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Zambia Railways goods train derails in Mazabuka

General News Zambia Railways goods train derails in Mazabuka

A Zambia Railways Livingstone bound goods train carrying an undisclosed quantity of copper concentrates derailed on Friday night at Magoye lay-by 30 km south of Mazabuka District.

The Goods train was transporting copper concentrates for a company called Bridge Shipping Zambia destined for export to South Africa.

Zambia Railways Central Region General Manager Mubanga Jawala confirmed the accident but declined to give further details.

A check by a ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene found that five wagons laden with 33 metric tonnes of copper concentrates but slipped off the rail and overturned in Magoye.
A salvage operation was however tasked to remove the copper concentrates from the wagons onto waiting trucks.

Workers were found busy reinforcing the rail line that got damaged in order to normalise train operations and passage.

A technical team dispatched to the scene to ascertain the cause of the derailment is yet to conclude investigations.

However, workers at the scene attributed the derailment to alleged over loading on the five wagons.

In December 2010, a Zambia Railways train derailed in Kapiri Mposhi disrupting the travelling public and goods transportation while another derailed in Ndola after slipping off the rail line when transporting lime.

The Zambia Railways obtained a US$120 million loan two years ago from the Euro bond to upgrade rail infrastructure in the country and improve operations.


    • But iwe shimapalo, ulemona kwati ni nseko kaa, tema politics aya. Its the works of PF, na fi copper kufiposa fye.
      Is it KCM,s copper? Need some investigations, might be an insurance fraud, who can trust KCM!!?

  1. Eurobond and its apllication! Its dry season but still dogged with derailment. The maintenance works are too feeble for as long as the working by picks and shovels is how the Eurobond is being used. If you invited the contructors of TAZARA it could have been better works. TAZARA to many years of neglet before derailments started being experienced. May be the crop of those entrusted with ZR repairs and mentainance lack something, exposure. In breeding of ideas and ways of doing things can be dangerous – ZR derailments. Third world mentality, third world problems. Who will fix ZR to greater standards for many years to come? Who can better use the Eurobond minus shortcuts of misuse, misapplication and misappropriation. Corruption won’t help us at all.

  2. I thought GRZ banned exporting copper concentrates (Cu con) how come pipo are still shipping?

    • & why reading such? I guess you reading it Bemba! FYI ..Arabs read from right to left…

    • Ba LT, please find a quicker system of spotting and deleting sick pseudo names some bad mannered bloggers are using .e.g. this one @.5 Umwana…etc. This will put off mature bloggers which will in turn put off businesses from putting up adverts, and LT stands to lose revenue.

  3. Sacrifices have gone to railways now??? How many people died? and why HH and his UPND havent commented on the derailment?? is it because the accident happened in southern province??

    • I’m not a supporter of HH, but pls ubututu mulenashako. You extremists who see sacrifices even on obvious lack of maintenance. You’re the kind that blame the devil evn for your own negligence

  4. ZR should start constructing another railway line so that trains going south will be using the left side line and those going to north the other line.. Like in SA and here (FInland) This will reduce over dependant on one track and minimize unnecessary delays.

  5. @7 i think you are not a railway engineer, u could be a sweeper in finland, so dont comment on things u dont understand. What is over dependancy and delays on one track?? Asingle track can take as many train passes as possible without delays except in zambia southern province were u are demanding a double line hahahaha, so such thinking how can HH be president of zambia??

  6. Ba LT, please find a quicker system of spotting and deleting sick pseudo names some bad mannered bloggers are using .e.g. @.5 Umwana…etc. This will put off mature bloggers which will in turn put off businesses from putting up adverts, and LT stands to lose revenue.

    • One railway line for 13m people. There is need for two lines, more 100 trains. Some could be starting from lsk to north, some to south while few of them south to north.. Here a cleaner’s salary is far better than a minister in Zed.. No I am not an engineer but I have everything needed flat and 7 seater car (opel Zafira)

  7. why is every1 just lookng at the derailing? cant you see what these guys were exporting? that is soil export which the government refused but how come it was being exported to SA? are we going back wards again?

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