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Three people die in road accident in Solwezi

General News Three people die in road accident in Solwezi

Three people have died on the spot while more than 40 have sustained serious injuries after the bus they were travelling in over turned near Mumbezhi area along the Solwezi Mwinilunga road.

North-western Province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote confirmed the incident in Solwezi.

Mr Sibote said the accident happened yesterday around 20 hours after the driver of a Ticklay bus which was coming from Solwezi over turned as the driver was avoiding to hit into an oncoming light truck.

Among the dead are two females and one male.

Mr Sibote said the death toll may rise because some people were trapped beneath the bus wreckage.

All the injured have been rushed to Solwezi General Hospital where they are receiving treatment.


    • Sorry not wanting to offend anyone, any loss is big, I didnt mean for it to come out that way
      I meant terrible news but could be worse, my apologise for anyone offended by the words


    • Are you normal? One life lost could be a mother or a dad of someone. Losing a loved one has more emotional feelings than losing 100 people you do not know. But remember each of the 100 are connected to other family members.

    • @Mushota,
      You quickly noticed that your first comment was in bad taste and you wisely did the sane thing to apologise.

    • Mushota, you are the reason why PF is viewed as bunch of sub-human mongrels. And I guess you were raised on the streets because a well brought-up person can never make such a comment.

    • This st-upid Mushota, what kind of an animal is it? You are not a normal person. You don’t make jokes about everything, especially on serious matters like this one.

    • Bane Mushota nayebelela. Bushe caba shani kanshi. Limbi mwali mu kwatila fye no mufimbila mwe bamo…

  1. Father forgive him/her whatever gender Mushota falls under for IT does not know what it is saying.

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