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Police warn Chibolya drug baron Seven Spirits

General News Police warn Chibolya drug baron Seven Spirits

Riot Police in running battles at Lusaka's notorious Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers
Riot Police in running battles at Lusaka’s notorious
Chibolya market, with suspected illicit drug dealers

The Zambia Police Service says it will not relent in the fight against criminal elements in the country.

Police Spokesperson Charity Chanda has warned that Gerald Musalale alias Seven Spirits that place will crack down on him and any other criminals terrorizing the people.

In a statement, Ms Chanda said the advocacy that Seven Spirits is spreading of trading in drugs will land him in trouble with the law.

“The police will not sit back and watch people promoting the commission of crimes. We want to warn all those criminal elements that the police has the ability to repeat the crackdown of May, 29th as long as it may take to get rid of illicit drugs and criminal elements in Chibolya,” Ms Chanda said.

Chibolya resident Gerald Musalale alias Seven Spirits has dared the police to arrest him saying marijuana had become part of the lifestyle of the youths in Chibolya.

Seven Spirits said in the absence of jobs, schools and recreational facilities in the compound, the youths would continue trading in drugs.

He said the Drug Enforcement Commission was not formed to send people to prison but rehabilitate them, pointing out that he had been to a rehabilitation institution before.

Seven Spirits said marijuana was still available in the compound and being sold openly despite the crackdown, adding that the trend would continue.


    • Leave Chibolya alone. Only us the respected on society knows how important that place is.Seven spirits keep it up man.I`m so proud of you.We will smoke a big one together next week.

  1. if you look at the pictures of the so called “seven spirits” in The Post, it is clear that he cannot be a drug baron but just a poor chap from the compound recruited as an enforcer. Enforcers play the role of collecting debt, fighting competitors, beating up those refusing to cooperate, etc. PLEASE GO AND GET THE DRUG BARON!!!

  2. Imwe naimwe ba buju, dont warn just move in if you mean serious business. Do you ever warn opposition leaders when you want to arrest them. Why are you failing to bring sanity to Chibolya? One can only speculate that you are either clients or involved in the trade when you away your uniforms.

  3. The Police are fond of Light Duty …. Traffic offences ,Roadblocks and picking up drunks and prostitutes .JUST GO IN AND APPREHEND Seven spirits !

  4. You are right Abari, why issuing those statements to appear as if they are doing something. Just move in, we dont need to read your warnings. It doesnt mean that is the presido is missing in action you should also be off duty. If you are real men then prove yourselves. Move in Chobolya and get those chaps who are taunting you. Bunda bwama roadblocks where you get bribes. Inchito yamoneka kuChibolya ba buju. Get your AK 47s whatever weapons you have and face the drug dealers. We not interested in your silly statements.

  5. Zambia Police are just a waste of taxpayers money!! They only mobilise themselves to arrest and harass opposition leaders.

  6. Its very obvious that a few days camping in the compound will not clean it at all.What is needed in my opinion is intensified patrols for the next two years with heavy police camps established all over the compound. It is only when Chibolya residents are cropped with fear of the police and the potential arrests will they slowly start changing to good residents.Changing Chibolya can not bea one off action by the combine team police and DEC,but a very long process.

  7. I trust police trainees to take up operations in places like Chibolya. I remember the time of National Service Training how we used to silence notorious places within a fraction of a day. Get recruits to conduct operations in Chibolya thereafter you will see the difference. There is no way one can dare to say that selling marijuana will continue as if there are no enforcement wings of government!

  8. do you need to warn a theif ati stleaing is bad.
    Ni ku gwila chabe.
    Do your jobs on a regular for once.
    Dont play to the gallery or media to prove you are working.
    Just work chapwa.

    Arrest and clean up on a daily basis if you have to.

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