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I became a fake Doctor to feed my family-Nguni


Bonaventure Nguni
Bonaventure Nguni

A Lusaka man who was recently arrested for masquerading as a medical doctor says he resorted to pretending as a medical doctor because he needed to feed his family.

Bonaventure Ng’uni, 25 of Lusaka’s George Compound told Journalists outside the Lusaka Magistrate Court shortly before he was sentenced to three and half years that he does not have a job and life is hard.

Magistrate Sheila Mweene convicted and sentenced Nguni to three and half years imprisonment with hard labour on four counts for impersonating a public officer, obtaining money by false pretences and obtaining goods by false pretences.

“ I have two children and my wife is six months pregnant and I don’t have a job, life is hard and I thought I could make some money by posing as a doctor. Infact I never even administered any treatment, I was just promising people and getting their money,” Nguni revealed.

He added, “I’m so sorry for my actions and I apologise to the nation. I was driven into this crooked life because of hardships.”

Facts of the matter are that Ng’uni this year masqueraded as medical Doctor at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital where he swindled unsuspecting members of the public on the pretext that he could offer express medical care.

Ng’uni also obtained two laptops from Peter Lemba of UNZA Ridgeway campus after duping that he would pay for the laptops but he never did.

Ng’uni admitted to all the four counts.

And in mitigation Ng’uni pleaded for leniency before the court as he had two children and a six months pregnant wife adding that he was the sole bread winner of his family.

But Magistrate Mweene told Ng’uni that he had insulted the medical profession by masquerading as medical practitioner and had caused a lot of damage to society and therefore deserved a custodial sentence.


    • Brotha gotta do what he gotta do!

      Advice to women, don’t marry jobless dudes! It’s not love, it is stupidity.

    • Inchito mano bane. Alifye bwino,mbuya mwandi you just had to do what you had to do.Next time impersonate Sata.

    • @Mushota

      Point of correction on your tribal rant.

      Bonaventure Ng’uni is a typical Bemba name. In fact both the first and sir name are popular with Bembas.

    • Sata ‘s children must be careful from now on wards because the Kabimba cartel is determined to do anything to hold onto PF power even if it is eliminating all Sata ‘sons.

      Any way my heart goes out to Kazimu and his family. I wish him quick recovery.

    • You ka Mushota, I’m not Tonga but Tumbuka from the Eastern/Muchinga province. Get your facts before you post rubbish here

    • @Wanzelu, what happened to KAZIMU? Tell me man tell me, KAZIMU what??? In any case I had nothing to do with it.

    • Dudes must watch out for b!tches like the nubian princes who are only after money and not love forgetting that jobs do come to an end but marriage SHOULD NOT. It’s meant to last a lifetime.

  1. He must have watched Leonardo de caprio’s movie ‘catch me if you can’. But how did he do it? In a hospital? Now, there could be many fake nurses working in Zambia, especially after firing all the qualified nurses.

    • PF has failed to provide the promised “Donchi Kubeba” jobs and the youths are desperately trying to make ends meet.
      Its only in PF since this masquerading has topped the charts, Masumba and some chiefs for example, have ignited the masquerade N’guni. Apparently some are pretending to fit yet hiding, away from other human beings?
      Where are the thousands of jobs PF claimed to have created? I fear for future of this country as Donchi Kubeba has taken the majority of people minds, therefore, CORRUPTION will always prevail unless the RECYCLED materials of UNIP, MMD and PF are for eternity banned from politics.
      Recycled are tired and have resorted to HIDING. Hide and Seek sure for such an inspiration and public office?

  2. I’m not in Zambia but can’t stop wondering whether he couldn’t find something to do. For starters being married at 25 and having two children doesn’t seem like a good idea when you don’t have a job to fend for yourselves. You are now having to learn lessons the hard way.

  3. In the near future the goernment should put up a policy which will only allow people with a ccredible income to have children…how does one start having children minus having a job?

  4. Achimwene mwatichitsa manyazi kwambiri, Zinthu zikavuta ndibwino kupita ku mudzi kukalima, Taonni tsopano mkazi ndi wana avutika kwambiri inu muli kundende, Enanso a khalidwe loipali atengeleko phunziro.

    • @Malawi I like that, reading your chewa is like reading “Egyptian book of the dead”.
      But I think mu Bemba uyu kaponya… and of all places why at Levy Mwanawasa hospital, not Mumbwa hospital?

  5. No no no amushoto, he is not Tonga. He is from the east, Nguni is Tumbuka. You are dull about Zambia Mushoto!

    • @ Saulosi- I admire the man’s courage- to go to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital, wear a white coat and put on a stethoscope and walk around in the corridors pretending to be busy. I wonder why masquerading has now become an art in Zambia this days. I remember a news story of a Nigerian in Canada was was arrested for masquerading as a police officer.

    • @Ola
      Same here.It indeed takes a lot of guts for one to do something like this.It must be a season for con artists.

    • How can you be surprised when the Kabimba s are masquerading as presidents. Now Kabimba is on the run, the Cobra is up.

  6. Not only in Zambia, here in Finland two were caught.. Despite of good systems, these two men worked in many hospitals treating patients and prescribing drugs even to close friends. One of them said he studied medicine in Russia but the Russian medical school when contacted, distanced itself from his claims. The other one got the certificate from the internet site. Blame was hipped on employer for failing to check properly the applicants’ certificates and background.

  7. And @ Nubian Princess you assume that Ng’uni was jobless when he got married – thus the advise that ‘don’t get married to jobless dudes’. That advise is also questionable, like a lot of your contributions lately.

  8. Mushota, really? I don’t care what tribe he is except it looks to me like you have a problem with the tonga speaking people, or shud I say u suffering from the babaric mindset of tribal supremacy or tribal insignificance. Not far from racism u know.

  9. Jobless dudes!! Hehehehe and they come with all sorts of stories, first ‘its my original papers were stolen, then you wonder, how? Then he mentions an institution but can’t remember any of his classmates, he can only remember one lecturer but can’t even remember the course that lecturer was teaching. This guy is forgeting that you went to the same institution and probably you had friends doing different programmes and hey even if we didn’t know each other but I can stil remember your face, unless you were there before I went there or after I had left, Bane ubufi tuleke otherwise will end up like ng’uni. Obviously even Ng’uni’s wife thought the hubby was a doctor.

  10. It is such a shame that a normal person as he has indicated in his own statement can only choose to make hay of crookedness from a hospital, and like he said he wanted to feed his children and pregnant wife; this guy must be in prison. In life there are just certain aspects that you should not steal from, one on top is a hospital. If only he consented his mind to good and uprightness, there so many ways he could have made money without risking his on life and his entire family. I rest it to him. Hope he wil have time to think. It is not all about being like all thieves to survive

  11. He is just a lazy Guy. Too much reading novels and apply them in a wrong enviroment. But he never masqueraded as man to have those two children.

  12. No money in your pockets. I sympathize with this man, however, I feel there were other things how could have done to make money other than pretending to help people and taking their money — I wonder what televangelists will do?!

    I also agree that women need to be careful when they choose a man — love is for the movies and does not put foo on the table. Make sure you man has a job, or has a means and desire to make money legally and frequently.

    If the doc’s wife is in desperate need of a man, I’m available.


  13. Guys forget about this i.d.i.o.t the so called Ka Mushota. She’ s rotten in the head though she boasts about her good education. Her head is full of nothing but maggots.

  14. Heeeee heee this riminds me of some goons who were picked up on the road to Chifubu around Kansenshi area for impersonating RATSA officers, poor chaps were even putting on RATSA vest extorting money from unsuspecting motorists, bane no excuse to this. I have great respect for ‘Bara man’ at Soweto market trying to eke a living. There have no room in this era. Lockup the chap, throw the key away.

  15. Mushota f.u.c.k u who told u that thats a Tonga name. Go to hell with your tribal hatred. it just depicts how illiterate you you are, you fool! you are the people bringing our country backwards

  16. Me i get ammazed with this bitch mushota, where have u heard nguni in southern province. If u dont have anything to yapp, go and hang.

  17. Get rich or die trying.Ukafwa na idea.Kukwibila uletamba in plain sight(AKA RED NA KA BLACK)mwakeshiba teh?Uyu umu guys alikwata courage yalu penfu,ku pita pa table ninshi ulelya ati tanjii paye.

  18. Chipata people!!!!! Sorry for that Nguni, but you should have looked for something better than what you did to innocent poor people.

  19. YABA,



    ………………………………………….I MEAN DAY AND “NIGHT”.

  20. I hope this serves as a lesson to all those gold digging zambian ladies who like loaded men. You will be marrying FAKE professionals.

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