High Court judge recuses himself from handling GBM’s expulsion case from PF

Former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba
Former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba
Former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba

LUSAKA High Court judge Mubanga Kondolo has recused himself from handling a matter in which former defence minister George Mwamba Bwalya has challenged his suspension and expulsion from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr Justice Kondolo said he was declaring interest in handling the matter because he had close family ties with Mr Mwamba.

“I wish to advise that the plaintiff and I are personally well acquainted with close family ties. I therefore declare my interest and wish to recuse myself from conduct of this matter” Mr Justice Kondolo said.

Mr Justice Kondolo further stated that he requested for the matter to be transferred to another judge and that Mr Mwamba had, through his lawyers Makebi Zulu and company, indicated that the application was an urgent one.

The case has since been re-allocated to another judge, Annie Sharpe Phiri.

Mr Mwamba is in this matter asking the Lusaka High Court to stop his suspension and expulsion by declaring that it was null and void.

He claims that no formal charge of any misconduct was ever preferred against or if preferred, the same was not and still has not been communicated to him.

Mr Mwamba said he was, in the events leading to his suspension, recommended expulsion and subsequent expulsion not given an opportunity to be heard.

Mr Mwamba who has sued Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba in his capacity as PF secretary general said because of the happenings, he has suffered damage, loss and inconvenience.


  1. I wonder why GBM has decided to sue now.He should have had waited until his case had been tabled before the party`s central committee.That Kasama wing which suspended him can just recommend, but has no powers to expel him from parliament. Looks like somebody is thinking ahead ,or is it living in the fast lane ?

    • Remember people have been saying Hamaundu etc should not have sat at the Tribunal that heard Wynter’s petition? Well Justice Kondolo has done the right thing to recuse himself. No vipers here he is one of the fearless ones if you ask me.

  2. it’s easier for him to sue, than just doing war of words with his former party, and
    they courts will consider all the arguements than just what those villagers said,

  3. Madam inonge advised leave GBM alone, now it’s proving sleepless nites, to senior party members & KAbwamba is excited but heading nowhere.Lets focus on deveopment to race to plot one.

  4. It looks like the High court wing of the Judiciary is noble and professional in our Zambian Judiciary. The Supreme court on the other hand is an altogether different matter.

  5. @Nubian princess,it is not good to to talk about bed isue in public,however let justice previel and thanx to the judge who reputed him.

  6. GBM contesting expulsion in court, surprising! Is he not ‘a small god’ in Kasama? Why can’t he just say ‘ let me be an independent member of parliament’ and he becomes so with not so much ado.’ Let me be UPND member of parliament in Kasama’ and he becomes so instantly. ‘Let me become MMD member of parliament in Kasama’ and it happens like magic. Why going to court contesting when you can use your ‘supernatural powers’? GBM should remember our Bemba saying, ‘Abaile nchitinchiti, babwela nyanya’. He dared PF to expel him and they have expelled him, why crying again? Ale ilange ubukali bwa Kasama mwishina lyobe. Naifwe tuleilanga ubukali bwaKasama mwishina lya kwa Sata. battle lines have been drawn.

    • @Umubemba Nkonko. Didn’t get a thing of what you’ve just said and it doesn’t matter to you. After all it’s meant for people from Kasama and why am I bothered anyway.

    • For sure it’s only polite to allow every one to participate by using a language that doesn’t bar others from contributing.

  7. I don’t see any suspension from pf as long as the letter was signed by Kasama pf cadres. Unless otherwise he got a suspension letter from the party president.

  8. I always pray that one day politicians shall exist as one for the sake of our national development. Let us by all means cultivate the spirit of Tolerance, Love, Peace and Reconciliation. We all go wrong in various ways hence the necessity of forgiveness in our lives. May the Almighty God Bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  9. Good Call Mubanga

    My Father always had high regard for you back in them Ndola Days. You surely have kept it up.

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