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Pictures from Zambian Music Awards



The 2nd annual Zambian Music Awards were held this past Saturday .

Here are some pictures from the show .

Lulu hangala and Tivo

lulu hangala and tivo

Cleo Ice Queen

cleo ice queen

Judy-winning Best Mainstream Female Artist.


Macky 2




Roberto -Winner of best RnB album and Best song writer 




Slap d- winner of Best Mainstream Male ,Best Hip-hop Rap album and Mainstream album

slap d


Ruff Kaida performing on stage 

rruf kid


Cleo ice queen performing on stage 

cleo ice 23


General Ozzy and Honey preparing to present Best Reggae Album



Full list of  ZMA winners
Best collaboration
-Chef187 ft alfunika and pilato
Best dance hall album
-Bflow-voiceless woman
Best R n B album
-Roberto-my name is
Best Hip-hop Rap album
-Slap dee
Mainstream album
-Slap dee
Best gospel album
-Mag44-jiju we
Best songwriter
Best female mainstream
Best male artist mainstream
-Slap dee
Best female gospel artists
Best gospel male artist
Best new artist
-Muzo aka alphoso
Best song of the year
-Kumwesu by chef,alfunika,pilato




  1. Musicians should be role models

    By the look of those pictures it is disgusting ans why would you let your child aspire to be any of these persons

    I suppose education has a lot to do with it



  2. These awards are somewhat dreary and the artistes are visibly lacking in authenticity – they all have the same appearance/style of dressing, you can hardly tell who is who. I wonder if the same applies to their music?

    What happened to the original Macks of real Zambian music like Amayenge, Mulemena Brothers, Masiye Band, Angela Nyirenda and the rest?

  3. Haters are always gonna hate. i dont see anyone else apart from cleo whose dressed outlandishly. Stop the hate for one and give credit where its due. for those of you saying they should sing amayenge songs…go and sing yourself. no one is stopping you, the industry is big enough for everyone. smh!

    • I agree with you. This criticism borders on pettiness. Musicians need to dress outlandishly. they are in the entertainment business for g.o.d.’s sake! they need to turn heads. if you want musicians to dress like someone going to meet bapongozi then look for your entertainment elsewhere. people are free to sing whatever they want and it is up to the listeners to take their pick. By the way I am not even a fan of the current genre of zambian music, but I support the freedom of expression in music and in dress

  4. Guys, just because “Kalindula” if was your cup of tea, don’t spoil it for the rest. Non of these guys came knocking at your door asking you to watch the awards, better still look at pictures from the award, WEKA. In fact, why not start your own what you call authentic Zambian music awards instead of criticising everything simply because its Zambian, time have changed and you must also change, but it is understood if you still behind with the real world of today cause not all can keep up. Big Up to all the winning artists and organiser, even the awards others are comparing you to started from somewhere and know some *****s think that how it should always be. Not everyone is born with a creative modern mind, FULL STOP!!!! STOP BEING A WOLF AMONGST SHEEP, LET THE SHEEP ENJOY….

  5. Congratulations to the winners!!

    Artists, strive hard to be unique! It only comes by working hard and listening to your spirit. When I listen to Nigerian musicians or South African musicians you can tell – this is a Nigerian, Now in Zambia, we are using instrumental music composed by Nigerians and or South Africans then we add lyrics in Bemba, Nyanja or whatever language. That is spoiling our cultural identity…

    Big up to the guys like B1…did he win anything? B1, you just need to find great instrumentalists who can fuse Tonga, Bemba and Ngoni rythms to create an authentic Zambian rythm…You are so talented my man…!!!

  6. Most of these award winning guys music is not played so often in clubs. Kopala swag is the music pipo are dancing to. King Dandi

  7. I really enjoyed watching the awards , that was great quality that we need in zambia . Slap d deserved all the awards he got . those who are hating on zambian music , go and listen to pk chishala or whom ever it is you listen to ,and leave us youths to enjoy our music . this is 2014 not 1964 . there is nothing wrong with what cleo ice queen was wearing , it was for a performance ,she wasnt going to visit her grandfather in the village . All the ladys were dressed well and the men too .

  8. Absence of criticism creates complacency. Criticism begets refinement. This is true in all areas of human life, entertainment industry inclusive.

    Neil Tyson Degrasse, highly decorated astrophysicist noticed an error in the skies in the movie Titanic and informed the producer months after the movie had grossed $1.b+ at the box office. The producer was perturbed but took note. When he needed a sky in the next movie, he dropped his ego and sought professional input from Dr. Degrasse.

    The legendary Bob Marley attributed his success to criticism he got from the audiences during open mic performance. They told him to add and take out stuff. He called his ‘the music of the people.’ We all know how high he rose.

    In Zambia we need to learn to take a punch.

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