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Deputy Speaker orders Guy Scott to clarify President Michael Sata’s visit to Israel by Thursday

Headlines Deputy Speaker orders Guy Scott to clarify President Michael Sata's visit...

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mkhondo Lungu
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mkhondo Lungu

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly has ordered Vice-President Guy Scott to deliver a statement to clarify President Michael Sata’s visit to Israel to help subdue unnecessary speculations on the matter.

Deputy Speaker Mkhondo Lungu made the ruling in Parliament today following a point of order by Monze Central United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu.

Mr Lungu asked the Vice-President to deliver his statement by Thursday and could do so even before the scheduled day.

“To avoid speculation, innuendos, I will ask the leader of Government business in the House to make a statement on the matter so that we can put this matter to rest,” Mr Lungu said.

Mr Mwiimbu in his point of order asked whether it was in order for the Government to remain mute without clarifying the matter.

“The visit by President Michael Sata has been surrounded by controversy because international media is stating that the Prime Minister of Israel is in the US to meet President Obama. Is Government in order to allow speculation on this matter,” Mr Mwiimbu said.


  1. I am sure that Guy Scott’s statement on Sata’s whereabouts will be worse than what Mwansa Kapeya issued.

    • Information from within the military shows that even the military are un ware of Sata’s exact location Israel. So they have hatched a plan to move in should Kabimba and others decide not to announce and hold the bye elections, within 90 days after Sata is declared dead.

      According to my friend who is a high ranking officer, they are watching Kabimba’s moves closely and will not hesitate to remove him by force should he decide to take power by force or trickery. They are saying they are also tired of lies and ill treatment by the clueless PF.

      So kabimba if you are reading this just know that you are being watched by men in uniform. They have saved Zambia from such ugly situations before and are more than ready to do the same again.

    • I have to agree with Zambian above.
      When has Guy Scott even given an account to Parliament or the Zambian people directly without incinuating that we are somehow derainged for having asked questions in the first place? He will treat the Zambian people like fools, just has he and the PF have always done. So dont hold your breath that you will be any wiser come Thursday.

    • If the statement will be given by piggy Scotty then I, personally, have no hope. I might as well listen to Kepaya. I just hate the way that man mocks the people of Zambia when giving his statements or answering questions in Parley. I cringe

    • I think the Deputy Speaker,Mkondo Lungu,should have been the Speaker instead of this pathetic PF Cadre Matibini.This is progress in the House as to Sata’s where about.

    • Just here to read comments.Hope you are all fine ladies and gentlemen.Was busy watching football and my Italy is out, ala nimfulwa bad.Suarez has made it worse by biting our player.Oh I forgot that I just came to read comments.My bad ! Ok am off, but no questions addressed to me mwaumfwa ? Reserve them for guy Scott.Nyt nyt !!

    • Every head of state is entitled to RR at his place of choice just like any employee the world over. What is the big freaking deal!

      Daft Zambians, always mulling over the wrong things. You will be poor forever, lwenu!

    • @Nubi, RR is ok, but this comes after we thought the president was going to the AU summit. From AU summit to a month of RR. I believe even ordinary employees plan their holidays in advance. This is not the case, it seems the president will avoid serious matters for RR.

    • bakamba ba saulosi, what is happening na znbc? ever since world cup started they are asking for a password and there is no place or link to subscribe. Mwabusova shani imwe ububwafya?

    • @ saulosi – yaaa ba znbc sure!!! lilya twabalumba elyo bena nomba balubana!!! any way we will wait and see kuntashi

    • What a punishment to Guy Scott… Sata should dissolve all cabinet when he comes back, they don’t care about him, that is why they don’t know where he went. Their attictute including of that of Guy is “..who cares!!”.

    • Iwe chi Nubian, ‘daft Zambians’ yakwisa? Why do you always generalise your retard comments to all Zambians? Your fima parents are/where Zambian and you insult them … Uli mukulu saana… respect yourself and others. Nubian pig!

    • You won’t get that from Guy Scott. The man is allergic to the truth. If Guy is the answer, then just know that you have asked the wrong question.

  2. it is the right of Zambians to know when our president is leaving the country: He is our concern as he is the leader of this country: in the past we always heard that president Kaunda; Chiluba Mwanawasa Or Banda will be leaving for this or that country for talks or invited for a visit; what makes this present government so secretave: and when people speculate there are threats to lock us up which peeks our curiosity more:

  3. Since they are hiding the president’s whereabouts, then it’s up to citizens to speculate. In this case it appears that the president is dead, otherwise why the secrecy if he was alive, working and enjoying himself in Israel?

  4. Information from within the military shows that even the military are un ware of Sata’s exact location Israel. So they have hatched a plan to move in should Kabimba and others decide not to announce and hold the bye elections, within 90 days after Sata is declared dead.

    According to my friend who is a high ranking officer, they are watching Kabimba’s moves closely and will not hesitate to remove him by force should he decide to take power by force or trickery. They are saying they are also tired of lies and ill treatment by the clueless PF.

    So kabimba if you are reading this just know that you are being watched by men in uniform. They have saved Zambia from such ugly situations before and are more than ready to do the same again.

  5. Explaining will just be a waste of time.Whatever Scott will say people will still question just like what they have been doing with Mwansa Kapeya. Christians let us just pray for this nation ,the devil and his agents are up in arms against this nation. The battle is more spiritual than physical. When you reach a stage where people are wishing someone dead just know that the devil is at work. But one thing is certain the devil has always been a loser very soon the light will shine and the devil will be put to shame.Let us continue praying without ceasing.

    • imwe ba evangelist mulimo what God and Devil are you talking about? God is the devil and the Devil is God. what is so hard to understand here? we are human beings and there is no God deciding what should happen now. these myths which have been propagated in christainity are entirely false. If God is the originator of everything, then he surely is the originator and creator of all possible evil things, unless you mean to tell me he is not all powerful and all knowing as you claim most of the times!!!!! He made everything isnt it? And evil thoughts, deeds, actions or whatever were also made by him!!!! simple logic here!!! The God of the bible is a created one to suit mens thoughts of what a God should be.

    • thats why you even call him ” He”. Now who told you God was a man?And when he had a child, it had to be a son, jesus.This is typical of male chauvinism which was prevalent in the times the bible was being put together.Because men of those days thought that a woman could never be as good as a man,and so the God they created had to be male to show superiority.this is the reason why men till now mistreat women,its these beliefs.but if you focus on our uninfluenced african culture, you wont find such behaviour,we used to have matrilineal and patrilineal kingdoms/cultures, because we were more wiser and well vested in the knowledge of life.this is the reason why all european civilisation stems from the african.The west has polluted it and sold it back to us as christinity/civilisation

  6. Clearly the president is not well and should therefore resign on account of his failing health. I think the way the all situation has been handled is a disgrace. Reminds us of when LPM was in hospital and the then bulletins of the VP were vague without full account of what was going on. In general african governments have been very secretive and can get away with it for such a long time. Nothing like this can happen in the west with 24/7 media and paparatzi. Can you imagine Obama or even Cameron dissapearing like this? The media need to start asking serious real questions on the state of the president and his whereabouts. My theory is that Sata wont last till 2016…no disrespect to him but his not well he needs to think of his health and nothing else.

    • Michael Chilufya Mwango Charles Katongo Sata needs to appear before a MEDICAL BOARD to check if he is competent to do the job Zambians are paying him to do.

      But if he cannot even appear in Court for his OWN CASE, can we expect him to comply?

      Obviously, he is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. Bye-election please!

  7. The contemptuous and arrogant Guy Scott is simply going to tell parliament that the opposition is irresponsible for alarming the nation with falsehoods because the president is well and very busy working hard for the benefit of Zambians.

    • In the same way PF takes Zambians for f001s, come 2016 it will be pay back time. Zambians will likewise take the PF for f001s.Treat us like shite, we will treat you the same. Mtaya makoko saiwala.

  8. Does he even need to be given a day or two just to xplain the whereabouts of such a very important person as a presido?

  9. The PF government has shown extreme disrespect for the Zambian people. Aba bakolwe need to be taught a lesson once and for all. If Sata dies, they should not expect a sympathy vote, because they are so proud that they need to be shown the door. Why are they monkeying around such an important national issue?
    I bet you Scott also does not know where Sata is. He is simply going to read the clandestine letter of invitation from Israel.

  10. Fellow Zambians, the unforgivable shame rests on Dr Matibini the speaker of national assembly. This man is expected to act as president in case of death of a sitting president pending elections within 90 days. This man is claimed to be a lawyer who is expected to be on top national matters owing to the current position of the presidency in the nation. Matibini fails to sense to the necessity of compelling govt. spokesperson to make a statement to array speculations and fears griping the nation due to the abrupt leave of the president for such a long period in unclear circumstances. Matibini should for once rescue himself from a series of humiliating rounds of hazing Schadenfreude minionity. His intelligence to say the list, is highly questionable and now carries a tag of the worst speaker

    • I thought in the scenario you have described, power passes to the Chief Justice and not the Speaker of Parliament. That is the reason, among others that Chibesakunda has been kept as Chief Justice

  11. ….I cannot believe this….does the VP need up to Thursday to clarify the whereabouts of the president and the mission he has gone for…??….He was just supposed to tell us just there and then when the point of order was raised. If not, I expected him to storm ZNBC this evening just to clarify to the nation……….Why Thursday..??
    Now, I have everything to worry about……

  12. It had to take the deputy speaker Mukhondo Lungu to tell the leader of government in parliament to make a statement of the affairs of the malingering president who has absented himself without informing his employers the Zambians. Matibini should be ashamed of himself with a sinful intelligence that fails to meet the mark of an effective national assembly speaker. Posterity will certainly judge Matibini hashly. Zambians rely greatly on constitutional powers for direction in times like these and national assemble speaker is at the core of it.

  13. Guy Scott has no shame whatsoever this old man lied under oath at the Masabo trial. …in all honesty parley would be like making a speech to his friends in bar after partaking 9 pints.

  14. That is a very good point of order by Jack Mwimbu! But sadly enough the muzungu has no brains and expect a monkey statement from him. That muzungu should not have been veep in the first place, he is not intelligent!

    • How I wish some MP would tell Scott to “stop monkeying around”. After all Matibini found nothing offensive in that and so what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


  16. Can someone also order George Chellah to update the president’s Facebook page. We need to know how many potential investers they have so far met.

    • Shut up. You ba PF told us that there was no need for Press Conferences since MCKMCS will talk to us through his facebook account. Why change today?

    • PF is not interested in attracting “investors” to Zambia. Chasing the ones we have here already is easier!

      And they have the EUROBONDs to spend, so why worry? Someone else will have to pay that kalobo back!

  17. The way UPND cadres behaviour is left to be admired. Their wishingf thinking, enjoyn and the desire for Sata to die is a disgrace and a source of concern. In my attire life I have never and I will never wish even my waste enemy death.UPND always think if Sat was to die today then they will form govt. This is politics at its lowest point. Jack is he not the one who thought monkeying about is racist language ? Are these the so called educated elite who can not even understand the meaning of what they question in parliament with the whole world listening? Educated fools. Possibly a grade twelve is better than this Mwimbu. You can take a villager to town and will never change a villager. This is UPND who claim to be educated but full of bush products

  18. We zambians have really been taken for a ride by th Pf govt and the speaker of our honourable house..Matibini is a disgrace

  19. It’s amazing some of you guys are just talking to yourselves speculating all kinds of rubbish. If the president has “disappeared” maybe it’s because you are too lazy to find out or even care where he is because it’s not a story about death? Seek employment, or start a business or something, nobody has ever gone forward in life from just sitting insulting and being morbid and negative.

  20. Nubian princess – you have the audacity to call Zambians who want a civilised honest response about what is going on with their President, daft. I have actually begun to notice that your postings have no meaningful thought or analysis behind them. In the normal order of things, a clear and honest statement to the nation avoids all the speculation, guess work and unhelpful rumours. The current govt. behaviour is what in the end creates shady political dealings behind the scenes, last minute plunder of the resources and a power struggle that is a potential powder keg. Telling the truth will alert the nation to the fact that if the worst were to happen, there are legal procedures in place to ensure a peaceful transition. But, people like ‘Nubian’ don’t think beyond their noses.

  21. Israel is the selected location because when all hope to cling on to dear life is but lost, you have to be strategically placed to die in a location that has precedent of men dying and miraculously arising from the dead! You call recall what happened to that chap 2,000 years ago, Ukwa was advised by Sangoma Maduma to go there, die and be buried on Mount Olives. Except Kaseba has vowed to bring Zondwe’s remains back to Muchinga to commit his mortal remains back to the same soil where his umbilical cord was buried. The girl just can’t stand the chance of Ukwa Katongo Charlie “returning” from the departed.

  22. About Jehovah God, I used to think the same way until I encountered his grace in 1995 at age 39. I tell you the truth, God created the Heavens and the Earth and all that dwells therein. Just believe in Him and accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and you will discover everlasting peace. Do not be deceived, God is more real than you ever imagined. You can play around with politics and the mortal players therein but please do not mark around with Jehovah. It is another ballgame.

    Certainly, the PF govt has messed up its testimony. How could they mess up like this and spoil their chances of winning 2016. What with the infrastructure projects which have brought Zambia unprecedented development in a long time. The MMD cannot compare. KK, yes in the early years.

    • God is real for sure, because you are God. How can i accept a personal saviour ,jesus, whom the very bible itself says did not exist? Whom the very bible says is not the christ. Jesus himself never said he was christ. What then is the basis of your belief febana!!!!

    • @zagaze
      At least you can quote the Bible and show us where it says Jesus did not exist. Look you can’t expect to be taken seriously if you argue pointlessly on a forum like this. Please go back and read the Bible very carefully and real slow and try to grasp its message. You just might emerge out of this exercise more intelligent and wiser.

  23. @zagaze. You are all kinds of stupidity.which bible says Jesus never existed? Satanic bible? Are you an athiest? Don’t play with God as if he is your age mate.

    • @zagaze be mindful of what you say especially on spiritial matters.We urge you you to remain silent if you have nothing to say.

  24. I have never realised at any one moment that the world has produced such f.o.o.l.s/ empty tins like zagaze who doesn’ t believe in the existance of God. No wonder the Bible in Psalms states clearly that f.o.o.l.s lie to themselves that there is no God and zagaze is one of such f.o.o.l.s. I now agree with the statement of Apostle Paul that ” The wisdom of God is fulishness to this world” especially to those who don’ t believe like zagaze. Yet God is wiser than any human being and His weakness is stronger than the strongest men the world has ever produced. It’ s just a matter of time and the plain truth shall be known when those who call themselves wise shall recognise their folly at the appearing of the Son of God in the heavenly realms.

    • i never said there is no God. there could be such a divine being, but i dont think he/it is what is portrayed in the religious faith of christainity, islam, judaism etc. That god is created by human beings and in many ways does not reflect what God is.
      @Ganja farmer – here is the verse which shows that jesus did not exist. Read Galatians 4:22 – 25. Since what religion has done to you, so disrespectful and angry at anyone who opposes the word, that you can even kill. this is why we have had the most lives on earth lost due to religion.

  25. What statement will Muzungu O Pusa deliver. Imagine he is defending a constitution that is discriminating him. Arrogant Guy. He is real a guy. Shame.


  27. The Small group of bloggers apparently has among them some intelligent people than you exhibiting caderish behavior.Why should People believe what the government is saying when;
    1. The President sneaked out leaving guards pa gate at attention for two days before online news spilled the beans.Where was Kapeya to issue a statement
    2 Why should the Government be believed when they lied that the President has gone to Visit Israeli prime minister Perez in Tel Aviv when Perez was out of the country to USA and he actually doesnt live in Tel Aviv but Jerusalem.
    3. Why does it have to take the wise Deputy Speaker to compell Piggy Dotty Scott Muzungu Opusa to clarify the Presidents whereabouts.
    The problem that will make us fail to develop is Kuona vaupuba as normal.Change.

  28. Babylon is falling baba! Whether you like it or not.Cant you be surprised how the ‘prohesies’ of online papers are becoming real everyday?You cant lie to people everytime and keep expecting them to believe you.Its amazing how cadres here exhibit dulness.The Topic is not about HH you go to comment HH will never be President.Tonga Tonga.Looks like HH sends your nerves shaking.But you bembas are called by other tribes as Ntolelefye,documented crooks.Dont dwell on tribes.That wont help you decampaign HH or Nevers Mumba or any other Zambian.Wynter kuvikonka is in the line of Tonga blood so what do you say about tribe baba?Just be level headed and accept that we need better leadership from anyone else who can provide it other than the donchi Kubeba thugs.Bufi Bufi and Bufi always

  29. @kanyankula and other PF cadres. Whether you insult or not, you will be recalled from diplomatic service where you are stealing money that you do not deserve. Your Nokolume is dying. Period. THIEF!

  30. @mulako. My brother, Zambia has never produced a Bemba president. Kaunda was Malawian settled in Chinsali, Chiluba a a Luapula Aushi congole and Sata, a Tanzanian groomed in Mpika. So which bemba my brother?

  31. Bo musonda the fact remains they all somehow come from northern part,hence the comments from other regions.Ya the plan should be we the other tribes should open up more & work on our numbers and eventually we may a kaonde president.

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