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Msoni appeals to international community to help the nation locate President Sata


Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni has called on the international community to help the nation locate the whereabouts of Republican President Michael Sata and help the country move forward.

Mr. Msoni says the country’s constitutional and legal means to compel the President to avail himself to the public seems to have “ruthlessly and brutally” closed hence the need for the international community to the nation as the continued mystery surrounding the president’s whereabouts maybe a crisis in waiting.

He appealed to regional groupings such as SADC to show leadership and ensure that they help the country locate its leader as the current regime (PF) is using deception and lies so as to cling on to power by using old images posted on facebook taken a long time ago to deceive the public.

“We have a regime that is now relying on deception and lies to maintain itself in office using old visual images of the president which were taken a long time ago to deceive the Zambian public and we think that with regional efforts and international efforts we can kick start the process of making a replacement of a substantive head of state who can help drive the national agenda of this country.

“We are perturbed that from the last reported trip of the president having gone to Israel on or about 20th June up till last week when it was claimed that he was back in the country; no one has confirmed literally seeing him or seeing his arrival so naturally we are concerned. We want the global community of dignified states to help us locate where the Zambian head of state is; we have no doubt that where he is, he is incapacitated to continue as head of state,” Mr. Msoni said.

Mr. Msoni added that the country is too poor to have an invisible president further calling on the international community to help the country to jump start a political process to hold flesh elections.

“This country has citizens who are too poor who can not afford to have a president who is invisible, we cannot afford to have an invisible president; it has turned out that President Sata is behaving so mystic that people don’t know whether he is here, whether he is alive, whether he is dead, nobody knows and naturally as citizens of this country we are concerned that is why we are appealing to our global friends to assist us jump start a political process of holding credible elections that will allow for the election of a new president of this country,” Mr. Msoni said.

He said regional leaders should not just watch as the situation is slowly getting out of hand.

“We want to call upon our brothers and sisters in the region to provide leadership, they can not adopt a position of let’s wait and see when the situation is already spinning out of control.

“We think that they are desperate efforts by remnants of the PF government to cling on to power indefinitely until 2016 which we think is unconstitutional, you cannot try to run government without the person who was elected president being known where he is, we think that we are living a lie and something ought to be done quickly,” Mr. Msoni said.


  1. Its easier to send an unmanned probe to mars than to locate Sata due to the outdated PF village PR tactics and secrecy.

      People like Msoni should only be considered to be “Loud-hailers” rather than politicians or POTENTIAL LEADERS!! Our fore fathers fought for our independence, not for us to be running to others to clean up our own mess!!

    • Maikalange, give the guy some credit for saying what the masses cannot say publicly. You see, we are locked in a situation of backwardness and Christian hoodwink to act rationally. We have to free our minds from mental slavery. Backwardness in terms of taboos and Christian hoodwink as in enduring forgiveness and understanding contrary to it you be seen as the devil incarnation. HH has been gagged so as not to be seen as selfish and inconsiderate. Dr Mumba has been gagged so as not to be seen as Satan’s advocate. FDD president has declared herself out – showing symptoms of BCH (Backwardness Christian Hoodwink)it is still stalemate. Who shall fight for the truth? Or is it all too irrelevant to know and we are beyond redemption as nation and we’ll just have to wait for Jesus to come.

    • The most stup!d idea to come from a human being.

      why would you want to locate or find someone (Sata in this case) when we all know where he is? Certainly no one will heed his ridiculous appeal.

      If Msoni want to continue living in f00ls paradise, thats his democratic right.

    • No show for his wife’s funeral, no show at the hospital bed, whatever conclusions you come to. ..its right to say the old man is in no position to run government and we are wasting taxpayer’s money on him and his greedy appointees.
      MHSRIP! !

    • The stance that the PG government is taking in remaining oblivious to citizens’ cries to know the health status and whereabouts of the president is no longer worrying, but an insult and disrespect to each and every citizen who voted this PF mob into government!

      I have said it before and I will say it again. The government is responsible for all speculations because they have allowed conflicting info to be fed to us. The Chief Government spokesperson needs to understand that conflicting info is synonymous to NOT telling the truth.

    • Msoni is a coward, why don’t he ask Libongani or Eric Chimese who is in-charge of those airplanes which Sata uses?

    • Proof Zambians are helpless, harpless people who always look to other to solve their problems. Msoni you are a fo.ol with no brain!

    • Proof that this Nubian chik enjoys insulting Zambians. What makes Msoni’s personal views representative of Zambians? Read a book about statistics so you learn how to generalise views.

    • I know this man for we were together at NORTEC in the late 80’s. He was studying Mechanical technician course. He use to portray as an OP then. He was a very stu pdi man and self. Musoni is Ngoni by tribe and a chancer.

  2. sata’s own words ” zambians are stupid, docile and gullible people”
    so he KNOWS that he can get away with anything! look at this muppet,,, ati the international community must come ini,, and do what? sort it out yourself ngwele!!

  3. insoni e buntu.thats what we say in copala. showing off that you are the most ignorant yet schooled is called bumbuli in copala..hh has stopped commenting on this matter because he knows by now that sata is the master of zed politics just like ftj was master are simply making yourself into another unpopular politian.any way may its because msoni knows its easier for india to beat brazil 7-1 than msoni going to plot one.

  4. awe naiwe chi msoni waya sana has your tweno stoped functioning. Msoni get a life and stop treating us to your little circuses all the time.

  5. This is a lazy way to find Sata, passing the buck to international community. This is a Zambian problem that needs a Zambian solution.

  6. Achita chimbuya pa malilo. Your tribal cousin kiked a bucket its s time to celebrate. He thought he could apply donchi kubeba on death ki ki ki mbuya.!

    • Jews have the technolgy that keeps a dead person alive till 2016. As long as nurses are around. Aial Sharron sharron was such case. Even this yasser arrafat was clinically dead but kept alive. Niw thats when a nurse count but you fired them. A doctor needs a nurse around . You see now!

  7. PF be careful, well meaning Zambians in key strategic sectors are not amused with the your Tom and Jerry antics. Someone will pay for this circus. Zambians are not foolish. Your lies have caught up with you. Sharon in Isreal was keep on a life support for over 7 years, but you cant play that card here.

  8. Sir we av neva head u talking sense.y? ar u a politician? how many members du av? when did u form your party? think u must join other parties so dat dey can pump some senses in u becoz u av failed to lead youself hence each time u open your mouth nothn wise comes out.y apealin to inter comunity? y cant we do it ourselves? i think u ar a coward av nothing to offer just a brifcase politician wasting peoples time.

    • He has just talked sense. If this is not sense then what sense is in a President hiding from his own people? Have you ever thought of the consequences this act might be having on the Economy and Security of the Nation? If Someone attacked Zambia today, who would command the Armed Forces to go to war? Dont trivialize important issues. This is not PF but Zambia. You can play with your PF but Not Zambia.

  9. Mr. M’soni it’s simple to see Mr. Sata. Just make an appointment with State House authorities and you will be able to see the President. Assuming you have an to discuss with him?

  10. ya chimudala iwe y apealing to the international community?av we failed ourselvs? y runing to your neighbour to solve your problems come on iwe chi msoni uliwakwisa? nangu mano yapelele.

    • I am disappointed that almost all negative blogs have Bemba invectives…….that is all our country men in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces specialise in: innuendo, deception, insults, demeaning and everything evil. What a bunch of loud insulting neighbours we have to live with.

      And if it had been HH who had said what Msoni has, the Bemba lunatic fringe would have marshalled themselves in a crescendo of condensending insults claiming HH is bitter (or I haven’t heard this of late), under five, tribalist etc. ..

      And yet this particular tribal grouping, compatriots of the East, West, NorthWest and South is the worst in tribalism, theft and everything evil. Watch out!!

  11. It is totally Insane to call for international community to locate your president. President Sata, has shown you that he is not relevant to your lives so why cry for someone to come and remove him for you instead of you taking a stand to say he is not relevant hence you move on? What kind of elders are you. Its like you have a wife, who abandons her matrimonial home, goes to cohabit or hide for two years, yet you as a husband stand on mountain and cry for people to look out for her yet you know deep down where she is? Take a stand and Marry. This shows how weak the constitution for Zambia is. I would have expected you to mobilise people and go to parliament to protest through your representative to move a motion to replace this Moron and not cry for international help to seep you bedroom

  12. The army would normally take over and restore sanity. Zambia Army where are you? Anybody with guts will do.

  13. Its kind of embarrassing to hear you expose your level of cowardliness and lack of reasoning. Zambians are docile, even the army is docile, In other countries, this should not have happened. I admired Captain Solo, because at this level you do not need to remove anyone, all you do is simply declare your self as President finish. and appoint an interim government and reverse all all subsidy and fuels and win the support of the people
    Step to take
    1, Dissolve parliament as toothless and let them pay back all the money they have receives
    2. Arrest Chief Justice or tell her to resign
    3, Sack the Bank of Zambia governor
    4. appoint new ones and call for immediate interim cabinet
    5, Lower price of fuel, let ministers and MPs gratuity pay for fuel they enjoyed in the past 2 years

  14. Msoni is right, the international community can easily fish him out wherever he is hiding using drones. What is our president is hiding in the mountains, do we have the right technology to locate him? Osama was located using drones, thus the same technology should be employed in this exercise. It seems Sata has become a mystery with no one having a clue his hideout. His alleged jet that brought him in from Israel, no one saw it. In fact where is the challenger jet? Has anyone seen it? Last night I sent my special confidant to comb State House the surrounding areas including the tunnels but the search is reportedly to have yielded no results. Only his photos are hanging from the walls all the places. Am equally concerned. If we cant have drones, then we should bring in jets from mununga.

  15. Zambians are disappointing lot and reason why even illiterate Sata can fool them. Apart from calling Msoni all sorts of names, none has offered different means of locating Sata. Msoni has come up with a suggestion, come up with a counter-suggestion and stop insulting a man for trying. Just wait for comments that will follow my posting and you will get an idea of what am saying about Zambians. 50 years after independence, we are a poverty stricken country, why?

  16. Jojo, I do not understand your reasoning. Locate him and then what?

    It does not make sense, the man is not a threat to international community, he is not even worth to waste those technological know how to locate him for what?

    In a vegetative state, No. 21 and 22 offered a solution. So PM do not be naive

    • You are naive 21 and 22 are suggesting someone should take over, possibly the army. Msoni is talking about locating Sata. Taking over power and locating the *****ic Sata are two different things. Exactly what I meant, thank you for not disappointing me.

  17. Iwe General, dont you know that Sata is our president? The country is missing live comedy from the head of state. Drones are coming for this hunt until he is found. He has a team to finish. We just need details here regarding what he was last seen wearing and with who accompanied him. If you cant spend money on Sata, then where else are you going to spend it? The president is an institution. If the government doesnt have any money to spend on searching for Sata, I will sacrifice my savings.

  18. Fooliish Zambians wanting the international community to do things for them. Why do we have MPs ? Bring up a motion to impeach or remove Sata and call for fresh elections. Let all politicians and everyone demostrate at State house. Since PF is saying that Sata is not sick, he should not be paid for doing nothing. we know he is sick and we trust ZWD news

  19. Zambian politicians are amusing! they think the international community is an organisation formed to solve problem of the shallow minded …..

  20. The Zambian Army has the duty to protect the nation and the commander in chief. They also have the duty to calm the nation in what is turning out to be a silent coup. We don’t need outside intervention to sort out our internal affairs. Just get your backside out on the streets and show these lunatic government whose really in charge.

  21. iyo guys, this is not interference, ni help. Our Presido is missing. We need those drones to get and show him to the general public otherwise this debate will cost us a lot of money.

  22. Very True: we need to make the appeal to the UN as well, ‘please UN inform members states, if anyone spots president Sata of Zambia to report to the nearest police station’.

    • We have to put up WANTED posters everywhere.

      “WANTED — Missing —- man of Action. Commander in thief of Zambia.”

      DEAD or ALIVE

  23. Iwe Msoni is this being black or being Ngoni or just sheer stupidity? You are vying for the position of President thinking like that? Kutumpa. Can you for once provide even half the solution to a problem. At your age? Ok from today go and get help from other parties since you like getting help from others.

  24. Ati ba opposition??? So dull in their heads. This is what they can offer…very dull opposition in Zambia.

    When the MPs are plotting to rape our money , we find it not interesting to tell them off, but we direct our energies to very useless issues of Sata not being shown on TV. Vey dullo people indeed.

    Therefore, I call upon Sata to take even 3 months before he shows his face on TV. Sata please don’t show your self on TV or video so that these useless creatures chock. What is it for us to see you on Tv? Please just take your time until when one dies of chocking.

    And do not allow these useless MPs to increase their already fat salaries and allowances. As you can see sir they are plotting to steal thinking you are not around. Useless creatures they are..shaaaaaa.

  25. An nsoni why sure out of all people that statement this is proof enough of how useless the opposition is right all these things are happening because the opposition is useless

  26. “This country has citizens who are too poor who can not afford to have a president who is invisible, we cannot afford to have an invisible president; it has turned out that President Sata is behaving so mystic that people don’t know whether he is here, whether he is alive, whether he is dead, nobody knows.”
    Friends, even in a small organization like a family, I cannot spend a day out and my family do not know where I am, just sending fotos to them that am alive and working. They will not rest but go to every police station, mortuaries, radios, MUV TV and every other channel they can afford to reach out to. What more then for a country and this now a month we have never seen our president, do you realize that even MPs do not have access to him?

  27. I think people like Msoni are dull, we all know that President Sata is at State House, that is his residence. What does Msoni want to hear that pleases his hears? He is a foolish politician and such useless individuals should not be given audience. Fool

  28. Musoni u r OKEY but WAIT FOR FEW DAYS.

    Get all the Latest frm ZWD. Sata is MUCH ALIVE AND KICKING but he is still Frail. By Next week you will see him in Public.

    He is recoverying thts all !!

    Lets end this Speculation please.


    • Why from the ZWD when you are the same bastard who accuses the ZWD of bad reporting. Let Zinjathropus die.

  29. Where is Mumembe’s past news paper and his sensational stories? Mumembe will never see another award that he won during FTJ’s (MHSRP) rule. Now that he has become party to a deceptive and manipulative regime. Zambia shall be saved from all this mess.

  30. me and nevers mumba are on vacation planning out how to plunder more of zambia’s resources though sata may have gone on space tourism to visit the moon

  31. Ba LT. Why do u give such clowns an audience? No one, including his own blood, listens to this loof, but for some strange reason he is finding space on LT.

  32. Iwe naiwe Chekov what makes you think you are better than the great Msoni? Dont you think it is you who shouldnt be given space here to blog? Your contributions are weak and useless. I think you belong to Chibolya.

  33. Achisilu Pa Chimbuzi president!!!! true for sure. The worst dau Zambian i have even head of…. calling on which community? Learn to resolve issues within yo house or country. Ndiwe wapamulomo maningi Msoni. ulichisushi!

  34. Ati Ba Nason Msoni, you are just a big man, with a big head, actually, you are an overgrown man with an infant brain. Mind your self. You are behaving like a cry baby, we seek the international communityyy!! Are you normal? You are the same people the are dragging this country backwards, what have you done in your personal life to warrant your position? You are just a hungry person looking for a position in Government so that you could lessen your personal debts.

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