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Guy Scott’s interview wih BBC on the whereabouts of President Sata

General News Guy Scott's interview wih BBC on the whereabouts of President Sata

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

Akwesi: …Where is the President of Zambia

Scott: He is in Tel Aviv on a working holiday that is all I know that concerns anybody.

Akwesi: His presence in Tel Aviv is nothing to do with medical attention for cancer as is being speculated or suggested in Zambia?

Scott: No, I have heard and it would be very unreasonable and suddenly I know nothing about it, the people who are ridiculously speculating are more informed than me I think that it is extremely unlikely.

Akwesi: Would you know if the President has got cancer?

Scott: I would know if he had but I doubt if he has as far as I am concerned.

Akwesi: Is he unwell outside of cancer?

Scott: You are asking me that question I am not a Doctor, I am not married to him, I don’t live with him, I have no system to know he lives how long or forever.

Akwesi: Do you understand however the concern of the Zambian public? Do you appreciate where these concerns have been coming from?

Scott: I think the generation of the rumours is malicious. I know the people are always concerned and I am hardly responsible for the people who spread rumours on the basis of nothing, on the basis of what they wish were the case.

Akwesi: So it is an issue of public concern?

Scott: Of course it is a matter of public concern if there was a concern there of course everything is an issue of public concern, the rainfall surely we can’t predict the rain whether it’s normal or never.

Akwesi: Why do people say or begin to believe that the president is dying of cancer?

Scott: They are campaigning for the opposition, for a tribal minority in the South of the country and want to take over and won’t actually they were in a coalition with us and thought they were bigger and now they are in opposition and certainly they are campaigning so that they can win the next election.

Akwesi: When are you expecting the president back in Zambia?

Scott: He will be back in two weeks, or a couple of days, for as long as it takes.

Akwesi: So for as long as it takes meaning, two weeks, a month, six months, a year?

Scott: No please don’t be so patronizing for as long as it takes for him to have a break until he has had his break and carry on his work.


    • Guy Scott is a smart individual and I have had the privilidge of enganging him on academic issues

      These answers are not responses from Guy Scot the person but rather Guy Scott who has to put on a Political Hat, disconnect his mental faculties, so that he can properly deal with an unfolding situation beyond his control and has clear constraints not to tell it as it is.

      I am not going to cast a single stone on him and neither should anyone. We have all in our lives disconnected our mental faculties or suspended our brains to just deal with the situation at hand. We have all watched the Matrix and looked impressed that an actor stopped a bullet with a finger, watched chinese kungufu movies and enjopyed them..let us show understanding for Guy Scott.

    • the most st.upid white man and the only remaining colonialist now blaming tongas for Sata,s Illnees . muzungu opusa

    • Guy Scott has just confirmed what some us already know. However he is economical with the truth. Sata is critically ill at some medical centre. The people he made fun of for their illnesses are calling him to join them.Mwanawasa, Kunda, Mazoka, Chiluba, and Penza.

      The truth is Sata is dying and he ain’t coming back vertically but will come back horizontally as high priority cargo some time in July /August. Though family members are pushing for burial as soon as possible so they can move on.

      All of you in diplomatic missions for being part of the forest family prepare to go back to your jobs you were doing before. Because who ever is taking over will have his people in place. Sad hey?

      Zambians ‘ cries have finally been heard and Zambia shall be free from tyranny again.

    • I pity Gay Scrotum. The man is also shaking in his pants because the man who stood by him no matter what is no more. He is facing an uncertain future as well because he is seen as a member of the K camp which is highly despised in the PF.

      The day of the long knives in PF is fast approaching.

      Mulenga Sata , should have appointed him self family spokes person and minimise the damage to his political reputation by telling the country the truth about his father’s health. Thats the only way he will gain the trust of the people so he can continue his political career without being in his father ‘s shadows.

      Mulenga rise up and challenge the Kabimba cartel that wants to use you and damp you later.

    • Great answers by the Vice President.

      He clearly answers from the bottom of his heart
      I hope president sata comes back next week as for as he was
      last week so that all the smear campaign end.


    • @MM Chief bootlicker. I hope your assertion about Guy being smart with his political answers as you say is a malicious one; not in its true sense. Guy played into the hands of the interviewer and revealed more than he should have had. This is manifest of one going into an interview with a preconceived mind on what issues the interview will bring up and how one will answer. I am sure he even had a rehearsal before a mirror in his bathroom. Anyhow thanks to him for confirming the President is actually ill and not on holiday in Israel, and the “minority tribe in the South of the country” (in reference to UPND) is giving Guy and his friends in PF sleepless nights. This interview does not portray Guy as an intelligent person at all.

    • I wish Sata lasting and unbearable sufferings whilst he is alive and, also, as soon as he commences his hard sentence after death. Furthermore, I must make mention that Sata was making mockery of all Tongas, especially HH and his fellow UPND leadership and, now, subsequently this, Sata, character is paying back for the crimes he committed against humanity in which innocent Tongas were his victims, including bystanders. I have no sympathy for this demon and I fail to understand why he is still alive yet he (Sata) is wasting tax-payer’s money for his unacceptable expenses. Furthermore, whoever is also contributing to his gravy train must be ashamed of himself/herself for enabling a dying dog or a snake to continue making unnecessary noses about UPND. Scott is another scoundrel.

    • @1.9 BOOM & WHATEVER – you sound like one of those ZWD writers – very vicious and devious. You are worse than Sata .

    • Guy Scott has not lied…….look and read between the lines..

      thought they were bigger and now they are in opposition and certainly they are CAMPAIGNING so that they can win the NEXT ELECTIONS.”

      There you have it…elections!!

  1. Sata must be cursed.Where did he get this old fool from.Ati he will be back in two weeks or a couple of days yaba.

    • Scott should clarify who are the tribal minority from the South. This guy is fueling tribal division. He has to account for such careless utterances. He is the Vice President of the country ….for crying out loud

  2. These guys don’t know how to be patriotic. How do you go mean on the whole BBC sure. For all I know the BBC are more sniffing than our own zambian watchdog.
    Soon they are goin to sniff him out of his hiding hole.
    Scot we don’t need your racist and tribal lebels, we already have the whole world searching For katongo. So its only a matter of time.

  3. Mr Scott’s evasive response particularly mentioning things like how long the President lives are disconcerting and make me read “the President is ill, can’t say what he has or if he will live” into his answers. Is anybody concerned about the legal constitutional and possible criminal implications of the governments action in this debacle?


    • I support your comment my brother. The man really mocked the late Mwanawasa. Going to the extent of saying his brain (mwanawasa’s) was just picked up from the tarmac after the accident in 1992 and placed back in the skull by the doctors. He also mocked George Kunda’s red lips. On Anderson Mazoka, he constantly talked about his falling trousers when his friend was ill. I think God is not happy with his conduct over the sick colleagues especially that he claims to be a staunch catholic. I don’t think Sata deserves any sympathy from anybody.

    • @Maikalange
      Your statement made me smile. Zambia’s long history of misery has only been punctuated by one very good president, Levy, the rest have been very bad ones, KK, Kafupi, RB and now the most evil of them all, Sata.

    • I agree with you, but have we Zambians really removed the scales from the eyes so that we can clearly see this leader and not make a similar mistake and vote another joker?

  5. These politics of always condemning the tonga will not take us anywhere. Is it the minority from the south that showed the president on TV and every one said that the president was really sick? Am not a politician but lets not politicise everything. The health of the president is not caused by the minority from the south. The president is really sick and everyone from south, north, eastern, northern, muchinga etc can surely see. Some answers awe, as if you are answering your wife.

    • Tonga tribe is not a Minority tribe but the second largest tribe. CIA website has the demographics broken down for Zambia. Anyhow that is beside the point Zambia needs Political leaders who unite the country and not bring divisions. Zero tolerance to tribalism. Ethnic groups:Bemba 21%, Tonga 13.6%, Chewa 7.4%, Lozi 5.7%, Nsenga 5.3%, Tumbuka 4.4%, Ngoni 4%, Lala 3.1%, Kaonde 2.9%, Namwanga 2.8%, Lunda (north Western) 2.6%, Mambwe 2.5%, Luvale 2.2%, Lamba 2.1%, Ushi 1.9%, Lenje 1.6%, Bisa 1.6%, Mbunda 1.2%, other 13.8%, unspecified 0.4% (2010 est.)

  6. Guy Scott…****. So its just the minority from south who want to know the wheteabouts of the president. This language is typical of a racist and orphaned poof of a pink ****. If u have failed to manage the illness of yo boss don’t blame it on Tongas.

  7. It is stupidity on the party of Guy Scott. He missed the opportunity to tell the truth even in parliament. After all, who does not get sick? We are get sick. Concerning death, we are all going to die but that is God previledge to know when. Simple issues complicated answer. Shame on him and PF.

  8. If you weed out the excess verbiage, meaningless and vague gibberish, you will be shocked to discover Dr. Scot didn’t say anything. Politician ‘through and through’, to borrow KK’s famous phrase.

  9. Seems lying has become a special skill for pf guys. Last week we saw a clip of MCS on zncb when he was welcoming the Chinese Premier. The social media has gone viral with pictures of a hugely frail looking MCS. His visage, his voice and his whole demeanor showed signs of a man whose health has plummeted. We don’t expect a man in that state to go sight-seeing on a holiday. This habit of hiding the sickness of the president is so irritating. We lost president Mwanawasa because of this same habit. Citizens want to genuinely support and pray for HE MCS, but govt is keeping us in a dark cloud of uncertainty. Yesterday I listened to Guy Scott’s statement in Parliament on the whereabouts of the president and he was struggling to cover up the trail of lies they have created!!

    • If my memory serves me right, the nation was well informed about Mwanawasa’s death.I recall RB shedding tears after prayers at the cathedral.It was at that point that I realised the seriousness of LPM’s illness.What surprises me about PF is how they don’t seem emotionally affected. I mean they can tell lies without blinking.A weird lot

  10. By saying the minority frm south are spreading rumours shows how empty headed this guy can be he knows his president is in Isreal for medication he knows sata should be in Malabo Wednesday for Au, not for working holiday in Isreal. He nonsensically failed to state the truth in that interview typical of pf leadership!

  11. Oh my God have mercy on mother Zambia amidst all this confusions going on. We have a strong conviction that nothing is done under the sun will by pass you. Certainly Zambia shall know the truth and the truth will set us free one day. Surely one can tell from this interview that something is wrong and we can therefore only turn to God for help.

  12. This white Gay is dull, very very dull. Time will tell when everything will be spilled out. GONDO sONKOTOT you are very dull.

  13. “I am not a Doctor, I am not married to him.”

    Sure, boss fair enough………

    Only may I now suggest the BBC find Dr. Christine Kaseba soonest possible and put the question to her? If nothing else, I’d love to hear the First Lady say: “my medical specialty is obstetrics and gynecology so how am I meant to know?”

  14. Just ignore Guy Scott, his grandfather was Lozi…, he is playing chimbuya with the tongas. Going by his deeds, he actually loves the tongas .

  15. Zambians have a pull him down sydrome, some weeks ago it was about the kwacha and some long winding bull about how it will go to K12 per $ and some felas wer jumping in the streets and wagging thier tails, that didnt hapen, now its the presidents death. This is insanity! mwalibelela ukuchula. of course Mr Sata should also be reminded of the way he treated mwanawasa, but thats not an excuse to be phating all the way in your office waiting to hear the president is dead. get a life and learn life is more than politics and ego

  16. A call to all serious christians, declare a day for prayer and fasting for our country.
    Our elders have lost it. They have all become selfish and want to leave chaos in the country as they depart. No tribe is bigger than Zambia. God is good and His mercies endure forever. If we humble ourselves, ernestly seek Him, He will hear our pertitions and heal our land

  17. The only problem with lying is that eventually the lies get defeated by the truth. If the PF politicians are telling us lies, it will be extremely difficult to trust them in any form of future bye-elections. The health of a head of state is concern for all. When head of state is unwell, everything in the country is unwell because he presides over the affairs of the entire country. For Africa to develop, we first need to change our mindset and mindset changing begins with issues like this one. If anything goes wrong with the president, those hiding the truth will be held accountable.

  18. The Jerusalem Post does not mention our beloved President’s visit to Isreal. Very strange considering he was invited!

  19. Zambians morning.Can I ask a question.When you are on the battlefront as it was the case during the liberation war of Southern Africa in particular Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.DID THE BULLET FIRED FROM THE AK47 RIFLE CHOSE WHO WAS KAONDE,LAMBA,LUVALE,KALUCHAZI,TUMBUKA,AUSHI,LOZI,NYANJA,SWAKA,NGONI,CHEWA,BEMBA,LENJE,TONGA,MBUNDA……………………..Stop the rot of tribalism.They all died for the common cause of freedom which we are enjoying by sharing ideas through media.That is why I do not like impostors of Gospel.The lame will walk and the blind will see.I feel like being choked by those sentiments.God Bless our Country.

    • Perhaps. Time will tell.

      Remember, the antics over former Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua, Malawi’s former president Bingu wa Mutharika and even our hero late LP Mwanawasa.

      IF ba Sata, is sight seeing in the Holy Land (vs LPM jogging in London), we shall receive him for another swearing in ceremony laced with cobra spitting! Otherwise, we are headed for another by-election (full stop).

      And since Guy, you don’t sleep with the Cobra, be careful what you say. Look at George Chella, he is now ziii. The Bemba’s say it trite, eko usulile………..!

  20. Way to go Guy Scott! Am so happy at how you handled this interview any interligent person will appreciate your stance on this sensitive issue. You deserve to be acting president!
    For those of you worthless, good for nothing traitors getting excited and opening your mouths as if you are brainless be warned…… Regardless of how much you hate Sata, it’s not about him anymore, but Zambia! Fact is, time will surely come for the man to move over to another life but it’s not upto you to get nasty daft and become brainless, think about zambias security! Once again think before you mumble!

  21. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Those who are mocking the President’s health just because he also mocked some people at one time, are not making things any better. They will also die at one point, therefore celebrating ones bad health is as bad as Madness of the highest order. Even if you celebrate, so what? You will also die, probably a more painful death.

  22. I am very disappointed that Guy Scott is referring to others as ‘a tribal minority in the South of the country’. A vice president should not utter such nonsense. Has he become tribal because HH called him ‘muzungu opusa’?

    • @Mutale Chikwanda. You are spot on.

      The Tonga of the bantu botatwe hail from from Southern, Lusaka and Central provinces. They are a minority just like those of Western, North Western and Eastern provinces. ,

      And yet in their aggregate, they are the majority!

  23. Guy Scott has proved to a racist,as a leader u can’t say minority tribe from the south.leadership is to embrace those who voted for u and those who didn’t.Scott is supposed to be a vice president for Zambia not a certain grouping of people implanted in his mind.Guy Scott will be happy to see Zambia on fire.the A team are of no good.

    • Imagine guy scott saying the minority when he is the minority one. White are the real minority in Zambia and I wonder which tribe he associates himself with to have the balls to call some Zambians a minority group!

  24. I fear for the worst about Michael Sata state of affairs! It is very clear there is something happening to Sata that the PF do not want the Zambians to know. I would not be surprised to hear the bad news soon!

  25. If Sata is sick then what? his human we all get sick at some point. Why would want him to die now as if you yourself will live forever.

  26. we are offering degrees in toilet and anus affairs at the newly created university in muchinga province

  27. That the problem with Zambians, why bother debating about someones personal life? Is Sata God? He is human just like you and me. Yes you might may not agree him political decisions but stay away from talking about him health. One day will you be sick too and die. If you think he is not well pray for him. The bible say respect those in authority. Lets not think with narrow minds. Be postive in life. Spend you time wisely. “You make other millionaire while you are busy working for them”

  28. why do we wish someone dead? even if we would never vote for him again. this should and must not be reason to ululate and be expectant for sad news. i for one cannot be made to react to MCS’s remarks against others. if he did that to others, doing the same as he did places me in the same category as him. its only that he was a public figure at that time and what he said was reverberated all over otherwise going by what i see and read here, i think most of you celebrated and called him a hero THEN. this is my problem with us zambians, we seem to be more subjective than objective. it shouldnt matter who is affected, our reaction should be the same.

  29. When you wish death for your friend, know that God is looking and listening, he may kill your relations such as your wife or children so that you learn a lesson not to wish friends death. You must be very careful in all what you say against people. God is the nice avenger. Be warned.

    I just wish quick recovery for the President if all he is sick.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  30. Vice president Guy Scot has no diplomacy at all; he could simply have answered and said; I am not at liberty to discuss the presidents health: and as for saying it is a small minority tribe that is posing all these questions; he is so wrong : for his interest it is we the people of the 73 tribes across Zambia wanting to know where our head of state is: and if you people try to paint HH as being tribal; you are the tribalists as I have never heard Hichilema utter a tribal word;

  31. Zambians VOTED for PF now the a crying FOUL.
    You all voted Banda out – only choice was Sata, since H.H. refused to explore Northern Province. To lead a country, one must be prepared to unite all corners of the country not only Southern and Central.
    Sata and PF went across the borders and saw every villager in the remote Zambian villages but H.H. was too proud to do this, hence his down fall. People see through him.
    I did not vote – my vote is for a Free Liberal Zambia – Free education Free medical Care and proper housing. Botswana can offer this but Zambia has the capability and capacity to do the same but our leaders fail us. Until then, I am not able to vote for a single leader in Zambia.

  32. guy scort is fun am not married to sata.lets not point finger at eachother, what ever its the truth shall come to the public about our president they cant give him forever: lets only pray for our nation zambian that our president come back again: may God bless zambia

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