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Boeing, Airbus line up for Zambia Airways

Economy Boeing, Airbus line up for Zambia Airways

Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Panji Kaunda
Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Panji Kaunda

Giant airline manufacturers Airbus and Boeing have expressed interest in supplying aircrafts to the soon to be established Zambia Airlines.

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda confirmed that the two firms have made formal approaches to the Zambian Government over the supply contracts.

“Yes I can confirm that Airbus and Boeing have expressed interest to offer us their latest planes to kick start our national airline. This is good development and it will help us access the kind of airplanes which should purchase as we start the project,” Mr. Kaunda said.

“At this stage, it may not be appropriate for me to disclose further details about the negotiations with the two firms but I can tell you that as Government we are fully committed to getting this project off the ground,” he said.

Mr Kaunda said the PF Government is determined to ensure that a national airline takes off before the end of 2014.

“We are determined to see to it that Zambia Airways returns to the skies. We are receiving a lot of support from various players in the aviation sector both at home and abroad and the task force on the national airline is busy looking at various options on the table,” he said.


  1. Wow ! Now you are talking! I have been sitting on the fence when it comes to this national airline issue ,but now since you have shown that you know what you are doing i`m now jumping off to join you guys.Yeah lets bring those planes.Lets do this !!!

    • @TheEngineer(Bauleni)
      Yeah right, i surely gat nothing between my hears because i don`t share your opinion.You are such a great man.Can i get your autograph ?

    • Am sure you have something between your “hears”and nothing between your “ears”

      Thats the difference

    • @TheEngineer(Bauleni)
      Really ? You so rock ! You reminds me of a mentally challenged guy i used to know in Kabwe.Like you he was a genius despite his mental issues.Keep it up.

    • @ saulosi let tell you that Engineer(Australia) is a mentally challenged engineer. Saulosi you are genius and you have taken all the anti Sata bloggers with your unique arguments. Keep it up. They are now seeing that Sata means business when he said he will set up the airline.

    • Iye! Such dullness exists??? These planes are not fcuking free! At least we now know where most of that eurobond will go. Jeez!

    • wait, am sure the Govt, if it is as responsible as it ought to be, must have done a survey or a study on the flying patterns of zambians. They must surely have the statistics to back up their project of the country needing an airline as a first class priority to setting up a viable industry in cashew nut production, pineapple processing plant etc. Obviously from the outbursts of ba kaunda, the number of zambians flying all across the continents should be in the thousands a week!!!!
      Australian Engineer, Saulosi is a liberal. If you want to get him, find a better strategy to handle him. I can suggest a few here like; you should not get angry, always remain calm,use facts, figures and statistics, but not too much,
      use a considerable amount of emotion and always try to be realistic!!

    • *** All those supporting this failed venture***
      What is it going to take to get you away from simplistic thinking? What will such a huge financially demanding project bring to Zambia other than the shame of failing to honour your contract obligations to Airbus or Beoing? The Zambian Govt can never run an airline and that is a fact. So lets forget praises on this. Put the pennies into agriculture instead. Panji is announcing this as if “It is difficult” to get the interest of Beoing or Airbus. They are in private business and can sell/lease their planes to any Govt as long as they are making money or will reposses their property if you fail to pay up your lease agreement. Infact they will “line your pockets” just to get you to take their planes on a lease – you thick heads.

    • Please, we are suffering, going to Dubai to get to Zambia, please make sure there’s Lusaka to New York, direct flight!

    • @ saulosi

      What has he “have shown that you know what you are doing”???
      “i`m now jumping off to join you guys”!!! How high Boss?

  2. This is the news we want to hear….Investment is what we r interested in

    Not Politiking everyday…..!!!

    Go Zambia go. I will b a Baord Director of the Airline.

  3. Hope it won’t go down under like the former Zambia Airways.
    Sata is in Israel for a lay back down holiday as the Japanese Royalty pays a visit.
    Good news?

  4. As can be demonstrated, Zedians are easily excitable!! We have a Presido that is missing, yet our attention is so easily distracted by a far-fetched dream!! This chap, is he still wearing pairs of shorts?? The EU has cut funding, yet we think serious companies such as Boeing & Airbus will deal with a “Kaponya” govt such as ours, with our acclaimed “Ifi Puba Fyesu” supposedly spearheading these talks – Lets just celebrate ZR to Nakonde!!! LOL!!!

    • I agree to that..so far all that is been said is on paper and has not moved from that point..this is not a small thing u can jus say by end of 2014….2014 is already gone…

  5. I think we should be talking to Katele Kalumba about an airline if we are truly serious!! This Guy disappeared for I don’t know, how many months in a village, just relying on his “Computer Tech!” He is the real deal when it comes high tech systems, aviation included – we are talking Supersonic flight!!!

  6. Good news ,can’t wait for direct flights, probably this could also save me some ngwees compared to emerates and Qatar airways . who knows. Its long overdue, lets take to the skies

  7. Is everyone aware that the vast majority of national airlines (owned by Govt and not privately) lose huge amounts of money. South Africa Airways, while a good airline and well run, is a drain on the SA budget as it runs on huge losses. Air Zimbabwe and others run at losses. Why will we be different?

    If our govt cannot manage to have medicine and nurses in hospitals, do we really think they can run a modern, profitable national airline?

  8. tax payers money maawe! Who told u zed govt can run business? aviation industry needs people with brains other wise tax payers money will cover loses. Kabimba free air ticket lol

  9. They told us by end of June. Now its by end of the year. We might as well wait till the end of the century.

    Can boeing and Air bus do business with these guys. Where is the money even coming from for this project. All I know is they must be busy begging for the planes on KALOBA.

  10. There is no such thing as aircrafts, LT. The reporter must be the same id!ot i lectured to about equipment a fortnight ago. It is aircraft, aircraft and aircraft even a trillion of them is still called aircraft!!!!! Swine.

    • What is important is the message and not the spelling error,BS degrees lectures don’t look at grammar or spelling,but your understanding or your analysis of study.i did Bioengineering,industrial engineering,its not a big deal how u spell complex bio words.but if u are a teacher in Africa it matters most.

  11. I do not think Boeing or Airbus care about how you run or manage the Airline as long as you pay for the planes. After all, that is the core of their business i.e. selling planes. If history is anything to go by, we are most likely going to end up hiring old refurbished planes.

  12. Before any deals are made with such huge business giants on the world stage can we as govt, people of Zambia and concern citizens make sure that to the best of our ability we have looked at all loop-hole to avoid unfair deals as has been seen in the past, the recent saga being the KCM-gate scandal where the whole countiry was played for fools like it was pre-independence days. Note that if the country gets into legal-tussles it might be had to get out. Do not auction the country we still need it. Deal with the issue in a level-headed and structured way. It will weel be good to have a national courier but it should not be for rushy decisions for political expediency. Embarassments will follow you to the grave in you fail on such issues.

  13. How can I acquire some shares in this Zambia Airways? I want to be part of the plunderers of this national cake!!!

    • Very easy. Just go and borrow 14 BILLION KWACHA from DBZ and put it in your pocket!

      Then avoid court case by telling Sata he will win in 2016 if he tells his AUNTIE CHIBESAKUNDA to drop the case!


    If the above suggestion cannot be taken seriously by the PF Govt, Zambians will never trust the idea being floated by Major Kaunda. This is the time when the “B-Team” within the PF must effectlvely deal with Kabimba, Guy Scott and other “business crooks” or else the whole nation will perish. Airbus and Boeng are in business to sell their products, but there is a factor that must force us to examine as to which side of bread is buttered for the vulnerable Zambians.

  15. Due to his wide experience in the transport sector the PF chairman of intercity bus terminus will be board chairman, supported by chairmanen from City Market, Nakadoli, KMB in kitwe and so on as board members.

  16. This is folly.. if an idio.t (with more borrowed money than sense) walked in BMW showroom and said he wanted to place an order for 5 brand new vehicles even though his family was starving of course they would express interest to supply.

    • Yes, they will manage to pay. Just that they will use borrowed money as usual.

      I think you miss the point, you should ask, Will they MANAGE to run a profitable airline. Now, I know many people will say we should be commending PF for it’s efforts. I say we should not in this case. Can the Government run a profitable Bus Company? No, Governments in most parts of the world leave these things to private companies.

      With corruption rearing it’s ugly heads, the airline will mostly have cadres and relatives in key critical areas.

      This will just be a drain on our resources and whether it takes off is no problem, the problem is that it’s highly unlikely to be profitable. I REALLY want to be proved wrong on this one, and I will be very happy. If it turns out successful, then that will…

  17. I hope we know what we are getting into and that its not the usual excitement of trying to do things for the sake of it. Airline business is very cruscial and the giants like BA, and mosta frican Airlines are seriously struggling to survive and that when we want to start this business…..? hope we know what caused Zambia Airways to go down…….

  18. Ok PF cadres mulomfwisha insoni. Your stubborn refusal to engage your brains and look objectively at the huge financial liability these !ditiotic ventures are is simply mesmerising. How many Zambians fly everyday shuwa please mwebantu? Did anyone bother to do an actual feasibility study of the merits and demerits of this venture? Has a financial analysis been done with payback targets and has a return on investment percentage been agreed? Without even going ku ministry of finance am guessing that my assumption that none of these simple financial checks that are a prerequisite for any venture of this magnitude have been done. The formula in use here is ‘If Malawi or whatever can have an airline that means its also possible here. Fcuk PF.

  19. i am a layman and a certified hustler…i am not bragging bt our family employs 10 degree holders and countless others with different qualifications in our chingola based company…therefor i stand to be corrected…if zed airways was to emply 100 pipo nationwide,and payout wages to a tune of 300000 kwacha a month,that will amount to 3.6 million kwacha a year…lets assume the airline the caries jst 100 pipo every weeks(1 flight a week) to lucrative destinations like china,dubai,india..or intergrated routes..with each passenger paying k5000,lets assume the machine will come back empty on the return flight…and the jet fuel cost,landing fees etc amount to k300000 a week..is it not good business if we can bank k600000 a month,x 12months,..anyway as i said i stand to be corrected

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