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ZESCO tariff inxcrease is minimal to every ordinary person-Kapata

General News ZESCO tariff inxcrease is minimal to every ordinary person-Kapata

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Henry Kapata
ZESCO Public Relations Manager Henry Kapata

ZESCO Limited says the recently increased electricity tariffs are minimal to every ordinary person.

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata says the recently adjusted electricity tariffs on residential, commercial and social services are minimal and affordable.

Mr. Kapata said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, this evening.

He however explained that the metered consumption for every zero to 100 units are still pegged 15 Ngwee per unit.

He said only consumption of 101 units to 300 units and consumption above 300 units which has been increased from 0.25 Ngwee to 0.31 Ngwee and 0.41 Ngwee to 0.51 Ngwee respectively.

Mr. Kapata said the residential electricity fixed monthly charge has only been raised from K14.63 Ngwee to K18.23 Ngwee.

And on commercial tariffs, the consumption of 700 Kilowatts per hour has only been increased from 0.27 Ngwee to 0.31 Ngwee while the commercial fixed charged has been raised from K47.75 Ngwee to K55.09 Ngwee, Mr. Kapata said.

And Mr Kapata further said the social service tariffs has only been increased from 0.27 Ngwee to 0.31 Ngwee while the fixed charged has been adjusted from the previous K41.52 Ngwee to K47.91Ngwee.

The spokesperson said the new electricity tariffs will be reflected on all its customers bill effective July 2014.

He assured customers that the tariff adjustment and ZESCO’s investment programme will no doubt translate into improved service delivery and efficiency to all its customers.

Recently, the Energy Regulation Board ERB approved ZESCO’s revised electricity tariffs with effect from 1st July 2014

Meanwhile, Mr. Kapata said ZESCO has continued with its investment program of increasing the power generation capacity through the development of large and small power plants across the country.

Mr. Kapata stated that the massive investment plan the company is undertaking is due to the increased power demand and one way of avoiding reversing to the previous extensive load shedding.

The Power company spokesperson stated that ZESCO has made significant progress in the implementation of its investment program which has been facilitated by the movement of ZESCO’s tariffs toward cost reflective level.


    • It seems Mr Kapata is being economical with the reality in Zambia. Electricity goes up on the home tariff by K4 and he says no one will feel that. One might agree. But then it also goes up on commercial consumers and in his selective thinking, he conveniently thinks that this will not be passed on to the comsumer through retail pricing being adjusted upwards. Mr Kapata conveniently ignores the culminative impact of fuel and electricity prices going up which undoubtedly results in everyone feeling the pinch when it comes to the monthly budgeting. But then again that is what “Donchi Kubeba is all about”….

    • Be real ba Kapata.

      I am currently consuming about K180 worth of power per month. 24% is about K50 so I will have to use about K230.

      If you consider the goods that will go up due to increased cost of power, the real increase is even higher.

  1. What’s your point, ba Kapata? That most people can’t afford more than 100 units so sit at home in the dark already and therefore aren’t affected by the increase? Great………. only you do realize this sounds a bit like saying the “average person” doesn’t drive so has no care for high fuel prices?

    Anyway, with more load shedding on the way I’m sure we’ll ALL be “affected much less” by the increase and no one should care. Right? The increases don’t affect anyone and ZESCO will use all the extra money (provided by no one?) to improve supply. Really, I feel much better now…… better give the PR man a raise!

  2. iwe Chi-kapita, electricity was already expensive in Zambia.When something is expensive there is no minimal bwana.Now what is this no sense about increasing FIX CHARGE. FIX CHARGE IS THE MOST EXPLOITING CHARGE. what is this fix which a customer can”t pay at once and forget, than making me pay for 30 years and it keeps increasing?What is the benifit of zesco to a zambian if the can be made to pay til death this fix charge?So Kapita go back the council and sell plots you are not adding any value to the lives of Zambians.

    • Iwe ka kapata why are you talking like a prostitute?Electricity is very expensive at the moment.You get free power from your employer then you say the increase is affordable..nousense!
      You are lucky you left Lusaka City Council you would have been on the complaint side.Thats just a job iwe ka kapta you will cry once you are fired period

  3. what do expect from these ZESCO people when they can get K2000 units of electricity per month at only K0.20. We as ordinally Zambians are the ones paying for these ZESCO thieves. I don’t know wat our greedy politicians are doing coz they have failed to harmonize how all Zambians should share the national cake.

  4. Any increase above 5% is excessive. The increase of 24% would be unacceptable anywhere else in the world, except Zambia. No economy can have such large adjustments in critical sectors such as energy. The Zambian economy must verily be unique.

  5. Ba kapata u can fool the pipo sumtymz but u can not fool the them all the tym.Cost of living under PF has sky rocketed such .that we r falling to embrace our extended families

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