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Guy Scott to represent Zambia at Jacob Zuma’s inauguration ceremony

General News Guy Scott to represent Zambia at Jacob Zuma's inauguration ceremony

Vice President Guy Scott (right) and his wife Charlotte (left) during a dinner hosted for delegates attending the ongoing 3rd International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Conference for the Africa-India Ocean Region at Zambezi Sun Hotel in Livingstone
Vice President Guy Scott (right) and his wife Charlotte (left)

Vice President, Guy Scott, is today expected in South Africa ahead of the inauguration ceremony of South Africa’s President-elect, Jacob Zuma.
Dr Scott will land at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg by a commercial flight at 09:00hrs.

ZANIS staffer Emmanuel Banda reports from Pretoria that this is according to a tentative program released in Pretoria today by the office of the Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa.

The program further says Dr Scott, who will be accompanied by his wife, Charlotte, will travel by road to Pretoria on Saturday morning for the inauguration of Mr Zuma at the Union Buildings.

Former Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, is among several other heads of states and government invited to attend the event.

The South African government has also invited the entire African Union to attend the inauguration ceremony.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, is also expected to arrive in the country today from Angola where he went for other official duties to join hundreds of other foreign ministers to attend the ceremony.

Hundreds of guests, including journalists, have continued queuing at Pretoria City Hall for accreditation.

Meanwhile, the new South African National Assembly in Cape Town yesterday elected African National Congress President, Jacob Zuma, as the President of the Republic of South Africa according to the constitution.

According to local media reports, Mr Zuma was elected unopposed although the Democratic Alliance (DA) opposed the nomination of Mr Zuma.

DA federal executive chairperson, James Selfe, objected Mr Zuma’s nomination, saying the nomination was irrational as Mr Zuma’s conduct during his previous tenure conflicted especially with Section 96 of the Constitution.

‘’In particular he has not acted on recommendations of at least two of the public protector and he appointed a national director of public prosecutions who was manifestly unsuitable and his appointment was set aside by the constitutional court—-,’ he alleged on a point of procedure.

However, Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng, wondered whether Selfe’s allegation was related to any point of procedure before dismissing the point raised by the opposer, jokingly saying it was without costs.

By press time Judge Mogoen was in a process of swearing members of the National Council of Provinces. Yesterday, Provincial Premiers were also sworn in.


  1. Let’s just be honest; under Sata’s rule Zambia’s only credible representative to any official event in SA is Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and not this MUZUNGU WOPUSA who has openly declared his hatred for South Africans. Why should Zambia be represented by a Muzungu?

    • You racist. He has done more for this country than what you have done yourself and your family. Learn to give credit.

    • Musonda, how is Wanu a racist? If anything, it is Scott who is a racist though in more insidious and subtle ways. This is someone who is married to a fellow muzungu (preservation of white purity?), who hardly has any black friends and who despite the fact that he was born here (in Zambia), he cannot fluently speak a single local language. And when he says one or two broken words in icibemba or chinyanja, we cheer him. No people! We should find that unacceptable for someone who is a native. Guy Scott is a Zambian citizen with options (British).

    • Let Guy Scott represent Us since Zambia does not have a president. We just have somebody sleeping at state house pretending to be fine.

    • @njalamimba, you are truly a lost cause. What racism is wanu displaying. people like you are so bent on white people, that it feels you with pride when you see alot of white people in the country. to you it makes you feel that zambia is developed or is as good as those countries you so much admire in the west just because there are white people here. Every white person is a devil unless he can prove otherwise, and all you have to do is look at your history books, and of course not the history books he has written for you, but the books he tries to hide from you, that you will prove my point. like mushotas child has written, how can scott not speak any native language fluently when he is a citizen. Kumyabo, you have to take language proficiency classes or exams to become full citizens.

    • Dr. Scott speaks both Nyanja and bemba fluently and also knows lots of proverbs in those languages if i may add. I have personally spoken to him and his wife. ..What’s wrong with him marrying a white person..Is there also something wrong for Obama to marry a black woman when he is black and majority of the United States citizens are white?

    • Shut up racist. You must be Tonga to use this HH language of broken Nyanja ati “muzungu opusa”. I guess HH thinks he will get support from Eastern if he says 2 words in Nyanja

  2. Why is Charles Katongo not going? If he has energy to go to court and testify let him attend the inauguration of Zuma!

  3. Desperately running to neighbours in an attempt to get their presidents coming to Zambia? No way! Not with that rag still at state house.

  4. Well at least one thing is guranteed, none of these individuals will be rubbing Zuma’s bald head and embarrassing him on his big day. Impressive system that the South Africans have to allow adequate time for any outstanding electoral issues be settled before presidential inauguration. Signs of a mature democracy. We have a few things to learn from our brothers and sisters down south.

    Wondering why HEMCS is being referred to as Charles Katongo, seems it’s all over social media but I can’t seem to figure out what it’s all about

    • Yesterday in court, he identified himself as ‘Michael Charles Katongo Chilufya Sata’. Even his full names was don’t kubeba

    • Chosen one. You are not chosen after. How could you miss the court scandal where this confused looking gentleman with uncombed hair entered the dock and started undressing the poor policemen in the court. He identified himself as Michael Charles Chilufya Katongo Mwelwa Sata.

  6. If you question why Charles Katongo Mwango Chilufya Sata is not attending the inauguration of Jacob Zuma, the PF praise singers and damage control goons will tell you that he has a lot of pressing matters to attend to. This is as if other presidents who will attend the event have no pressing matters to attend to. We have become a laughing stock in the region because of lack of seriousness on the part of those occupying positions of leadership. What a shame for Zambia! All this is happening while we are just watching. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We have allowed “useless” people to be responsible for managing the affairs of our country. Just look at our currency and how useless it is becoming every day. We are going back to those days when the kwacha was worthless to a dollar.

  7. He has time for trival court appearances and pointless weddings of someone’s daughter BUT the Facebook President has no time to attend the inauguration of a president of country where we import 70% of our products.
    Who advises this old man?

  8. And what is he going to say? After telling South Africans that they are backwards what will be going through his mind when he is there.? This shameless muzungu opusa has made things worse for zambia under PF.

    • Ndiwe opusa wamene iwe. It is true South Africans are backwards. They think everything revolves around them and yet Zambia played a very big role in freeing them from Apartheid. We lost a lot of money in helping liberate them and they behave funny now. I don’t regret what Guy Scott said about Zuma because it it true.
      What are you afraid off about South Africa. You think they will chase you when you want to cross the border are Beit Bridge on an Intercape bus?

  9. Well the South African Govt have invited the entire AU! Which president came to the inauguration of our own, MCKC Sata- please remind me.

  10. Something amiss with these guys from the North. Chiluba had Fredrick, Titus, Mpundu, Jacob Chiluba. Now this one has Michael Chilufya Katongo Charles Mwango Sata. Six names one person? Something wrong here Ka!

  11. Enjoy that drink, Mr Guy. You’re going to need many more — just don’t speak to the media afterwards. You are likely to offend. In vino veritas.

  12. President Sata has more serious matters to attend to. Cheering Musholozi’s swearing ceremony is not a priority.

  13. South Africans generally have great respect for Zambia but that respect has cooled off a little because of the thoughtless utterances by Dr. Scott.

    • They have great respect for Zambia in what sense? Home of the communist ANC and now a dumping ground for condemned foodstuffs and vinegar labelled as “wine”? Be serious

  14. Where is Charles Katongo??? He called Levy Mwanawasa a cabbage so what is he now? Never play with other people’s misfortune when you are a mortal human being with blood. He is sick but his praise singers cant see that.

  15. It is not an obligation that the president should attend the ceremony of Zuma in SA. After all he also never attended President Satas in auguration

  16. Why bother “bending your knees” and “doffing your caps” for this man – he is a thief and a liar!

  17. Awe SURE ati ‘abena Charlie Kays has more important things to do than attending an inauguration in Sud Afrique’.

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