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UPND is like Inkhata Freedom Party, it will go into extinction due to its violence-Kambwili

General News UPND is like Inkhata Freedom Party, it will go into...

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili

PF National Youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili has attacked the UPND describing the opposition party as a violent and tribal grouping that will never form Government.

Mr Kambwili has since likened the UPND to South Africa’s Inkhata Freedom Party which he said has gone into extinction because of its violent nature.

Addressing a media briefing at his office in Lusaka, Mr Kambwili said Zambians will continue rejecting the UPND because it is full of violence.

Mr Kambwili who is also Youth and Sports Minister was commenting on the recent confusion at the Magistrate Court involving UPND cadres which resulted in a dozen party members sustaining injuries after a car bashed into them.

“You remember the Inkhata Freedom Party of South Africa, where is it today? It has died because of its violence. Members of the Inkhata Freedom Party were moved around South Africa with spears threatening people all over the place and the people rejected it. This is what will happen to the UPND very soon,” Mr Kambwili said.

He said the UPND is tribal and violent and accused party leader Hakainde Hichilema of wanting to use violence to go to State House.

“HH knows that Zambians can never vote for him so he is trying to use violence and cause confusion in the country so that the international community can condemn this government, we know his tricks and this is why I have told our youths not to react to the UPND’s provocation,” he said.

Mr Kambwili also ruled out possibilities of dialogue between PF and UPND youths.

“We cannot dialogue with people from the UPND because they are not sober minded. Even if we called them for a meeting here they will pick up a fight, how do you then dialogue with such violent and unruly people?”


    • Kambwili should state clearly that PF Not UPND is de-campaigning itself because of their Panga violence.

      Kambwili’s statement only makes sense if the word UPND is replaced by PF where ever you find it in his statement. Every Zambian including Kambwili’s family know that its PF which is the most violent party.

    • ba kambwili, bena bebukisha ifya mu grade seven ati inkhata freedom party. the years after mandela was released. he has not read anything i can assure you about inkhata lately, but kubosa fye bena. He probably does not even know the leader of the party. i would really love a one on one debate with any person from PF, starting from their so called most learned Luo to their president michael sata on any issue. this is an open challenge. conditions of debate is that the debaters behave themselves and respect the host. pantu i know ba sata, nabo nibalya abakulanda landa, name calling to ridicule the opponent, making jokes etc without bringing any reasonable points.

    • He has talked sense for the first time and unless there is something wrong with you , you will agree with me that he is right


    • Yes @Mushota. Kambwili is making sense only to people suffering from acute “Pangalia Donchilytis.” People who can’t remember the running battles police used to have with Panga Family cadres when in opposition. Remember 25 Nov 2010 at DEC offices? Remember the Mandevu/garden riots after 2008 elections? Also remember that during your Sata’s court cases there where no MMD cadres fighting or interfering with you. But today. Score of violent PF cadres are found even when HH (or party leaders ) are invited by private Radio stations or visiting provinces.

  1. Ne nsoni takwete. In case you are still encased in your cocoon, come out and face reality. HH is the in-thing now. Your party has become like dirty pants. You lied to us and you still want to play on our minds. Muleya ba pompwe!! We’ve had enough of your lies.

    • Kambwili is fighting for his survival, when is his court hearing?
      Trying to kiss Sata’s… what a useless man.

    • Where? in Choma. Try Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern, Copperbelt, Central, and Copperbelt. Konse in PF.

  2. Kambwili is forever stuck on $tupid. Kambwili, PF will die with its founder President. UPND is still around despite the demise of its founder President. Dear Kambwili just fight your battles with kabimba in your party of Pathetic Failures (PF)!

  3. talk about your pf youths who are distributing land with pangas,why do you inolve south africans you bunch of loosers pf,you lied about our constitution now you are attacking upnd,kambwili you dont look like a minister with your oily face and yellow teeth go for full dental polishing

  4. hippo face even the mind is that of a hippo. instead of being sympathetic to the injured he actually blames the victims. what a shame to have such pipo as our leaders! am really embarrassed!!!

  5. Kabwili you are also starting to dissapoint the youths, we need ministers that can articulate real economical issues and not fooling people with cheap political jargons. Mind you electrotes will only vote PF back based on performance and not on cheap political statements.

  6. Kambwili lishilu lyakumyando,he has forgotten how many people died when his cadres attacked each other,hippo body

  7. Strange that this hideous creature can attack the UPND and it’s leader without any cause. He is fighting everyone in his party. He recently attacked Shamenda on the issue with miners, trying to please stone-faced Micheal Sata. Sata has his chosen person for the PF presidency!

  8. ba kambwili! how may times dd i call you? nooo, once not three times. listen, you are not God neither are u a prophet? UPND is older than PF, althought it has not ruled. do you know the future? Nooo, you are not God. answer properly. now you are correct, LEAVE EVERYTHING TO GOD. wh o knows maybe PF shall be like IFP , you have refered to

  9. Member of the PF “intelligentsia” has spoken.
    Only one consolation.
    If he had a functional brain, he was going to be dangerous. Otherwise, just empty words from inflated body and gimmicks driven tiny brain.

  10. ba kambwili ati UPND is tribal, we know that record is now broken. pf is the tribal party. who are you to say UPND will never come to power because zambians will not vote for it? speak for your self hippo, us zambians can think and choose on our own we do not need you hate and illiterate opinions. fyakusambilila kubukulu, rubbish, at 70years at graduate. your cadres are all over with pangas and machetes then you label the victims violent. very tiny brain

  11. What is this guy talking about? Since when did PF become UPND? Everyone knows the Panga Family (PF) is the most violent party. This is reality sir, work to end violence in your party or come 2016 KUYA BEBELE!

  12. Ala kambwili mupuba mwebantu..kuti walatuka abantu obomwa punkile dala naka motoka akakwashima..kambwili wee eco wunimkila utufi kanshi..ninshi walatukila ba HH aba kayele waba ukununka..viva next president viva sir viva upnd viva ba HH…napwa nine pulamba man kuno ku luanshya.

  13. My God help us. Honourable Kambwili should be serious with what he says. It used to be said that, the current president will never be a president and at one time the Former first President said Mr Sata was not a presidential material but he is the one in state house today. Violence is in PF itself more than UPND. What is the justification of beating and harrassing of opposition Leaders by the PF cadres? Why should the PF particularly Honourable Kambwili himself waste a lot of energy talking about the party he knows can never be given a chance by the Zambians to form government? When you fail to deliver you will not tolerate any critism. If you know that UPND can not form government why do you deny them a permitt to hold public meetings? Remember Sir you will not always be in power.

  14. This blubber piece should shut his mouth before he crosses borders to compare local politics with those in the region. He must learn to exercise diplomatic etiquette before he embarrasses his boss! He has no appreciation of the reasons Inkhata is where it is today. Keep your shallow politics in Mikomfwa! Fat slob!

  15. Iyee,
    His belly is full of blood for the cadres he macheted at the airport road. He has no shame. Let him prepare for exit in 2016…

    Look at his cadres with stitches on the neck before he talks

  16. A former Foreign Affairs Minister talking ill of an opposition party in another country (SA). Diplomacy at it’s best! PF’s definition of diplomacy.

    Seems Kambwili’s mission is to create a lot of enemies within PF and outside his party, now he has gone international

  17. I know Kambwili you are reading this article and the comments! Just look at how many people have “supported” your claims. Massive support indeed


  19. HH was and still looking for alliances to come to power…my bro u are still an under five.If u had a vision,u shud have worked with Sata and he was going to leave the seat for u.As of now,u will remain frustrated in opposition for ever.

  20. What crap from the man who looks like a toad! Kambwili’s mind is as ugly as his appearance. The id io t is a load of s h it.

  21. i agree with Davy….the man was not well advised.He can still reconcile with the big man and agree to work with PF.One Zambia One Nation.Southern province alone can not take some one to state house.NEVER !

  22. he has avoided talking about the car which was used to injure people. he has avoided talking about the driver of the car, he has not called for justice and neither has he sympathised with the injured. he cant tell you what pf was doing at HH s or UPND event.
    He thinks everyone is as stupid as Mushota to be duped by his grade 7 mind
    Its equally stupi to talk about parties from another country.No diplomacy amongst PF

    • “He cant tell you what pf was doing at HH s or UPND event.” What, a UPND event at the courts? Bane, is this meant to be a joke!


  24. KAMBWILI is a a Liar,PF has Machets and Pangas and even Guns just like Inkhata back in the 90s macheted,pangared and gunned down most ANC mandela followers in Soweto,Alexandra,kwa duduza and Natal..So PF is Inkhata party not UPND though am Chweeeela Syphaziser

  25. The Minister came out very strongly on the Grade 12 ZNS programme and promised he would resign if it does not take off but now he is very quiet on the issue and has not resigned. Is he normal?

    • Genetically African leaders have no shame center in their brains. If Nkhandlagate happened anywhere in Europe there would have been a different party ruling SA right now.

  26. Imwe ba “Ka Hoe” Don’t be stupid, & STOP Patronising us. I don’t really like posting comments on L.T, anymore coz nothing changes, but what I Cannot stand is a Liar suffering from Dementia.
    Ka Hoe, I’m neither P.F nor U.P.N.D, but Violence is the hallmark of P.F. Heinous violent acts have been committed by your party, & not once have I heard condemnation from Plot One, which tells us its sanctioned from the Very Top!
    Remember Gary Nkhombo, Farm Invasions, Airport Road Machete attacks, H.H. Radio station harassment, Magistrates Court Car mow down? Dare I go on, coz i could be here all day!
    Ka- Hoe, I think due to Dementia, you really meant to link your Panga Fraternity- (P.F.) party to extinction soon. Zambian’s are FED UP with your lies & thieving. Mwanya 2016!!

  27. …what untimely strategy of trying to divert attention from the hot KCM saga and high cost of living…….
    Inkata members also visit these sites….he must watch over his shoulders when he goes to South Africa any time soon…

  28. I hope he does not attract outrage and ire from the Inkhatha Freedom party. This is an insult at South Africa’s national pride of democracy. these are irresponsible remarks and Kambwili lacks diplomacy.

    • Is there diplomacy in accusing the Pf Government of collaborating with another named country to train the militia?

  29. I agree with you the chosen one. Kabwili is just showing us that he is one of the useless PF MPs. Why should a person who was a foreign affairs minister be so situpidi to compare a foreign party of a friendly nation to a Zambian party. Shemu on him.

  30. It is sad to see the calibre of our leaders. Kambwili is taking BS. Firstly u dnt compare PF or UNDP to a party in any other country… later on RSA. This is a diplomatic blunder. Secondly, IFP (Inkata Part) lead by Buthelezi is not NOT dead. They have MP in Palia. Lastly we need some political maturity pa Zed. Somehow we need to take responsibility as Zedians. How did we end with the like of Kambwili and Co???!!!

  31. Easier to see in someone else than in yourself. PF are just as violent, if not worse than UPND.

  32. kekekekeke elo lwanya kambwili is just trying to safe guard his job by making statements to please his ill mannered party members, you are even failing to prosecute one of your members who killed a fellow party member, sweep your house clean first, you l not hold that position forever;

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