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Chadiza Magistrate Likulunga denies interfering in road project in Chadiza

Rural News Chadiza Magistrate Likulunga denies interfering in road project in Chadiza

Chadiza Magistrate Fabian Likulunga has accused the district administration of delaying the construction of the seventy six kilometres chadiza-Chipata road.

Magistrate Likulunga says the delay was particularly due to the District Commissioner Paul Phiri’s office and not his court.

ZANIS reports that Magistrate Likulunga said this in an interview in Chadiza District, today.

He was reacting to recent media reports that the construction of the Chadiza- Chipata road under the link Zambia 8000 project is likely to be delayed following a court order to China State Engineering Company (CSEC) to stop getting gravel from a pit along the road.

The Magistrate said the court ordered the construction company to stop getting gravel from the pit because contractor failed to appear before the court after being sued by a resident who is claiming compensation for trespassing on his land.

“I ordered the company to stop excavating gravel because the contractor and some headman at Kamseche village failed to appear before the court even after being served with the summons.

“ And according to the records we have here at the court, the District Commissioner seized those summons and is still in possession of the summons up to now”, he said.

Mr Likulunga said it was not in order for the District Commissioner to seize the writs that were delivered to the defendants.

And China State Engineering Company, Contract Manager Yim Wang said he was directed by the District Commissioner not to go to court.

And when asked for a comment Chadiza District Commissioner Paul Phiri said he had nothing to comment on.

Last Thursday, John Banda of Kamseche Village in Chief Zingalume’s area sued China state Engineering Company and Timothy Banda the village headman claiming compensation for trespassing on his land and getting gravel without his knowledge since June 2014.

Mr Banda Contended that the trespass on his land has left him without anywhere to continue with his farming career and wondered how he was going to sustain his family because that was his main source of income.

However, both the Contractor and the Headman failed to appear before the court contending that they were told not to appear before the court by the district administration.


  1. Ukoooo, am pleasantly surprised that Akumawa one John Banda knows what to do if he thinks food security at family level is endangered!! There was no need for the road construction company and the headman to be misled not to go to court. Much as we appreciate road construction is a positive development, residents should have a means to air their grievances and be heard. The road construction company should also endevour to show that it is working according to the Environmental Impact Assessment Plan .What use will the road be if Kamseche villagers will starve to death at the end of the day………not much to comment on until the case is heard

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