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There is no corruption at State House over the supervision of the Road Development Agency-Mukanga

Economy There is no corruption at State House over the supervision of the...

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga (left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka
Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga
(left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as
the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka

MINISTER of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga has dismissed assertions of corruption at State House over the supervision of the Road Development Agency (RDA).

Reacting to Lubansenshi member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka who said that corruption has allegedly been taken to State House in the supervision of RDA, Mr Mukanga said on Friday that President Sata has powers to over-supervise Government projects.

“This perception is wrong because RDA does not operate from State House, it is still and will remain within my ministry but the Head of State has powers to over-supervise any Government entity and this is what is happening at the moment with the road projects because President Sata intends to link up the entire country through a good road network.

“If some people think there is corruption involved in the manner the RDA is working, let them come forward and provide proof of wrong doing.”

On Friday, Mr Mucheleka said President Sata would find it difficult to dissociate himself from possible corruption in the road projects being undertaken by RDA.
And giving an update on the Link Zambia 8000 road project, Mr Mukanga said Government is on course to transform Zambia from being landlocked to a land linked country in southern Africa.

“We have engaged a number of contractors to carry out rehabilitation and upgrading works on our road networks, so far 1,900 kilometers of roads out of the 8,000 have been worked on with a total cost of K7.1 billion,” Mr Mukanga said.

He said the road tolling programme which started in November last year has continued to provide additional revenue for road maintenance.

“From the programme inception to date, a total of K180 million has been collected from the toll points located at the weighbridge stations and ports of entry.

“The government within the month of September 2014 will commence construction of toll plazas at nine designated locations on the road network out of the approved 26. This development will lead to even more revenue for road maintenance,” Mr Mukanga said.


  1. What’s going on in Zambia? Very soon the qualification for being a minister or director will be XXL size of your body! I just hope it’s good milile and not sickness.

    • Actually the main qualification is that you MUST be Bemba by tribe. This is the most tribal government in modern History, there is no question about it. I challenge Bemba’s to deny it!!!

    • I feel sorry for the president’s relatives.

      He quits and they all starve. What a sad ending to a very silly experiment.

    • the pf first interview question is kumushi kwemwenu nikwisa mukwai? Depending on the answer one has a job or has no job. What a level of tribalism

  2. Have you noticed how Zambians can see a disproportion and keep quiet. Tribalism practiced openly and only the bricklayer has guts to point it out. Any well meaning zambian must be ashamed of this scourge. I wish you well ad you pretend to build zambia on flimsy foundations. Even chipimo can’t comment on the tribalism extent. Remember you reap what you sow.

    • Am just wondering what would have happened if 90% off cabinet posts were dominated by people from one region as in the case now ?Just thinking aloud.

  3. Don’t despair Hon.Mukanga.We shall audit all ministries and parastatal companies once you are voted out in 2016.There will be no sacred cow. We have placed people in all ministries who are monitoring all suspicious financial transactions. By the way we are also aware of the mansions you have built since your appointment. Sir in the meantime enjoy yourself.

    • Yamfwa Chipuba Chesu Mukanga, we already have leads in the form of Finance Bank statements about Micheal Sata, Brenda Zulu and Jiangxia Contractor doing the roads. An audit is looming, 2016 is not far!

  4. Do you know where bemba’s hail from?Mulubemba waba ififulo ifingi sana ifyakuti naba muchime kuti baikalamo.

  5. I pity my Zambia with young generation who cant debate intellectually but only comment on important issues like kids. See comments abodes, very childish indeed. When you perceive all issues through tribe, its you who is tribalistic or corrupt. Is Yamfwa Mukanga a Bemba? Ubututu, guys, work hard, study and take your minds from any government…it doesn’t mean that we cannot make checks and balances.

  6. Zambians believe rumours more than the truth. False stories start as jokes and are repeated over and over and finally people start believing their own fake stories. Unfortunately these stories are even debated on the floor of parliament. What a bunch of law makers! Not so honourable…!!

  7. I fully agree with Hon.Minister Yamfwa Mukanga.
    What is there, is a blunt robbery, misappropriation, grand theft, incompetence, nepotism, tribalism, misinformation……

    • Corruption has reached endemic levels perpetuated by tribal bigotry .This what most Zambians will have resolved silently in there hearts to remove those who believe there the majority and do not need any other tribe to helpthem run Government because they own all the wisemen in the country.I witness in one of these large Hotel a group of kaponyaz planning how they will register a construction company and win a contract and how they will later sell it to a chines construction firm.All these guys were Bembas and being told what to do by a big guy close to coridors of power I recorded the conversation so to use it when PF gets out of power soon.Remember no Zambians can be called dull because of tribe.Zambians have woken up.Zambians are very bitter but cant just show it.How ever true Bembas

  8. have been sidelined by the Bisas Ushis and the other Bemba dialects who are using the tribal to steal.Nothern province has been side lined in development and Muchinga has been given preference.Luapulas is also receiving abit of the development hence pipo from lever pool think they are more Bembas than those in Ksama.we shall see??/

  9. It should be quite true that there is no corruption in supervision of the roads projects. However, there is serious corruption in the awarding of the tenders for the same projects.
    Mukanga took advantage of the way the question was phrased and was actually let off the hook.

  10. To imagine that these are the pipo who brought back the abuse of authority clause is a laughable matter.I can foresee them being haunted by that clause.Willie Nsanda has suddenly found the resources to build a hotel.And you need to see the hotel it’s like the man was building in the night.Our mayor has become a tycoon now living in Sunningdale.Soon after Sata came into power within 30 days,not even the proverbial 90Days]Mr Sata,the mayor had bought the latest Landcruiser VX V8,and the latest Grand Jeep Cherokee.He has since bought a house in Sunningdale crushed down we are told and built another one in it’s place.While!

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