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NGOs registration extended again


Minister for Community Development, Mother and Child Health Dr. Joseph Katema
Minister for Community
Development, Mother and Child Health Dr. Joseph Katema

Government has again extended the registration period for Non governmental organizations (NGOs) under the NGO Act no.16 of 2009 by sixty days effective 4th February to 5th May 2014.

Community Development,Mother and Child Health Minister Joseph Katema has made in the announcement in a statement issued to QFM News.

Dr Katema said the extension is to allow the NGOs that collected registration forms but were unable to submit them before the deadline on 3rd February to do so.

He said NGOs that did not commence the registration process before the deadline of 3rd February,2014 can apply for registration as long as they complete the process with the stipulated timeframe.

Dr Katema has warned that the NGOs that will not abide by the provisions of the law as stipulated in Section 10 on the prohibition of operation by an NGO not registered in accordance with the Act, will face appropriate action as stipulated by law.

He however clarified that those that wish to register new NGOs can proceed to do so as the deadline for registration does not apply to them.



  1. Well, let someone know that NGOs led by normal people will not register under the current law. They are already registered under a law that is still holds. Let them just revolke the extension and keep the act to themselves. Shame on liars! God is watching them

  2. Hurt for PF wl make someone look foolish. 2009 the MMD Was in power and the NGO’s saw it fine and this time others ar saying no. what has changed now? NGO’s where were u?

  3. Some people just wont scare you no matter what they say. If Kambwili had issued the warning I bet many NGOs would have registered by now.

  4. Waaaala!
    This Doctor who looks malnourished, with a head like mine, can’t scare no fly!

    They’re operating lawfully having registered befoe the birth of lies…

    These guys are as worthless as the Kwacha!

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