Government to extend “operation Chibolya wipe out” to Don Carlos concerts

FILE: An amatuer video producer takes time to smoke marijuana during the  Bob Marley Memorial concert in Lusaka west.
FILE: An amatuer video producer takes time to smoke marijuana during the Bob Marley Memorial concert in Lusaka west.

Government has said that it will extend ‘Operation Chibolya Wipeout’ to the remaining Don Carlos concerts to curb the rampant open marijuana and psychotropic substance abuse that characterised the reggae icon’s concert at woodlands stadium.

Ministry of Home Affairs Head of Public Relations Moses Suwali disclosed this development in a press statement made available to ZANIS today.

Mr Suwali said his ministry observed with great concern the drug abuse that took place at renowned Jamaican Reggae artist Don Carlos’s concert at woodlands stadium on Friday night.

He reminded reggae artists and fans that it is a serious offence to smoke or deal in drugs and other psychotropic substances in Zambia and urged concert organisers to collaborate with DEC and police to quell the drug abuse.

He said his ministry will deploy officers from Zambia Police, DEC, Immigration and other security agencies for the remaining concerts slated for Livingstone and the Copperbelt to ensure that perpetrators of drug abuse are arrested.

Mr Siwali has since strongly warned reggae fans to desist from smoking marijuana as doing so is an offence and those found wanting will be dealt with seriously.

“I urge all well-meaning fans who are going to attend the remaining Don Carlos concerts in Livingstone and Copperbelt and even other concerts and gatherings in future to refrain from smoking and committing other forms of crime. They should instead display the good virtues and values of Zambia as a Christian nation,” he said.

He regretted that even when government is working hard to rid the country of drug and substance abuse as evidenced by the Chibolya raid, some people have opted to break the law.

“As a Ministry mandated by law to ensure that law and order is observed and maintained by all in the country, we refuse to sit idle and watch criminal elements committing wrong doing,” said Suwali.

Recently a combined team of Zambia Police and Drug Enforcement Commission Officers conducted incessant raids on Lusaka’s notorious drug haven in Chibolya Compound and arrested over 300 suspected drug dealers and confiscated huge quantities of banned substances.

The officers fought running battles with the residents who had for many years openly peddled drugs without regard for the law before being subdued.


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    I and I vibration, please allow zambians to enjoy the stuff.They have been reduced to puppets by pf this is the only way they can forget their suffering

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    There is nothing wrong with smoking the herb.Arrest people doing cocaine and other hard drugs but leave marijuana alone.This is our God given food.If you read genesis 1 vs 29 it clearly says “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” This is our food.

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      It is because i`m a liberal no wonder i support marijuana smoking.Alcohol has actually claimed more lives compared to the herb

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    ” ‘Operation Chibolya Wipeout’ ”

    Does anyone believe that can or should try to wipe out weed? It is a well known fact that drugs make people who hate them psychotic. 🙂

    Who is the world’s biggest opium dealer?

    Google: opium poppy history gsk

    Marijuana/hemp is huge competition to the farmaceutical industry, the petrochemical industry, and Big Alcohol.

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    he came wit the messege of love and peace,their was love in woodlands stadium,its normal wen people gather to include the herb,u can stop it

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    Blessed is he who respects and appreciates the works of JAH. Jah created the herb for the relaxation of the mind of man, upliftment…….

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    protect my people………..from the unknown……what has been there is good…..what is to day could be bad…….what shall be here on earth and not from above shall be worse…..look in to the sky……

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