Sunday, March 3, 2024

Emeli Sande in Zambia



 British recording artist and songwriter , Emeli Sande,  is in the country attending a Gender Based Violence workshop with  Oxfam .

Emeli Sande ,who’s father is Zambian , is know for her hit singles such as “Next to me” , “Wonder” among others .


Emeli Sande in  Rufunsa 

emeli sande abel

Emeli sande with Abel Chungu

emeli sande mag44

Emeli Sande with Mag44


emeli sande pompi

Emeli Sande with Pompi




    • Emelie is your neighbour in Scotland. Camishupa shani ba Mushota.

      Welcome home Emelie. You have done Zambia and Scotland proud! Enjoy the fruits and sunshine of home. Do not forget to visit your roots in Luapula…

    • @Cindy is that the enjoyment, fornicating with those guys, every picture is with a different guy is it to prove if indeed they have big ones? Are those the best pictures she can display her her personality?
      She should have shown pictures of her grandmother and other women related to trip to Zambia.

    • @Nostradamus
      So she is having sexual relations with everyone she appears with in a picture? Did she provide photos and told LT to display or LT got a number of photos and decided what to display?

      Many people have taken hotos with people they have not sleep with!

    • Nostradamus is a male chauvinist pig He thinks women aren’t supposed to be successful so when he sees a successful one he wants to allude she is a tart

  1. Okey, I used to think Pompi was a chick. Stand corrected!!

    As for Emeli, mmmm, whole of a woman there!

    Sorry, as for the singing, very good beginning. Mix with the right crowd and you will start howling like they do! Bright future. And welcome to the real Africa !!

  2. Ba Mushota, how do you know that she thinks she’s all that, have you spent time with her? And if she does I think she has reason to seeing and she poses a talent you probably don’t. Don’t hate, congratulate and appreciate. With no shame, smh.

    Nostradamus…LOL, so you’ve slept with every person you’ve taken photos with te? She didn’t write the article, she didn’t pick the pics.

    Thanks for the laughs. Mad love for Emeli Sande, amazing artist she is…

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