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MMD expels former MP for gross misconduct

General News MMD expels former MP for gross misconduct


The MMD in Western Province has expelled former Mangango constituency Member of Parliament Taundi Chiseke and Kaoma MMD district youth chairperson Kenny Ndumba for alleged gross misconduct.

Western Province MMD information and publicity chairperson, David Nchengu, says Mr Chiseke and Mr Ndumba have been expelled from the party for bringing the name of the former ruling party into disrepute and destabilizing the MMD in Mangango constituency.

In a statement made available today Mr Nchengu, who is also Shikombwe MMD ward councillor, said the party is still intact in the province, adding that it is currently prospecting for a candidate to field in the Mangango constituency by-election slated for August 19.

When contacted for a comment, MMD president Nevers Mumba could, however, not confirm the expulsion of the former Mangango MP and wondered where the information was coming from.

And Mr Chiseke, whose election was nullified by the Supreme Court recently, said he was not aware of his expulsion and wondered which party organ had ejected him from the MMD because Mr Nchengu alone has no powers to do so.

Mr Chiseke said he is not moved by the alleged expulsion and questioned how he was destabilizing the MMD since he was not working with any of the former ruling party’s organs in the area.

He urged Mr Nchengu to come out in the open and make his interests in contesting the Mangango seat known instead of hiding behind party disciplinary functionaries.

Mr Chiseke said Mr Nchengu should not be jittery but realise that Chiseke is a household name in Mangango constituency as a result of the accomplishment he has made in collaboration with the PF government.

He said Mangango constituency has seen an unprecedented level of development since he assumed the legislative position two and half years ago and the constituents are actually mourning his nullification as area MP.

And Mr Nchengu alleged that Mr Ndumba is a hired gun with selfish motives whose aim is to destabilize the party in Mangango constituency through the support he is rendering to potential parliamentary candidates such as Mr Chiseke and UPND’s Godwin Putu.

Reacting to his expulsion, Mr Ndumba said Mr Nchengu is not the right person to expel him but the party’s district executive committee and this can only be done after he is charged of any misconduct and given an opportunity to be heard.

Mr Ndumba said he has not even received a notice of the said disciplinary action and thus his purported expulsion from the MMD is not backed by any rational thinking and described it as illegal, null and void.

But Mr Nchengu said the party leadership in the province will not condone people with selfish agendas to destroy the party in the area, saying some members who defected to PF and UPND in 2012 in Kaoma district have been replaced and the party is making headways in the region.

Mr Nchengu said the party is strong in Mangango constituency and expressed optimism that any candidate the MMD will field in the by-election will scoop the seat.

And UPND district chairman Andrew Kakumbi said the PF has failed to run the government because Kaoma was experiencing erratic supply of fuel forcing the public to buy the commodity at an inflated price on the black market.

Meanwhile, UPND youth Chairman Joseph Kwanga said the party is geared for the Mangango by-election and urged youths in the area to desist from engaging in violent activities during and after the polls.


  1. ONE can even see from the names of these MMD former legislators that they are traitors welcome to PF bane


  3. The problem with the Zambian politics is that many cadres think with their bellies and they lack reliable intelligence information of what makes one a President.Being a president firstly and foremost is by God.Other things follow which may even mislead you.God can not mislead you.Man can plan,but it’s God who brings it to pass.Sata became President because God allowed it.So please you pipo who maybe biased towards a particular cadidate,hold your fire, 2016 is coming.Then we will talk.God is the FINAL SAY and not these opinions driven by hate,tribalism and lack of reliable intelligence information-Zambia needs healing,unity and away from politics of vindictiveness.God will give Zambia a man after HIS OWN HEART.

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