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US government bemoans levels of political violence in Zambia


U.S Embassy Charge’d’Affairs, David Young talks to journalists

The United States government has expressed concern over the culture of political violence in Zambia were political cadres resort to using machetes whenever disagreements arise.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 238th independence anniversary of the United States of America and 50 years of good relationship between with Zambian in Lusaka last evening, U.S Embassy Charge’d’Affairs, David Young, said in a democracy, disagreements are settled with words not machetes as witnessed in the Zambian politics.He bemoaned the intolerable levels of violence in Zambia where citizens who disagree with government views are attacked by state sponsored cadres.

Mr. Young said it is regrettable that the Police harass political parties, civil society groups and journalists who are merely exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and assembly.

He stressed that freedom of speech, assembly and the press are foundational rights, adding that democracy can only flourish when the said rights are guaranteed for all citizens no matter which party or group they support.

[pullquote]it is regrettable that the Police harass political parties, civil society groups and journalists who are merely exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and assembly.[/pullquote]
He further stated that a vibrant and independent NGO community is crucial to democracy and development.

Mr. Young strongly encouraged the Zambian government to work with the NGO community to find a mutually acceptable solution regarding NGO registration and autonomy.

And Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya said Zambia will continue to play its role as a beacon of peace stability in the region through its commitment to the principles of democracy and good governance.

Dr.Chilufya said government will continue to pursue social and economic programs in order to fulfill the aspirations of the Zambian people into a future of hope and dignity and that assures them of education and employment opportunities, poverty alleviation and justice for all.

Some of the prominent people who attended the function include, First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Vice President Guy Scott, Chieftainess Nkomesha Mukamambo II of the Soli people in Chongwe district, who is also the House of Chiefs Chairperson,UPND Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo, and senior government officials.

Vice President Guy Scott,First Zambian president Kennneth Kaunda and Mama Chibesa Kankasa during the U.S independence anniversary
Vice President Guy Scott,First Zambian president Kennneth Kaunda and Mama Chibesa Kankasa during the U.S independence anniversary


  1. I too bemoan the levels of PF perpetuated violence.Please institute a travel ban on Sata,his wife and ministers.Thats the only way to catch their attention.

    • We have a THUG in State House. Violence is in his DNA. It is something he carried over from his UPP days. ….a tribal and violent party.

    • @Yamba

      You are a f00l. Just because America is aggressive in foreign lands does not mean that we should let stupid Sata and his PF decimate our peaceful democratic tenets in Zambia.
      For the American envoy to mention that, it means he is well informed of all the PF ‘s violent plans even before they are implemented. He knows who between Sata and Kabimba issues those orders to PF cadres and Police to intimidate the opposition political parties each time they try to go about hearing people’s grievances.

      Sata and his PF have messed up Zambia big time. The only time Zambia was peaceful and developing in a sensibly, was when Sata was out of government. Mwanawasa did very well because Sata left the government in protest as Mwanawasa could not tolerate Sata’s madness.

      Sata and PF =…

    • Sata is personally responsible for the mess PF is creating in Zambia. He is a violent character who uses force to achieve his political ambition. He is has relied on the tactics he used in colonial era to silence the freedom fighters during the independence struggle when he worked for colonial masters as spy.

      My theory is Sata was responsible for UNIP’sfailures and MMD ‘s failures under Chiluba because those regimes allowed him to take centre stage and influence decision making at the highest level.

      MMD under Mwanawasa and Banda, performed very well because Sata was out of government. He him self confesses that he could work with Mwanawasa as he considered Mwanawasa difficult because he was not going to tolerate Sata ‘s madness in his government.

      Sata in power = trouble.

    • I am pretty sure that if the PF can find a way to get rid of Sata, and replace him with the likes of Simuunza or Chitala,PF can begin to turn their political fortunes around and begin to deliver on their promises.

      Sata Not his ministers is solely responsible for PF’s under performing in government because he likes things done his way and yet he has not a single clue about economic matters.

      All Sata knows is using violence and brown envelops to buy support from poor voters.

      I am warning all those chiefs who accepted Sata’s brown envelops that we shall prosecute them if they don’t confess these crimes post 2016 election.

    • @One Hit Wonder!,
      Remember the promise of 90 days? Everything 90 is magic with PF. He was not doing much more than ‘eating his cake’ and chatting away. Mugabe across the Zambezi is even running a government at 90! …

    • Violence must be stopped in our politics but the USA is the wrong adviser on the subject.

      The USA is the biggest exporter of violence

      its a situation of a robber claiming to play a cop

  2. While I am of the view that the responsibility of ensuring that this PF lawlessness is contained rests squarely on us Zambians, since we were foolish and gullible enough to vote in one of the most pathetic governments ever seen on the African continent, I still feel the Americans should come out and sanction this government of goons in much stronger terms than these. When American children start to die in efforts to bring peace to a war ravaged Zambia as marauding panga wielding PF thugs go on orgies of murder of innocent Zambians, a specter not so far from now, it is the US citizens that will condemn this same Government of Young’s for not doing enough to forestall this eventuality. My advice to Young, start by imposing travel bans to Western countries by Sata and his cabinet of thugs.

  3. While the responsibility of ensuring this PF thuggery is fought rests squarely on us Zambians for voting in one of the worst governments ever seen on the African continent, I still feel the Americans can do more than pussy foot around this very serious state of affairs. It is this same Young and his government who will feel the pressure of their own citizens when their children start to die at the hands of these same PF panga wielding goons in efforts to bring peace to a war ravaged Zambia, a spectre not too far from now. Can they not start by imposing travel bans to Western countries, on Sata, his family and thieving cabinet? This is the only language these pathetic leaders will understand.

  4. You need to do more than condemn Mr. Young. It is you and your Government who will feel the heat when your citizens can no longer tolerate the deaths of their children at the hands of panga wielding PF thugs in efforts to bring peace to a war torn Zambia. Impose a travel ban on Sata, Kaseba and the Zambian Cabinet NOW!

  5. UPND is the worst culprit in violence!! I wonder how arrogant they could be if at all the got into power!!

  6. Your words have killed your kwacha who doesn’t know how many wars america has created in the world lastly it is ukrain can’t talk of syria , iraq libya could be one of the shining models of the goodness of america

  7. One question: Why is the U.S. independence anniversary being commemorated in June in Zambia and not in July; 4th of July, to be specific? Am I missing something here?

    • Same here. I am scratching my head. Why June and not 4th July? Maybe its to do with 50 years anniversary of bilateral relationship. Ba LT help,

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us draw a list of perpetrators after which sanctions should be applied and extended to their families and business associates.

  9. That US man should stop acting like he is our policeman. The days of colonialism are long gone. We Africans don’t condemn things happening in America. Young Keep your America, Cameron keep your Britain I will keep my Zambia

    • @Umwina Zed, you must be a blood relative of President Sata who also attributed colonialism to President Bush when he visited Zambia. Bush corrected Sata. Do you remember what he said? Always check your facts first.

  10. Zambia’s politics is a museum relic! You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Old politicians, if and when voted into office, bring back the politics of stone-throwing. It is as though we never had enough of that under UNIP. Zambians, unfortunately, have the knack to cling to the past with all its backwardness. Any wonder that the big players in Zambian politics are the ancient and the old!

  11. Mr Young has not said anything to be condemmed about: all those against his speach are the people causing havoc in this country, the truth hurts ka, we want peace we want order, never has a country been run by thugs as we are having now, the police are even afraid to arrest the cadres that were protesting against kabimba, what sort of state is this, but if the opposition even try to hold a rally there is always trouble with the police, Mr Young I salute you, at least someone is watching:

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