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HH was not attacked in Ndola by PF members, but ordinary citizens-Wynter Kabimba


PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has that United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema was not attacked by PF members when he featured on a radio show in Ndola.

Speaking today when he featured through a telephone call on ‘Big Issue’ Radio Programme on Feel Free FM in Chipata, Mr Kabimba, however, condemned the violence which took place in Ndola.

Mr Kabimba said that Mr Hichilema was merely attacked by ordinary citizens who were angered with his outbursts on the Head of State.

“Mr Hakainde Hichilema was not attack by PF members but ordinary citizens who were angered with his outburst on the radio in Ndola,” he said.

Last month, Mr Hichilema disclosed that the suspected PF cadres attacked his entourage and interrupted an interview he was attending at a radio station in Ndola and that they were armed with among other things guns and machetes.

Mr. Hichilema said that he suspects that the PF cadres whom he referred to as being thugs may have come from Kitwe and Luanshya specifically sent to allegedly kill him.

Mr. Hichilema told the media that his conviction that the said suspected PF cadres came for his life is based on the fact that even after he left the radio station to open up his party’s new office in within Ndola, the same cadres pounced again on his entourage discharging fire arms while the Police watched the ordeal.

The UPND leader also wondered why up now the Police have not arrested any of the suspected PF cadres when they were present at both incidents when members of his party were being attacked by the suspected PF cadres.


  1. I completely agree with Mr Kabimba

    I think HH is a political prostitute who wants to enhance his name by any means necessary

    Those were never cadres certainly never belonged to PF

    Sad isnt it?

    The maturity of Mr Kabimba’s comments should be applauded here

    • Always comenting ifya busushi. teti wa landako ifya londoloka we mwana we mushota? futseke mweh!

    • Did I get this right, non-PF party cadres so called ‘ordinary citizens’ attacking HH because of his outbursts on the Head of State? These PF guys are specialists in exposing their dullness.

    • I am sure Nic is boring. For you to be commenting all the time! Some brain tissues should be loose!

    • Just where is ka kabimba getting this energy and courage to make f00lish statements??,,,,,,is he taking over PF because someone is dyingly ill????

    • @ Mushota

      Why is it that every time you comment you always give yourself a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘like’. Always one ‘like’.

    • @saka
      moshoto is not a woman, he is a man married to nicky another man but its like by a miracle they are no longer together. he got nicky as a gateway to europe but now he washes dishes in hotels and cleans toilets to make ends meet. during the day when he is off, you find him on net. at night he is nowhere near the computer, busy at work just observe

    • Mushota mwanawa ndoshi,thats why she or he surports the witch kabimba.Kabimba can not call his special squard he sent to be trained in sudan as PF cadras.This is a Group he will use and mubembe to cause confussion when HEMCS will declayer his son Mulenga to take over the PF presidence…

    • Ba Kabimba
      Do you think you are talking to i.d.i.o.t.s and i.m.b.e.c.i.l.e.s? You are a disgrace to the profession, you know which one!

    • Mushota, you are just too sarcastic to your assistant-assistant president Kabimba. You make me laugh.

    • @George Chela aka “mushota”. You mean you dnt have anything important to do at state house than always browing on Zambian watchdog and Lusaka times?Like really. And after that you arrange for a quiky from that chik at zanaco. Lmmfao. Soon, ull be like that guy you look down upon.

  2. Can for once, this good -for -nothing chap stop yapping! Nothing good has ever come out of his rotten mouth. What a country!

    • So ba Kabimba, from your statement, its clear that, PF members are higher than the so called “ordinary citizens”. To this regard then, we can safely assume or say that pf members therefore have more previledges than the so called ordinary citizens. Or else, why would you classify people into ordinary citizens and pf members. this is perhaps the reason why pf members are grabbing legally obtained land from the so called ordinary citizens. Such careless talk from the man who should be the guardian of justice in this country?

  3. This imbec!le has exhumed this TIRED story again! Leave it alone Wynter…yawn…you know you sent your cadres to attack HH in Ndola.

  4. Dear friends in the name of our democracy I think Zambians are able to tell who is telling the truth. Ordinary citizens have also started using pangas to attack inocent party leaders who are providing checks and balances to the ruling party? Where is the proof? Why hasn’ t police arrested these ordinary citizens? Remember no one can lie before the God of heaven. It will only be one day.


  6. LOL! Winter is treating Zambians like children. PF cadres on the Copperbelt have already claimed responsibility.

    • I have been waiting for someone to make that observation.
      Wynter please learn to shut up if you have notghing to say and only talk after seriously thinking thru what you are about to say. And consult.
      Your imbecile Chimbwii[AKA CHUMBWE] has already admitted to being responsible for this crime and we have taken note as the poilce cant act now fearing for their jobs.Dont get over excited and learn from pipo like Gen Miyanda who will always famously say “I WILL COMMENT AFTER STUDYING THE COMMENT”.

  7. But Godfrey Chuumbwe recently held a press conference where he and Copperbelt based PF cadres clarified that its PF cadres who attacked HH in Ndola. What are talking about Mr. Kabimba? Sometimes it pays to be honest bwana no matter how embarrassing.

  8. yaaaabaaa, this 1diot also. twatendwa fyabupuba.why is this rabbied dog running around the country? from one corner of the country to another using tax payers money talking rubbish, eish.

  9. With this kind of reasoning, I see now why Kabimba has never won a case in court, not even a case involving theft of a chicken.

  10. Interesting….PF cadres are NOT ordinary CITIZENS…they therefore DID NOT attack HH in Ndola…Waooooo! Politics are simply lovely. They have there own logic ka.

    Bravo Wynter.

  11. Why are people not attacking you. What is special with you, Wynter? Why are the police not talking and why did they not apprehend the assassins? Are you now encouraging ordinary citizens to start attaching politicians Countrywide? Wynter, you you will put this Country on fire, and you will be held responsible.

  12. Mr. “Factual” has yapped again.
    It is amazing that PF real leadership cannot fathom that any comments coming out of Mr. Factual Appointed just manage to alienate more and more voters?

  13. Word ! HH actually organised everything.I have data from my underground sources that he paid some people to act like PF cadres.The dude is so desperate.

    • @saulosi, I have underground information that you are well paid by kabimba to pass coments on this blog

    • @Saulosi, Why would you need underground sources for an open matter. Am beginning to doubt your higher faculties. In any case, it is an offence not to report information of a criminal nature to relevant authorities, or have you reported and Police are failing to arrrest?

    • Your inability to debate and resort to insults shows that you don`t have one.People who are unable to sustain an intellectual debate cover up their flaw by using insults.

    • Pinhead, I like insulting you because it makes me feel good. I don’t care about intellectual debating bla bla because intellectualism and PF are not a viable combination. It cannot happen. So, sh!t for brains, I will continue doing what makes me happy because under the depression your PF is putting us, I will snatch up any chance to feel bliss. Comprende? Douche?

    • Saulosi do not pretend to be more intelligent, for your own information you have insulted HH by accusing him of organizing his own cadres to attack him – are you questioning his intelligency. I think you are the one who behaves like a robot on this blog just because you are paid by PF to do so Shame on you.

    • @Dudelove…So in your challenged logic when you don`t agree with someone the best thing to do is using insults ? Ha ha ha you deserve an award my friend.

    • I just love how people fail to defeat Saulosi when it comes to debates forcing most to start using insults in their futile attempt to defeat him.I’m not PF but I like this guy.

    • @ Saulosi

      Whilst you are asking for debate, in so far you have produced only innuendos and plain lies.
      You want debate, then be factual with your statements. Otherwise you just sound defensive and irrelevant.
      And please, do not quote Kabimba as any utterance coming out of him is a insult to human inteligence.

  14. In future it is better to provide adequate safety and security for national leaders. To achieve that, it is necessary for opposition leaders to collaborate with public security providers. The attack was embarrassing.

    • You are another. Read Prof. Ndulo’s article Zambian Watchdog on the state’s responsibility to provide security for its citizens.

  15. Using simple syllogism and logic, a sane man or woman would conclude that if those thugs that attacked HH and his entourage in Ndola were not PF cadres as Winter Maize is putting it, then they were PF sympathizers because he has clearly stated that they did this because of HH’s outbursts against the Head of State (who is also a PF President).

  16. staunch PF cadres have disappeared from LT where is coachez, peter, mark, and the rest only saulosi and mushota have remained. its becoming hot here. your government is falling apart. come 2016 saulosi and mushota will disappear as well

  17. I not saying Kabimba is st..u..pid ,I’m just saying Kabimba has bad luck when it comes to thinking.

  18. you fools ask kk the one you are treating like a toy in public will tell you . he used to tell the truth some times by saying do not take god,s people for granted kabimba and your boss have taken god,s pipo [zambians] for granted you have forgotten that you cant give yourselves time to fools them. god is watching you everywhere you are. thanks

  19. The skyrocketing exchange rate attributes the overall summary of the performance of the PF. Excessive borrowing and the employment of a BOZ governor that only has a CV at PTA Bank (A generous bank that issues bad loans) is an indication of gross incompetence in this regime.
    No one can solidly state that the PF has performed any better than any previous government, oh well, excpet maybe UNIP which appears to the the mirror of reference for their policies.

    • pound rate today is 11.113 and dollar rate is inching towards 7.00. It has depreciated from yesterday which means we are talking a continuous downward trend seeing that the status quo of being dull still stands in the PF and its supporters. You put a cadre as board chairman of ZRL and you think Stakeholders that have influence of currency movements would have confidence in the fiscal policy direction of this country?? Please!! Dark Lord, I agree vehemently with your sentiments!

  20. Am worried now, that kabimba’s sickness has advanced to the brain. We may lose him ,lets put him in our prayer. His a uncordinated statements confirms my observation.

  21. As an ordinary citizen living in Ndola, I feel very offended by this mans statement. Please mr Kambimba do not drag the people of ndola into stupid issues. You should have atlest allowed the police to make such statements because that is what they are good at defending the ruling party. ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU TALK!

  22. Kabimba is an as5 hole with chicken like brains,aren’t these the same cadres who were carrying coffins arround demanding his removal from the SG office.Please Kabwamba we are not as dull as you are so go and tell the n0nse to PF cadres not Zambians that are morally upright.

  23. I think Kamimba was created when God was tired and wanted to rest. God was reminded to say you have forgotten one guy to be created and God asked who could that be? Kabimba, God said No am tired, they just said please God create him anyhow. That is why he looks like that and that reasoning of a person because he was created when God was tired and God never cared when Kamimba was being created, He created him anyhow.

  24. The man is on drugs and sometimes makwala yakola forgive winter , he is sick and on drugs – ARV.

  25. Imagine Kabimba defending Oscar Pistoriuos in the murder trial. Oscar would be convicted by now. and the sentence because of having Kabimba would be1000years and then to hang and after that lethal injection!

  26. “Ba Foloko abanenu ubuchushi bula bapa amano mwebo buchushi bwa mupo bupuba” goes the the lamba saying. Kabimba the suffering that you went through including loosing elections should have made you more wise to deal with issues of national importance but instead you have chosen to behave more less like a PF cadre. If a political leader is attacked and an opposition leader for that matter you should be in the fore front to condemn that barbaric incidence instead you chose to exonerate your thugs. Kabimba you should be suggesting ways of taming this violence even if we know you have a thuggish group fighting for you. When we have a civilized party in Govt. it should be compulsory for cadres and members of parties to produce membership cards. This will prevent criminals from taking…

  27. Zambia needs serious prayers and fasting especially for 2016 a day of National repentance is , also needed.

  28. Kabimba you are a dreamer. It has been days since this issue happened, why did you not have the answers then? You are really a useless, non elected MP with no constituency to call your own. Who do you represent in that parliament? When were you elected SG? Get a life and stop dreaming about HH

  29. Kabimba, give yourself seven weeks to relax. After that start thinking afresh so that you may regain your thinking capacity. Do not say anything to the media until you are sure that you are now able to make a rational statement. Do not try it, just go go go now.

  30. Ba wynter shud stop behaving like the
    PF are still in the opposition. when did it become normal for ordinary citizens to behave in that manner. and you call yourself running the country by trying to justify such nonsense. what a ‘missed call’

  31. Kabimba alone, has dragged P.F down to become “A Sewer Party”
    Add the other Nuggets in P.F, & this Party is No longer a Political party, but “A Filthy Party”
    Shame on Sata for aligning himself with these “Maggots”

  32. Kabimba,
    HH > 100 000 x Kabimba. Kabimba see all comments against you above. It means you say rubbish. HH is by far more important to Zambia than you.

  33. you’re right mr kabimba. we ordinary non-partisan citizens we all hate the immaturity of (HH). anything he says angers the citizenry. he’s like a desperate cow

  34. Ba Kabimba must go down into the ordinary people’s mind and ask what is on the ground. PF is nolonger the way it came when MMD was coming out. I would have loved to hear that those ordinary people Kabimba is talking about were arrested and asked them who they were. I have never seen a dull leaders as Ba Kabimba as if he is not a professional lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2016 is not very far. You shall prove the truth when Sata steps down and see you if you shall rule the Mother Zambia.

  35. Ba kabimba on this one you ve got to becarefull,you are dealing with volatile province town and a person whose been with these people way back before pf was formed.if kasama central is grabed by the opposition,it will actualy expose the cracks in pf.

  36. Mr. Kabimba is HORRIBLE ,lying in public like this from a minister is terrifying , God will severely castigate gim and all those around these lies.
    People of zambia knows these are relentless lies of a minister inpersuit of presidence in pf. However he is just cheating himself and his pf retards .
    Viva HH, viva UPND
    Zambia Forward.

  37. In this country we ve a vry big prblm,why?My Tongaz cazinz ve inv’ded a lot of websites includig radioz,too bad mwee coz by doig so they think they re promotig ther tribe,NO!! no song can sell in tonga,yaaaaaaa!!!!!

    • 46. Kimcho,
      Tongaz have invaded a lot of websites, radios etc. Tongaz are NOT promoting their tribe. They are defending their existence. Tonga songs may not sell to you but go fast among bantu botatwes just like Zulu songs will never sell in Japan. What you say is rubbish, no wander you support uselessness.

  38. It appears, without saying so, that our police “force” have concluded that after their thorough investigations, HH was attacked by “UFOs” in Ndola and not PF cadres as widely believed. They have since informed the Minister of Justice accordingly. I thought the “force” fell under Home Affairs, I was wrong!

  39. According to inside Jelabo unit,the people who really attacked HH,werent sent by PF.They were angered by HH’s words on radio that when he comes into power,he will repossess the Black mountain which was given to them by MP Musukwa.Mind you these are MMD and one of them actually stood as an MMD parliamentary candidate in Wusakile constituence.Insiders are saying Kande has obtained some mining licence in order to take over this mountain and are already planning how to handle him.These are very rough guys who can even kill over copper deals.Musukwa is a darling to people of Wusakile & other surounding areas because of the mountain.You can even be harmed if you talk bad things about this hard working MP.Just take an interest in unfolding issues on the mountain.NO ONE WILL TAKE IT AWAY…

  40. Just a reminder that most of the killings in the Rwandan genocide were performed with machetes. A machete is the weapon of choice by militias. The ordinally ndola citizens should not be accussed of perpetrating such evil acts . Learn to tell the truth boss.

  41. So citizens can attack a politician when he talks about hgh mealie meal prices, high fuel prices, the falling or destroyed kwacha, the political intorelarence, unemployment. Then people will swing into action to kill the politician to defend who. This statement by Kabimba is like we on the copperbelt are fools and are blind to the happenings on the ground. 2016 no trained militia will stop the peoples tide. WATCH

  42. Very interesting debate. Seems people construct the reality of the world very differently. What if mad people are actually normal and normal people are mad? Jst thinking to myself… Kabimbas’s statement is very, very strange…he seems to have an ego the size of Mt Everest.. to borrow George Mbombo’s vocabulary…Kabimba is ‘drunk with a poisoned chalice’! Power is the poison giving him a strange construction of reality!

  43. Sorry for people like kabimba and Mushota.we know your level of thinking are still at premature stage. please you can led the fools to accept your fablicated story.remember God is watching and listening to your lies. if at all you dont believe in God, your ancestors are watching you.Dont tell people what you dont expect them to understand. we needed an apology from PF leadership over this matter not fake excuses.we suffered for this Democracy.dont take us backwards to UNIP eras please ba general secretary of the failed party.God will laugh at you more than we do.

  44. Silence is golden, don’t understand why Mr. Kabimba has to say this when his own cadres admitted to have done this because of HH’s criticisms of the President. This is cheap propaganda and its rather annoying.

  45. This dude at it again. Is he saying that it is ok for ordinary citizens to commit crime as long as they are not PF cadres?

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