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Chikwanda appeals to Britain to relax economic sanctions against neighbouring Zimbabwe

Economy Chikwanda appeals to Britain to relax economic sanctions against neighbouring Zimbabwe

Alexander Chikwanda
Alexander Chikwanda

FINANCE Minister Alexander Chikwanda has appealed to Britain to relax economic sanctions against neighbouring Zimbabwe as the continued action was also negatively affecting Zambia’s growth ambitions.

Mr Chikwanda said this when he met United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening at his office for bilateral discussions focused on expanding existing relations between Zambia and Britain.

“We are appealing to Britain to help some of our neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, our economies in this region are inter-linked, when there is a problem there, it spills over to us,” Mr Chikwanda said.

Mr Chikwanda thanked Britain for being a close ally in aiding the improvement of key economic sectors such as health, education as well as several other reform programmes including the tax system.

Mr Chikwanda said Zambia needed as much as donor countries to reduce its dependence on donor support through growing its own economy and was determined to achieve this target.

“Zambia highly appreciates your support, we are your brother but we need to be self reliant, we cannot continue depending on aid. We need to grow our economy and reduce donor dependence. Your visiting shows the cordiality of relations between Britain and Zambia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Britain has pledged unwavering support to Zambia’s development agenda, announcing that several investment windows will open to woo increased investment from Britain.

Ms Greening said Britain remained committed to help Zambia yield results from its development strategy through various reforms.

She said two trade delegations would soon visit Zambia to look at investment opportunities while an international investment meeting was scheduled for London to help drive Britain investment to Zambia.

“DFID is a very strong partner to help economic development and we want to be part of this strategy. We need to work together to increase investment and in human capital development,” she added.

She said Zambia’s relations had been longstanding and successful and that this should continue.

Ms Greening was in the country to among others deliver a keynote address during the Regional Symposium on Ending Child Marriages held at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka and hosted by First Lady Christine Kaseba and Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo.


  1. Kekekeke Chikwanda is scared that there will be sanctions on Zambia, for the abuse of constitution. And because the Foreign Fimo Fimo, asked why ZANU has PF at end ZANU-PF.

    • thats right. all the african nations should be ashamed of their conduct in dealings with zimbabwe. Just because britain, the USA, and the entire west have problems with zimbabwe does not mean we as africans should also stop trading with our beloved sister country. We ask them to stop their unjustified sanctions against zimbabwe but we should continue to trade with her and support her. You never go against the family, and in this case zimbabwe is our family. Viva Pan africanism. The west can go to hell all along with their allies. i would rather die in poverty than submit to the conditions of a foreign power. A coward dies a thousand times.He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day but as a coward. we africans make our stand now.its do or die for africa!!!!

      Its VERY UNFAIR to continue these Genocidal sanctions on Zimbabwe, as the only ones being affected by these Selective at times Racist sanctions, are the Poor Black People (Women & Children) of Zimbabwe, who have no axe whatsoever to grind with the West. Mugabe & his officials still have 3 square daily meals, drink clean water, educate their young, & travel abroad for treatment – (Malaysia, India) e.t.c.
      There are Numerous Nations who continue to flout U.N. law, unlawfully butcher their “enemies” up to this day, & NO SANCTIONS have ever been imposed on them.
      Britain & the U.S. waged an Illegal War on Iraq. I never saw sanctions put on them, hence my justification to say these U.N Sanctions are “Selective & Racist”

    • Okay, Chikwanda is talking on behalf of Zimbabwe so that when political power changes hands in Zambia he can go and seek asylum there for fear of litigation because of the rampant theft him and colleagues engaged in.

      Be warned Chikwanda, Zimbabwe will not be under Bob for ever. Who ever might take over will want to normalise relations around the world.So he surrender you back to Zambia to face the music for financial misappropriation charges together with your fellow PF minions. All what you have stolen you guys, will be got back with 50% interest. Just watch the space.There is no way we will allow a situation where by the poor pick up the bill for your recklessness.Unfortunately you will dance alone while KING CABBAGE will be watching you from his grave.


  2. Why Chikwanda does not appeal to Mugabe to comply with International Law or to return billions of dollars misappropriated by ZANU-PF?

  3. Chikwanda tell Bob to behave Britain will not remove those sanctions I can a sure you if anything pf government needs some of those may be travel ban on ministers the are all useless.

  4. Do we really need to sing choruses for Mugabe? We did our part in liberating the country let them fight their own battles. Much of what is happening in Zimbabwe is down to particular individuals serving selfish motives. Lets move on pan africanism won’t solve your economic problems.

    • yes my brother/sister pan africanism is the solution. be unapologetically african. We must critic, caution, sensor our leaders ourselves as africans and not let the west interfere in the running of affairs in africa. the west dont care if the people die of hunger,disease etc. All they care about is getting away with a crime, in this case unpaid for land for their white settlers. Some asked, why havent sanctions been meted out against the US and Britain for the illegal and unjustified war in Iraq? I didnt hear or see any of you writing anything about their crimes, yet you want to ridicule your own african brother for his little mistakes. Kanshi mwaba shani? Always hating self and loving foreign?

  5. Lol, as if Zimbabwe don’t have the political will to ask the international community themselves. We all know wat is required of zim to remove the sanctions

  6. As a Zimbabwean l feel Zambia should start by not indorsing a stolen election,tell Mugabe to respect the rule of law, tell Mugabe to stop globe trotting and stay in his country and face the economic collapse in his country, tell Mugabe to stop corruption in his gvt eg Mpofu should account for $$billions lost in diamond revenue to cronies, ask Mugabe to stop his daily diarrhoea of racist words not behave insane ,as he does. If Zambia does this simple task you shall be a good neighbour. We have suffered enough under this dictator ,what Zambia has done to Zimbabwean is add salt to the wound.What goes around comes around

    • why werent sanctions imposed on the USA and Britain for the unjust war they carried out in Iraq? Up todate we still have not seen the weapons of mass destruction. Mugabe just asked for the land back. Read the terms and conditions signed at Lancaster house under Lord Carrington prior to the independence of zimbabwe. The british are the ones who breached the conditions of agreement yet they impose sanctions on zimbabwe. Arrest ka Tony Blair and his fellow numbbuts George imbushi for their war crimes. they have killed much more people that what is alledged under Uncle Bob in zimbabwe. See the white supremacists for what they are. Brutes, tyrannts and plain old Racists.

    • @ zagaze

      Can you explain how you intend to impose sanctions on USA and UK? Stop receiving aid? Stop using USA/UK clearing banks? Ban any business transaction with them?
      Do you think the new African “friend” China will stop selling goods to USA/UK?
      By the way, do you know who is the single biggest contributor to UN; IMF; WB; UNHCR; FAO; IMO and hundred more parasitic organisations staffed by Africans?
      Who is financing annual long weekend break in Addis Ababa for Plenary session?

      Think reality before you contribute weed induced opinions.

      As to racism, please look in the mirror and you will see No. ONE F—–g Jerk.

    • Ba 142 – sanctions can be imposed on the US and britain. You mean, the whole world would come to a stand still if we said we are not importing chickens, rice or wheat from the USA? How did the world survive before the USA was a nation? I dont know what kind of thinking you have? No wonder you exhibiting low self esteem syndrome by calling me all sorts of names here. Sanctions can be imposed on anyone. When a father does in a home, and him being the bread winner, i wonder how the children live after that? do they all die, or does the responsibility fall on the various family members? its the same thing here. the world is not america and britain.

    • Zagaze, the points you b put across come across as valid, & rational to me.
      Once one uses abusive language towards You, just don’t bother responding.
      You as a Pan- Africanist is debating in their own interest, & they are so myopic to see it.
      The West they so much worship & look up to, debate without using Gutter language.
      From a fellow Pan-Africanist have a lovely weekend!

    • keleni tasa have a lovely weekend too my brother. Lets continue keeping hope alive and living that hope.

  7. @wanzelu
    for u its insults everywhere u av no repect for anyone.how were u brought up? ar u a demon? tel us we cast it out of u.dont u feel ashamed of your roten language towards others? so u think going by your language u ar gaining popularity? my dear its hight time u stoped this nosense n countributed professionally even though u ar paid,u can do it nicely n pipo will stil get yo points infact more than they do wen u ar insulting. thats not an african spirit.

  8. Let Zimbabweans fight their own battles. We helped liberate them from Smith and look at how they thanked us. With insults. Sorry Mr. Chikwanda, I personally don’t give a damn about those so-called sanctions.


  10. Excellent Sir Chikwanda, spot on. I feel you should have gone further and asked for Reparations for the damage to Zambia for the Barotseland Agreement. It is their fault we were cut up and stick together in that fashion and we are facing divisions because of the ‘British’ System. I have lived in UK over 30 years and I testify to the racism against Africans in GB. As for these windows if investment they are meant only to prise good Chinese investment to get themselves a cut at our cost. Britain is old hat, we need to stay with China and Japan etc and strengthen with rest of Africa. Old Robert Mugabe is an African genius, who has given a window of opportunity to the average poor Zimbabwean. British, they have habits that die hard, they will come back with khaki and pith helmets!!

    • @ Patriot Abroad

      why you do not become “Home based Patriot” after suffering 30 years of racial discrimination?

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