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1974 AFCON legend Kaiser Kalambo dies

Sports 1974 AFCON legend Kaiser Kalambo dies

Ex-KK Eleven and 1974 legend Kaiser Kalambo has died at the age of 60.

Kalambo’s son Luka confirmed that his father died at Lusaka’s University Teaching Hospital on Tuesday morning after suffering from prostate cancer.

“He died around 10h00 at UTH in Lusaka this morning. He had prostate cancer and was operated on three weeks ago but he could not pull through,” Luka said.

Kalambo was born on 6th June 1953 and begun his career at Roan United in 1970 as a midfielder before switching to Ndola United three years later.

The former Zambia midfielder was a member of the legendary first ever team to qualify to the Africa Cup in 1974 where they trail-blazed their way to an epic final replay against Zaire where he played with Dickson Makwaza and Ackim Musenge, Simon Kaushi, Fred Mwila, Jani Simulambo including other stars who have since past on Bernard Chanda,Willy Phiri, Obi Kapita, Edwin Mbaso, Emmanuel Mwape and Brighton Sinyangwe.

He retired at Ndola Lime in 1986 before going into coaching.

On the local front, he coached Ndola Lime, Vitaform United, Konkola Blades and National Assembly (2011).

Kalambo also coached Botswana’s Township Rollers, Blue Diamonds and Meat Commission.


  1. Rest in Peace Kaiser. I Remember as a kid reading about the exploits of the KK11 in the Dennis Liwewe authored Soccer in Zambia.You will forever be a legend in Zambian soccer. We need another version of Soccer in Zambia…Ponga? Kaiser MYSRIP

    • Book Soccer in Zambia was published in 2005, so these days even 6 year olds are on blogs. Take a nap boy, by-the-way, did you do your home work?

  2. Ba Lusaka Times. Fred Mwila was not part of the 1974 squad to Egypt. Godfrey Chitalu, Dick Chama yes. Enjoyed watching Ndola Utd, with Kaiser Kalambo, Edwin Mbaso and Burton “Zamcab”Mugala at Dag Hammasjoeld (?)Stadium the home of Ndola United Football Club.

    • @ Chali, Fred Mwila was part of the 1974 team, but he was among the reserves that were not used. Ucar, there was no mention of him, probably he didn’t make it. School boys formed the core of Buselic’s team .

    • Burton “Zamcab”Mugala is doing very fine in Kasama running a successful nursing college and school among other things.

  3. RIP Ba Kaizer Kalambo! On the football pitch, you were a “short man” with “very tall” ideas. Always a marvel to watch whether playing for Ndola United or the KK11.

  4. Kaiser Kalambo wasn’t a midfielder he played right we used to call no. 3, he played the 1982 cup of nations, The squad, ghost Mulenga , Milton Muke, kaiser Kalambo, Emmy Musonda, Michael Musonda, Jericho Shinde, Jack Chanda, Jani Simulambo, Alex Chola, Jack Chanda, Petet Kaumba.

    • @Iziz, bakalamba Kaiser was number 6 for Roan and Ndola United, but used to p[aly at number 3 in the national team.

  5. Rest in peace, KK. You were part of the era when Zambian soccer was a marvel to watch. Other African nations trembled at the prospect of meeting the KK eleven in any competition in those days.


  7. One of the best defenders Zambia has produced.Rest in peace.You deserve a place in the football Zambian hall of fame !
    Rest in Peace

  8. Baiche Ba Lt …. Kaiser was a defender ku 3 ( left back ). Musenge was not there here is the teambaiche ,,
    1> Emmanuel Mwape
    2. Makwaza
    3. Kalambo
    4. kalimukwa
    5. Chama
    6. Phiri
    9. Chanda
    10. Chitalu
    11. sinyangwe

    • 1. Emmanuel Mwape
      2. Tools and hard way Mutale
      3. Kalambo
      4. Makwaza
      5. Chama
      6. Willy Phiri
      8. Simulambo
      9. B. Chanda
      10. Chitalu
      11. Sinyangwe

  9. Ba Kalambo, you will be greatly missed here in Jwaneng, Botswana by the Zambian community. I recieved the message last night with deep sorrow. You were such a jovial man. MYSRIP. Shi Katebe.

  10. Zambian soccer legends: 60% orignate from STYLISH ROAN UTD. Go well & rest in eternal peace ba KAISER, we shall surely miss you.

  11. Never saw the man play in person, but through Dennis Liwewe with his enthusiastic soccer commentaries, I “watched” the man play football on radio. I remember as a youngster playing “ichimpombwa” giving ourselves nicknames like Makwaza, Chitalu, Kaiser Kalambo, Dick Chama, Simwala, Jani Simulambo, and the like. Those were the days we looked forward to most Saturdays for some GOOD OLD football league games pumped through our 2 band transistor radios by Ba Liwewe. It was a great period for Zambian football, the likes of which may never be seen again in our life time.

    RIP ba Kaiser, you really had true fans in the youngsters of that era. You made us enjoy playing ‘ifimpombwa’ on our dusty makeshift pitches all around the country trying to emulate your ‘imingalatos’!!

  12. condolences to the family. Another legend gone. leaving a legacy of the old days when soccer is Zed was real soccer with Liwewe in the commentary box.

  13. Kaiser Kalambo was one of the best defenders Zambia has ever produced.He was very tactical footballer.You cannot past through his wing one,two or three times you cannot.He was a good reader of the game.He will stop you by taking the ball by your foot work and get the ball easily that is how Ba Dennis Liwewe in the commentary box he use to say eyes on the ball by Kaiser Kalambo.The only ball you can get through to Kaiser is a throw in on his position.MHSRIP

  14. Teti tubwelele panuma ba Kalambo
    Teti tubwelele panuma
    Geeee!!! RIP Madala. You fair share of contribution to the greater good of the nation will forever be cherished.

    Dany Kent call me.

  15. Kaiser Kalambo (born 6 July 1953) i… He represented Zambia in three African Cup of Nations tournaments and was named Zambian captain in 1980, the same year in which he was voted Zambian footballer of the year.
    [source: Wikipedia]
    Shi Nsofwa

  16. RIP KK.Too bad that no one cares about our heroes.He was a captain of the KK XI and no one seems to remembeq!Zambian young stars mix up everything.Tools and hardware was Bernard Mutale.KK XI was Kenneth Kaunda eleven and not Kaizer Kalambo eleven! RIP ba KK.

  17. You have joined a long list of our departed players. Our game has never been the same since. We miss the legendary 1970s stars who put their country first and putting on of the national jersey meant more than honour but service. They “died” for mother Zambia even when in their own right could have played professional football outside but only two (Emment Kapengwe and Fred Mwila) had officially been listed professionals. Your game evolved into the great 1980s and 1990s great footballers we saw till fate (1993) brought a sudden loss to what Zambia had always been – A great footballing nation. Ba Kaiser Kalambo, we mourn and we shall never forget!

  18. @Pungwa You are probably right with regards to Freddie Mwila. However, Chitalu was part of the team – class of 1974 –
    and played against Egypt when we went down 1 – 3. He actually scored the lone goal

  19. Zambians with football…! but when it comes to real issues such the proposed mining in low zambezi or constitution….we never speak up. Ukalya bola…continue wasting time on soccer….you will end up being slaves in your own nation as you worship foreigners….doesnt matter congole, sene sene….!

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