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President Micheal Sata returns home after cutting short his planned 14-day working holiday


President Sata being welcomed by Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London on Feb 8,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata being welcomed by Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London on Feb 8,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PRESIDENT Sata has returned home from London where he went for a working holiday after attending the African Union Heads of State Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mr Sata arrived on a commercial flight at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around 14:30 hours yesterday, after cutting short his planned 14-day working holiday.

Among those who welcomed him were Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, the hitherto acting President, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

Meanwhile, Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has challenged government to explain why President Michael Sata has cut short his vacation 14 days holiday in London United Kingdom.

Fr. Bwalya said that government should also come out in the open and tell the nation if there is something serious that has made President Sata to cut short his holiday.

Fr. Bwalya said that there is need for government to tell the nation the truth on this matter.


    • There is something fishy about Sata’s trip to his holiday destination. Mmembe will tell us one day.

      When he went to the AU meeting, the press released his pictures. How come there are no pictures of him having talks with the investors any where. For sure the nation needs answers.

      Fr Bwalya is 100% right to demand for answers. The reasons given about HH giving him a ticket to India are un presidential and childish. If this is the reason then HH controls Sata ‘s life totally and Sata is not fit to be a president because he dances to jumps and feels intimidated each time HH says some thing.

      HH just asked about Sata’s where about.

    • I think the Plot Thickens now, Can somebody confirm if the president returned alone without the First Lady? Apparently those who went to the Airport did not see the First Lady. Rumour has it that she has gone galavanting with the Presidential Challenger, basically turning it into a Personal Private Jet. Is she entitled to be using the Challenger for her personal errands. Like father Bwalya, I want answers please

    • It’s almost as if he was told by the Docs that there is nothing they can do for him anymore, it’s time to wait out the inevitable at home….. Sampa and Nsanda seem to be saying “Yaba efyo bapwa bamudala apapene bushe balafika ku 2016?” Let them tell us the true status of the Head of State, indicators will be the josling for power soon, “nako ifitile!”

    • I will be making a freedom of information request to the UK home office to ascertain the truth that Mr Sata was indeed in the UK for the days it was reported that he was here. Chela should come clean on this on this one before I go ahead and request for that information from Home office

      It only takes a few weeks for that info to come through. The truth shall be known one way or another.

      Had HH not had enough money he could have sued the post for lying for millions like GBM. HH just asked like many of us did, where Sata had gone to spend his holiday. At no point did HH say Sata went to India for treatment. What Mmembe reported is libellous.

      Chela please tell the truth before your lies is exposed.

    • Sata should have just proceeded to wherever as was originally planned, who cares of what HH says. Why be shy of his healthy? Look at him look, the man is tired and weak. Read the body language of those welcoming him, so sad indeed, so sad.
      We need to force Sata back into vacation, he need rest, but not in peace.

    • Was the challenger impounded for lack of MOT? Is it being serviced some where or is the first lady using it as insinuated by Educated UPND?

      Chella please answer these questions, its tax payer’s money at risk here.

    • Ba Zambia you are right. These people are worried about the President’s health. You can tell from their facial expressions. The big man is not in good health he should just come out in the open and resign. I wish him well.

    • Most Zambians amaze all the time, who doesn’t know that Sata is an old man well into his 70s? We knew when we voted for him he was going to be nearly 80 if not over by the time next elections come around. Now you do not expect a nearly 80 yr old man to be as healthy and as fit as Masumba, therefore in an ideal humane society there shouldn’t be neither uproar nor shame in him going for a medical check every now and then. Get a life of people, HE IS AN OLD MAN and doing a good job. LONG LIVE H.E

    • Are the facial expressions of the audience here a mere coincidence? If we say that facial expressions are a form of language, I seem to read something fishy here from what I see. Everyone seem to be worried. No smiles except for the mayor’s which also looks forced as he has no option. Let the nation know wot the problem is with our president. we wish him well.

    • They all look concerned, even HE himself is looking gaunt and drawn. He must have been given bad news about what doctors cannot do for him. Now, like a typical Muntu, he wants to blame HH for his death. ‘Buy me a first class ticket and take me to India for treatment, since you say I am sick.’ Rubbish!
      Now it is ‘Sata, no change.’
      But we know that this is a party that does not live up to its slogans.

    • It seemed like everyone on the airport was not happy to see the president in the state he was. Usually when the president arrives he jokes a lot I wonder what happened this time around. They say action speaks louder than words.

    • What is under his shirt around the abdomen area which is making those lines and making the shirt take the unusual shape? Where did he make the connection as emirates does not fly directly from London to Lusaka. Where is the presidential challenger. What happened to the first lady. So many questions needing answers.

    • Is there a disaster at home for the President to cut short his holiday? Let him tell us because for now I do not see any calamity apart from his return.

    • Look at them, they ALL LOOK WORRIED!!

      I think the chap forgot he was in, is it India or London, thought he was in Chibolya, so simply shouted orders, ati imwe ba mambala, mbwesheni ku nganda!! This GUY NEEDS A MEDICAL BOARD CONSTITUTED!! Look at how ill he is! Look at the jacket, probably two sizes wider than his shoulders – NO ONE CAN HIDE THE TRUTH!!!

    • We wish to welcome HE to Zed and quickly he must address the cost of leaving which is getting out of hand day by day.

  1. Father Bwalya! If the President goes on holiday its a mistake and if he returns its another mistake. Sometimes its wise to keep quiet and speak at the right time. Its too early for you to start demanding for an explanation. Things will unfold and it will be clear soon why he cut his holiday short.

    • I am reliably informed that as well as visiting and wooing hundreds of potential investors in London he went to Russia to check out the skiing slopes at the winter Olympics. Apparently he is a very nimble snowboarder. Pictures of him on the slopes will follow soon.

    • Infact dont you know that wooing investors is a physically taxing venture?? the man indeed looks sick and tired, he needs to be let alone so that he rests in peace

  2. @Dontcare
    Bwalya is right,actually he wanted to understand the reasons why Sata returned faster than the 14days he was supposed to stay.Maybe the u-bag is now *******

    • Infact dont you know that wooing investors is a physically taxing venture?? the man indeed looks sick and tired, he needs to be let alone so that he rests in peace

  3. We are a nations of liars; what’s wrong with telling the nation the truth. since when did sickness become a crime? I think we as Zambians we have been lied to so much, and it is time our leaders became honesty. By our leaders I don’t mean Sata but all of them including the opposition. Please, let’s start being truthful if we want to be respected.

    • we don’t care about opposition leaders since they don’t live out of our pockets.but that tourist in plot one because he lives out of our pockets

    • No one is saying being sick is a crime but lying to the nation that Sata is NOT sick is what can constitute a crime. He would save himself a lot of humiliation if he can admit to the nation that he still suffering from the after effects of a stroke he had. He should thank Mwanawasa who saved his life. If KK was in power Sata would be history.

      Sata is sick but he is telling the nation that he is not because his words during Mwanawasa era still haunt him. He used to go to the hill screaming about Mwanawasa’s illness. The goodness with Mwanawasa was ,he was honest about his illness and the nation was aware of that.

      But aba bamudala, does not want to admit. The more he is annoying people the more they wish him bad luck.

      Next time all presidential candidates should under a thorough…

    • Next time all presidential candidates should under a thorough medical check up to avoid wasting money meant to pay our medical staff well and buy modern medical equipment on exorbitant medical trips.

      A law should enacted to make sure that the president or cabinet member are not flown out side for treatment. I hope this will force our politicians to spent money on improving our health services. The same should be done with government scholarships. No child of those in power should be allowed to study abroad on government scholarships so that those in power can be compelled to improve our Education facilities.

      The current trend is that government continues to mess up our facilities because their families do not get affected by poor standards within our health and education sectors.

    • RB used to tell us. So at least he was honest in that respect. The others have always stated where they were headed to. Be it holidays, seminars, conferences etc. this employee of ours gives us half baked truths…he goes AWOL after attending a well meaning meeting but akabepa imikuinga?

  4. Father Bwalya Iam sure you heard what the president said about cutting short his holiday.The hungry hyna HH was broadcasting lies that Sata had gone to India for medication and this made Sata upset.Sata them said that he was cutting short his holiday so that HH can take him to India.We expect you guys to talk about real issues that affect Zambians especialliy developmental issues not personal issues.What kind of politicians are you?You sound so immature!!Give us a break!!Are you also under five?

    • So HH is now more important than the investors, the president was wooing? So to prove HH is wrong is more important than the FDI?

    • what real issues you idddiot when we have a joker for a president who cant even set the agenda for the country to discuss on.we wont gonna let him off the hook.its time he accounted for his lies

  5. Miles Sampa ‘s facial expression tells a lot . Our dear president looks frail and it would be in the nations interest if he took a break.

  6. He mistook George Bush for a colonialist,he thought governing was easy and again he’s misfired badly thinking winter is time for vacations in London.Little education is dangerous.

  7. Indeed what a life. Lets be serious, fr Bwalya is right and the president has a lot of explanation to make. Why should a whole president cut what he had ” carefully” planned just because citizens ( including HH asks? From the start, The president intended to hide this destination/mission, it’s just that true investigative journalists caught up with him. How can a presido go on a working holiday, (this winter, didntbhis advisors see london had bad weather) outside his country, without being invited? what about the huge cost, when there is no medicine in our hospitals.?Which investors did he woo? Nothing wrong with sickness, it’s PF who have made it a crime (by being secretive, )just like resigning. Please tell the truth knowing in satas own words”ubulwele bwanfumu litenshya calo’

  8. @What a Life Who resembles a hyna more, yourself or HH ? Nganginge nje, Khuluma na mi. Since, you are a hyna yourself, you think everyone around is a hyna like you, You caterpillar eater, you go to hang.

    • Why should somebody who is well organised curtail a 14 day holiday which being paid for by tax-payer you use.ful *****? We will hammer the chumbu the way he hammered Mwanawasa over his illness until the bugger steps down or the almighty rescues us from his misrule.

  9. I think the Plot Thickens now, Can somebody confirm if the president returned alone without the First Lady? Apparently those who went to the Airport did not see the First Lady. Rumour has it that she has gone galavanting with the Presidential Challenger, basically turning it into a Personal Private Jet. Is she entitled to be using the Challenger for her personal errands. Like father Bwalya, I want answers please

    • if that woman went with the presidential jet then those are grounds enough to subject that man to a tribunal after 2016 to answer charges relating to abuse of office among them giving maize to mugabe and fuel to malawi.

    • That presidential challenger was banned from British airspace the last time ours truly was in the UK. If you remember he came back on a commercial flight just llike this time. I dont suppose the British can be so lax with Health and Safety policies in order to allow a dangerous plane into their airspace.





    • I always tell you mathar fackar that you lack humour.all your jokes are dry. thesexare serious issues and no amount of comedy from imberciles like you will divert attention from us holding accountable that sham of a presido.he has realy taken us to that stone age such that we cant wait for HH.

    • Chumbu
      He’s an old man and never confuse being old and sickness. Tough as it may be on you but fact is people love him and mostly likely will give him another mandate in 2016, hehehe thats democracy for you. Remember Ronald Regan, Mandela, Berlusconi etc? Age is just a number so get used to it.
      As for ChloroquinE, well no surprise there. He surely must have been birthed behind a tarven and i suppose even before his umbilical cord was cut the first thing that welcomed him must have been one of those choicy juicy insult. Little said about his poor soul the better.

    • Why has he come back early? Is he really scared of HH that much? Has he been given a refund? Does it mean that his diary allowed him to come back early? What about the investors? Will he give back his imprest? This goes together with his civil servants accomplices eg ka Chella. Will they do that?

  11. Another president dying in office within a space of 10 years? That would be a legacy never to be equaled. This president was sick and frail even as he campaigned to go to Plot One. Much of that was reported in the public media and ignored. It’s very clear from Mr. Sata’s appearance in this picture and from the sully faces of his onlookers that something is amiss. We could be looking at a walking grave. How sad.

  12. If I announce to my children in my house that I’m headed to the village to check on their grandpa & use this one month as tym for me to rest. Then all de sudden after three days I’m bck to my use? Dot u think my children wil be surprised at why I’m bck so early?? Dot you think my early return wil be so strange & it will certainly raise eyebrows in the house . Let’s be logical & evaluate things unlike toking though we kids here. The president tok a 14day break from work from us the employers. How come an early return to work before his leave expires?? Its as simple as these questions we raising. Are we not entitled to know?? Our President left with the presidential jet but how cum his coming back using a commercial flight?? In which country is our presidential jet & why didt he use it…

  13. PF does not understand itself, how can a president ask grades ones to learn in Bisa local language and him decides to take a foreign holiday, does it mean that foreign holiday is sweeter than local holiday?

  14. Here is some food for thought ladies and gentlemen:When the President left for the AU summit there was communication that he would proceed to have a 14 day working holiday. While they initially didnt say where this holiday would be, it was prudent of them to eventually make this fact clear even tho this seemed to have only been done to prove HH wrong when he said the President had gone to India for medical treatment. That aside, if the President has suddenly decided to cut short his well earned break, what has really prompted this? Even ordinary people don’t cancel leave so suddenly unless theres something really pressing. So can some tell us if theres a crisis brewing at home which the president has rushed back for? It would have made more sense if he came last friday for his son’…

  15. You have proved you are well and can carry your own weight.Your supporters shall face the various bye-elections with confidence.Now please continue your vacation at Mfuwe and let the nation discuss other things than your health.

  16. the photo tells a lot. the skeleton in that brownish suit is certainly headed for embassy park very soon. sampa is worried his time in paradise is coming to an end. the face of the presido is telling us more than words can tell. kaya

  17. sata is a dying president he made fun of levy’s health its now his turn sata my follow zambians know that his haelth is falling and should stap down as it is more important the the presidency

  18. I can’t believe it how anti Sata bloggers want our president to die. You know what everyone will die. Some of the people who have died are those who used to think Sata will die earlier but they have gone earlier themselves.

    • People are doing unto him what he has done unto other people. He was checking on GK whether he had died in RSA. Even calling the Ambassador in RSA what a cheek. Now it is him kushipafye batata. I will be calling Plot 1 to find out if he made it out of the chopper.

  19. A picture paints a thousand words. The man is not well and the crowd eyeing him confirms this truth. The man is not fit to hold office any more. Why not force him to step down immediately?

    • Cindy don’t worry we are checked and whether we are sick or not it’s neither here nor there. Yo Prez used to laugh at people, did he think he was immortal? And to think of it he is a professed staunch Christian. What more some of us who are non-believers? We shall taunt him. And you will continue to defend him, which is fine by us.

    • @ Salisbury,
      Am not defending anyone, I just dont like the pattern of Zambian politiking, opposing, suggestions, debating, or raising issues, it is very depressing I have never seen, or maybe am just too hollier than thou! I dont think so, am just saying in a diffrent tone that people should dress up themselves normal in the way they bring out issues or they are just as sick. Sickness can be in many forms!
      Otherwise, taunt him left right centre for that comes with the job!

  20. Mr President never mind these unfruitful critics say. We are the people to vote hence just do what you are supposed to do. You have a big responsibility ahead of you.Some of these opposition leaders like Mr Bwalya and triple H know the good things you are doing, as a result, they know they have nothing good for themselves. They want to do things to frustrate you. They are not the determinant of your life God. He gave you power for a reason.If God didn’t want he would have not given you power at that old age leaving out upcoming old people like Mr Bwalya and Triple H. Those people are dreamers. Mr Chipimo even stands a better chance of becoming a president after you. God be with you.

    • haahahahahahahahahaha …………………….wishful thinking. if all wishes were horses.God does not involve himself in choosing these riffraff presidents. its you the people who go against God’s ordained leaders and end up electing people who start hiring sangomas . chipimo failed to get even a ward councillor and you think he can win presidency? ichiloto ukuwama mwe bantu!

    • Your president is not well, he won’t make it to 2016. HH is the next president of Zambia. Come 2016 you Bemba tribalists will be beaten pants down. The wind of change is blowing stronger even in Bemba lands.

  21. When are African leaders ever going to listen to doctors and step down in the nation’s interest. This man clearly looks frail and ill why is he holding the nation back….Zambia is a young country and an emerging market it needs a young energetic leader.

  22. I think we should all respect Mr. Sata’s health issues, if he has any. I don’t think any of us would like our nebaz, discussing when we are possibly going to die. The issues to do with his leadership should be paramount in our discussions. I think every human being deserves some respect regarding his health. His human just as you are.

    • ….Where were you when SataN was mocking Mazoka, George Kunda, etc for their ilnesses? Were those not as human as he is? SataN actually deserves more of the same bunter stuff than he is getting today!!
      And i am sure he will get more of it if gets bedridden and it serves him right!!

    • What goes around comes around. This man is reaping what he sowed. Remember what he used to say against Mwanawasa? Why must he be treated differently?

    • @chilyata & @mei I choose not to be like him, my advice to you is do the same. If you want to treat Sata in the same way he treated mwanawasa then I will believe that our generation will make the same mistakes Sata is making. We should be better ourselves, before we can demand better from others.

  23. Now the president may be ailing(no evidence)but i think it is unproductive to dwell on problems and not solutions.Why waste time talking and if the elected man in office needs attention,is it not the patriotic duty of citizens to make sure while he still holds office(whether we like it or not)try keep him healthy.It is not only human but also a true test of democracy.On the other hand if he feels he can not serve the nation anymore,i believe he has the morality to say so and step down but as long as he feels he can work,let him work with our support.There are many more things that should concern us than just dwelling on the president’s health.WE should be solution seekers not problem seekers.If we identify a potential problem,let us focus on solutions

  24. Yes the president looks unwell, only blogger ‘Joy’ doesn’t see that. Just look at the faces of those worried ministers.
    There is always controversy around state house, we want to know the movement of the presidential challenger from the time it left Zambia and where it is today if the president arrived on a commercial flight. What about the hefty expenditure on the misuse of the aircraft?
    This issue is serious and ought to be tabled in parliament.

  25. It is sad indeed to see our heard of state in the form in which he appeared in the pictures shown by some section of the media. History teaches us a great deal. Change is good but we must always reflect the past to see whether or not we are making progress. KK was voted out at the time the country (Zambia) was almost grinding to a halt, with graduates and others in the civil service receiving mealie meal coupons. The MMD that took over managed to salvage the collapsed economy. The coffers were completely empty. If this (Voting KK out of office) was not done, by today 2014 the Zambian kwacha would have been worse than the “late” Zim” dollar. We voted out MMD in 2011, but two years down the line we seem to flying backwards in style. Fellow citizens we can do it again- remove the PF in…

  26. He is back from one holiday to another holiday in State House. …where he can go to sleep and let Facebook do the work for him.
    I cry for my country. …she deserves better.

    By the way where is our presidential jet….why take it in the first place and some people think these empty tins can run a national airline when they can’t sort out logistics for one small aircraft. Everything is confusion, confusion and confusion.

  27. Former President KK is to day enjoying his Kwacha pension. Had it not been for MMD who managed to prevent the free fall of the Zambian Kwacha and bringing down the inflation, KK would be roaming the streets of Luasaka today to earn an extrar income to survive on because the Zed Kwacha would have been completely eaten up by the inflation. There is issues of state owned parastatls in Zim where a Manager of one of the parastals earned an income that would pay up to 700 teachers in Zim. Surely our leaders who see what people do in their bedrooms knew about this. Explanation advanced is that the salary for this particular CEO of a Govt entity could have been sharing the loot with some high profile politicians. ZIM teachesr earn about U$ 200 per month. But the US$ in Zim is almost useless.

  28. One look at the Photo and it speaks volumes. The photo says: – 1.) Mr Chikwanda, get ready to become interim President to take Zambia up to 2016, be prepared for more in-fighting, more hooliganism and and pilferage in PF Govt in the run-up to elections, which will work in favour of UPND. 2.) HH, get ready for the Position of Head of State from 2016, with or without coalition with MMD. Work on a policy of inclusiveness for all Zambians, because what unites us is far greater than what divides us. HH, bring back rule of law, as a cornerstone to restore dignity for our beloved Country, make lying and conning our vulnerable innocent youth for personal gain a serious offence to protect their innocence. Network with exemplaryWorld leaders in the and lead by example, so help you God.

  29. Cindy!! I’m lost in your delivery of your point… How hv my sweet lovely innocent children cum in?? Hvnt caught your point you trying drive home at . Always wantin to learn frm above debates without malice is my quest

    • @ Gadaffie,
      You have in no way indicated any malice in your post, am just dressing it up with another look as in why he may have decided to come back earlier than anticipated. I wasnt trying to defend him or attack you, rather preying on any possible puzzle for mind you, am also surprised though with Zambian politics one can expect anything. Otherwise, you may consider my reaction to your post as your part two from a different angle.

  30. Cindy! I was not in anyway offended. Surely, ws seeking clarity as I was a little bit behind with your point across. Now on the same footing… Cheers

  31. HH’s political wisdom and corporate technical competency can link corporate governance to other foundations of development and set sail the country to economic development.

  32. @ cnp 33.3 I agree with you. All ‘educated’ bloggers, does your education say you can correct a wrong by another wrong?
    Don’t be vengeful,don’t judge. Stopping what sata did to mwanawasa and kunda start with all of us but what you’re doing is opposite.

    Don’t brew up genes of bitterness in your DNA lest you pass them to you innocent kids and contribute to the backwardness of the nation.
    The levels of anger,hate, bitterness displayed here is appalling. Who appointed you judges over fellow man.

    Why don’t you know whom to blame for your predicament.Do you know the root cause of all problems ? Today its sata, tomorrow HH….the blame game continues…

  33. I have a simple solution for this problem i would say if HE MC SATA came back because of HHs statement or that HH should get him a first class ticket to India this is the opportunity to put the matter to rest BUY HIM the STUPID TICKET and let him go and have a medical kwapwa

  34. The president must explain himself to the Zambian people.
    First, he went to Ethiopia on behalf of Zambians, he needs to explain what was achieved there and benefit to the nation (these meetings are not just tour talk shops). Mr Sata must also explain where he proceeded soon after the Addis-Ababa meeting for his 14 day working holiday on behalf of Zambians (working on behalf of Zambia). Since he has cut short his holiday he MUST also explain this development to Zambians. That is what it entails when you desire to occupy plot 1 in Zambia.

    • We also want to know where our challenger jet is and whether it is being abused by the fat Mrs Chumbu Munshololwa Kasebanya.

  35. Awe kwena Ba Sata..na just resign on medical grounds ,look at the people well coming you at the airport,they all looked very sad instead of usual smiles.Mudala ukafwa ilyangongolo wachilamo you are finished,look at youself!HH get ready,for the by election.

  36. Having look at the picture again, is speaks volumes. For sure the expressions are more damaging than the ZWD story on the matter.

  37. Asssuming he is sick,the best we can do as a christian nation is to pray for him to get well.We are all sick one way or the other and no one should pride in the miseries of another person’s illness because in wishing another person ill, you might be digging your own grave.
    Please let us give respect to our head of state , he is our president and will remain so till God decides otherwise as it God who gives and God who takes.

  38. ba Jo your tribal remarks stink-you can be a liability to the nation.face the issues not what is coming out of your mouth.

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