking revenge at all costs.And that is the problem voters must avoid. MMD is a sober alternative with the brains, experience and manpower to take Zambia to the next level, if winning an election depends on how deep one’s pocket is,UNIP would still be in power. What MMD needs is unity of purpose for democratic causes and not an HH -type huge wallet.

    • I do not want to vote for people whose sole purpose is to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor people.

      HH once elected ,will NOT be in a rush to increase his pay like Sata who wants to get rich overnight using tax payers money. HH has a unique gift which he wants all well meaning Zambian to benefit from.

      I know some people will now scream privatisation money made him rich. Let me tell that HH had made enough in London before being seconded to come to Zambia and run Lybrand and coopers. During privatisation he worked under a business brief given to him by Sata and his cohort in MMD via Lybrand and coopers. This explains why Sata failed to nail HH on that.

      MMD was booted out of power because of complacency. They ignored people’s advice left right and centre.


  34. I have followed upnd since its formation in 1998.Was one of the early pipo to join it.But their open tribalism made me leave in 2000.Currently see the careless comments especially this demon called Wanzelu.Now u are foolishly inciting others.

    • I think no party in the whole world can compete with Panga Family in terms of being tribal. This party is on another level and they cant even hide their tribalism. Shame!!!

  35. Hallucination has clouded yo minds such dat de bluntent lies,slander nd gossip ‘ve become truth 2 u real tribalists.U even insult o Bembas who are not even in pf.U talk of war, y don’t u begin it just on de streets of Lusaka u c hw u will b skinned

  36. Half a century ago, the last colonial power exited the Zambian political system. And yet up to this day, we are still at each other’s necks along tribal lines politically. Isn’t this proof enough that monkeys never learn? When are we going to see any end to this Bemba tribal rivalry and bickering? Must it always be Bemba first choice, Bemba second choice and Bemba third choice? Or must we hold a referendum on Bemba tribalism before it is too late?

  37. Congratulations please bring sanity to Lusaka district.Congratulations to all the other members who have been elected to the district.

  38. I have never seen elections conducted on a gun point what more 2016 when the general elections are on. The police should start training how they will handle the situation in 2016. Already we seem to have two camps in pf very soon the truth will come to surface and it is a good sign for the opposition to penetrate where there is division.

  39. What UPND supporters are forgetting is that not all Bembas are PF.
    Please stop the insults. HH needs Bemba votes if he is to win 2016.
    But going by the insults we are getting, I am afraid UPND will lose all Bemba votes.

  40. They can as well hold their Executive meetings in Bemba.What else can we say from what we see.Is’nt PF a Bemba party?Prove us wrong.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

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