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Scott extols plane crash victims



Vice President Guy Scott this morning led hundreds of mourners at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross who paid their last respects during a church service for the late Zambia Air force (ZAF) Deputy Commander Major General Miliokela Miliokela and Colonel Brian Mweene who died on Monday in plane crash.

Dr. Scott said his presence and that of other government officials at the requiem mass represents more than just a formal representation of government.

He said his presence and that of other government officials that included Defence Minister Edgar Lungu, Justice Wynter Kabimba and the Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema is also an expression of their sadness over the deaths of the two ZAF senior officers.

Dr Scott stated that in the two and half years the Patriotic Front government officials have been flown around the country, ZAF officers have looked after government officials.

He said it is for this reason that government finds the death of Maj. Gen. Miliokela and Col. Mweene, whom he has described as skillful pilots, a great loss to the nation.

Earlier in a speech read for her, Maj. Gen. Miliokela’s wife Tina described how life had been with her late husband, whom she described as her best friend who she will miss dearly.

And his daughter Mary observed that her consolation and that of her siblings was that their father died doing the thing he loved.

Meanwhile in her speech ready for her Col Mweene’s wife Janet also described how saddened she is on the passing of her husband.

Both Maj. Gen. Miliokela and Col. Mweene will be put to rest at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka.




    • What important national duty was the president performing that he could not honor Maj. Gen. Miliokela and Col. Mweene?

    • to be frank ladies and gentlemen, the commander in chief looked very sick yesterday, if you read WD he was even aided to lift his leg into the car. however what surprises me most is his propensity not to accept his status as a sick person and step aside to someone else. this is what we call self centred and opinionated. if I were george chello I would concentrate on bringing Jesus to him to repent because his days are just a few remaining

    • The commander in chief already had an outing yesterday. ..he has used up his prescribed time to outdoors. He is tucked up in bed.

    • this is what me and my friend Nostradamus talk about all the time,,, Sata cant even get simple moral basics right,,,,,, he is now refusing to attend a funeral of his war generals,,, what kind of commader in chief is he?,,,,,,,,all Sata enjoys is harrassing innocent people in courts,,, kaya mwe,,, uyu muntu!! muntu yo,,, ki kozi!

    • @ ndobo

      your English is bad just blog in Lozi.
      I have to take panadol after reading your sentences.


    • @Kombo
      why would you subject your poor bean size brain to read a comment which you know will cause a panadol needing headach to you?… what were you trying to achieve you Sata parroting cadre??

    • @Kombo headaches from thinking? amano like BaShi Kazimu, just 1 outing which @Jay Jay knows better and you get back to swallow medicines.
      Ba Sata’s failure to attend high profile Generals, is sign of disrespecting your subordinates.

  1. So, like i suggested earlier the commander in chief is deep in tears…on Facebook! RIP gallant men. My prayers and sympathies are with their families.

    • I even doubt if your Kateka will attend his own funeral, the man don’t know how and whom to mourn.

  2. Today extolling, tomorrow extolling, everyday extolling! Can’t you see that your rotten planes are sending these gallant citizens to their early graves. Pull your Sata out of court and correct things. National mournings are crocodile tears when no effort is made to stem what is fast becoming a massacre.

  3. I have the greatest respect for our elders but if the President is not fit enough to perform his duties its the duty of parliament to authorise a medical board to certify him.Running a country is very important and we need a visible President who just doesn’t show up for swearing ins and court cases.

  4. We need government to take responsibility by commissioning an investigation into the causes of the crash. This is what they do in responsible democratic countries. These men (May they rest in peace) were not in war. How can they just crash like that. What is the cause of the crash? who should be held responsible for this? Is it inadequate budget for maintenance of military planes? did someone put an improvised explosive device on their plane out of jealousy to fill the vacancies once they die? My prayers for the families as they suffer under the irresponsible PF government.

    • Yes we have lost finest Brains in the Airforce. what i would have loved to see was a Board of Inquiry (BoI) chaired by a person outside the Military. Anything could have had happened, ranging from envy, consipiracy and the leaving military officers alone on the board is sacrificing the departed officers. No truth will come out. Government should ensure the truth comes out. you can not just bury a General like that and leaving behind his juniors carry out a cosmetic boi

  5. The country is going down. Sata is too unwell to perform his duties as president: nanga ma MP’s bayopa chani kansi? Clearly, this constitution is NOT working and requires a complete overhaul…

  6. Picture of Sata coming out of court to his car showed a frail man who should be retired and nursed at home. People calling for a medical review are correct. The man looked like he could collapse anytime. His behavior in court also demonstrated that he is not only physically unhealthy but mentally deteriorating. I think it’s malicious to allow a man so obviously sick to continue with official duties, most of which he has probably abdicated. Let him rest in retirement.

  7. I personally think the presence of the Veep is enough honor to the departed as this was the Deputy Air and Leader of one of the Squadrons . Had it been the Air Commander who had passed then the absence of the CIC would have been questioned. Also they crushed during a routine ops if they had been say on special ops or at war we would have demanded the presence of the CIC. Yet I don’t take away how others feel about this.

    • Noel your thinking is wired and insane. The so called CIC should have shown presence at the church instead of the courts for stupid non issue. The Deputy air commander is a serious position to be trivialised like that. You should be able to distinguish matters of national importance and personal stupidity.

  8. The Queen is the commander in chief of the armed forces in the UK and does not attend any of such funerals and so is Obama, what is the fuss for then? Us Zambians are so petty. By the way do some of you bloggers even work, because you comment on every story regardless of whether you are making sense, where do you find the time? I think some of you are just dependants who blog whilst your wives are working to feed you and pay for your internet.

  9. The hatred that is exhibited towards Sata overshadows even the very big positive points that these guys try to express. Can we rise above tribes if we want to push this country in the right direction. It seem even other article which don’t even concern Sata (of course not this one) have to bring his name in. Shame.

  10. Mature, you are very right. These people spewing repugnant stuff here must be a club that keeps changing aliases so as to give an impression that everyone hates Sata. You are alone you rascals. You can’t hate someone like that and expect to go anywhere. He will keep making strides and in the end you will be embarrassed. Go away!!!

  11. When Sata shows up haters complain. When he does not show up, haters still complain. Bitterness is a desease that needs healing. How can you afford to be bitter for this long? Come 2016 some people will commit sucide out of being bitter when us who know how vote vote. One thing is for sure, the mojority will not vote for an under 5 tribal person whatever hatred is spread on the ZWD.

    • When Sata shows up his supporters rejoice; when Sata does not show up his supporters rejoice. What exactly is your point?

      Beyond that, of course, you sound more than a little bitter yourself!

  12. It is like matipa, jay jay or gay gay, dobo or ndobo whatever are preoccupied with the president’s health. Iye ine uluse to ndobo matipa jay gay. For how long has your ZWD being saying that Sata is sick? Come 2016 you will cry. Even if God has take Sata, certainly the successor won’t be under 5. But God holds everyone’s life. Only God knows when one will depart earth. Now come 2016 PF again bcoz 1) L400, Link8000, Pave2000, 600 health posts, Chingola- kitwe dual carriage way, universities (Robert Makasa, Chalimbana etc) schools, Chiawa bridge, bumper harvest, new airports etc. So come 2016 you will cry. Remember as you wish our president to get sick more, we are busy praying for him everyday. So matipa, jay gay etc will be shocked to leave earth in death earlier.

    • my brother I for one want sata to live longer but its you bakonto who are busy forcing him to continue even when you are seeing that his health is not at its best because you know the moment someone else comes your ‘akalilo’ will vanish. truthfully speaking, my president too(mr sata) is under huge stress and that accelerates to a worse situation someone’s health. be real unless you have never fallen sick at any time. ku hospital they give bed rest coz they have scientifically proved that when you are unwell you need rest or else you send yourself to the grave earlier

    • At Matipa, how do you know whether Sata is sick or not? This is the problem of Africa, to you a president has to be huge with a pot belly, looking shiny for you to think the president is okey and working. Look at President Roosvelt of USA how he was looking like when he was the president. He became frail and that was a sign of a working president. If Sata is looking frail, it means he is working hard for the country unlike other leaders who look very health but the nation is sick of malnutrition. The bottom line is that you are anti bemba and anti Sata. Everyone knows from your previous comments together with your buddies Jay Gay, Dudelove, nistrodomus or whatever. Comments are there in the archives and they point to one thing: Hatred. In your comments you rejoice that Sata is sick.

  13. it shows how narrow minded people can be. They Sata to die but what they forget is that, God has counted our hair on our heads so as our days to live. We may wish those we do not like to die but we have no power to let those we like to live because we are humans and lack the will to turn our wishes into reality. In Bemba we say, ‘ Ipombo lilapona ibonge lyashala.’ in others words, unripe Mango can fall and the ripe remains attached to the tree.’ the young can die and the old remain enjoying life. If Sata’s days numbered, he will die whether he or his physicians try by all means. So as anyone else.The problem is even people who are learnt are so crued being slim is healthy as being fat is associated with Cardiac vascular diseases. Developed countries are educating people on…

  14. Is it not sufficient to say God did not invite Sata to the occasion? Being our supreme ruler, God, has I think another invitation plan for our President …

  15. I believe most Zambians do not wish Sata dead when they talk about his health. The fact of the matter is that it is now clear (regardless of those burying their heads in the sand because they are beneficiaries of the PF regime) that Sata’s health is not good. It is inhumane to subject him further to the stresses of the Presidential office. He needs to rest and concentrate on his wellbeing. Article 36 of the Constitution states that the majority of the cabinet may resolve that the physical or mental capacity of the president ought to be investigated. If they do so and inform the Chief Justice, a board of not less than 3 medical practitioners will be appointed to carry out the said investigation. But of course, its the same cabinet that has its head in the sand!

  16. All these paid PF cadres whose job is to blog on behalf of the PF are not educated enough.Fidel Castro had to step down on medical grounds,Mandela served one term and there are others like Nyerere who stepped down before their mandate.Sata has been unwell and just like Sata was mocking Levy after the first stroke, people are in denial.Do these cadres find Sata’s behaviour to be normal?Is that how a decent normal President behave in public, playing with KK’s head,insulting his own Ministers, rediculing the first lady in Public(at ZAF Livingstone) and the list goes on.There is a man who can not face his own people and address important issues and only relies on the cartel and Chella to post what they like on his facebook page.He only reads the post and has no clue what is happening in…

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