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LAZ defends demands by people to know President Sata’s whereabouts

General News LAZ defends demands by people to know President Sata's whereabouts

Law Association of Zambia  president George Chisanga cools off with a bottle of mineral water after delivering a speech on behalf of his organisation
Law Association of Zambia president George Chisanga cools off with a bottle of mineral water after delivering a speech on behalf of his organisation

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says people demanding to know President Michael Sata’s well being and whereabouts are justified.

LAZ President George Chisanga says justifiable and convincing reasons must be given to the people if the person holding the highest office in the land is missing in action.

Mr Chisanga says the President is the number one public servant in the country and therefore must be visible to the people.

Mr. Chisanga has told QFM News in an interview that the issue of the President’s absence from the public eye should not be left to public speculation.

He says the ball is still in government’s hand to come out in the open and tell the nation what is exactly happening to the President.

Mr. Chisanga says whether the President is resting or un-well, the government should tell the people of Zambia stating that it is normal for the President fall ill just like any other person.

Meanwhile, the LAZ President has expressed concern over the delayed swearing in of the Attorney General and Solicitor General.

Mr. Chisanga says even though there is no legal implication of such delayed swearing in, it is only right that when parliament ratifies an appointment the vacant position is substantively filled.


  1. We are allowing a dengerous situation to prevail in this country by allowing people to manipulate us into believing that it is okey for the president to be out of sight without proper reasons,what if he is abducted like he claimed in livingstone,how can we verify and come to his rescue?????

  2. No matter how hard you may scream your lungs out to know the whereabouts or the health condition of the President, the PF can not give a listening ear to the cries of the people of zambia,
    No well meaning zambian can wish the president ill, unless those who have hidden agendas, when the late president levy p. mwanawasa was ill, it was the same sata who could cry day and night for the medical board to be constituted so that people could knw about his medical condition….. i agree wit the nyanja adage ” chaona munzako chapita mawa chili pali iwe, all the best and get well soon if u ar trully sick

    • The government would do well to remember that even the electorate can be hard of hearing in the same way that the government are finding it hard to listen. Come 2016, it will be us who wont listen to their message and pleas of wanting a next term in office. We will see who the real bosses are.

  3. Even PF cadre, Chisanga can see that its wrong to block the public from knowing the whereabouts of their president.

    • @Judge; you mean like the way one Saddam Hussein was pulled out of his fox hole? That would be a scene to behold

    • Or like Gadaffi pulled out of his drain like a sewer rat?

      This useless man deserves exactly that for lying to the Nation and abuse of State resources.

      Let him go to UTH for treatment and see how things are there, instead of flying everywhere in the world for expensive treatment. All the Zambian taxpayers money he is using is enough to build a whole new wing at UTH! AND give the Nurses a 100% salary increase.

      But he gives himself THREE salary increases and then does not even come to work!

  4. Do we have to tell Sata and his PF that it is part of his JOB DESCRIPTION to keep the people that elected him, and pay his huge salary, truthfully informed about his activities?

    Surely, these people cannot be THAT STUP!D and be in charge of Zambia???


  5. They want people to revolt so they can call a state of emergency and start cracking down on their perceived enemies. An attempt on GBM should not be underestimated, next it will be thieves on the other opposition leaders to pave way for these lunatics. Zambia wake up! you are under siege.

  6. I have just spotted a man in the picture who stands to the replacement for micheal ata after he finishes his term.His name is General miyanda,but he is so much of himself.iwee general wake up and let the people vote you into office.You are far better than my tribes mate HH,so why punish the people of Zambia.

  7. The gov’t should reflect on whether it would have been prudent to make an announcement confirming, our president was unwell and taking time to recuperate. The reaction of the people should be to wish him well and to keep him in their prayers. A call for National prayers for his health in churches for his healing should be ongoing until the president is well. The action taken is intimidation on a wide scale for those trying to understand the absence of leadership made more conspicuous by the orders not to speak on the matter. Human psychology is naturally that people will continue to think on the matter, because they are being told not to think of something so natural. It were better to allow people to process the information that is obvious. Disrespect
    In social media has followed.

  8. We all knew from day 1 that Sata and PF had no capacity to rule, hence the hide and seek/ sick game being played at state house.

  9. LAZ, we were expecting legal opinion over this issue. Is this constitutional? We don’t expect simple concerns from our legal minds please. What is wrong with zambian professionals, even lawyers are so docile?

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