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Lusaka Carnival 2014




The First ever lusaka carnival is on its way and its jam packed with all kinds of fun from the actual parade to competitions and live performances from some of africas finest artists.

Come and watch  Zonefam, Pompi, Mampi ,JK, Petersen , Mutinta , Cleo icequeen and international performers Hip Hop Pansula HHP (South Africa), Dj Waxxy (Nigeria), Taye Grinn (Malawi) and the legendary Mr 50/50 Mandoza perform at the up and coming Lusaka carnival and travel expo 0n the 25th-27th of april 2014 and get to meet Big brother star Pokello. Loads of exciting stuff at our first ever carnival. nobody can miss it, looking forward to seeing you there.

All the stops are being pulled off to ensure that the three day event is by far the most epic carnival hosted in africa. Tickets available at Airtel outlets and you will also be able to buy at the entrance .See you there




  1. Zambian traditional dress parade would add more originality and not those Halloween things I saw on Great East Road I saw organised by a caucasian some timeback. If you leave it to foreigners they will do what they know and do not complain.

    • There is no carnivals in zambia. Traditional dances yes.

      A carnival can not be held in an enclosed place.

      Definition of carnival ‘an annual festival, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade’

      This is not a Carnival, end of.
      Could someone back me up please..


    • Ba Mushota Ubututu na ma hang ups yafula, evolve move on be positive, you are so young do not be stuck in medivial days … nothing stays the same. Bushe if you marry an ancient person does it mean that namano nayo kuba ancient mwa!!!!

    • All performers advertised sounds its will be sex carnival. If you want real carnival bring, ifinyau, makishi, Kalindula, Kalela, Ndendeule dancers… those will attract foreigners.
      And why pay for carnival… sell tickets to traders of roaster maize, flied chicken, crafts sellers. Let people pour in numbers.. take it to Trade-fair not Mulungushi Conference center it will end up a carnivals for the “Some-of-Us”.

    • Carnivals are not held indoors,and i don’t think people are suppose to pay for such events,it’s suppose to be a street thing,please consult before wrongly doing things like this,if the intention is to make money then name it something else,if you call it a carnival ,based on which tradition?

    • Correct Mushota, there seems to a lack of understanding by the organizers as to what a carnival really means. Carnival is Usually outdoors but also indoors too especially in colder countries, but the content is not just centred around music but on fun and games for the entire family, which I doubt will be the case for the Zambian one

    • @ all the comments and haters above…..

      If you all had such great ideas why did you not plan one yourself. Don’t spread your negative vibes to the rest of us.

      Good luck to the Lusaka Carnival Team.

  2. I support you Mushota, this is imported culture, this is not innovation at all. Innovation means we take our already existing traditional ceremonies to another level by including modern day discourses of perceiving a modern society.

    • ….be serious @ Nostradamus…….some-one just pointed out your ‘flied chicken’…….there u go again with ‘Denise’…….

      Carnival is a street festival dance coupled with spectacular costumes and masks period. Organisers to re-title the occasion……

  3. Mr Mushota, I agree with you. This is not a carnival but a fundraising event for some less creative and impoverished organizers who have been hit really hard by the devaluation of the kwacha, high inflation, exorbitant fuel prices and unaffordable food prices. Just go and do farming bwana

  4. Call it something else NOT Carnival. Calling it “Carnival” is an abuse of the term! Nowhere in the World is Carnival celebrated just after Easter! Carnival is so much connected to the Christian calendar. It is like having a celebration on 25th April and call it the first Christmas celebration in Lusaka! Do not just Copy feasts and paste them without understanding their meaning and history. If organizers of this event understood what “Carnival” means and the season it is celebrated, they would not have called this event “Carnival”. Any person from anywhere in the world who reads about this “first Lusaka Carnival in April” must be surprised and shocked. It is like having games in Lusaka in October and you call them “first Lusaka winter games”.

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