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Launch of Talent Zambia USA, brain child of Robert Sichinga Jnr.



 Davis Chirwa(far left) Robert Sichinga Jnr(far right)


A simple yet innovative idea has been hatched to highlight Zambian talent. This is through the establishment of a platform to expose Zambian talent into the American market. Talent Zambia USA or just Talent Zambia, is the brain child of US-based Zambian born, Robert Sichinga Jnr.


Late last year Sichinga embarked on a mission to call different Zambian Talents and floated the idea of a platform on which they could have their own profile. The goal of which was as this platform was exposed and gained popularity, the talent represented would in turn also be promoted and exposed. With unanimous support, Talent Zambia USA was born. The talents represented on the site are based in Zambia, the US and other parts of the world. All Talent Zambia members receive a 1-2 page profile on the website at no cost. The Talent is asked to provide as much information as they want the world to see. Some profiles include music videos, movie clips or reals, pictures, news articles, professional bios, and links to other sites they might be part of. In addition to representation on the website, Talent Zambia will work to establish partnerships and contacts for the represented Talents.


As the Talent Zambia website took form Sichinga contacted Zambia born Seattle based Davis Chirwa, CEO of Channel ATV/DC Productions. Chirwa has many years of experience in the industry, spanning from TV/Video production, photography, and entertainment management. The two agreed to establish a partnership and committed to grow Talent Zambia. Sichinga and Chirwa began making calls to Zambian Talents. Shenky, a Zambian based singer, song writer and producer of Tinnah Touch productions, provided Sichinga with over 20 names and numbers of Zambian Talents immediately after hearing about the initiative. Talent Zambia represents models, actors, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers and individuals in film and media production.

On Wednesday April 9, 2014, Talent Zambia was officially launched at the Marriot hotel in Marina Del Rey a beach city in Southern California. In addition to the invited guests, a few Talent Zambia members were present. These included, Ben Daka a Zambian born film producer based in California, Talia Hayward a Zambian born artist based in California, Taash a Zambian born singer based in Florida and Talent Zambia partner Davies Chirwa who is an accomplished film/video producer based in Seattle. Each of the Zambian Talents present at the launch party exhibited examples of their work including two songs performed by Taash. Chirwa and Sichinga are currently working to expose Taash to the world. Chirwa and Sichinga mentioned that they are excited about helping Taash break into the industry and are convinced that she will be a force to be reckoned with. Talia presented a 4’ X 5’ mosaic of the late Mandelas face. The mosaic is made of 4,560 pennies.


Sichinga has also set up Talent Zambia Radio ( an online radio channel which carriers non-stop Zambian music. The music mixes on the online station are provided by Talent Zambia member DJs based in the US. ZedBeats, the largest online platform for Zambian music is also providing Talent Zambia with music mixes. Sichinga hopes that as Talent Zambia Radio gains popularity he would like to use it to air Zambian radio shows. Talent Zambia radio is available by going directly to or by downloading a cellphone or IPAD app called Radionomy and then finding Talent Zambia Radio station.

Several organizations have established strategic partnerships with Talent Zambia. The most recent includes a partnership with The Africa Vibes magazine based in California. The Africa Vibe magazine has agreed to provide Zambian content in their online and print magazine. The Zambia National Arts Council and the Zambia Association of Media Arts have both formerly endorsed Talent Zambia in addition to the Zambia Short Film Festival. Zambias Kings of Comedy are also part of Talent Zambia. Sichinga would like to introduce comedy sketches on Talent Zambia Radio, in addition to other activities to expose the group.

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  1. Nostradamus why are you a jealous man. Get a life . Feel you when a fellow Zambian raises your flag. You the guys that are jealous when your friends become successful .

  2. He is more intelligent and useful than his father. By the way Bob snr how far did the Saudi fertilizer scam go?!

    • Suntwe,
      Please dont insult parents on a forum? You have them as well and as far as I know, they are humans who have their share of regrets in life just like any other parent, the difference is that, their mistakes were never published or watched by everyone.
      Well done Robert and keep it up.

  3. Well done Robert. Not many know who you are in a true sense. To those around you, you are an individual with unbiased leadership qualities, fair in your dealings, articulate, resourceful, ingenuous, analytical, and above all very sociable. I am proud of what you have put together to expose Zambia talent(s). Like we say, you have put Zambia on the world map by letting others know what Zambia has to offer. This is the way it must be. To others with skills or talent that you are willing to share, come out in the open and expose them the best way possible. If you get stuck or don’t know how to go about it, Robert is there to give a hand. One Zambia One Nation.

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