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Masebo breached constitution- Harrington


Masebo arriving at the Supreme Court for the tribunal hearings
Masebo arriving at the Supreme Court for the tribunal hearings

Former Tourism Minister William Harrington this morning testified before the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo breached the ZAWA Act and the ministerial code of conduct when she dismissed the ZAWA Board and 5 senior directors.

Mr. Harrington told the tribunal that the ZAWA Act does not allow the Tourism Minister to dismiss any officer at ZAWA.

He explained that the ZAWA Act clearly stipulates that the Minister is only mandated to appoint the ZAWA board of directors.

Mr. Harrington disclosed that the board is empowered to appoint the ZAWA Director General who in turn appoints the management team.

And Mr. Harrington further revealed that ZAWA should always have a board of directors in place in accordance with the ZAWA Act to avoid political interference but that ZAWA operated without a board for six months under Ms. Masebo.

Mr. Harrington told the tribunal that he was fairly conversant with the ZAWA Act considering that he served as Tourism Minister for close to two years under the MMD administration.

He further noted that the appointment of Glen Vlahakis as ZAWA Director General by Ms. Masebo was a breach of the ZAWA Act as she is not mandated by the law to do so.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harrington this morning requested the tribunal to call eight additional witnesses.

Tribunal Chairperson Justice Kaoma said the tribunal will consider the request in due course.

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda appointed a tribunal to probe Tourism Minister for alleged interference in the operations of ZAWA.

Masebo with her supporters leaving the Supreme Court after the tribunal hearings.
Masebo with her supporters leaving the Supreme Court after the tribunal hearings.


  1. Unfortunately, the constitution does not mean anything to these dunderheads! They have a Chief Justice who has been acting beyond the stipulated period and is past her age to be serving. That right there tells you that this is a waste of resources and Masebo will not be found guilty of anything……unless of course she has differed with her boss. In this country, Sata is the constitution, so you better be on his good side.

    • when she breached the constitution,,, did she also lie?? because recents studies show that lying is infectious,,, especially when the fever is coming from the top

    • On what basis is Mr Harrington speaking? Is he implicated in some way? Former tourism Minister, well fair enough but how is he caught in this web?

      I am lost


    • ***Smdh**** So according to you we should just sit on our bottoms and enjoy our mosi? People like Harrington give our country hope.

    • Jay Jay, for you, sitting on your head will do, not your bottom. You are shaking your damn head too much it needs to be immobilized!

    • @ Ba Wiso naba Noko – read the constitution again. Because of our laziness as Zambians in developing the law, when we wrote the constitution, we forgot to put a limit on how long a person can Act as Chief Justice. So my friend, the People Driven constitution of the Chiluba led government allows Madam Chibesakunda to Act indefinitely. You will of course appeal to the president’s moral conscience…unfortunately there is no conflict between his moral conscience and the constitution.

      We are paying the price for being such a lazy lot…!

  2. Commenting on Hichilema’s statement that people in Katuba should not vote for the PF candidate Moses Chilando because he comes from another region, Munkombwe said the UPND leader had endorsed himself as a regional leader.
    “That is an endorsement of a regional leader. You cannot change that thinking from that man. We need to help him realise that his permanent thinking is wrong,” he said.
    Munkombwe said no single region in the country was powerful enough to form government.
    “I don’t attack individuals in the UPND, but I talk about realities. The reality is that no region is powerful enough to be able to go to State House. Not even the Bemba region, they can’t go to State House alone. Even when they have the majority of groupings, they are on the Copperbelt, they are in Central…

    • Yes and we still love HH like that. You can not shake me by pulling that kind of small talk on me. I wont even try to justify nothing. my mind is made up for HH. talk all you want.

    • @ Chipoko, was HH asked to elaborate exactly what he meant by voting for a local person? A local person can be of any tribe and it may also mean that someone who is closer to the real challenges people are facing in the region. I have lost patience for any political party at the moment but I think we need to understand what these guys exactly mean before we label them with names.

    • You cant get sense out this? Just shut up and stop labeling other people as tribalists when you are the worst.

    • H.H meant that you have to have someone from the same region, meaning that someone they share the challenges with. Someone who understands their problems. Not someone from the Congo. You are the same I.diots keeping Guy Scott no where near the presidency because he’s not a member of the family forest.

  3. During Hichilema’s rally held on Saturday at Muwanjuni Primary School grounds, headman Mupwaya Agripa Phiri said UPND belongs to the Bantu Botatwe (Tonga, Lenje and Ila).

    • Lie all you want. We now know the truth about HH’s tribal label, thanks to your Sata and mmembe. As an easterner i know the real tribalists in Zambia, the ones who once called us “wako ni wako” at some point.

    • lie all you want mwana. People now know the truth about HH’s tribal label. Thats the only attach PF has on HH, nothing else. As An Eastern, you will not buy my vote with that. You used if on RB ( wako ni wako) and I fall for it, but not anymore.

  4. At the expense of the taxpayer! A waste of resources. If Masebo breached the ZAWA Act, it is clear she is in the wrong. Why waste tax payers money for all these tribunals to probe her? And for how long did this go unnoticed? I find it strange though, she can appoint a board but cannot dismiss them…

  5. What type of Zambia are Hakainde and his friends trying to create, where one cannot set himself a political agenda in the area in which he lives, he has chosen to be his home area? Chilando made a choice to make Katuba his home area and not where his ancestors originated. And we have many people today who find themselves living in different parts of our country far away from where their ancestors originated. If they want to set themselves political goals and participate in the political leadership of their country, must they go back where they originated even if they know nothing about that area and its people? What type of life is this? Our Constitution gives us the right to settle anywhere in our Republic. If a Lenje man settles in Mbala, he should be given every right to realise his…

    • When Sata told the people of Kasama in 2009 that Burton Mugalu nimwisa fye tewa kuvotela kano umwana wanu GBM.What did that mean? Who is more tribal than the other? Why is it that whatever HH says its tribal but what MCS says its not tribal. Who called Dipak Patel as ”Samya” and Yusuf Badat as Bombay when they broke from the MMD of FTJ Chiluba?

    • It is sad when supposedly learned people form an opinion based on reports and editorials ( poorly written, and sometimes plagiarized) from a discredited tabloid.

    • Excellent comment lets have more of such encouragements to be able to settle anywhere in Zambia.I live in livingstone I can stand for any position here though i am from north western .It appears the opposition are bit desperate hence may say things the don’t mean.

    • @Chamba, you can choose to see what you want to see in HH and choose not to see what you dont want to see in Sata. But your view point does not make it the truth, but an opinion, which can be very biased. But as PF please find something else to criticize HH on. This tribal issue is not selling any more.

    • @ Chinyama, which Livingstone are you talking about? Livingstone of yester-year or Livingstone of today? The reality on the ground is that there is no way a non-Southerner can be adopted as an MP candidate in Livingstone under UPND. Not even the position of mayor. The days when people like William Chipango, Siyambango, etc could be mayors are long gone. Being mere councillors are the highest positions for non-southerners in Livingstone now. Unfortunately this ugly trend of tribalism is also in Muchinga and Northern provinces under PF. It is sad.

    • @blue blood , I said we encourage participation of any Zambian that feel he can stand on whether he is choosen or not dependent on his popularity,Evans the Livingstone MP is not tonga yet he was recently elected MP against your sentiments. Be real and stop creating an imaginary territorial boundary and blaming Govt.

  6. Apparently this Harrington loser wants to show his relevance to Zambian politics by always filling nonsensical law suits.What a tool.

    • The loser here is YOU as YOU are incapable of seeing what Harrington is fighting for…you remain docile and pretend all is well.

    • NOTHING TO GO? Its this selfsame ignorance and blind folly that is driving this country backwards. At least William Harrington is more courageous than you ever be, people like him are standing up for what is RIGHT and the TRUTH. The William Harringtons have to stand up because imbeciles like yourself would rather seat on their hands and drink beer debate about nonsense in the bar.
      Wake up!!

  7. The William Harringtons of this world should be supported, applauded, funded and encouraged wholeheartedly…ministers have to account for their actions in a democracy. Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves.
    Zambians need to wake up from their docility as these reckless ministerial directives are costing us the taxpayers so dearly.

  8. “The only requirement for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing…….” (paraphrased)

    Sadly, not only do some men do nothing, but have the balls (guts) to condemn those who try to do right.

    They can’t stand up to anything without thinking about their bellies?

    Mr Harrington sir, right thinking ZAMBIANS are BEHIND u in you quest to instil sense of RIGHT in this our current crop of corrupt leaders.

    God bless Zambians with the wisedom to know what Is right for them, and the courage to fight for it.


  9. i see no problem with Harrignton.. let us all support what is RIGHT for the benefit of our beloved country… but i must admit that its not easy to fight Government.. look at Wynter Kabimba. so demoralizing.


  10. The faces of Masebo’s supporters speak volumes of the guiltiness inside her and unprofessional breach of ZAWA code of ethics.
    A minister of tourism has NO power whatsoever to dismiss the board of directors of which Masebo did. Guilty as charged and stop wasting tax payers monies’ so are the resources.

    • Masebo has always been a fashion sense person even when she was at unza before she became sick she wore a different outfit morning, afternoon and evening even to attend he library studies classes

  11. Your Excellency,
    What about the rubbish that is going on at the newly created Micro-finance Company for civil servants. Are all the people seconded to the institution meet the qualification to manage the institution (more probing is needed on this matter). From what is going on some managers don’t even have the qualification and experience to set up the company. The CEO picked his concubines to help set up the company, do you really expect some thing good to come out of this project!!!!.
    Can something seriously be done before this noble action by Government to help civil servants is squashed to garbage. The fact is the so called managers can’t even reconcile what they are paying out as we keep on seeing double payments, recoveries on people’s payslip who did not even apply for the…

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