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Police brutality leaves driver with damaged bladder

General News Police brutality leaves driver with damaged bladder

Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa

A BUS driver in Kitwe has alleged sustained a damaged bladder after falling victim to police brutality.

The bus driver identified as Beckum Hamanjanji, 25, had his bladder damaged after police in Ndola allegedly beat him around the private parts.

Mr Hamanjanji who had to be admitted to Kitwe Central Hospital (KCH) for intestinal obstruction, was kicked around the private parts by an overzealous police officer only identified as Nyambe in a scuffle that took place at Twapya Police Post in Ndola.

Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa could neither confirm nor deny the incident when contacted as she had not received details on the matter.

But Mr Hamanjanji who was found admitted at KCH in Luangwa ward said the incident happened on Monday right inside Twapya Police Post.

He said his falling victim to police brutality was a result of an explanation he had sought as to why his conductor had been harassed by the assailant for demanding payment for bus fares.

“On Monday, I loaded a trip to Ndola and on board the vehicle was Mr Nyambe who was in the company of his colleague and were both in civil clothes.

“When we arrived in Ndola, the two said they wanted to buy first buy me a drink and they asked if I could accompany then into a bar but I refused and instead told my conductor to follow them,” he said.

Mr Hamanjanji said after a few minutes, he saw his conductor returning with a torn shirt and upon asking, he said Nyambe and his colleague did that to him.

“When I went there myself and demanded for bus fare payment, the two manhandled me and took me to Twapya Police Post where they beat me up,” Mr Hamanjanji said.

He said in the process of the beating, Nyambe kicked him around the private parts resulting in him sustaining a damaged bladder.

The driver experienced a terrible pain that left him powerless and fellow to the floor but the police officer took that for a joker and refused to grant him a medical report until the following day when the matter was reported to the superior who issued the medical report after seeing Mr Hamamjanji’s swollen private parts.

Ms Kasosa said investigations would be conducted since a medical report had been issued and if found guilty, the involved police officer would be prosecuted because no one was above the law.


    • i hope LAZ can come to the aid of this police brutality victim so that justice prevails.

      the police is there to protect citizens and not brutalize them with impunity. Our laws do not provide for beating or torture of any suspects

  1. I keep on wondering about which schools/colleges/universities our policemen go to and what do they teach about in their field. i think our policemen are not taught the right procedures to arrest or start beating people. those are not policemen but thieves/hijackers….there is need for change in the way our policemen behave or they need to be arrested. SHAME!

    • & you never wonder which colleges pastors go to & what they teach them for inserting fingers in female’s private parts in the name of casting out demons..

    • the curriculum is simple lasting on 6 months:
      1st month: who to slap
      2nd: why slap
      3rd: where to slap
      4th: how to slap
      5th: alternatives to slapping
      6th month(finals): how to run for your life if slapping fails to achieve intended goals.
      Final exam is usually done where there is confusion esp at stations & higher learning institution, eg unza. for CIDs it is in bars

  2. It’s been years since I last blogged on LT though once in a while I browse through. Seems to me Zed never change. Sad that such incidents still go on in this era. I cry for my beloved country….anyway, stay well my fellow countrymen.

  3. This will just disappear in thin air if the lad dosn’t use movie TV and please be persistent.I have never seen a PIG behind bars!Never in my life.All they do is jus tok about it in paper and the next is “ADAKADABRA”(Now u see me,Now am gone).TooOO much injustice in this God forsaken country…………..

    • And believe me you,his ka punishment will only be reallocation!F*******king busterds.And for the record,u high ranked PIGS need to teach these half backed cardets on inferiority complex they surfer from!!Napwisha.

  4. Maybe it is time to revisit Lilayi where our cops are trained. Things are going very wrong from constable all the way up!

  5. Its high time these cops got a taste of their own medicine…the problem with Zambian cops is that they think they are above the law and can beat up just about anyone even over a minor issue. I would sue that cop to my last penny and make sure he gets raped when he goes to prison over and over.

  6. There is something fundamentally wrong in our society. The police are taking the law into their own hands and think they are above it and untouchable. We need to reorganise our society from the top.

  7. Ati Zambia Police ‘SERVICE’. It is ‘ZAMBIA BRUTALITY POLICE FORCE’ (ZBPF) . PF CRIMINALS. Kasoswe do something though we doubt since you are senior PF cadre.

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