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Government urges farmers to graduate from Fertiliser Support Programme

Economy Government urges farmers to graduate from Fertiliser Support Programme

Mumbwa District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse
Mumbwa District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse

Government has advised to small scale farmers who have for a long time been dependant on Fertiliser Support Input Programme [FISP] to graduate so that new people could come on board.

Mumbwa District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse says time has come for some farmers to graduate from FISP program as some of them have benefited as some of them have benefited for over 10 years.

Mr. Shamabanse disclosed that the idea of FISP is to support small scale farmers for at least two years and they must be able to stand on their own so that more people benefit from the program.

He said government will not continue to support same farmers for over a decade as there are more people who need the assistance to make Zambia a food basket.

The DC appealed to farmers in the area to voluntarily win out themselves before the government does so because it cannot continue supporting the same farmers who do not develop to sustain themselves.

ZANIS reports that the Mumbwa DC said this during the official launch of the Seed-co limited company’s in Mumbwa District, today.

Mr. Shamabanse commended Seed-co for establishing a seed sales point in Chipa area as it cut on long distance to the boma to buy seeds as they will be able to save and have more money in their pockets.

And Seed-co Agronomist Baldwin Chande said his company is moving with government policy of decentralization by bringing services closer to the people.

He said farmers must utilize the facility by buying genuine seed at the K140.00 regardless to where they are buying from.

Mr. Chande added that farmers must not be cheated by fake seed dealers who will offer low prices because genuine seed has its prices fixed.

Speaking earlier, Chief Chibuluma called on his subjects to utilize the sales point and avoid vandalizing it.

He said it will be sad to see the company moving out of his chiefdoms as this is the development people cry for.


  1. good advice but mr shamabanse, please sir , check your weight. u can do something , its not safe for you in that way


    • I have made this graduation proposal before but politician have allowed the current trend to continue for political expedience.

      There should be graduation timeline set so that small scale farmers have that in their minds and they prepare to stand on their own.

      your appeal will not work unless it becomes law

      under the current arrangements, which farmer can refuse to access cheaper inputs like seed and fertilizer?

  2. This is how you kill farming in a country. Chiluba killed it, Levy and Rupiah brought it back from the ashes. Now another of the un-farming clan has come and they want to kill it again. Where will the food security come from when you kill off the small scale farmers? Think before you vomit some of your rubbish. If you don’t know how to farm or what it takes for small scale poor farmers to become viable, just shut up.

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