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Zambia Police in Western Province ban radio stations from hosting opposition leaders

General News Zambia Police in Western Province ban radio stations from hosting opposition leaders

File:Police Officers Deployed by Government in Kasama to prevent GBM for featuring on a paid for program
File:Police Officers Deployed by Government in Kasama to prevent GBM for featuring on a paid for program

The police in Western Province have banned all local radio stations from hosting opposition political party leaders and have threatened to revoke broadcasting licences of the radio stations that would fail to comply with the ban.

In a letter 16th June 2014 and addressed to Radio Liseli station manager and delivered to other radio stations in Mongu, J.B Kasanda, Mongu Central Police officer in-charge said he had with immediate effect cancelled the scheduled radio programmes where UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was expected to feature.

In a letter dated June 16, 2014 written to the Radio Liseli Station Manager, Kasanda said the cancellation was due to alleged violent conduct of UPND members after some police officers were assaulted.

“You are therefore directed to cancel any interview which you have on the schedule with Mr Hakainde Hichilema without fail,” Kasanda said in a letter.

But SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said it was unfair for the Zambia Police Service to apply the Public Order Act selectively.

“Public Order Act being an important piece of legislation and responsible for regulating freedom of association, expression and assembly which must be applied fairly not only to the ruling party but also opposition political parties in the country,” Mr Cheembe said.He said SACCORD has since taken note of a numerous number of complaints that opposition political parties have raised with regards to implementation and administration of the Public Order Act.

“It is increasingly becoming concerning that whenever opposition political parties want to converse with the people, hold rallies or meetings with their members they are seemingly stopped by the Zambia Police Service by the way of using the Public Order Act,” Mr Cheembe said.

He said selective application of the Public Order Act has raised serous concern of fairness because whenever the ruling party wanted to hold a rally they were not being hindered by anyone.

Mr Cheembe however said opposition political parties were being hindered by the Zambia Police Service.

“As SACCORD we want to appeal to the Zambia Police Service to really look at the fairness application of the Public Order Act so that everybody in Zambia irrespective of political affiliation is given that opportunity to enjoy the administration of the Public Order Act in view of the basic freedom of association, expression and assembly,” Mr Cheembe said.

He said fairness in the application of the Public Order Act in order to reduce the tension which the Act had created in the country.

“It becomes incredibly difficulty for opposition political parties to have cordial relations with Zambia Police Service being the chief administrator of the Act so as SACCORD we would like to see a situation where cordial relation exit between the police and opposition political parties,” he said.

Mr Cheembe said SACCORD also took note of some successes that had been scored by the police such as allowing the UPND rally in Mandevu constituency.

“We also want to appeal that should there be any difficulties or challenges by Zambia Police. It is absolutely important that they communicate very clear with the relevant stakeholders who are involved so that such challenges are appreciated in a proper way forward and mapped up with stakeholder’s participation,” he said.

Mr Cheembe said the Public Order Act should be a peace of legislation that allowed everybody to enjoy their basic freedom and coexist together.

[Daily Nation]


  1. A troublemaker and a villain(Zambia Police), who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who winks maliciously with his eye, signals with his feet and motions with his fingers, who plots evil with deceit in his heart—he always stirs up conflict.Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant; he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.- Proverbs 6v 12-15

    • Well done PF for campaigning for UPND and HH. You are doing a tremendous job for people realise that PF is panicking and UPND is the only party that will restore sanity in Zambia.

      Very soon we will embark on defiance. We are not in a communist state any more are we?

      Its time to start running pirate radio stations. I think now we need digital internet radios which can be difficult to censor.

    • Good question Jay Jay. Using a lie to condemn injustice is injurous. By the way, where is jesus, i thought he told his disciples and i quote “I tell you the truth, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes”. Well two things have definitly happened.
      1. those guys are all dead
      2. and the gospel has been spread to all cities of jerusalem even though they didnt belive in it.
      so where is jesus i ask you bana bwalya? limbi mwalimufisa mukebini?

    • @Kolwe It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out- Proverbs 25:2 …The question I pose to you is where are you? God is not lost and needing to found- you are,I am…

    • @ kolwe you need a clear understanding of prophecy. Some words in prophecy do not mean the same way they are said. Remember Jesus here was sending out his disciples to go and preach the gospel message just at the beginning of Christianity of which many where against of. To start with, He tells them not to preach to the gentiles or Samaritans because these people never knew the true God and that could have been a failure of the upcoming truth. This passage does not mean the second coming of Jesus but the end of their mission journey at that point. Now in Mathew 24 v 14 Jesus says” and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all nations as testimony and the end will come.” Jesus is coming soon His prophecies are fast fulfilling.

    • PF busy decampainging themselves, people never learn, this is what led to RB and MMD down fall. Pitful !!!!
      @ jay jay God is real and he came to save the lost like you.

    • We’ve told you the bible is based on lies but you still continue derving quotes from the selfsame book of plagiarised fox tales.
      You carry on with your dedicated ignorance and they bible was not written for black people and romans 3:7 clearly states the teachings are lies.
      Wake up from your docility and passivity research more….instead of merely believing. 2000 years of the EUROPEAN programme has confused alot of our people.
      Wake up and use your head if you want to engage me in a debate not lies from a book that doesnt even recognised you.
      WAKE UP!!

    • It saddens me that people still believe the tuma fairy tales mu bible. Koran, bible whatever, it’s all nonsense and only encourages retrogressive thinking.

    • Elo what does the bible say about black people? Does it not explain that Ham or some character was cursed and so he had black offspring or whatever and this is the ridiculousness you exalt? Jay Jay, 200% am with you on this one. Most bible thumpers have not even read the craziness in that book. What they do is cherry pick, searching out and preaching only on the good things but deftly leaving out the god approved genocide and the guides on how to treat your slaves. I am yet to find a christian who would show me proof that jesus and god exist OUTSIDE the bible. I bet you no one can.

    • You people do not know how great your ancestors were and how advanced they were even when the Europeans were still living caves….you have no clue what so ever. Christianity is about 2000 years old, now do you know how old the Pyramids are? Ask yourself who built those pyramids and why the Romans tried so hard to hide their history. Do you honestly think there was no civilization before Christianity…critically analyse and ask yourself where this religion came from AND WHERE YOU FIT IN. You go and interpret Gensis 11:1-9 word by word…this verse is coded and you will not be happy with what you will discover. The funny thing about the biblical copiers is that they never thought for once that we would be able to read or write.
      Wake up and do your research!!

    • Jay Jay, waste not your breath. Christians are the most rigid and close-minded people I know and unfortunately I include my family in this group. It boggles the mind that people still believe in hell and a never-ending fire. You know I tell chaps that some of us who do good but do not believe in god or jesus are better than the christians who do good because they want a reward in the end. To live in a non-existent paradise. The fact that there are a million denominations in the world should tell you that there is no such thing as god and it is ludicrous to believe that there was nothing of the world before 2000 years ago. What nonsense is this??

    • @Dudelove …even my white English colleagues laugh (and put up a valid debate) at my “born again” black colleagues that its a flaw, its a lie and dates do not match up and how do they counter that argument by doing what they have been indoctrinated to do – refer to the book of lies called the bible.
      These people merely have to ask themselves 2 questions (ask your pastor);

      1) Where did we get this religion?
      2)And who taught it to us?

      If you can answer those questions you are on to the path in finding out who you are truly are. Its far better to know the chains on your feet you can see than they ones you don’t see on your minds. Our people are enslaved they have literally accepted something that doesn’t make sense. The truth is that which is consistent with reality.

  2. I think its time the international community became more proactive and sent a clear message to the current PF Govt. The message is:- “Zambia is a multi-party democratic Country and the Govt of the day has an obligation to respect that”. A stitch in time saves nine. If the international community remain silent now, it will be more costly for everybody including them, to help fix the damage later. Zambia has been a pace setter in the region in governance issues. Therefore if Zambia is allowed to degenerate into chaos politically as is the case now, the ramifications will have a telling effect right across the sub-sahara region.

  3. Let the people speak so that you correct your mistakes. To who are you hiding when things on the ground are not factual to your ZNBC spoken mouth? Icisosa cipa amano.

    People have known you point blank and you can not hide from them when they are seeing your misconducts of corruption, political hatred and tribalism, no medicine in the clinics and hospitals, poor agricultural policies etc.

  4. Looks like a scene from George Orwell’s Animal Farm. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” & “2 legs good, 4 legs bad”. Why should laws only be applicable to a section of the population? The oppression of freedom of association & information we fought against for has become a privilege of PF.

  5. At the moment only Wynter Kabimba is allowed to go around the country and campaign without being stopped by the PF(police force) but I wonder who will vote for him, i think there is something fishy going on in our country.

  6. FP are you behavouring like this you are worst govt doing all this nonsense after civilisation you friends did that in ancient time. everything with PF IS DYING

  7. I don’t think this is a laughing matter any more. Even a Grade 7 police man can have balls to cancel a. License? Now I agree with UPND that Cha Cha is the only way out.

  8. Believe in Time and Bible that’s all.Second hand,minute hand,hour hand,day,one week,one month,one year =365
    No one will stop water from going forward.Even if you paint with nice paint the bubbles on the wall will show that,there is element of water trying to pass through.
    God Bless our Country.

    • Continue believing that is exactly what any religion teaches you; what to think and not question.
      Carry on!!

  9. This is not one person’s country or someone’s farm. This is our country, all of us including unborn babies. Tachishi chishi cabanyinawabo. Someone is courting trouble, and trouble will surely visit them sooner than later.

  10. This is a wrong forum altogether for you to discuss the Bible.I would’t want to engage anyone on this topic on the blog now!You all are entiltled to your own opinion and I respect that but all I want to do is pray for all you.May the Holy Spirit convict you of your sins.God loves you all.

  11. The interview does not have to be live. Liseli Radio can still conduct it in privacy and play the recorded version. It can even be in news clips featuring the very important points. As for Kasanda, his grand children will read later in life as to how their grand father was an … who stifled freedom of speech. Alternatively, UPND can obtain a court injunction and have the interview conducted next week. The people of Western Province already do not like PF so stifling debate will not make PF popular.

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