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Mulongoti demands publication of power transfer document


Former MMD chairperson for elections Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

People’s party President Mike Mulongoti says the explanation by Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska on the delegation of presidential functions to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to act as President is not satisfactory.

Mr. Mulongoti has since challenged Dr. Msiska to publish the signed instrument of delegation of the functions of President.

He says this is the only way people will believe and stop speculating about the manner in which Mr. Kabimba assumed the role of acting President.

Mr. Mulongoti says Dr Msiska MUST end the speculation once and for all by publishing the signed document, considering that the government gazette is a public document.

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska on Tuesday confirmed that President Michael Sata handed over the instruments of power to acting president Wynter Kabimba in accordance with all aspects of the Law before he left for a working holiday in Israel.


  1. Waste of time discussing the transfer of power,opposition political parties should concentrate on how best they can win 2016 elections rather discuss things which can’t build their Lusaka based parties.

    • if Mulongoti is not satisfied with the statement by the secretary to the cabinet, he can petition the transfer in the High Court.

      Mulongoti is extremely insignificant to attempt to hold the country at ransom. The country has to move forward

    • Mulongoti seem to know something or there should be some people who know something fishy- telling him to open his mouth on their behalf.

    • @1.1 Gen,
      A point of correction, the country is certainly held to ransom by Sata and his cronies and it is therefore not fair to accuse Mulongoti of trying to.

  2. Mulongoti seems to know something everyone does not know…..

    Go for them Mulongoti… thats the whole essence of governance

  3. Mulongoti is just a failure trying to bring confusion. Mike this is not necessary. Such tension the opposition should be tolerant and wait for by elections if they will be any.
    Kabimba wont be president he is just acting.

  4. Mr Mulongoti’s question is not only legitimate in a democracy; it is the responsible one to ask. Dr Msiska has been ambivalent on this issue. It follows that he be held to account. I resent the suggestion that for this to happen – Mr Mulongoti must resort to the courts. The government has been incoherent and downright untruthful in their handling of the circumstances surrounding the departure of the President from Zambia and his current state of health – issues on which a responsible government ought to be forthright & coherent. The government is solely responsible for the speculation and rumours and should be ashamed of themselves. Dr Msiska should remember that his office serves the Zambian people – not a clique of opportunists taking advantage of this sad and shameful debacle.

  5. Please ba sir. Thats a PF mater. Anyone in PF can act. Concertrate on your party for 2016 elections. You are the same man that campaigned for PF in 2011 hoping to get a job.

  6. Yes, Mr Mulongoti has the right to ask for evidence. There is nothing difficult here. The Government Spokesperson can issue a statement and publish a copy of the handover. Nothing sacred here. Our government is elected and not a monarchy, please. Soon there will be by-elections and the same people rubbishing people’s questions will be making their candidates “kneel” in false humility to beg for votes. Come on Zambians, let us wake up. Ku nacha kudala, busile, kwacha, eeh. Aiishi. Do not listen to mindless clowns posing as PF cadres. They are not even PF in their bones, They are just hungry dogs squatting on their tails anticipating some bone to be thrown their way. Whatever, Mr Mulongoti did in the past is immaterial. He is a Zambian demanding an answer which govt can give without loss.

  7. Mr.Mulongoti as a senior politician and a lawyer yourself , you should know that Presidential appointments are purely a prerogative of the President. There is no need for the Cabinet Secretary to publish the signed instrument of delegation of the functions of President..
    Enough that there is no Crisis in Goverment. I find your concerns as lacking merit.
    in the event that the Cabinet Secretary published the document , what next? should he be doing this everytime we have an Acting President. Was this what your MMD Government Did?

  8. Mr MIKE MULONGOTI sir, do you want us to start insulting you or what? Please go back to your toilet and start the process all over because it seems there is still some remnants because you didn’t finish the business….you came out too quickly — and use the tissue-paper this time, PLEASE, not newspaper cuttings.

    After you have done that, then you can go to either the High Court Library, or Cabinet Office, or Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, or Government Printers, or may be even National Archives, and ASK for GAZETTE NOTICE No. 385 of 2014 dated 27th June 2014.

    Don’t come here sounding like a broken record when you know where to get the information. Twalamba nokumituka apapene yama ngatamwaleke umulomo uwabula sense.

  9. If our politicians want to be respected, they should sound intelligent. We are not going to sit here listening to the same silly argument being repeated over and over, wasting people’s time, just because the chi-mudala is too lazy to do his homework OR infact the motive is just to try and milk political mileage from a topic that is resolved. What is his interest in wasting time…it is just political mileage. Now if he is so dull that he can’t see the futility of drawing political mileage from a resolved topic, how does he hope to inspire people. We are tired of being fed with poor-quality political speeches and rhetoric. From now on, if a leader wants to be listened with respect he/she must speak sense and only when it is necessary. Ifya kubwata-bwata china ichisushi fyakale.

  10. iwe mulongoti wila tumona ubupuba jst leave the old man alone, walefwaya bapele iwe. ifintu fimo muleikalako zee tamwakwata ifyakuchita the only thing you dream about is power or state house aren’t you a president of a political party? jst concentrate on mobilising your party and work hard so that in 2016 you will be at plot1 ukonfweko bwino not jst making noise for nothing winter this, sata that ,kambwili this chikwanda that …you are not united ba opposition because of selfishness echo mukalushila you r not telling us real issues who doesnt know that SATA is out of the contry?

  11. Mulongoti, when did grz start making power transfer document public? Since the time of unip 27 yrs, mmd 20 yrs and now pf 3 yrs no president has ever made that document public. Please stop behaving like you are from Pluto.Am surprised to hear from some people that Zambia is on standstil, just because the President is not in the country. What nonsense, you people find something to occupy your devilish minds than barking of the whereabouts of Sata. There is somebody acting on behalf of Sata and grz business is moving ok. What’s your problem ba one man party? All those wasting their time on the health of Sata, I ask you to plant one seed of maize every day until Sata comes back, you will be surprised how big your yield will be. Its Satanic wagging your tail upon hearing your leader is ill .

  12. Before I can listen to anything this singing canary says again, I want him to explain why he lied to Zambians that Levy Mwanawasa was fine and shopping with Maureen in Paris’ Avenue des Champs Elysées, when actually the man was breathing his last! I will never ever trust this proboscis monkey again.

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