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Another Zambian woman arrested in Ethopia for drug trafficking

General News Another Zambian woman arrested in Ethopia for drug trafficking

Another Zambian woman has been arrested in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for alleged drug trafficking.

Esther Banda 28, was arrested by Ethiopian Immigration authorities on March 29, 2014.

First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in Ethiopia, Dorcas Chileshe has confirmed the development in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Ms. Chileshe said her office was only informed about the arrest of the woman in question after six weeks.

She said Banda was arrested at Bole International airport in Addis Ababa on arrival from Brazil enroute to Lilongwe, Malawi.

She said Banda is reported to have swallowed a half kilogram of cocaine which she was given by her male friend of Nigerian origin based in Brazil who promised to pay her K1.2 million Malawian Kwacha (about U$$3,200) on arrival in Lilongwe.

Ms. Banda is currently under custody at Kality Prison in Addis Ababa and she will appear in court on May 29, 2014 for judgment.

According to the Zambian Envoy, Ms. Banda disclosed to an Embassy official who visited her at prison that she agreed to travel to Brazil after her male friend promised to help her start business of supplying Brazilian hair but later forced her to swallow cocaine.

In Ethiopia, a drug trafficking offense carries a minimum jail sentence of 10 years.

Four years ago in 2010, a Zambian woman aged 32 was arrested for the same offence in the Horn of Africa after immigration authorities detected the cocaine in her stomach at Bole International airport.

Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta has appealed to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Zambia to collaborate with the Ministry of Gender as well as the church in sensitizing women to beware of men pretending to help them start businesses by sending them abroad.

Ms. Sikaneta said many Zambian women have ended up in jail in foreign countries after being used by men who promise to help them become rich through trading illegal businesses.

Ms. Sikaneta also appealed to DEC officials to consider travelling to Ethiopia to discuss with the immigration authorities on how best they could collaborate to ensure that the arrest is extended to people who wait to receive the drugs at the point of destination.

She observed that as long as the men who are pushing the Zambian women into drug trafficking are not arrested, drug trafficking would continue to increase.



    • What does this say about Zambian women? Very gullible and shallow and willing to open deep for any foreign man.

    • Sad reading indeed especially that Zambian women have been duped a lot before by Nigerian men

      Come on Zed girls you can do better than this!

  1. women why a Nigeria always taking advantage of your desperation ,this is a project it can even take five years of befriending you and use you at last

  2. It makes sense that those Nigerian men sending Zambian girls to transport drugs should be arrested .Nice point of finding that solution .When a Zambian woman is arrested with drugs they should talk to her, give her a bug to wear( a wire). Then let her deliver the drugs and then arrest the person receiving the drugs. That way the Nigerian men will not want to use Zambian girls anymore because they would have become a liability. In Zambia the problem with many people is that when they see a foreigner they think that person is better than them even when a person comes from a poor country.


  4. I believed Zambian was smart but to be deceived so easily, and despite the media choked with the same news and Zambian woman still doesn’t get it, she deserves what’s coming to her. How low must you sink before you learn?

  5. The laack of the will to work hard, and lack of information. TV should take an interest in televising a show called Locked up abroad, in this there are so many scenarios that can edutain the nation @ large! There free episodes on youtube, let’s try and use social media to take charge and spread the word on the dangers of false promises and the truth about trafficking!
    Balumendo nabakashana, ala nothing comes easy! If its to true to believe, unfortunately it must be, other wise noone will promise you 3pin usarD if. They could make profit by themselves without you!
    Insoni mwe bantu.. This indeed makes sad reading! In terms of the law and facts lesson learned and. 10 yrs lost!!

  6. keep up the good work.lets all take drugs and become merry……..


  7. Zambians always trust foreigners and think they can have a better life if involved with foreigners regardless of where the person comes from. Poor Senegalese and Nigerians flee their countries in search for greener pastures in Zambia were people are still asleep. A foreigner in Zambia is like a god and no wonder they take advantage of stuupid unsuspecting Zambians. Women are not the only ones being hoodwinked into such illicit activities, even men are on record. Just sensitize all the nation about these foreigners.

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