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60 people arrested for drug trafficking activities from Chibolya Township


Riot Police in  running battles at Lusaka's notorious Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers
Riot Police in running battles at Lusaka’s notorious
Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers

ABOUT 60 people have been arrested for drug trafficking activities from Chibolya Township following five successful operations including Sunday’s which sparked a riot.

Government has since warned that it will not relent in its operations to clean up drugs and other criminal activities in Chibolya township and other areas in the country that are engaged in such notorious conducts.

Home Affairs deputy minister, Stephen Kampyongo during a press briefing yesterday warned those involved in illegal activities that the law would soon catch up with them.

“We went into Chibolya Township and conducted a successful operation, the operation on Saturday is one of the many successful operations we have conducted and so far about 60 people have been arrested and are being investigated on drug trafficking,” Mr Kampyongo said.

Mr Kampyongo was flanked by his counterpart Nixon Chilangwa, Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Commissioner, Alita Mbahwe and Chief Immigrations Officer, Chilomo Milimo.

He said Government has enough trained officers to ensure it eliminates criminals in areas prone to illegal activities around the country.

He said the law enforcement agencies would ensure that they dealt with the source where the drugs were coming from and the market where they are sold.

Ms Mbahwe said the Commission has had five successful operations in Chibolya in which 56 people were arrested among them the nine who were arrested on Sunday.

She refuted media claims that the officers where over powered, clarifying that their operation was successful and that the riot only broke out after the officers completed their operations in the area.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has warned opposition political party leaders to stop the trend of taking cadres at the Court premises and turning the area into a political ground.

He said Government would not allow such a trend to continue as doing so was disturbing the operations at the court.

“Opposition political party leaders that were facing court cases should stop the trend of brings a lot of cadres to the court premises and turning it into a rally ground. They should only bring required number of cadres,’ he said.

Riot Police in  running battles at Lusaka's notorious Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers
Riot Police in running battles at Lusaka’s notorious
Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers


    • The DEC commissioner she does not talk, sound like a Zambian , can someone help here , even the Rtsa PR sounds like she is from zim. These are sensitive positions which must be given to Zambians.who brought those two women ?

  1. Thumbs up to DEC. I must, however, state that Chibolya Compound has been a breeding ground for criminal activities for a long time now. My suggsetion is that let those people in Chibolya be relocated to other places and let the Govt redesign the area for first class suburb and part of the money that will be raised from sale of plots will be used to resettle Chobolya people. As a nation, we can raise billions from sale of plots in Chibolya. Otherwise that place is really a criminal’s den.

  2. These operations were long overdue. Chibolya needs sanity in-terms of law and order/morals. Most youths/residents operate as tho they have their own government in that area.

  3. This clean up was long overdue. Chibolya is an eye sore on the edge of the CBD and under the nose of police and law enforcement agents. They have always known what has been happening in Chibolya and looked the other way because some of them are beneficiaries of the criminal activities that have been taking place there! Solomon Jere must closely look at Chibolya and clean it up!

  4. Countrymen, I learnt of the Chibolya drug den when a family member told us that this compound was source of his marijuana.

    I am unanimous. Chibolya in its present state as a haven of drug dealers and several of foreign origin is a security risk. DEC get them!!

  5. I was driving a light truck cutting across Chibolya carrying a bicycle. Suddenly a youthful man jumped into the truck and got my bicycle. Immediately the motorist behind hooted and i noticed and stopped. The man ran with the bicycle into Chibolya interior. An elderly man who saw me attempting to chess the thief hurriedly called me and said, “Just leave him, it will not make him rich. Where he is running to maybe a lot more criminals and they can do anything to you”. I got the wise man’s advice and proceeded without my new bicycle. That place MUST go. If PF manage to deal with Chibolya, they have my VOTE in 2016. In any case, they already have my vote for the roads in Makeni Bonaventure, an area which was neglected. VIVA PA BWATO.

    • What contribution have you made by making this statement which you can never be proven if brought before a reputable court? You are a true gossip! Go find your depressed marbles!

  6. Illegal shanty compounds like chibolya harbour dangerous criminals even from foreign countries. The government should send in soldiers to conduct a clean up operation to flush out these bad elements like KK used to do in the past.

  7. The Zambia police have a tough fight on their hands and I wish them good luck.
    Looking at those shacks in the background I am reminded of a documentary shown on Sky TV featuring an identical scenario when Rio de Janeiro police went for drug dealers in the slums all because of security for the world cup.
    The cause of all these antisocial activities is the neglect of the poor by the authorities.
    The government ought to address the main source instead of the ineffective sporadic swoops on shanty dwellers. For them it is a livelihood and nothing else.

    • The law enforcement agents are very right to conduct these clean ups. Criminals are simply who they are by their own choice and not because of poverty. There are people who come from very well to do families but choose to be parasites and criminals because they lack moral values as souls and probably because of wrong nurturing. The GRZ and law enforcement agencies should not relent, they should push with more vigour and energy in cleanining up our greater capital city of Lusaka.

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