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Zambia ranked number 3 on 50 promising top destinations globally


ZAMBIA has been ranked number three on the top 50 Top travel destinations that will be huge and lucrative in the next 10 years.

The list has been dominated by countries in Africa, with Namibia taking the number one spot.
Sixteen other African countries made the list, including Zambia (Number three), Angola (Number 4), and Cameroon (Number 16).

This is according to the latest edition of the globally acclaimed business publication known as Business Insider.

Business Insider is a US business and technology news website launched in February 2009 and based in New York City.

Love Home Swap compiled a list of the top 50 up-and-coming countries to watch, based on data from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

They compared growth figures for each country by looking at the annual growth per year figures for travel and tourism’s direct contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between 2014 and 2024.

Several Asian countries also made the list, including China (Number five), Burma (Number seven), Cambodia (Number eight), and Thailand (Number nine).

“Although some of these destinations don’t necessarily have the infrastructure ready yet to support tourism, they are building up hotels, restaurants, and shops that cater to foreign visitors and promoting themselves as top tourist destinations,” the report reads



  1. This is certainly very good information for mother Zambia. However, HH and his followers would not want to hear this development under the PF government. VIVA PF.

    • Interesting. That is why I will not leave my country. I had enough of the nonsense in Diaspora. I am here now for forever.

    • @fake zambian lawyers, I concur with you. I am also relocating back home. I have had enough of diaspora s**t.


    • You mean the selfsame govt that is auctioning wildlife parks land that is about to be declared an hertiage site to mining infestors….really laughable

    • Its entirely up to us to raise the profile of our country and not wholly depend on the goodwill of other nations or international organisations to always do us favors.

      Unless we are not proud citizens, lets expand on the short profile that has been given about our motherland

    • Life here in the UK sucks. It’s bills, bills, bills and more bills council tax etc. As soon as you get you salary the majority is accounted for. It’s time to go back home and have a better lifestyle.

  2. Iwe BKB what are you waffling about eh? With HH at the helm we will be at N0 1 not 3 wake up. In Zed we have all that it takes from resources and means to technical know how. But currently there is a link missing in the chain.

  3. Unfortunately, this is a modern world, no matter how much you cook stories, the data is everywhere. How foolish to put up a report that even rat can`t buy into.

    Anyway, they know there are some retards that can fall for such crap.

  4. Unless one is sick in the head, I don’t` see how a normal person would spend time writing such crap. Anyway, they know the world has so many retards to fall for such rubbish.

  5. This news is inspirational , we can only hope these projections come to pass indeed
    It doesn’t take certain kinds of names to attain that ,Its a matter of effort couppled with the will power, any name can make it

  6. Fantancy of the greatest order! Who are the outhors of such articles kanshi? Are they not linked to the Post Newspaper? Or was it just speculative? It then needs to be revised, as conditions on the ground do not support its assumptions. I am a VERY patriotic Zambian, or former, but there is no way this can be true now and in the next 50 years; no way for Zambia to surpass countries like Thailand, Botswana, etc, as tourist destination!

  7. The ranking is a fallacy, on what basis can Zambia be the 3rd when infrastructure to major destinations is literally non-existent? Can Zambia be better than Mauritius,Sychelles and Nambia? Kwena !!

    • Olo nikufuna kushusha sure. The article says upcoming and not the best. Mauritius and Seychelles are already up there. Zambia is going where Mauritius and Seychelles are. Thanks

    • James….iam really surprised that you can can be so negative about your country. I was in Uganda recently where i watched a television program on “investing in infrastructure in Uganda”. Believe me or not Zambia was mentioned four times by discussants on how zambia is investing in infrastructure. Uganda has far more infrastructure than zambia but the expansion has stalled. Things in Zambia may not be as excellent as we want but there is something to smile about. I hope that when HH or Nevers comes to power they can smoothly continue with what iam seeing. All this is making zambia a potential favorite tourist destination in future.

  8. Typical of negative thinking Zambians, especially those in the opposition, they always think negative about their country. They have no idea what is attaining out there. Zambia is a good place to live. Just be happy you are in Zambia right now. With all the infrastructure the current government is putting in place, Zambia will indeed be a marvel. Hate it if you want, but that will not change the position.

    • You know, Zed has always had potential. It has always had potential for agriculture, mining, tourism etc. The problem has been we the people. Where and what we invest our money in. Successive goverments have tried to steer us in the right direction but alas.


    Zambia is home to one of the 7 natural wonders in the world but has little or nothing to show for it in terms of world class infrastructure .

    One wonders why Livingstone has not been transformed into an ultra Modern city considering the world class and local tourists that visit Zambia.

    With the proper state of art infrastructure, Zambia could generate enough funds to support the whole nation.

    Instead of investing in infrastructure that slowly brings in income, Livingstone has to be top on the priority list as it could prove to be a quick turnaround investment .

    Looking at how Dubai has focused on modern eye catching infrastructure , Zambia can learn a lot from there .

  10. Below is a list of modern infrastructure that needs to be looked into .
    State of the Art Malls
    State of the Art Amusement Parks
    State of the Art Water Parks
    Modern State of the art buildings all over Livingstone Town (Historic Buildings can be preserved using a Modern touch)
    Modern state of the art roads, Construction of Mansions and upgrading of houses to Modern class. State of the Art hospitals,
    State of the art Health Insurance Companies, Encourage major companies to invest in Livingstone Modern Fire Department with necessary equipment including World class restaurants.

    Top performing council, State of the Art Golf courses, Professional Police to ensure that the city is the safest and the list goes on. Zambia has the money to venture into this project and it can be done by…

    • Top performing council, State of the Art Golf courses, Professional Police to ensure that the city is the safest and the list goes on. Zambia has the money to venture into this project and it can be done by strategists who believe in this country.

  11. Zambia has always had potential but politicians have been our biggest disappointment, they have greatly suppressed development because of corruption and gross incompetence. Recently they intend to open a mine in a beautiful game park…

  12. Where is dudehate or is dudelove, jay jay or jay gay, matipa or mud? Alibe nzelu or Wnzelu, Ganga farmer or ganger smoker, ndobo or dobo?

  13. Fellow country men, when you receive such news , you ought to celebrate because it is based on extensive and objective research. Geopolitics is just one of the considerations or factors that determine the rating. The question is why do we thrive on negative publicity when we should seize the opportunity. We can also enhance the image or sustain it by doing the right thins as individuals and a country. Americans are very difficult to please and set very high standards of achievement, so let us not take the rating lightly but find ways to take advantage of free marketing.
    When Boko Horam captured the girls, Nigerians enterprenuals seized the fateful event to market their country. In Short let us distance politicians from the good image, it is the Zambians that earned it. Keep it up…

  14. zambia is going places. lam in kitwe and iam enjoying the developments kitwe. its the best thing i have ever seen. paved roads everywhere. shops, mails, houses,construction everywhere. i grew up here, believe me, i never saw this

  15. Interesting report. I sincerely hope its accurate.

    But that aside, looking at some of the glory-seeking blogs on this report, I am wondering, Are we reading the same story? The caption in the above report on Zambia is clearly referring to the fundamentals that have been in existence in our Country for a long time, i.e. the Victoria Falls, the National Parks, the Mines, the peaceful nature of Zambian people. Due to these measurable fundamentals, Zambia is reported to have been ranked 3rd. So, can anyone explain why now PF Govt singularly should claim credit, and not the elements mentioned in the caption?? i.e. the peaceful nature of the Zambian people for instance?

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