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Police launch probe into Bobby East sex tape

General News Police launch probe into Bobby East sex tape


Police in Lusaka have launched investigations into a leaked sex tape featuring a man believed to be musician Bobby East and model Ruth Mukanga which has since gone viral.

The 12 minute clip which stars the two youths engaged in sex without protection started circulating via chat sites such as Watts up.

Police Deputy Spokesman Rae Hamoonga has warned members of the public against circulating the pornographic video as doing so could land them in problems with the law.

Mr Hamoonga said police have launched investigations to ascertain how the video was produced and later distributed.

“As police we are yet to get hold of the said video but we know that this musician has allegedly been involved in this offence, so our men are out in the field to get hold of the tape and then we shall proceed,” Mr Hamoonga said.

He warned that any found circulating the video shall be arrested and prosecuted.

“It is an offence to circulate such obscene materials in Zambia and if the court determines that by doing so you is able to corrupt people’s morals, they will can go in for a long time,” Mr Hamoonga said.


  1. kwena onini onaini chizungu ba LT ati “By doing so you is able” And ” they will can go in for a long time” emmh.

    • iwe, cant you see that it is in reported, quotation marks. they are just giving you what exactly was said. why should they correct it. if they did, then it would cease to be a quot.

    • Why did you left out Nathan in Iris Kaingu tape …….The footage was clear even more clear & tombaliciuos than Bobby East Point….LOL!

    • What?? The Police want to watch that video as well? Are they going to show to the judge too and corrupt his/her morals?

  2. YA BA! its too late for some of us. Our morals are already corrupted. 🙂

    so lets see this 12min clip of this amature boy

  3. People are always in a hurry to circulate materials of this nature but very reluctant to circulate the message of Jesus Christ.

  4. Poor reporting ba Lusaka, can’t even get the spelling for WhatsApp right, and WhatsApp is not a site, it’s an application, learn the difference. So the cops are actually in the field looking for the sex tape? Where are they looking? Why don’t they just holla at one of their homies, ain’t nobody got to go into no field

  5. Rae Hamoonga stop acting on rumours. Where is the Video? What if you hear that Suntwe has circulated a sex tape??!! Where can you get him?? Silly boy! And…oh, who are Bobby East and Ruth Mukanga? These are nobodies but the police, since the opposition have taken a break, want to focus their energy on these non-entities.

  6. There goes the double standards of these unprofessional cops… they were very fast to effect an arrest of Kaingu’s daughter for political reasons and here they are talking about people circulating and not the subjects. we need impartiality from the cops.

    By the way where the cops have to go looking for an alleged crime, then really it shouldn’t be a crime at all.

  7. Umwaiche Bobby paliba ubukalaa zo ona.If only he knew how to use his tool abengi ngabalabwela mukutotela kwati ifi bachita kuli ine.

  8. Umuntu Onse Mwinakuluba…Makin That Video Earned Him Some Cash To Join XYZ Crew,Big Up Bobby,U r a Hustler…U Know How To Make Capital…

  9. Guys where is vedio atleast we want to see how skillfull bobby is since no well paying jobs in zambia I think Ka KAPONO ni best

  10. His amazing – number one – your best.
    Pour some liquor – rest in peace – SOOSH MATIX.
    The best rapper gotta sign to the best crew,
    They ask why? Nichani che mufunsila WHY?
    That’s rubbish!

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