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Former President Banda Thanks K.K on his 90th birthday


First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda addresses United Church of Zambia (UCZ) congregants at St Paul’s congregation at the start of UCZ golden jubilee celebrations for the UCZ church in Lusaka
First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda addresses United Church
of Zambia (UCZ) congregants at St Paul’s congregation at the start of
UCZ golden jubilee celebrations for the UCZ church in Lusaka

Former Zambian President Rupiah Banda has expressed gratitude at the mentorship Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda provided him.’My ascendancy to the Presidency of this great land would not have been possible without your wise counsel,’President Rupiah Banda said.In a letter to Dr Kaunda, whose 90th birthday anniversary falls on 28th April, 2014, President Banda observed that the Zambian Golden Jubilee, to be celebrated this year, is also befitting recognition of the contributions and sacrifices that the founding head of State made for Zambia.

Below is the Full Press statement

LUSAKA, 25th April, 2014—His Excellency Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda, the Fourth President of the Republic of Zambia, says he is proud to have benefited from the mentorship of His Excellency Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, the First President of the Republic of Zambia.

In a letter to Dr Kaunda, whose 90th birthday anniversary falls on 28th April, 2014, President Banda observed that the Zambian Golden Jubilee, to be celebrated this year, is also befitting recognition of the contributions and sacrifices that the founding head of State made for Zambia.

“I am very proud to be among those that are privileged to have benefited from your mentorship during the independence struggle to the present day. My ascendancy to the Presidency of this great land would not have been possible without your wise counsel,” reads the letter in part.

The former head of State is, therefore, greatly honoured to join 13 million other Zambians in sending best wishes on the occasion of Dr Kaunda’s 90th birthday anniversary.

Meanwhile, President Banda is this afternoon scheduled to leave for Tanzania to attend the 50th anniversary of the Union between the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar, to be held in Dar es Salaam tomorrow.

President Banda’s participation is at the invitation of His Excellency Mr Jakaya Mrisho Kiwkete, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, and he will be accompanied by his administrative assistant Mikatazo Wakumelo.

The former President has expressed gratitude to His Excellency Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, the President of the Republic of Zambia, for allowing him to travel.

Issued by:
Kennedy Limwanya


    • Now there’s a man who has earned a period of national mourning, true father of our nation! Not every ngwele who croaks ati national mourning! Waste of resources!

    • You r a problem. Your hatred in your inner being for Great men will destroy you. Hatred and jealous are a danger to oneself.


    • Do you remember what Dr David Kenneth Kaunda said? Zambia shall be free. Zambia…..shall be free…. if you were attentive at school and you were ‘just’ post independence child then you know the gist. Question? Is Zambia free old man? You made us sing all those songs for nothing it seems. My advice to you HE DKK is to enjoy your retirement and QUIT politics for GOOD. Happy birthday father of the Nation.

    • First KK looks great at 90, congrats. obviously It sounds good to heap praises, issue messages of goodwill and pretend to the younger generations that KK is holier than thou. But its also fair to highlight the truth about the man some call the father of the nation. KK is humbled by time, state machinery he used oppress, dictate and eliminate is longer in his control, if it still were he would still be as ruthless as he ever was.The man is still a divisive figure and his old self occasionally comes out. We’ve had murders and political violence,he remains silent meaning its ok for him. As head of state he referred to us as stupid *****s with impunity. KK was feared than respected or loved yet everyone pretended to keep in one piece.

  1. KK the dictator. I still recall how you used all state security apparatus to instill fear in the society. People mysteriously died including the clergy when they tried to advise you over the winds of change and democracy. Where are your fellow freedom fights I wonder? No Zambian could prosper under your rein except yourself. You fought the struggle for freedom under the auspice that you were liberating Southern Africa yet you were enriching yourself through arms sales. You are a bastard

    • Hmm ba Nostradamus yashani iyo mwayamba ? Mulibana babakulu ? Don`t worry he will make it.Reason why i`m thinking of becoming a vegetarian.I want to live longer like him.

    • @Saulosi, Mugabe is not vegetarian but looks stronger than kanunda and mind you, he is 2 months older than Kaunda. It is not about being vegetarian. It’s about life style and other things.
      Anyhow, happy birthday to the big man when the day comes.

    • @Zaulosi, you should see Mugabe’s appearance at the moment. KK looks better and younger than Mugabe. I think Mugabe’s days are numbered.

  2. @Don, it is not good at all concentrating on negatives. What you have said is part of history. Take those matters to the ICC in Hague. Otherwise you will keep hurting while KK enjoys praises from indifferent Zambians. Charting a way for a newly independent state sorrounded by hostile regimes like that of Ian Smith in Zimbabwe, apartheid South Africa, unstable Zaire, combative Angola and Mozambique and come out peacefully like we did deserves commendation-to ourselves and the man who was in the saddle, KK. Let’s do that while we can. His contribution, of course with all his colleagues, is indelible.

    • Do not be too sure about peaceful. Remember Adamson Bratson Mushala? How many attempted coups did we have in KKs time? How many bridges were bombed? Shortages of sugar meali meal and cooking oil which where actually manufactured here in Zambia. How many women and children died in ques for these essential comodities? Kumulu Lesa Panshi Kaunda. You say history we must forget negatives? say that to yourself as for me I WILL NOT Forget. I will tell my grand children and their children so that we never have a repeat. Just for appearances happy birthday ShiPanji.

  3. Happy birthday super Ken,u did your part and not all will agree but majority of Zambians salute your humility towards all people.the leadership code provided leaders to develop within their earnings unlike today were its free money for the current scenario in politics who claim to be our servants and yet we are their slaves.90 years its a milestone…i hope those u wronged will find heart to forgive u and as I know that u asked God to forgive u for some misjudgments made during ur era.

  4. I am just wondering why Mr. Jakaya Kikwete has invited RB instead of the incumbent!!! Am I missing something????

  5. RB did not give KK the recognition that the PF has given him.Now he thanx KK for mentoring him.The man never ceases to amase me!

  6. KK was a good leader whose regime never toralated coruption, misuse & looting public funds. He will therefore remains as a Zambian hero and should he die as some chaps above is wishing, 7 Days of national mourning shall be declared. But 4 HH only a minute of silence will be enough coz he stole all the money from privatization exercise & invest it into his business of portery farming. God shall also charge HH 4 beastiality crimes he has commited with his cows giving births to half human/cow.

    • I think the insults in the last part of your contribution are not necessary. Whether one gets 100 days of national mourning while the other gets zero days or negative days is of no consequence because the dead know not. HH’s wealth seem to be a thorn in your poverty stricken mind. Surely if he store anything he could have been frequenting the courts today on theft especially that the PF have vowed to completely obliterate him from the face of Zambia. HH was not in government to have access to those funds. His firm won a tender to offer consultancy and they were paid handsomely and that’s where it ends. If cows are a problem to you, stop eating meat. Otherwise whatever you say over HH’s cows is just yapping. I’m proud of him and I guarantee him mine and my families vote. Thankyou.

    • Round of applause to the black bird!! Well written and bears the flag of the land of birth rather than that of the impoverished infidel negro sweeping the train stations of America.

  7. RB is going to Tanzania and enjoy the independence of two states, Tanganyika and Zanzibar whilst refuting the union of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia in 1964.
    Copy and paste hypocrisy of living in denial about ones truthful as well as historical background.
    Truth is necessary, don’t you think so?

  8. MMD stopped Super Ken just in time otherwise he would have ended like Gaddafi or Mubarack. He was becoming vicious with his dictatorship, shushu were everywhere!

  9. KK was a dictator, a vicious one at that. His evil deeds far outweigh whatever good he may have done and I can’t think of any. We have forgiven him but we will never forget his cruelty. What a moment it was when kafupi kicked him out of power. KK is now being painted with a white coat, that’s okay, but his own conscience is our witness to his ruthless character.

  10. It is always nice to show gratitude mr Banda – well done. Can someone tell me – I have heard Nevers Mumba, Kalusha, Chipimo but has HH made a goodwill message for our gallant father of the nation?

  11. We just have to thank God for keeping our old man Kaunda ,and also pray for all our leaders good health,not wishing them dead who will advise the young ones.they say the elders speak the truth through experience

    • When I remember KKs missrule I am not wishing him dead it is part of his legacy. Even Hitler Mubarack Gaddaffi and Sadam Hussian had their good sides which people do not wish to mention. While others may chose to remmember the good times, I choose the bad times in Kaundas time because they were many. A serious example is the one party state, never ending state of emergency, perenial shortages of food, the party and its goverment. Some of these have persisted to today. Who said there was no corruption in the Kaunda days. The anti corruption commision was started in the early eighties by KK himself . Why window dressing? He noticed that the levels of corruption where rising in the country. I for one do not love or hate KK. What I do not like is pretending that all was honky dory when it wasn

  12. Happy Birthday KK.

    Shame on all his haters. Some people will never say anything good and that’s why they are called haters because they have no love in their hearts. They will see you walking on water and say “that’s because he can’t swim”.

  13. Well done papa RB you’ll also be blessed to ripe old age like KK but the clueless dictator currently at plot one will not be making it to such a lofty age.

    • Can you hear yourself think Mr Wise? What you have just said is unwise so you are not wise. I think you are Mr Bean. “whatever he did – good or bad he did it for mother Zambia!” what the heck? The old bugger held on for 27 years doing more bad than good in the end and that was for mother who?

  14. Dr Kaunda is greatest son of Africa who sacrificed his life 4 zambian s from those white colonial masters happy birthday ba tata not everyone will love you long live kk we still need you

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