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Show me an animal driven constitution before demanding for a people driven one-President Sata


President Sata-Wamunyima muwana 1002

President Michael Sata has challenged those pushing for the enactment of a new people driven constitution to state whether they have ever seen an animal driven constitution.

President Sata said proponents of a people driven constitution should first show a document which was driven by animals.

He said he does not understand why some people are always demanding for a people driven constitution when Zambia already has a valid constitution.

President Sata said this at State House when he received a report from the Judge Hamaundu led tribunal probing Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

At the same function, President Sata also swore in four Deputy Chairpersons of the Industrial Relations Court.

“And for all of you here, ask the most learned woman here, Madam Chibesakunda. You are always saying people driven constitution, people driven constitution. Madam, where do you have an animal driven constitution?”

He added, “Have you ever seen an animal driven constitution, which country because everybody is talking of people driven constitution, so once you produce the animal driven one, let’s ask Mr Phiri, once you produce the animal driven constitution, we compare the two constitutions, what we have and then we shall look at that.”

President Sata promised to study the tribunal report on the alleged abuse of office authority and breach of secrecy by Mr Kabimba.

“We say thank you Madam Chief Justice for this tribunal, you are giving us a job like judges, judges are the ones that are supposed to read thick books but all the same we shall invite Mrs Jere to assist us,” President Sata said.


    • I have been an advocate for the President partly because I come from the same village and i feel a little connected from his upbringing, but

      I think he has lost it, either the people surrounding him or he has deceived us and won the election by fraud , false promises and conning us his mind is sane of one expected to hold such a high office

      In the interest of yourself Mr sata and for the sake of PF appoint someone to stand on your ticket because I think you are losing popularity pretty fast , because half the time I question the sanity of what comes out of you

      Are you that man we knew, what happened to you?

      I love you sir, but you are worrying me

    • This is poor counter attack from the head of state ,i have never seen such kind of illiteracy coming from PF.So when this man was promising Zambians of people driven constitution in 90 days,in actual sense he meant the current constitution is animal driven one?I hope the international community does not see this kind of news, otherwise this will be a great let down for the country Zambia.Here, ladies and gentlemen we have a home and a very big one.Am waiting for stupid Mushota to say something,i will be back soon.

    • Something wrong in the physiology will always come out in the physical. Where is the president’s advisor to educate this man that there is such a thing as speaking metaphorically? He’s doing a direct translation without understanding the metaphor. Embarrassing!

    • Sad we have a ‘Facebook’ president. He thought assuming such high office meant just sitting at the top? Well, reality has sunk in especially viewing the grand visions the ex presidents had of which they could articulate to the general public. Our president (am cringing) should think twice if he still wants to continue in his role or else stress will drive him to the grave.

    • For the first time,Mushota has spoken sense,i think from the time i started reading Mushota’s comments,this is actually the first time she has made some good observation.Keep it up Mushota,the once PF carder .

    • But this man is such a f00l. Who said people are saying that the current constitution is an animal driven one? When you were campaigning prior to the 2011 elections, you are the one who was at the fore-front of saying the PF govt will give the Zambian people a “people-driven constitution that will stand a taste of time”. Now today you are singing a different story. What has changed now? But sata is very sick in his head. This is criminal as Zambians have been dribbled by this liar, and the pf will pay for this massively. Its a pity that politicians seem to make the same mistakes as their predecessors. Only time will tell. pf you are on your way out.

    • Mushota. Mushota. Mushota.

      Scales have fallen from your eyes at last.

      Welcome aboard dear. We are still praying for Cindy, Saulosi, Nubian Princess and Anyoko.

      I pity abena Luapula Premier, Matrix, Pio, G and those simpletons who are still being mesmerized by HE. MCLMC Sata aka CNP.

    • haahhaahah… someone has lost all of himself, for sure he must hide in/on facebook, this man is complete failure,,, you spend billions of kwacha, then you throw away the project in a toilet and make a fo.olish statement

    • I feel as though Sata and your silly mouth piece read my messages on this blog and now responding to what said earlier in response to Ka Chela. I will not relent demanding for the people driven constitution.

      Sata I don’t care what you call the people driven constitution we are demanding. But the fact remains we need now or else?????????

      You better watch what is happening in Kiev Ukraine because of similar stupid and undemocratic ways of running the country. Soon it will you feeling the heat like the Ukrainian president is feeling.With your illness, you will be lucky to survive the ordeal.

      I demand that you act now to avoid being targeted by the angry Zambians who have had enough of your stupidity. Zambia is not your personal farm ,such that you can do as you please.

    • @saulosi

      Surely if there was any grain of sense in Sata’s utterances you would have elaborated like you always do. But for now you know very well there is totally not a single point in what Sata is saying thats why you are just shrugging off the his lunacy with few words.

      Just admit Sata ‘s madness has advanced beyond redemption thats why Kaseba is hiding abroad. I hope no one is busy bonking her abroad to fill the void.

    • You see now, why a degree should be a minimum qualification for Presidential Candidates? He clearly has no idea what democracy stands for. He doesn’t know that citizens are the people and government is not the people. Mr. President, “People driven” means citizens are the ones that are leading the initiative and ideas, not the government. It has nothing to do with animals. Please let Judge Chibesakunda educate you in a crash-course, since she is your favorite elite

    • We have a person in plot one who doesn’t have the sanity to realize how serious the position he occupies is….and he mistakes LUNACY for humour!

    • Lunatic indeed, Sata it’s either you implying you’ve become an animal yourself that’s why you need an animal driven constitution ? May God save Zambia !!

    • What higher madness? HEMCS is right; there is such a thing as an animal driven constitution. it is a cobra(snake)-driven constitution. Don’t be short-sighted, poor zambians

    • Does His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata not know that a people driven constitution also protects wildlife indirectly????????

    • A most unfortunate statement by the President! Levity must not be brought to such a serious matter.
      We all knew that the country had some kind of functioning constitution, but we all agreed that it did not answer fully to, YES, the people’s aspirations. And isn’t that’s why Mr. Sata campaigned that he would deliver a new constitution in 90 days.
      If Mr. Sata believed that there was no need for a new, people driven constitution, then why did he, as President, approve the expenditure of enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money on the making of a new people driven constitution?
      The President and the PF had better play this one very very carefully and listen to what the citizens have said, because if not, their stand may actually cost them 2016!

    • Guys this is not Funny. You have a Lunatic for a Head of State. I cannot distinguish between him and the guys at Chainama now.

  1. Ha ha ha! Animal driven constitution my foot! this is pure comedy. the implied logic does not gel. how does any sane person respond to such a challenge. one needs to be on the same wavelength to even respond or counter such a challenge.

    • @Cindy….please finish…come on…finish. Ndefwaya ukulepuka nokuseka…. ati animal cinshi….he he he he he ehe he heh he he he he he he he ……..

    • Animal driven constitution? WTF is that? Mr. Sata should have been president in 2001 before dementia set in. Bwana, just give the people what they want and if that will mean you lose in 2016, so be it, but you would have a better legacy than this cantakerous and perposterous mumblings you are coming up with concerning the constitution.

  2. I think somebody on this site said that Keep Sata behind facebook page to save us from embarassment. Looks like nobody listened to that advise. The rest is history.

    I like the last statement in the story quoting the president saying he can’t read thick books. He thinks it is just for the Judges? Really? There in lies the problem with these friends of ours from Matero University. No wonder their supporters always pour scorn on Chief Chitumukulu’s eleaborate and excellent articles. These guys including their president have a brain that can only read an sms and that is it.

    Houston, we have a problem indeed.

    • My king Chitimukulu articulated important and intellectual issues of the relationship and benefits of culture, tribalism and the education curriculum in the article, “The Chitimukulu explains the concept of the words Tribalism and Tribe”. He also hit the nail on the head concerning African politicians assumption that wisdom is a monopoly of their inner circle.
      This president should stop joking about the constitution or he will end up extremely badly. For those the gods must destroy, they first drive mad! Today’s comment is pure comic and shows the level of luck of seriousness by this president. We need to start thinking seriously about who will rule us come 2016. For me, I may actually desert this country for the first time in my 40 years of life if we contine with this comedy.

    • @ MMD Chief Bootlicker, Sata has just confirmed himself that reading books and understanding written reports is not his hobby or pre-occupation.No wonder all the reports of the commission of Inquiries that he instituted when he became president are gathering dust in state house because he has no time for such things.If he can not read such a simple tribunal report what more about the constitution? No wonder he is against the constitution Winter and Mumembe are just informing him what is in the final draft copy not himself reading. Ala bane isukulu lisuma. Let us see how Ifyabukaya and Kabusha actor cum presenter will try in vain to clean his Boss’s mess.

  3. This Chumbu President should be mad person… His insinuations do not make any sense.. Just give Zambia the new constitution you promised in 2011.. Period! Zambia has had too much of your jokes and we are not interested any more… In fact, you have turned out to be a hinderance to the country’s progress both economically and socially.. Zambians can’t wait for 2016 to flush you out like in the toilet…

  4. ..this pronouncement together with other recent ‘out of touch’ comments must not be taken lightly. We need renowned Psychologists to critically analyse the utterances from a medical point of view…..
    I don’t see any jokes about the recent statements from the HEAD OF STATE….

    • You are right . This does not qualify as a joke unless said by a toddler. This is a symptom of a much bigger mental problem that needs to be investigated. It is as if one is on drugs or drunk or mad

    • My dear that is if you did not know this Satanic President, everybody was warned about this man and what he can do. Anyway this was a good lesson because you never appreciate good when you have not experienced bad

    • You are absolutely right, and as am sure the test by experts will prove the obvious we ll have to blame Baby cobra too for having known by day-to-day contact that we have a madman in state house and not telling us, unless baby cobra has also caught the madness..

  5. Yes indeed there is such a thing called animal-driven constitution. It is an called ecosystem, a collection of living organisms and their interaction with each other and their surroundings of environments.
    Animal-driven constitutions are governed by such rules as predator-prey interactions, intra- and interspecies competition and cooperation, altruism, territoriality, succession phenomena and reproductive superiority. Places where such constitutional articles have been violated by say overgrazing, overpopulation and natural disasters such as tsunami and volcanic eruptions have seen dramatic changes in ecosystem balances exacerbated at times by human violations of animal-driven constitutions.
    So indeed, the president could be helped by enrolling him in Ecology 101!

  6. In good time God will fight for His people…….i really wonder why people would swear in the name of God with a Holy Bible in hands that they would do as expected of them by the pipo but later shuns the promises. Do you ever think of God’s position over what you are doing?.

  7. What does your party manifesto say about this? Who promised us a people driven constitution? What of all that taxpayer’s money spent to draft this selfsame constitution?

    These shameless empty tins never cease to amaze me!!

  8. This is manifestation of total failure, deception and above all lack of leadership. The same Sata who fought running battles with MMD over a animal driven constitution is today asking us to give him one. Where did you (Sata) base your 90 days promise of enacting a new people driven constitution? Why did you expel your MPs who took part in NCC?

  9. People can think! You are saying he is mad but this is pure political strategy!hahahaha! Come elections he wins with yet another strategy! Illiteracy is an advantage of political disillusion! And HH will lose with his truth! Yep!!!!

    • @DK.
      This is not funny. Oh mother Zambia. Do we deserve this.

      Let all people in Zambia rend their clothes, put on sack clothes, and cover themselves with ashes.

      Let us moan for Mother Zambia.

    • DK, watumpa ngamatako yashalila pakwenda! How dare you feel smug about this nonsense from Sata! Sata in his party’s manifesto have stated that they will give the Zambians a people driven constitution within 90 days. In 2011, he made the same pronouncement on nearly each podium he stood to campaign. His fellow disoriented and power hungry bafoons of advisors have told him he will lose the elections in 2016 if he enacts a constitution with 50+1% clause. Now he is back peddling while making funny of the whole population and you believe he will win in 2016? You must be having some form of mental delusion and a serious Psychoatic episode, just like him! Mwanya tulemifunyapo tukamutwale naku chilya chamilandu pabufi bwenu! Mukamona bamwansa kabinga imwe!

  10. Matrix and Luapula Premeir aka Gen akuvokeni pali animal driven constitution…….ki ki ki. And here now is Fred Goebbels Mumembe’s headline tomorrow. “Sata canes those insinuating Zambians are animals.” Yes, he will completely twist this mother of all shameful utterance by Presido. Watch. Or if he can’t spin an elaborate lie, he will just give it a silent treatment on page 8. Then after a day he will find some pf cadre who he will quote demanding that the opposition respect the President!!

  11. Your Excellence the people driven constitution mean the one that people fully participated to come up with. The draft copies under your custody are the ones referred to as people driven constitution. All stakeholders i.e. the church, NGOs, Political parties and the member of the public participated to come up with the one currently in draft form. It’s sad that the president has now chosen to mock the people who voted for him. This is tantamount to insulting the Zambian people. “It’s true power corrupt morals”. PF should recall that there were voted by the people of Zambia and the same people will decide their fate in 2016. Mr. President it’s not too late for you to change the status quo. Please put things in order. We beg you Mr. President.

  12. The President is too petty, and becoming irrelevant. Whatever happened to Michael Chilufya Sata we used to hear and listen to at rallies before his election! He is no longer the same Sata.

    Either President Sata does not think before speaking, or does not understand the simple universal description and definition of what Democracy is.

    “People” in this demand for a Constitution is the same as that in what Democracy is: “The government of the People, by the People and for the People”.

    If our Parliament was useful, the President should now be faced with a possibility of impeachment. His remarks are an attack on our Nationhood and its aspirations. Parliament has become irrelevant in this government because the very reason that Parliament exists is under serious attack from the…

    • I think “now be faced with a possibility of impeachment” is the understatement of the year!

      This man is MAD. LUNATIC. A medical board should be convened with immediate effect to examine his sanity. And if found wanting, removed from office.

      Can Zambia afford to have a Chinama case in State House? We are already a laughing stock for electing this FOOL, and now he has proven his brain is non-functional are we going to KEEP HIM!?????

      Wake up Zambians, we cannot tolerate such nonsense any longer.

  13. I now see why there is a problem. The president does not know what a people driven consritution is all about,but maybe his advisers and Musa Mwenya never did their job. Just to help Mr President, a people driven constitution is basically one that reflects the general will of the people. Our current constitution is a politician driven constitution as it reflects the will of politicians chiefly Mr Chiluba and his team to which you were an integral member in 1996.

  14. Chizungu ca mupita “Chumbu Mushololwa”! Can someone please translate for Chumbu what the phrase “People driven” means in Bisa!

  15. The President has all the machinery to find that constitution. He shud talk to the Lion and the Elephant. They will give him what he wants not us. Go 2 Mundawanga u might find one. We r not interested in animal constitution. What are you going 2 do with the constitution of animals…implement it

  16. The Mwanakatwe constitution was a BEMBA driven constitution we want a ZAMBIAN DRIVEN CONSTITUTION NOW IF THE CHANGE IN VOCABULARY WILL PLEASE YOU

  17. And there he is cowering behind a swearing in ceremony again and he is not even ashamed that he is receiving a tribunal report probing his corupt Justice minister and Party SG.

  18. Well we are better off in diaspora than being in Zambia being led by a mad man. Why are people so quick to forget what they say? Sata has completely forgotten really, he was swearing in the constitution technical committee at state house and he did not understand what he was doing. Is this really how we Zambians have reduced ourselves! Someone remind Sata that the people demanding for the new constitution kicked out RB because he did not listen and are ready to kick him out because ninkoma amatwi (he is deaf).

    • Atah! If you are that happy why are you always commenting on Zambian news. Stay where you are without your visas and leave those who have vested interest and are proudly Zambian to comment

    • @Bootyful, Stop the hate !!! We could be out here but still love our motherland !!! Our families are still there and imitoto yesu yashala ku Zambia, so nobody can take away our Zambian citizenship from us just because of their hatred/jeaulosy !!! So stop it right there !!!! We are concerned about our motherland, that is all…..

  19. People driven constitution means a constitution that is developed with wide participation of the masses. The opposite is a constitution developed by few people who are in power or biased by those in power or represents views of few people. For simplicity, this is what you can refer to as Animal driven Constitution, your excellency!

  20. That’s Sata for all. He wakes up and performs a Swearing-In-Ceremony for ( 15 minutes ) and that’s it, he has done a week’s job/task for his Presidential Duty.

    Next, back to sleeping, listening to gossip and being petty. Until the next time when he creates a job/role for his flock and does another Swearing-In-Ceremony to show the nation that he is alive.

    As for the comments for an Animal Constitution. That s what I would call….

    “ One Foot In The Grave”

  21. Dr Phiri, Edication Minister, said that the poor results in Zambian schools are due to illiteracy.
    There you have it. Illiteracy is with the highest office of the land. The President himself is ILLITERATE!
    He thought that if he forced himself into marrying a doctor, he would get an STD (s e x ually transmitted degree).

  22. hahahahaha! made my day! from now on we will have
    1, a cow diven constitution
    2. a dog driven constitution
    3. a chiken driven constitution
    4. a people driven constitution

    Gat to love this mans Humour!

    • This is not funny. I don’t find this comical in any way. I am scared, very scared and worried for the Nation.

      It is time all well meaning Zambians rose to save this country.

    • you have to read inbetween the lines to understand it, but as usual people just use wods without understanding them fully like you have used ‘well meaning zambian’ . I dont know which zambian can wish bad for the country. just becuase we differ on a point does not mean we are not ‘well meaning zambians’. remember we also have the same rights you are claiming to have and we can rise to defend whichever side we prefer and in your word we too are ‘well meaning zambians’…

    • @Matrix. Dont mislead people by pretending this is funny. Sata knows that people are objecting to:

      i. A Sata driven constitution
      ii. A PF driven constitution

      Sata himself during the campaign promised a PEOPLE driven constitution. You Matrix, didnt step father know of donkeys, monkeys, jackals et al then?

    • #4 is people driven constitution. choose. ubwafya imitwe shenu shalikosa. you cant understand a thing. a joke is not a joke when one has to explain it.

    • @Matrix…you say ‘….ubwafya imitwe shenu shalikosa.’ Yes our heads are totally hard against manipulation and mutilation of the people driven constitution by Sata and his Hutu style vuvuzelas aka goebbels mumembe.

    • Trust me Matrix, some people have confessed to self-centered “Politics of the Belly”. All such greedy citizens whose sole interest is “ME ME ME” CAN NEVER be well meaning Zambians.

      As for Humour, I am afraid, the situation is so grave your satire does not fit in.

    • In addition, Yes its allowed to differ on points.

      However, if one is motivated to express points based on “a brown envelope” or something similar, we are have a duty to expose and correct him/her.

      Where one expresses a point due “clear limited knowledge”, it is our duty to teach him/her.

    • Munkombwe was just been factual. its harsh but its reality. there is always a benefit whether cash or in kind. ther are very few people who do it purely for humanity.

  23. I am very sure that those who cast a vote for one Michael Chilufya Sata are now having night mares or sleepless nights.

    Their concsience is not letting them have peace!

    • @simang…..
      …..the topic at hand is very very serious….thanks for interjecting with a ‘lighter’ comment. I love it. it has managed to supress the pressure building inside some of us.
      …kuntu wapoleka ka….

    • @Scrut.

      I believe we all know what MUST BE DONE.

      All we need is someone brave enough to tie the bell around the cat. Who is that hero?

  24. PERSONALLY I support Chipimo and HH but I ENJOY TO THE FULLEST THE POLITIKING of Mr Chilufya Sata.
    If he was ONLYpoliking with DEVELOPMENT.

    @ Loenard, the ONLY PROBLEM IS TOO MUCH LIES with SATA. People lift the BIBLE quite ok BUT him went even to the EXTENT stresseing the 10 COMMANDMENTS. He TERRIBLY MOCKED GOD & ths is wht will bring him down. HE TOUCHED GOD HIMSELF.

    Viva HH Viva UPND

  25. This man’s intellectual capacity is exactly zero. What kind of cheap logic to ever come out of a person who calls himself the president of a nation!! And every time he opens his mouth he puts his low IQ on display for the world to see. What a tragedy. How is it possible tha Zambians can ever repeat such a mistake in the future? Surely then they would have no one but themselves to blame for their fate.

  26. Outrageous arrogance routinely exhibited by this president. sata and his monions Po seem to lie with impunity.
    it is irresponsible and an insult to the people of my country to be asked to produce a animal driven constitution.
    SATA makes a DULL president- he is indecisive. he does not hold up to his promises and has no ability to inspire.
    1one zamba1nation

  27. Good afternoon

    Well, what can I say? Maybe State House should introduce a humor fee for the president’s jokes but going by the comments here, not everyone would be willing to pay it.

    • Please do not sidestep the issue. How about the president’s remarks on a people driven constitution…what’s your comment on that never mind what others are commenting.

    • I think this is not about humor. This is about the virtue of prudence. You do not joke about a project in which you invested over K140million.

    • @Nine Chale. This is not humorous.

      It is tragic. There are times to joke and a manner in which jokes are said. But an issue as sensitive, critical and contentious as the constitution, humour is way misconstrued

    • This nine chale guy has been a die hard sata worshiper,i dont know what he has to say now that his hero has shown him traces of mental instability.he was to paint him as a humourous fellow.Noooo!!! he is a mad man.the office is tooo big for him he is and illiterate

    • @Nine Chale
      If only you knew what the “eagle” and the colour “red” stand for in that flag in your profile picture…you wouldn’t find your president’s words as humorous.

    • @Nine Chale

      If only you knew what the “Eagle” and the colour “Red” stand for in that flag in your profile picture…you wouldn’t find your president’s words as humorous.

  28. This is very disgraceful. When are we going to be properly addressed by the head of state? I don’t believe what LT has just published! This is surely not what Zambians who voted for him saw in this man three years ago. What a waste…he was such a good man, full of action!!

  29. George Chella, if you are reading, this what you should call cantankerous political rhetoric which is irritating the Zambian people

  30. Dis shows total failure @ its best.. Durin capmpaigns he promised a pipo driven constitution, 2day bcoz he hs failed to come up wit an excuse, he’z askn qustions dt cn mk1 wndr whethr all is ok up stairs..

  31. An ilitrate society is as good as dead!We need to reduce illitracy levels.It is at such times that I feel embarrassed to be a Zambian!Well Zambians forget easily!

  32. Iam one of thoz that celebrated the triumph of pf.Imagine brethren the all lot of me was almost naked running 2 nowhere when micheal sata was declared winner of 2011 general elections.
    My belief and convidence in pf is tumbling down like a pack of cards.
    My advice 2 the office of the president is that we ugerntly nid the services of image builders.
    And its high tym the president stop issuing off the cuff remarks.
    My humble appeal 2 the president is that he shud know the tym 4 joking and the tym 2 b serious.

  33. Haha kekekekeke……Animal driven constitution . Wow , we wait to see two constitutions..animal driven VS people driven. Mmmm iliko bad sure. PF has known why all other presidents dont give the needed constitution to Zambians. It will be the same what ever political party comes.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  34. It is always dangerous to associate with an illiterate on the street or anywhere, worse still for a president. The depth of d/ullness in sata is unbelievable. He needs to pass on ….

  35. Kudos, where are you? I told you that we need to Vote PF-OUT asap. See what your man is saying-madness, a president ..?. Wasoba mawu. Where is Mushota? True Zambians we have been insulted. We voted MMD out because they delayed people driven constitution. Where are those who lumpenise in vernacular?

    • janza kumbele Mr Sata has a wonderful sense of humor. you have to have very high intellect, high IQ to understand it. (HH) can never match this level of genius.

    • \@Kudos! Hommosapiens chose Kitwe the cleanest town

      For you to find a joke in what Sata has said, means your thinking ability is even below that of Sata. To you Sata is the most intelligent person because your IQ is 100 times worse than his. Only fellow mad men understand the gibberish talk for another mad man.

      With such ineptitude coupled with psychosis Sata will one day wake up and demand that all those guarding him at state house should be arrested because he thinks they want to kill and overthrow him.

      What we have at state house is a lunatic who deserves to be at Chinama instead of occupying the presidential office.

      Is Kaseba back in Zambia?

    • CORRECTION: Future President Hetch Hetch can NEVER MATCH that level of NONENTITY !!!!!! SATA’s IQ could be any where between 01 & 05, when the Psychologist is being generous !!!!

  36. Your excellency. I believe you are completely missing the point. And with all respect this is not a statement befitting on your status. It lacks alot to be desired. In my opinion it appears as though you said it off the cuff of your sleeve. I dont think the young man Chellah would have even though to put such a statement in your speech. I am even sure that those ministers, DCs, cadres etc., were holding their breath at hearing you say that. I can only imagine what the outside world is saying about the quality/calibre of our leadership.
    I remain your dedicated supporter

    Smoking gun.

  37. In other news, Guy Scott corrected Sata and stated there was an “animal driven constitution”:

    “Four legs good; two legs bad..”

    • Maybe Sata has been reading Animal Farm!

      Wait until he gets to the “pigs sould not sleep in beds WITH SHEETS” part.

      Oh, I forgot, BIG books are too much for him!

  38. Chitimukulu for President! Has Sata degenerated so badly that this rubbish attributed to him was actually the considered view of a State President? Me thinks a kid in Kindergarten can run Zambia now!

  39. i have always said it is a shame to have a president like this i rest my case ,seriously Mr president don’t take us for granted when we were writing on this same platform about Lupiya people where telling him don’t worry it is only a few PF supporters today ask him where he is watch out Mr President enough is enough, why were you fighting to change it when you were in opposition if it was driven by the people don’t take us for fools sometimes i thank god i left that country i can’t take this rubbish from a president.

  40. Reading between the lines I’m sure he’s just asking kantemba NGOs to seek a job elsewhere and stop wasting the nation’s time

  41. Zambians, I am afraid for you! You will certainly be with this President paka infa, whether you like it or not.

    Mr Sata is sure of refusing to handover power should he lose in 2016. I foresee all material political opponents incarcerated for treasonable charges of rigging the elections!

    God forbid!

    • @Maano the dude knows very well he won’t around by 2016, that is why he is angry at anything, including his own MP’s whom he termed as being useless

  42. Common sense can be defined as sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence. This is missing in Satas think head

  43. It is truly shocking that the president seems to wallow in debasing himself and the presidency. He and his press secretary do not seem to care to show any modicum of intelligence, wisdom and maturity.

  44. Zambia now is the laughing stock of the int’l community with our mad president who is afraid of thick books.Sata’s juvenile reasoning is a sign of far deeper psychological woes yet he thinks he has better insight than anybody else.Kick out this uneducated animal before he does more damage to zambia.Appoint a tribunal to probe his mental fitness.

  45. Call for early elections period!
    We are tired of this ” Bantu Spring” that is about to sweep Zambia, Malawi and Zimbambwe. Countries with no governments!

  46. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when u are always going to indian for madical check ups and for those wondering what happened to him or what has changed? The answer is India.

  47. Advising Sata is a waste time because it just like talking to a stone or a door.
    1. Forgot to pay his brain bill
    2. His antenna doesn’t pick up all the channels
    3. His belt doesn’t go through all the loops
    4.If he had another brain, it would be lonely
    5. He couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were
    written on the heel.

    Even kenyapithecus could make a better President. The man behaves as though his grand, grand father was Broken Hill man, maybe it is for this reason he went to work in London, cause he wanted to bring back the remains of his grand, grandfather


  48. It just pains me that these leaders see nothing wrong in us spending millions of dollars of taxpayer’s funds every 5 years on drafting the constitution only to be shelved or doctored…..I understand now why Sata can never host a press conference even if he hand picks reporters from gov’t owned media. He has completely lost the plot….Zambia is on autopilot at moment.

  49. Haha,its not even funny but Chellah needs to tell his boss that his rhetoric is becoming a big irritant to the zambian people.

  50. Okey, I am not criticising this president any more. You can’t do that to people who are mentally challenged. I actually feel sorry for him. shame

  51. I personally warned you all,now you see there goes the donchi kubeba you voted for,this is the same man who “fought” for a people driven constitution,zambians you were duped,this man just wanted to win ana election as he personally puts it. this man is a dictator we are yet to see more shocking moves from the highest office in the land

  52. Zambians we like experimenting. When we spoke of inteloigence ne sukuku we knew what we were talking about. This is the highiest insanity in the history of problem. Very embarassing ba presidents. For Mushota I hope u keep that same like of thot. I bow for u

  53. Our president is Mugabe wanna be,but its very unfortunately for Sata because Mugabe went to school and learned something…Mugabe can think and reason,but Sata barely understands what the constitution is. PF cadres stop supporting this mad man basing on tribal grounds or whatever the case..Sata is taking us in shambles!

  54. People commenting here seem not to know our president at all. He is not dull and he clearly understands what people are asking for. He must have his own reasons for delaying the introduction of the new constitution. But the comment here should be taken as a joke as the man likes joking. He surely knows animals make no constitution, so he just brought in a light moment. Please just enjoy the joke and never break your heads. The constitution will be delivered at an opportune time.

    • This is the docility I’m always referring to being exhibited by this blogger…what reasons can he possibly have? Do you know why he was elected in State House in the first place?

    • Anyone with a sense of humour USES HIS BRAIN! It is very clear that Sata cannot. He is seriously mentally deficient.

      He IS the joke. A very, very sick joke for Zambia. Zambians will have to pay a very high price for his stupidity and idiocy.

      Is this nonsense what we voted for????




  57. Clueless, lost man. Yes we all appreciate some humour but not that reflecting an empty, unsound or simply treacherous mind. Even professional comedians know where to draw the line! Ladies and gentlemen, there is no president in our country at the moment. We are all on our own.

  58. Iyi yeve yachitako ova ba Sata. ABemba ndye antu anu aba, yayi. Zavuta zintu. You mean his relatives cannot take him to Chainama even if it is way off his route to Mpika or thereabouts.

  59. This man is playing with God. Someone told him that Vox populi Vox dei (the voice of the people is the Vice of God) but he can’t listen and continues to insult Zambia. BaSata don’t take us Zambian like we are your children in your house and you can say whatever you want. If you are running your house disorderly you need to learn to adjust when you are dealing with national issues and Zambians at large. The constitution we are asking for is for are children’s children even your off-springs will benefit and be proud that of you. Remember that Lesa nimalyotola.

  60. Calm down people calm down! He was trying to make a point that we already have a constitution in operation and that he does not need pressure from political failures like your HH to rush the new one unnecessarily.

  61. You see now, why a degree should be a minimum qualification for Presidential Candidates? He clearly has no idea what democracy stands for. He doesn’t know that citizens are the people and government is not the people. Mr. President, “People driven” means citizens are the ones that are leading the initiative and ideas, not the government. It has nothing to do with animals. Please let Judge Chibesakunda educate you in a crash-course, since she is your favorite elite.

  62. I hope this comedian leaves office vertically so he can answer to the people who put him in office! The arrogance, disrespect for even his own cabinet, and the citzenry at large, the disregard for the law of the land, the list is endless. I would throw him in jail even at 90 years old and throw away the key!

    • If we have to decipher the context of his rantings every time he swears someone into some office, then we are in trouble!

    • Why are some people too quick to interpret to us the president’s crazy utterances when he himself does not mince his words…his advisors in his office have LAMENTABLY FAILED to do their work on him. Surely what can you yourself do?

  63. Zambia has in the past seen and endured some lunacy emanating from state house but not at an alarming scale we are witnessing now.
    It is no wonder some citizens want to know who Sata’s former school mates were and what schools he attended, if any. None of this information is available not even on his recently acquired Facebook account. The citizens are asking for too much by expecting decent leadership from this man especially with obvious signs of mental health problems. There is more uselessness in him than his PF MP’s.

  64. No this mutherfocker didn’t? What the fock, and in front of 3 judges. Those f-ing judges just stood there like f-ing zombies and nodded and smiled like f-ing imbeciles. Fock them, they are a disgrace to their families, clans, profession and nation. Fock them, stinking dicks and cu.nts. They let that shi.t brain spew trash and just watched him.

    The man just made a mockery of your profession, you focking “judges”.

    As for the shi.t bags we call MPs. You guys should be shot! Your fathers sperm and mothers ovum were wasted on you. You should have been caught in a condom. Curse you!

    • Those judges just stood there because this is a dictatorship government !!! They dare not utter a word, lest they be insulted, up to their bedrooms !!!

  65. Mr. President sir, I have seen an animal driven constitution, the one being driven from Plot 1, under your very nose. Were you not looking in a mirror when you issued that statement?

  66. OMG! For real pansaka tapabula chipuba. This is it to all doubting Thomas’s. Satana has a loose wire in his brain. The office of the Zambian presidency has gone to the clowns who don’t take let alone respect the need for a constitution that will give each and every single Zambian security and respect from political *****s who keep abusing the very people who put them in power. George Chella should grow up, we need sane people who can articulate issues proper unlike behaving like a lunatic in a kindergarten.

  67. Are the batteries running Sata’s idiocy driven brain low on charge?We need a commission of inquiry as to the mental state fo this useless cumbu in plot one.

  68. kwena! You have lived up to your name,Chilufya. Iwe niwebo kalufyanya. You have a brain of a mosquito! You mistakes are very costly and fatal! Peoples’ money was used for the constitution drafting. We are an evolving democracy and constitution innovation is inevitable! I do not know why am even addressing you Ba Sata…ba First Lady explain this to your husband.Maybe he will get it!

  69. Since you asked for it… You FTJ and KK are all animals. You are hyenas and the constitutions you were / are following are / were animal led constitutions.

    Now the people want theirs. Give us ours.

    Bloody animals. Jackals, wild dogs, fisi, vi galu ba chiwewe, chi king cobra

  70. What do you call a thing that
    makes his MPs kneel and bark on command?
    has children all over the place and f*cks women all over, having countless fatherless children?
    only listens to its own survival call and natures call to screw everthing in sight?
    sics the ACC, DEC, Judiciary and Police on anyone that opposes them?
    Has no shame, embarrassment or etiquette?
    that rules by theatening its own kind?
    that cowers behind a face book page and is terrified of being confronted by honest open questions?
    that recruits and maintains a crew of people that have blind loyalty for scraps of food and political appointments?

    I call that an animal,

    Folks we have an animal leading us. We have an animal led constitution. Next time you see him shout ” ANIMAL”! He’ll respond

  71. MAY I give an honest apology to the pipo of Zambia for suppporting MCS aka UKWA in during the run up to 2011 elections. I wish we listened to CHANDA CHIIMBA instead of paying a heavy price for electing a president who is hindering progress for mother ZED. WE are now paying a heavy price for the PSEUDO EUPHORIA we felt just after 2011 elections. The blame is not on MCS aka UKWA alas CHIMBWI NO PLAN accronyn C.N.P……..for the woes of leadership the country is facing . The blame is on all of us Zambians who voted for HIM.SO all these nasty comments are all for us to SHARE.!!!

  72. Greatness of time, it now clear the man has no capacity to drive this country into any meaningful direction. May be Chellar is right when he insists on restricting him to facebook, though it is Chellar who does the writing and thinking as the language in the FB positing is signature of Chellar and Mumembe. Now the article above is also signature of HE MC Sata, see how it is difficult to hind from the truth, again we shall wait for time to uncover everything.

  73. President SATA’s leadership woes……. ,ladies and gentlemen is a reflection of our stupidity as Zambians wen it comes to choosing our leaders without proper and critical scruitiny. All these nasty comments are simply coming back to us coz SATA is just fulfilling that which we chose. Mind you Zambians CHANDA CHIIMBA warned us and I find no reason why we are crying for proper leadership. This is what stupidity breeds. lets dance to this stupidity until 2016 wen we get fade up. TOUGH LUCK PA ZAMBIA.

  74. The comments above are so overwhelming, i think even George Chellah & other ”useless” handlers should know this is not a laughing matter. I just wanted to add that Chainama Hills Hospital actually has a section called Chainama East: This is where u find confined patients with such ”states of head”. 50% of the time the guy sounds normal and the other 50% the guy says or does such weird things that your whole body cringes because they say or joke about real episodes of strange and fatal things where E,g trying to cook up the body their late spouse (after murdering them). I see this patient ”head of state” or ”state of head” to fit into this category. Come on, all you medical personnel who have done your psychiatric rotations in your trainings know what i’m…

    • Then, impeachment procedures should be put in motion like yesterday, before this LUNATIC drives the country further into oblivion !!! Ba Gen. Miyanda, Opposition parties, the general populace and the church….we are counting on you, just like we have done before…..

  75. Impeach this ***** we do not need this i REGRET the day I voted for this fool.what happened to black Friday campaign?

  76. When Edith Nawakwi said Zambia will be a laughing stork if we vote Michael SATA for president may people brushed this observation aside just like we brushed aside those useful leads from KK and the late FTJ (MHSRP). Today only a fool does not get embarrassed by the arrogance and comic behaviour of the person people have put in plot 1. Shame on us. History will surely judge us harshly for putting this man in state house just because he has a Zambian national registration card(NRC).

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