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Police detain 42 youths for wearing T-shirts demanding for a new constitution

Headlines Police detain 42 youths for wearing T-shirts demanding for a new constitution


Students from institutions of higher learning chanting slogans during the gathering the demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution
Students from institutions of higher learning chanting slogans during the gathering the demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution

Police in Lusaka have detained about 42 youths from ActionAid who took part in this morning’s Youth Day March past for wearing Tshirts demanding for a new constitution.

ActionAid Executive Director Pamela Chisanga confirmed the development to Journalists this morning.

Ms Chisanga expressed shock that Police could detain innocent young Zambians for demanding a new constitution.

She said the youths from ActionAid were peacefully marching alongside their colleagues from other organisations when they were stopped and taken to Lusaka Central Police.

Ms Chisanga has since demanded for the immediate release of the 42 youths.

Yesterday, Parliament rejected a private members motion urging Government to release a roadmap for the enactment of a new constitution.


    • Its gratifying to hear that the youth have began realising that they no longer expect good days ahead. They are tired having to ration meals and eat once a day to save ubunga because it price is ever going up and up. They were promised jobs but are being given mediocre piece work jobs. Their parents are struggling to afford school fees, because they are having to prioritise between having one meal or sending a child to school.

      Sata watch out, this just but the beginning of more difficult times ahead for your regime. If you do not want to be swept away by the impending youth avalanche please change course now before it too late.

      Remember the Arab spring! It was sparked by one youth who set him self on fire after being abused by a police officer who took away his katemba commodities.

    • They should arrest that Pamela Chisanga as well, these NGOs don’t know how to spend money from donors.

    • What happened to Nostradamus? The guy used to be rational. I think this one is a clone!
      It’s a very sad day for democracy if the police involved in this matter go unpunished. This is not democracy! This is fascist and totalitarian rule!

    • Here is another way of looking at this event. The youth have achieved coverage to a wider readership world over and that’s the reason we are commenting on this sad piece of state police brutality against its citizen news.



    • Some people are so frustrated that they don’t want to read anything else apart from what they consider the truth. If you don’t repeat their notions or if you dare to think outside the box, they say you are not rational.

      But being rational is not saying what everybody wants to hear. In matters of the constitution or other issues, we must learn to respect different opinions, though they appear to be in the minority. If you disagree, your arguments need to be based on evidence, not on irrelevant factors.

    • I do also think this Nostradamus guy has lost it, the guy used to be critically rational when commenting and contribute to subjects at hand, but alas currently he has become another street blogger and his comments are just useless these days. Nostradamus its not too late come back to your sense, otherwise we miss your in-depth critical analysis of issues on this blog my brother.

    • We used to be youths as well and also at higher institutions of learning. We can advise them better what matters and what doesn’t. Or they can ask people like Mikalile, he will advise them. These youths should know that the current and incoming constitution has the same policy on youths. In fact I don’t even know if there is any specific mention of youths. So they should refrain from time wasting and engage in more productive ventures. Mob psychology will not help them in any way. May be they are paid.

    • @Nine Chale, I am not sure which country you are in at the moment but this is what we are talking about

      “Police detain 42 youths for wearing T-shirts demanding for a new constitution”

      Arrested for doing what? in a democracy? Come on! Get real on this one unless you are living in one of those subdued states then we sympathise with you. Police should have better things to do like combating real crime than being used as tools of oppression.

  1. What is Criminal about demanding for what is duly yours by design….? where are we heading to guys? Iam scared to the born when I imagine where this will end…? so help us God.

  2. The president should quickly show leadership and order the immediate release of the young people. Where is the country heading to?

    • @The London Eye; there is leadership vacuum in Zambia. Most of the decisions are as a result of knee jerk reaction. No critical thinking involved. That is asking too much from this govt.

  3. The London eye Our president is not a listening one as his mission of wanting to be president is achieved the rest is history.

  4. 42 Youths and 42 MPs wht a Correlation.

    Zambia Forward. Mr Sata leave a legacy and die like a Man. This constitution wont b applicable to u. Coz soon and very soon u will b Gone.

    Thts how life is. Why holding on to the Constitution ??
    Viva Youngmen Viva Zambia.

    • Very sad but expected.Do these PF fools know where they are headed to? They wont be in power for ever and one day they will realise why a new constitution is important.Can they imagine themselves say HH as president? Under the the present constitution he will be the appointing authority for say the IG.

  5. Sata got an overwhelming youth vote in 2011, I hope the youths are taking note. Vote wisely in 2016.

  6. Zambian youths beware. Don’t be used by people being paid by donors. Pamela should have been the parade commander and matching with you while wearing that T-Shirt also. Now she is drinking cold water and demanding your release from the pulpit while you’re languishing in cells.

  7. Mufwambi, I agree with you totally. Pamela has achieved something by this on a personal note (funding). The small change was used to print the T-Shirts and pay these hired youths who have nothing on their table.

    • Umberto and Mufwambi, you are one person. I know you are enjoying the crumbs from state house. Enjoy while it lasts.

  8. Is it living in a dictatorship? Me shocked!
    Miss Chisanga, guard yourself the way I foresee things here….. not good! It looks like this constitution issue is becoming a sensetive iterm so much that some people are getting uncomfortable. I wonder why they are being made an example and to whom!

    • @ Judge,
      God never picked anyone of those you have mentioned, you and everyone who voted for the late Chiluba did the picking! May I also remind you that life is about making choices, the way life is in Zambia today is because of the past choices made by the Zambian people of yester year, so your tomorrows will be determined by what sort of choices you and everyone else is making today!

  9. What a waste of policing resources! Leave those future leaders alone. When William Hague made his speech to the Conservatives at the age of 16 in 1977 he said “…it’s alright for some of you, half of you won’t be here in 30 or 40 years time…”
    In short, let not those who will not partake in the progress of the 21st Century disturb the freedoms that these young people can already see! Release them, let them burn their flags, let them express all the frustrations of broken promises of those who have outlived their very purpose!

    • No, they been charged for thinking that after almost 50 years from Independence choice of clothing was not prescribed.

  10. The Zambian police are just a bunch of 1diots who thinks they work for PF,some of them we end up at the hegue and mark my words.

  11. It seems the old man is too old to know what freedom is. This is a free country and we have freedom of expression, provided we’re not colliding or stepping on anybody’s toes. For PF to promise a new constitution, it was because they new just how pathetic it was. Unless they want to country to turn into what Ukraine and other countries have turned into, whose government could not hear the call of the people. And to the MPs, these guys are pathetic. Its a shame we have people who can only reason well when in opposition.

    • @flap jay,did mean to say it’s supposed to be a free country and ought to have freedom of speech?because in a country were freedom of speech is respected,such police acts doesn’t happen.currently Zambia under pf is not a Democratic country due to dictatorship tendencies exhibited by the soon to be late president chilufya sata .

  12. Yaba bafikala ba PF now we cannot even express ourselves freely and peacefully! This unacceptable behavior in a democratic country to say the list. People must be let free and express their views especially when they are not causing any problem or threatening peace.

  13. Thank you to the courageous youth of Zambia, people will discourage you because they have never stood up for anything, they have never been counted for anything. All they do is to criticise from thier seats. Revolutions are driven by young people. The old and corrupt are in comfort zones. Zambia’s independence was not fought by the old – ask at what age KK was when he fought for Zambia’s independence. Time is coming when Zambia will be for Zambians not those who have betrayed the motherland for life. This is not the time to move back – it is time to push forward, to march to the police station and speak the truth. This is the time for real leadership – the faith leaders must lead and call the nation to order. This is the time for stand Up together – united in demanding for a better Zed

  14. We are no longer interested with the pf government, what a mistake we made. Aresting people for demmanding for a constitution? Remember what TB Joshua prophesised about the two southern african countries(Zambia and Zimbabwe) There will be crisis bloodshade. This can be corrected if the president turns back to Go whom he promised to gorvern Zambia on bibilical terms. May Go hear and forgive us for voting in this govenment.

  15. @mufwambi bridget please state the law which the youths broke by legally demanding for the new constitution.

    A lot of tax payer’s money has been wasted through the Annel silungwe constitution commission for pf to start playing monkey tricks regarding the road map for enacting the constitution.
    Viva progressive and gallant youths for demanding the people driven constitution


  17. The PF lied to the Zambians and got voted into power through deception. So many unnecessary bye elections, indiscriminate taxation including of NGOs most of whom are here to help the poor Zambians, failure to implement other campaign promises including windfall taxes for the mines. We need yo vote this party out of office. Even one term in office is more than Zambians bargained for. A lot of infighting beats evidence of what disorganised the PF is. The Lord had definitely heard the cries of Zambians. May you leave office come 2016

  18. The PF lied to the Zambians and got voted into power through deception. So many unnecessary bye elections, indiscriminate taxation including of NGOs most of whom are here to help the poor Zambians, failure to implement other campaign promises including windfall taxes for the mines, the cold feet on the constitution. We need to vote this party out of office. Even one term in office is more than Zambians bargained for. A lot of infighting bears evidence of what disorganised the PF is. The Lord had definitely heard the cries of Zambians. May you leave office come 2016

  19. It hurts very much that the Zambian youths on their day when they should participate in the current hottest talking point in the nation are bundled away and locked up for a crime that does not even exist. It is even more painful to realise that 2016 is so far away.

  20. This madala Sata has to b checked out. He has DESTROYED “ALL THE DEMOCRACY WE HAD ACHIEVED” aerlier on. Its painful indeed.

    God ve mercy on us please.

  21. The wicked run even when no one is chasing them. This statement from the bible can clearly be seen in this action by the police, under the PF control in arresting the youths. Their lies on the constitution and unwillingness to enact it will catch up with them. No one is voted to be in office for ever. If they can do the best for this country as they have shown, why should they rule over this nation? Pack up and go!

  22. The youth sacrificed their lives in 1986 when the vicious govt of KK and UNIP ran amok and slaughtered hundreds of them for protesting against unnecessary food shortages. This action of the youth emboldened the masses and helped pave the way towards a movement to get rid of KK and his UNIP. I see history being reenacted here with PF’s non-stop stupidit.y.

  23. Zambia passed away long ago, when Sata took over, & returned the country to a Dictatorship.
    What we are witnessing here is THE DECAYED CORPSE OF THE LATE ZAMBIA!!!

  24. At least, people have started waking up from PF’s corrupt lullabies. Keep it up youths and continue fighting for the Constitution.

  25. @ Wantanshi, don\t lie. In 1986, there were food riots on the Copperbelt and there was no massacre of hundreds of youths. Those 42 young people who were intercepted by the police were probably redirected to another venue where they were to present their constitution petition. The youth day procession had no room for detractors, hence the police action.

  26. Some times the stumbling character has to die first for certain things to change. I know of a country where someone struggled to be president as long as the ‘master dribbler’ in that country was alive. No sooner did the master dribbler die than the poor fellow become president.
    Iyi yameni nkani ya kostitushoni ya amba kuni yofya manje. Maybe we ask t.b joshua for some prophecy ifintu tafilemonaka bwino muno mu chalo. Ubunga, exchange rate, ubufi pali constitution, ama statutory instruments kuti yabutuka!

  27. Ukusapula, insala na illiteracy is what has landed these boys in their current position. The sponsor has used them and is bound to make more money on them. What a shame.

  28. indeed it is a sad period for our country, the current ruling class has had a great opportunity to serve country and not self but alas, they have chosen the easy route only attractive to myopic politicians.The path of self destruction , the path of being classified as the worst fraud in our history books.we have seen this path before and we are waiting ….

  29. These are times when in Sata’s own words we say when God wants to destroy somebody he starts by making them mad or “isabi pakubola lintampila ku mutwe”. Would we be wrong then to say these sayings are a true reflection of Mr. Sata and the PF at the moment? Surely how do you detain people for expressing themselves?

    Provided it was deemed wrong for the youths to use the youth day procession to express their opinion on the constitution, the rational action the PF police would have taken was to remove them from the site with advice to use another avenue. Detaining them is totally uncalled for. They should be released immediately.




  31. there was a group of pf cadres in military uniforms who became unruly but the police chose to arrest innocent girls who were just demanding for constitution. i always say, police should act professionally.

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