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President Micheal Sata in Zimbabwe to attend wedding of Robert Mugabe’s only daughter Bona


President Michael Chilufya Sata and First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba being welcomed by Zimbabwean Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi on arrival at Harare International Airport. President Sata is in Zimbabwe to attend a wedding for President Robert Mugabe's daughter, Bona Mugabe
President Michael Chilufya Sata and First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba being welcomed by Zimbabwean Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi on arrival at Harare International Airport. President Sata is in Zimbabwe to attend a wedding for President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona Mugabe

President Micheal Sata has arrived in Zimbabwe to attend the wedding ceremony of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter Bona in Harare Zimbabwe today.

President Sata who arrived aboard the challenger at about 12:40 hours was accompanied by his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba, Special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah and other senior government officials.

Zimbabwean Defence Minister Dr. Sydney Sekeramayi, Zambian High Commissioner to Zimbabwe Ndiyoi Mutiti and other senior government officials received the Republican President.

President Sata is among other African Heads of State and foreign dignitaries that will be attending the wedding.

Other Presidents expected to attend the wedding include South African President Jacob Zuma, Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Mozambique President Armando Guebuza, Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo among others.

Former Heads of state such as South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki are also expected to attend the wedding.
Zambia’s First President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda will not be able to attend the ceremony.

He will however be represented at the wedding by his daughter Kaweche Kaunda – Silwizya.

The church service for the wedding is expected to start at 14:00hrs to 16:00hrs while the reception is expected to start at 18:00hrs and end at about 6am the following day.

A massive marquee tent has been pitched at President Mugabe’s home in Borrowdal, Harare ahead of the event which is expected to be attended by around 5 000 guests.

France based rumba icon Koffi Olomide is expected to lead the entertainment at the ceremony.

Bona, 24, is Mr. Mugabe’s daughter born to his second wife Grace.

She ties the knot with pilot Simba Chikore today at Mugabe’s home in Borrowdale Brooke.



    • Am now confused. Kaweche Kaunda-Silwizya or Cheswa Kaunda-Silwizya? I thought Kaweche was the son and Cheswa the daughter.

    • Ati Sata & and his best friend from Equatorial Guinea Mbasongo, yayayaya kukaba fwetefwete!! Amasha ya mukulu…

    • One day is one day. Ikapona presidential challenger. Only pf thugs will be crying. The rest of the Zambians will be cerebrating.
      Point of correction LT; Koffi Olomide Le Quadra Koraman is based in Congo Kinshasa. Mwilabepa abantu. Koffi Olomide is my face book friend and we chat together. So I know a lot about Mopao Mokonzi (MM).


    • @Peter Chachine this inferiority complex is so deeply embedded, its a terrible disease that afflicts our people to the extent of hating anything or anyone that looks like themselves… For example GW Bush was at the helm of millions of deaths of defenceless people, children and women, plus there is insurmountable evidence that the regime he represents is squarely responsible for the annual deaths of millions of Zambians since 1980’s through the HIV “VIRUS” that they have manufactured, this is a “silent genocide” perpetuated by Bush, Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates, yet these are welcomed in our midst, they are free in our country. And I ask how many Zambians have died at the hands of Comrade Mugabe? Its alarming the people we are becoming..

    • Damn this is like his Great Granddaughter. A 90 years old man walking the daughter to marriage? Very funny.

    • JAY JAY TO be honest i v just now seen how much was spent on the wedding, and I must admit that is an obscene figure to spend. I don’t know how it can be justified, am quite disappointed by such expenditure on a wedding to say the least.

  1. This is laughable our economy is in free fall and these empty tins have time for parties. …why didn’t he send his ceremonial veep since he has no time for his own sons wedding or Mandela’s funeral.

    • The president is an inspiration. Just imagine, not even Barak Obama could provide enough inspiration to be invited. Wait till President Sata’s invited to the Buckingham Palace

    • It is always good to come together and celebrate the parties as they come. There is a season for every event and life does not stop being nice just because the economy is ailing.

    • @Nine …. But this is not the time for parties get your head out of the sand for once.
      These utterly shameless people have absolutely no priorities. …they are detached from reality like his friend uncle Bob who is hosting a $1million bash when his people are starving. It really pains me that there is constitution issue that needs to tabled and Sata acts like everything is fine.
      These dinosaurs are taking us nowhere!!
      Wake up! !

    • @kabilo – Surely HOW on earth can I be “jealous” when he is MISUSING taxpayer’s HARD EARNED money our brother’s, sister’s, mother’s and father’s money? MYOPIC THINKING indeed. You IMAGINE for a SECOND if this was RB?
      Remove THAT wool over your EYES and TRY to INCORPORATE a touch of CRITICAL THINKING instead of using lazy words like “JEALOUS”.
      WAKE UP from your DOCILITY! !

    • Jay Jay whats the difference in cost in sending Scott, also, a Rhodesian is unsuitable to represent us at an important function in Zimbabwe. In any case, this can have benefit, the meeting of the two heads of state, we are neighbors. Our leader is unpredictable, I agree, but on this one, this can be a chance to also discuss beneficial deals, who knows, we can’t be cynical all of the time.

    • For starters a big difference in cost as he will use a commercial airliner as opposed to the presidential challenger as for him being a Rhodesian well he was good enough to send him at Madiba’s funeral with all world leaders present. .what of a president’s daughter’s wedding?

    • Zimbabwe is an important nation to our Economy. Am up for maintaining such good gestures with Zimbabwe like we always have. Its right next door, and I think it is more dis-tasteful not to attend an important State function, diplomatically its a plus. Don’t mistake me for a Sata sympathiser, am far from it, am equally disgusted by his style of leadership, but am certainly a Mugabe sympathizer… due to the fact that Mugabe has set the tone for true liberation, land in the hands of the people, although the Zim economy has been attacked for such a move its one to be applauded, and in this regard I appreciate us siding with a historically important African leader, one who espouses liberation for Africans.

  2. He skipped his own son’s wedding but has time for Bona Mugabe’s wedding! what would you do if you were this man’s son?

    • @Goncalve from today on and forever your win my RESPECT. That is what I call brilliancy of comprehension!! That’s best best thinking of the WEEK.
      God be with you… chiggila wansekeshe!! Hands up for you!! Men men, Chellah will print this out and give to Sata just before his breakfast.

    • @goncave ,,the president went to attend a meeting in UK and took advantage to do some repairs, instead of first coming back to attend the sons function then go back for his working holiday he combined ,He saw it economical to miss wedding,The magnitude of this gathering in Zim is massive hence the need to attend and interact.I personally have no issues with his attendance in Zim.

  3. But Mr. President you just recently missed the wedding of your own son claiming to have gone on a working holiday in UK that you later cut short immediately after the wedding. It’s not fair

    • Guys. First it was the President is not traveling to functions within and outside the region and that we feared we will loose our international face. If you check the Presidents attending this wedding, this trip might be beneficial to the country. You never know what these guys plan. You might think its just a wedding they are attending. In the meantime there is more serious discussions going on in the wee hours. Lets wait and see.

  4. Without even letting he employers – the Zambian people know where he is going with the Challenger. This man is really enjoying power. What of his son’s wedding? Couldn’t he have cut his “working holiday” short for that? Instead of waiting for HH to tell him to come back home.

    • Now for a second there just imagine if these empty tins ever create a national airline…. oh god please help us!!

    • Breaking news! Chella Fella just posted on his Facebook page….

      “Sata takes minibus taxi to Harare for a working State visit to Zimbabwe to discuss serious matters”

      Livingstone taxi divers jealous!

  5. Baya kuma enjoy abanensu.Awe ni best,enjoy bane naifwe twalasefyako in other ways.All the best to the groom and the bride.

  6. Yes, our president is very lonely here as no head of state visits him. Maybe this can be a campaign message for 2016 that he needs a mandate further so that we can see other presidents visiting him.


  8. Is Sata’s son the who married kaseba’s son, if not maybe that’s why they couldn’t attend. But honestly the whole head of state to attend a wedding with government officials? it’s different if it was a president marrying. It shows Mugabe is a more responsible father than his freind, surely less than a month he missed his own son’s wedding claiming to be on holiday. I thought parents instead get holidays for purpose of wanting to attend to things like a child’s wedding. If your father can abandoned you when he is on holiday, what more when he is under pressure, can he even think of you?

    • They have increased domestic borrowing from K200m to K13m now its calls for a celebration as they wont be alive to pay any of it…the recklessness continues.

    • My thoughts exactly Steve. He could have attended this wedding without dragging Government officials into this. A serious waste of resources.


  10. But mudala alenjoya zoona. More money in his pocket.
    His wife will even laugh more; every picture of her you will see a BIG BIG BIG laugh.
    Lyeni bamudala, it’s your time. Ikapita…..

    By the way, what happened to Zambian Watchdog?

  11. …ba LT, not only should u bring us news about the ‘sour’ jokes/comedy and drama by our presido, but also show us pictures of an aerial view and some interesting features of the much talked about Mugabe’s mansion. I know, you and your cousin ZWD shall definitely gate-crash your way thru the wedding ceremony…..

  12. I donot have much hope that Z.w.d will publish my comments on its news item on William Nyirenda as it involves the hand that feeds it. Hence responding to their article in
    First thing first- William Nyirenda is as crook as his mentor and fellow director at Finance Bank.
    Grabbing of somebody else property and converting it into beautiful offices is the pattern that his mentor taught him and he is perfecting it.
    Let the law enforcement agencies find out who financed the conversion of the place into offices, one shall not be surprised with the revelation?

    Late Mwanawasa and Mahtani had shares in Kagem Mining and Mahtani still has shares through proxy shareholders. Late Mr. Malama ( another con of a lawyer who along with William Nyirenda sat on Finance Bank board till…

  13. Kagem Mining, Late Mwanawasa and Mahtani had shares in that firm and they still have shares through proxy shareholders. Late Mr. Malama ( another con of a lawyer who along with William Nyirenda sat on Finance Bank board till the death of Mr. Malama) was the Chairman of Kagem Mining appointed by Mahtani. He goes and comes in William Nyirenda.
    Let the new government come and these will be disclosed with documents on movement of funds.

  14. Welcome President Sata, Zimbabwe is your second home as for the ZWD we prevented them from coming within 15km of his Excellency home.In Zimbabwe our security forces and intelligence are always alert!By the way we having bumper harvests this year, cotton,tobacco,sugar,beans,maize etc!Thanks to Cde R.G Mugabe’s land reform.

  15. In what capacity are the government officials attending this private shindig??? Seriously people of Zambia.

  16. Ndombo , Gonclaves, the self proclaimed Austrailian engineer and many others who comment daily. What do u do for your lives? Its abnormal to comment on every subject from 1st Jan to 31 Dec of every year. If you can do better than Sata come home and participate in elections than, barking from wherever you are like rabid dogs.

    • @Kapoma Kabaso

      That is why it is called a Blog, silly! U can express ur inner most feelings without fear of intimidation or being visited by special branch

    • We thank God for the coming of Blogging on the Zambian scene. The media is now accessible to ordinary Zambians who form 99.6% of the population, I mean, including those in villages, for internet has no barriers. In the past it was only politicians and their cronies who enjoyed the media.

      As for living outside Africa, again, the ordinary Zambian can now live anywhere in the world as long as they are able to do so. Just about 20 years ago, only a few elite Zambians enjoyed this privilege. I would not be surprised if some of the sour comments on Zambians in the diaspora are coming from such. They are the ones totally opposed to the dual citizenship clause becoz their own already live outside Zambia. Do not misunderstand me, Zambia is sweet but so are the opportunities in other countries.

  17. This meeting of these presidents at this wedding is very suspicious. When have we had presidents attend a president’s son’s (step son) wedding like this in the region??? Is this the first son of a president marrying in the region? I do not get it.

  18. Dear watchdog, kindly assist on how one can change his voting station and is the continuous voter registration still going on, l am trying to prepare for the elections

  19. Africa is full of surprises. Imagine the unholy alliance between Robert Mugable and Sata. Mugabe is a well known Freedom fighter who has been highly critical of the British Govt’s failure to uphold its promise to pay for land owned by white farmers – and rightly so. At the other extreme is Sata, who was a British informer and betrayed the freedom fighters in Zambia.

    We wonder what criteria Mugabe has applied to accommodate such a treacherous person on the African continent. With a British Guy Scott as Zambian Vice President we hope the Zimbabwean security system is not porous to endanger its people..

  20. Quote from Zim newspaper……
    “The First Family invited 68 sitting and former heads of state and government. All the Sadc leaders were invited but only 10 are likely to come,” a source said.
    Some of the heads of state and government who had confirmed attendance include President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Nguema, Michael Sata of Zambia and Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
    Sata’s daughter is apparently Bona’s maid of honour.
    Ex-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai was not invited.

  21. In all fairness, this man failed to attend his own son’s wedding, what is the interest in another man’s daughter’s wedding? He is just running away from the pressure at home leaving Chella in charge the the facebook page.

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