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President Sata dismisses Lameck Mangani as PF Eastern Provincial Chairman

Headlines President Sata dismisses Lameck Mangani as PF Eastern Provincial Chairman

Lameck Mangani
Lameck Mangani

PRESIDENT Sata has revoked the appointment of Lameck Mangani as Patriotic Front Eastern Province chairperson, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation reported last evening.

Mr Sata revoked the appointment of Mr Mangani in a letter dated June 13, 2014, copied to party national chairperson Inonge Wina and secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

He thanked Mr Mangani for the service rendered to the party during the time he served as chairperson.

The President has replaced Mr Mangani with Attan Mwamba.

He urged Mr Mwamba to foster unity in the ruling party.

Mr Mwamba was provincial vice-chairperson under Lucas Phiri.

Mr Mangani was recently accused of dividing the party in the province.


    • The cartel theory possibly holds true. It is unprecedented that Sata makes such quick decisions on party squabbles and so far benefitting Wynter only. Remember other two cadres fired last week? I suspect Wynter wrote and printed letter for Sata’s signature only.

    • I remember a fortnight ago, Mangani yapping that “anybody talking about the president’s (Sata) health should be arrested”.
      Mangani a now renowned and recycled political party migrant and even bootlicking is a failure for him.
      Indeed, where to Mangani if not farming kumawa?

    • I am not PF but I am happy that this Muselela kwa kaba has been used and dumped. MMD or UPND should not make a mistake of accepting this guy if he decides to join any of them.

    • Mweo Amangani nichinji teti? Did you for once think you knew Sata better than RB? You disappoint people from the East who are intelligent people. Just look back at Reuben Kamanga, Grey Zulu, Miyanda and our own RB. We have never been sell outs. Where do you come from in Eastern province. Ndiwe imwera iwe? You need to apologize to RB first before we can take you seriously again. Ati maseban’yo, bati! Sha!

  1. What next now? I hope he has good savings at the bank or good investments, otherwise life can be tough if you were always on top! Bakose noku kosa!!

  2. Mangani is stupid so to say. He has always over estimated himself and gave an impression to late Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and Sata as the main factor in Eastern province politics. Eastern province is big and cannot be controlled by one man. Rupiah told him a lesson and has lost Chipata central several times and now he has nothing to show. Retire from politics Mangani.

  3. mangani no integrity,you ve been used like a condom,shame for you bunkum,u deserve it good show pf the chap was mmd

  4. Mangani, Mangani, Mangani!!!
    Just form Your own Jerabo Party, so You can continue to eat.
    (Z.N.J.F.B.S), – Zambia National Jimbo’s Forum for Belly Stretching.

  5. Dont kick a man on the ground. Warn those still standing like winter and kabwili. Thats a wise saying from a wise donkey.

  6. Mwamba! thats a joke. Eastern province in not playing field for Bemba politics. Take your Bemba madness to your region. We are JIMBOS and Not jerabo copper criminals

  7. He would do well to just concentrate on his ka “Wise Donkey” guest house or Lodge-whatever he calls it. He is a man, he should be able to run life outside politics!!

    • Wise Donkey kekekekekkeekkeeeee….olulululululululuuuuu Mangani very good treatment! Well done HEMCS! way to go

  8. Sata’s actions call for more serious observations. We need to re-examine the psychological state of Sata’s personality.

    Lameck Mangani is not the only casualty under the PF system.
    (1) FTJ Chiluba did his best to prop-up the political fortunes of Sata; but Sata displayed the worst kind of cruelty by forsaking Chiluba to the extent of refusing to attend FTJ’s funeral. (2) Mwanawasa applied his best of Presidential decrees by sending Sata for treatment to South Africa and saved a life. Yet Sata later mocked Mwanawasa up to the latters death (3) GBM used his financial muscle to fund Sata’s ascent up to State House; but Sata has unleashed State machinery to harass GBM and the people of Kasama (+) Chitimukulu.

    Munkombwe, Masebo, Inonge Wina are next on the line of used toilet…

  9. Kekekekekhihihihihih!!!!!! Mangani Wasuzyika comene mwanawakwithu. The man is very arrogant. He deserves it. He really thought he is a key political factor in Eastern Province. God is just punishing now for being a traitor to Rupiah Banda. And of course for impregnating the catholic nanny while he was Deputy Head master at Chassa Secondary School. Touch not the anointed.

    • Mangani ni chigaluka futeso ni chigabenga,vyakujikhumbila mwana wakwitu.Mahala tetete zhelo zero wamala cimwene.


  10. We knew it was coming because of what he did to us in the province. He is one of the stupid people like mulongoti, mampombo, masebo, Derick chitala and all those who thought they were doing the right thing. Now mangani is really in soup. No one will listen to him even those that were close to him in the Pf now are running away.
    Don’t play with the cobra though his time is also nearing or the tunnel is dark. Kabimba will be fired next year to pave a way to Mulenga and this kabimba hope is aware.
    A good lesson to those politicians who think the people of Zambia are not seeing. Wait and you will see what will happen next year.

  11. How does a bemba end up as Eastern province chairman. Are there no easterners to succeed Mangani. This is nonesense. Next, you will see another bemba being imposed as western province chairman. And then you claim HH is tribal.

    • The Bemba chairman might have been imposed in Eastern Province because he is a tribal cousin. The same is likely thereason in North Western Province cause they like speaking Bemba. The Lamba’s of the Copperbelt have too resigned themselves to a Bemba PF provincial chairman. No different in Central Province. The only exception but which are underpinned by strong executive level Bemba representations is SP with Daniel Munkombwe, polygamist politics of the belly as chair. The West is too hot to tamper with!

    • @Ngoni warrior and Siamanengo,
      I am surprised you two are not aware that there are Mwambas in Eastern Province! I know a few (including Willie Mwamba, Lusaka IT businessman). A lot of EP names are Kola origin and do not be surprised at anything. You also have Chief Mwila there …

    • @Ngoni warrior and Siamanengo,
      I should have added that one thing Easterners shook off successfully unlike their Kola cousins is ‘ntolele fye’ habit …

    • Of course it is! But not in PF! No sense of democracy in the party, how do we expect them to uphold the same in the country? Charity begins at home!!

    • There are no0 elected officials in the P.F except for MPs and the President. In fact, P.F must be de-registered for not holding a convention to elect party officials and that includes Sata and Wynter Kabimba.

    • Gandy, there are no elections in PF. The owner of the party is Ukwa and he makes all the rules and determines who becomes what. Ask winter Mazimba whether he has undergone any election with the power he throws around. Dictatorship is the rule that’s why all the ministers are useless and are not supposed to think on their own.

  12. His Excellency President JIMBO has been fired. Good riddance. Kabimba said it excellently: when you join a party there is no way you can claim to be more loyal than the people who formed it or started with it from the beginning. To make matters worse, Mangani went on to start spreading rumours about Kabimba campaigning for presidency when he visited Chief Mpezeni….Chief Mpezeni had to come out in the open to reveal what they actually discussed. Here again Mangani is showing that he can’t be trusted. The only reason he begged HEMCS for a job was because creditors were on his back to pay back the loans he owed; now they will be coming for him again. Mangani is so dull…I feel sorry for him to be so dull and also have a bad heart towards other human beings. I doubt he will live long!

  13. Mangani its time to put ur ass down , you were not born in politics .How do you change parties like pants ? Now all eyes are on you and sooner than leter PF Police will be on you . Just sit back and enjoy ur age . You have played your part in all three political parties so …..put your ass down !

  14. those talking about Mwamba being acting Eastern Province Chairman are wasting there time. This man has the calibre of controlling his cousins and he is a had woker for sure. For those who are talking ill of him , do not know how he has been organizing the the party ( PF ) in Eastern. We actually chose him ourselves.He is going to make it at the Top. No tribal line here my Friends. Let us Congratulate him because easterners themselves have failed to rule themselves. Viva Mwamba cousin sure. Bye Jibos at wize donkey. Bye prostitute Sara Kalaluka who has run away from her husband in chiparamba. l fell sorry for the bigman.

  15. When we say there is tribalism in PF the Bembas say it is not true. Mangani has been fired and Mwamba has been appointed.

    • Is there Mr. PHIRI or Banda in Kasama or Mansa as PF chairman. These tribal cousins are playing monkey tricks. One chap even has audicity to say a bemba is better suited to control the Easterners. Okey! we are game!

    • @ZP,
      Remember there was a chief in the Kasama District some time ago who was infact a BANDA from Eastern Province (fathered from there). Matrilineal customs in Bemba ensured his enthronment because Banda’s mother was a true Bemba princess. Will get his full names and share …


    • Those are the allegedly security men for Mangani. He explained that they were innocent men who did not carry any weapon with them. He said he recruited them for security reasons after he left the MMD because he feared for his life. The same men have continued to protect him even when he was appointed Eastern Province PF Chairperson. Some were even sleeping at his house, he told the media.

  17. Next time Sata will claim Njegebaso Jere is not properly installed and would like to see Chief NkoleMfumu installed as the paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people. Awe sure, this Katanganization is going way too far.

  18. NO MANGANI DON’T LIE DOWN!!! Learn from what has happened to you. Humble yourself. Make correct decisions. You are still a political asset in your area and could be useful elsewhere. Be optimistic! Look forward. UPND? !!!?

  19. Mangani Mbuya walafwa. Your house and guest were used as collateral during elections and an Indian gave you good money for campaigns. After losing, you collapsed and was taken to Mwami Hospital. Awe mwandi kuya bebele nomba Mbuya.

  20. Mwamba as a chairperson in Eastern Province? It won’t work, and it will never work. However, Mangani sorry, he never ment to hurt you. After all cobra is a good snake, you’ve come-out as an intelligent cadre than you were before and you’ve a beautiful nun to look after you won’t be busy now, but what did your mother say about your expulsion? Nothing…? She is happy too then, how about your neighbours are they cheerful? If yes, you were miserably bad, are you as bad as Kabimba? You can’t match.

  21. UPND will take him or I mean embrace him with open arms. If they could accept William “Tekere” Banda, Mangani is gold to UPND. I have lost faith with all our fortune seekers.

  22. Yesterday I addressed the Nation about how I felt regarding the body language (seriousness) of Kabimba, Mangani, the obscure man one the photo and ‘the black sheep (on LT during Kabimba’s tour of duty). My thinking was positive that these fellas where listening to the people and working hard to change the fortunes of the poor people in the audience and the rest of us forever. My, was I wrong! A few phone calls later by Kabimba and one of the people on the photo is in the firing line. Now I do not consider Mangani as being too fat, certainly not in the league of GBM or Kambwili. And I know that The Head of the Republic, Kabimba and fat people do not mix. Am now left puzzled as to why Mangani has been treated this way. Has the President suddenly developed another allergy?

  23. This tribalism needs to come to an end. There is no way a bemba should be imposed in Eastern Province as its chairman. Forget this talk of cousin-ship as this is total nonesense and totally tribal. How can a weak and confused tribes-man in the name Mwamba be imposed on Easterners. Ngonis are conquerors and not to be taken advantage of as is the current case. Ngonis have resolve and I think it is time we impaled these imposters. That’s how they start, little by little, chairman, next they will be trying to overthrow the Paramount Chief.

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